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10 Best Free BuzzSumo Alternatives 2022

BuzzSumo is a popular platform among digital marketers. It can help generate content ideas, get insights on content performance, and identify influencers on social media.

As a result, the platform is used for competitor intelligence, influencer marketing, content strategy, and digital PR amongst others. You can perform research with BuzzSumo using a keyword or by entering a domain name.

While many attest to BuzzSumo’s usefulness, others complain that the platform is somewhat expensive to use. For emphasis, BuzzSumo allows just 10 free searches per month and the premium plans start at $99 per month.

If you’re among the latter, here are the 10 best free BuzzSumo alternatives you can go for.

10 Best Free BuzzSumo Alternatives

1. SimilarWeb

At number 1, we have SimilarWeb. SimilarWeb is one of the fastest platforms for web and content analysis. While you can use it to analyze websites just like BuzzSumo, you can do more as the platform supports mobile app analysis.

The SimilarWeb database boasts about 100 million websites and 4.7 million apps’ data. These are collected from more than 190 countries and more than 210 industries.

When you analyze a website, you get insights like the site’s country, availability, and category. You can analyze their engagements including total visits, average duration per visit, bounce rate, and pages per visit.

All of these can be easily exported in a PDF file for free, meanwhile, you get zero exports per month with a BuzzSumo free account. SimilarWeb is optimized for digital marketers, eCommerce merchants, or online investors. There are specific tools for each category.

For digital marketing, SimilarWeb features tools for competitive analysis, SEO & PPC research, audience research, advertising research, and more. ECommerce tools include the product optimizer, sales engagement, and tools to better your brand performance.

Just like BuzzSumo, SimilarWeb features a browser extension for Google Chrome. SimilarWeb further beats BuzzSumo by featuring browser extensions for Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera Mini browsers too. The browser extension is available for free and it automatically delivers insights into every website you visit.

SimilarWeb Pricing

You can use SimilarWeb for free. Unlike BuzzSumo, you can conveniently make unlimited searches per month. Instead, the platform limits the search results to just five for each search.

With the free account, you can store web traffic data for up to three months and mobile app data for up to a month. For the paid plan, you have to contact a SimilarWeb consultant.

2. Marketing Miner

Marketing Miner is a platform with a variety of tools to help you mine the digital market. As a BuzzSumo alternative, it works for Keyword Research, Brand Monitoring, SEO-Auditing, Link Prospecting, Keyword Suggestions, and more. In total, there are over 50 tools on the Marketing Miner platform.

Using this BuzzSumo alternative for data analysis is simple. If you want to analyze a set of keywords or a list of URLs, you don’t have to input them manually. You can import them from Google Analytics, Google Sheets, or Google Search Console.

Marