15 Best FileHippo Alternatives 2024

FileHippo is a well-known software download site. The site offers convenience when you want to download and use an application’s older version. It packs a library with a wide variety of malware-free software.

Since its establishment in 2004, it has been the go-to site for millions of people’s safe, reliable program downloads. Its database is pretty extensive, with frequent updates for new software releases.

Though FileHippo is a solid tool, one drawback with it is that the site does not support batch downloading.

If you think FileHippo doesn’t match your expectations or you just want to try something different, here are some alternatives to FileHippo you might enjoy using.

Best FileHippo Alternatives

1. MajorGeeks

MajorGeeks is the first FileHippo alternative on our list. It’s a great software download site with a wealth of applications.

It also boasts of useful technical information and excellent customer service. All the software on MajorGeeks is updated. The platform covers every aspect of the software to help you understand what you’re downloading.

The platform is handy with niche software or older versions of the most popular programs available. You’ll find hardware and software reviews, tech support, and a large collection of software downloads.

The best part is that you can contact the MajorGeeks proprietors directly if you have an issue or question, a feature that FileHippo doesn’t have.

Since its inception in1999, MajorGeeks has been very supportive, with a community that brings together tech-savvy users. They’ll offer their support and advice whenever you struggle with any tech issue. The platform has resources and tools for IT professionals and technicians.

This platform marks its downloads as open-source, freeware, or bundleware to help you understand what to expect. Bundleware is software that contains offers to install other programs on your PC.

MajorGeeks often links to author sites if they exist. They can also provide direct download links from developers’ sites, giving you the option to download directly from the developer or MajorGeeks.

If you need to solve an issue with your PC or laptop, it’s easy to find a solution at MajorGeeks. It is one of the most comprehensive resources for tech support.

In other words, when you need to stay up to date with your software or are looking for quality tech support, MajorGeeks should be worth your while.

The tool is completely free.

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2. Ninite

Ninite is a popular software installer that allows multiple installations, unlike with FileHippo. It automates your download and installation processes, which is time-saving.

Ninite has a database of software, including developer tools, web browsers, documents, media, utilities, messaging, security, compression, and more.

It regularly updates its database to give you all the latest software versions. You can find popular programs like iTunes, WinRAR, MS Office, etc., and even the less popular ones.

The platform also installs the required updates automatically on your PC, leaving you worry-free. Ninite works with macOS, Windows, and Linux devices.

The site lists all the software on one page. To download software, simply go to the platform and select what you want to be downloaded.

Click the ‘Get Your Ninite’ button to let your PC download the installer and customize it to your software preferences. Once you run the installer, your selected software will be installed.

The best part is that Ninite downloads software from the parent publisher to ensure you have the original product on your PC, free from malware. It also skips the reboot process when installing software.

Besides being free, elegant, and simple to use, Ninite saves you time with no toolbars and viruses to worry about.

Ninite is free, particularly for personal use. However, if you’d like to use it for professional purposes, there’s Ninite Pro. This version lets you manage your browser’s software patches, updates, and installation. The Pro package has fantastic products for organizations with varied pricing models.

3. FileHorse

FileHorse is a comprehensive free software archive with unique and secure software offerings. The site thoroughly tests each product for safety and offers fast download experiences.

It provides access to a searchable database with hundreds of thousands of programs in their latest versions. It’s easy to get the software you want through the search button. Once you’ve selected it, you’ll have it on your PC in minutes.

Its extensive, unique provisions, like ringtones, games, wallpapers, and other tools, distinguish it from FileHippo.

FileHorse constantly updates its products with the newest releases. It includes user reviews and ratings alongside the software to let you have only the best.

If you’re looking for a rare collection of software or the quickest downloads, FileHorse is an excellent resource.

4. Softpedia

Softpedia is a complete encyclopedia of free drivers and software in almost all categories.

Looking for an antivirus, desktop enhancer, iPod tools, games, multimedia, tweak, Windows widgets, system, network tools, drivers, plugins, web scripts, file managers, internet, programming, security, DVD tools, or authoring tools? Softpedia has them all.

Unlike FileHippo, the platform also offers resources like editorials, interviews, and articles, in addition to software reviews.

If you want to immerse yourself in content unrelated to software, this is the place to be. The current and newsworthy topics include in-depth reviews of TV shows, movies, and more.

Softpedia provides a user-friendly, navigable interface. Its products are malware-free. My favorite segment on Softpedia is the Guides section, where there are step-by-step tutorials on different topics like creating custom WordPress themes, setting up VPNs, and more. The guides are authored by experts who provide accurate, fool-proof information.

Each software has reviews and system requirements. The advanced search tool will help you locate software in any version.

Generally, Softpedia has something for everyone and is completely free. You can download software to your Linux, Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.

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5. Softonic

Softonic is a browser-based platform with more than 110,000 original virtual goodies wrapped in various flavors. Its products are 100 percent free, legal, and genuine.

Over the years, Softonic has amassed the largest fan base, with over a hundred million users registered monthly.

Softonic has categorized its shareware, freeware, and trial software based on the app’s type and operating system requirements. The categorization makes it one of the oldest sites with the most downloads.

The platform supplies the most up-to-date applications and software. Unlike FileHippo, it has a unique software comparison tool that lets you choose the best between two similar apps.

Among the other FileHippo alternatives on this list, Softonic has garnered the most positive feedback. The software descriptions and reviews are written in different languages.

Softonic supports software download apps for iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows. Apart from software, you can find games and educational resources under the latest technology updates. It also has a forum where you can join and get help with any software.

At Softonic, you’ll only find highly-rated software. If you are a game enthusiast, check its game collection for your favorite game apps.

Use the filter to search products by the operating system, platform, version, or license. It even lists the most downloaded software to help you decide quicker.

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6. SnapFiles

SnapFiles is an excellent software download platform. It has a web-based repository in different categories, including the latest downloads, portable apps, editor’s pick, top 100, shareware, freeware, etc. This gives you an easy time digging out the one you want.

Compared to FileHippo, this site has a dedicated page that allows you to download only the portable software.

SnapFiles selects the best, top-rated products and avails them for free. The platform’s tech experts review the software products and scan them to ensure they are free from viruses, malware, and adware.

New software releases are provided regularly, and each software available on the site has a description, review, and user and editor ratings.

The search function can help you find your preferred software quickly among the available categories. If you want to skip the hassle of installing software, SnapFiles can help you with that.

7. Filepuma

Filepuma has the neatest, most well-organized, and most user-friendly dashboard. It keeps track of software to make sure they are available and accessible. The site ensures safety and security, with free automatic updates to every software you acquire from it.

Filepuma is a reliable resource for all freeware and shareware. It provides quality, malware-free software with quick download processes.

Each software has a description, key features, and the older versions. Its search panel enables you to search for software effortlessly from the categories provided.

At the top, you’ll find the popularly downloaded software and the latest updates. Its software update detector helps to keep your tool updated at all times. You can download all its software for free.

It also has a news section along with tutorials and software-related education resources. Moreover, it offers multilingual support, which is convenient for non-English speaking users.

All software products on Filepuma are collected from its mainstream staff. Overall, this site outdoes FileHippo with the unmatched search categorization, allowing you to search the application easily.

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8. Downloadcrew

Downloadcrew is renowned for handpicking its software to ensure it is junkware-free. It is a legitimate site with updated software and offers regular product updates.

It offers an extensive collection of the most popular and latest freeware for you to enjoy. Each of its products is described and reviewed by its download staff. Customers also evaluate them to help you clear your doubts.

Apart from free software, Downloadcrew also offers a list of similar software to give you various choices. Its interface is intuitive, allowing you to search and find a product without a problem. Downloadcrew supports the Linux operating system, but FileHippo doesn’t.

At the top of the site is a list of featured software with the most downloads. If you can’t find what you need, use its advanced filter to drill down your search from the categories, license, and popularity filters.

The site is extremely safe, with overwhelmingly positive software reviews from customers. It supports Android, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Before downloading your software, you’ll know if it’s open-source, freeware, trial, or paid. It has a news section with the latest software updates.

Downloadcrew also offers bestselling software at discounted prices.

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9. SourceForge

SourceForge is a trusted site for business and open-source software. It has a development tool that produces over 500,000 open source projects. In addition, the platform reviews a wide variety of IT and business software.

SourceForge is an all-encompassing platform with all types of software available. Unlike FileHippo, the site doesn’t host third-party software. It has a ticker that detects software on developer sites. It provides the mirror link so you can download the original product.

The platform’s interface is intuitive and unique, letting you find software and download it immediately. It has a filtering tool that helps you fast-track your software search.

SourceForge is a go-to hub for IT gurus who need to develop, download, and review IT and business software. Its review section is enriched with plenty of information that will help you decide quickly the software you need to download.

This FileHippo alternative also allows software developers to sell their products by uploading their software and codes on the platform. They can showcase their software projects in the SourceForge marketplace to attract customers.

10. CNET Download 

CNET Download is another renowned software platform with an allied site called download.com. It is a powerful software download site with spyware and virus-free software. It provides free software together with updated versions.

The platform has thousands of software titles, including software, movies, games, camera tools, applications, mobile apps, etc. In addition, it provides video games for Windows. Since its launch in 1996, it’s been among the most visited sites for malware-free software downloads.

It supports fast downloading, regular updates, detailed product reviews with screenshots, and user ratings for software. Its reviews and news sections are very detailed, and CNET backs the tech news. All their desktop apps are listed in the free category of its directory.

Unlike FileHippo, the site supports Android and iOS systems.

With CNET integration, you expect safe, secure, and quality products, from security patches, beginner-friendly, and professional games, to mobile apps. All these are available as trial or demo versions. The platform doesn’t offer a premium version or fully registered software.

You can download software on your Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices for free.

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11. DonationCoder.com

DonationCoder.com has tons of quality free software for business and personal use. No toolbars, spyware, or adware. For 15 years, the platform has been offering exclusive award-winning software and commercial software licenses.

It is also a microdonation-based site that provides custom-made freeware upon request.

DonationCoder.com has been funded by voluntary donations from users since 2005. There are plenty of utilities like the screenshot captor and other Windows applications, smartphone and tablet applications, web apps, etc., which in-house experts develop.

The platform also provides free license keys and video demos of the features of various programs.

Unlike FileHippo, this platform offers unique software provided by developers who are friends of the site, allowing you to try something new.

This site is where you can find unique software products you never knew existed. Platform members post their creations and demonstrate how to use them. Coders also share new software on the site like games, applications, utilities, and more and receive a free coffee mug from DonationCoder.com.

DonationCoder.com has forums where you can talk to experts about issues with the software. It also offers editorials like daily blogs, monthly newsletters, mini-reviews, and more.

Users can donate to the site and receive credits, which they can distribute to the site’s authors. It is one of the most secure sites that provides a privacy policy for you to go through.

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12. Software Informer

Software Informer is a site owned by a multinational software and programming company. It stores a collection of top-rated apps and software selected and reviewed by experts.

Besides free software downloads, the platform is a trusted resource for software information. It also features an automatic system that automates software updates as soon as they are released.

Software Informer, unlike FileHippo, has a unique profile creation system that lets you create your software profile. You can save all the software and information you want to keep from your profile.

You’ll also be able to explore, learn new programs, receive updates, ask questions, and share your opinions.

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FOSSHUB is another FileHippo alternative where you can download popular software for free.

It contains software in categories including backup tools, audio players, antimalware, browsers, codec packs, developer tools, disk analyzers, email clients, encryption, file extractors, financial apps, firewalls, file sharing, graphic apps, game emulators, FTP clients, media players, etc.

Compared to FileHippo, this site doubles up as a platform for developers to showcase and share their projects with the world.

It has an intuitive interface with well-organized files in many different categories. Surprisingly, the interface has only one ad from the site managers; there’s no adware, spyware, or malware.

FOSSHUB only lists freeware programs and FOSS software files. They are planning to add more options to help you filter what you prefer. The platform is reliable and trustworthy, only displaying clean, quality software.

Its worldwide servers are fast, and the pages are optimized to ensure quick loading. On this site, you’ll get direct download links with no redirections.

User ratings and reviews are also available. All the software files are up to date and support Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

FOSSHUB also has an FAQ section to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Otherwise, you can contact their support team from their contact page.

14. BytesIn

BytesIn is a new generation platform with excellent quality and free software downloads. Its interface is more user-friendly, clean, and neatly organized than FileHippo. It’s safe and reliable, with a wide range of categorized software.

On the left and middle of the page are lists of new software, top 20 downloads, and the week’s best software.

On the extreme right, you’ll see the different categories: education, drivers, antivirus & spyware, audio and video, desktop utilities, business & office, internet, photo and graphic, system utilities, security, network tools, servers, and more.

There’s also an articles section with tech news and how-to guides. BytesIn also displays the reviews and ratings for the software. Besides, you will find iOS and Android apps and gaming tools.

BytesIn supplies the most up-to-date, quality software and has a wealth of tech-related resources that can help you get by. It is safe and secure, with simple and quick download speeds.

15. Full Free Software

Full Free Software is a platform with freeware software. You’ll never find crack software or shareware here. You’ll find the file you’re looking for with a single click.

Every software file displayed at Full Free Software is original and free of any virus or malware. The platform inspects all the products separately to ensure they are safe to download. It also ensures a secure and safe environment for software downloads.

While FileHippo offers trial downloads, Full Free Software offers giveaway downloads.

The front page displays news and articles, tags, and a few links to trending software to download.

There are also tabs for all downloads, giveaways, games, software, operating system downloads, mobile apps, tools, and tutorials. You’ll click a tab to find the right app or software depending on your needs.

The tutorials provide solutions to downloading software. If any issues arise, you can contact the support team for assistance.

Final Word

Softonic is the winning FileHippo alternative on this list. While browser-based, it provides more than 110,000 original software in various categories.

The products are genuine, free, and legal. Whether you’re looking for a free product or alternative, the site has them categorized for convenience.

Its products are up to date, and most of them can work on different operating systems. Join the Softonic forum and learn more about your software.

You’ll also access its educational resources to familiarize yourself with the latest technology and other software-related news.

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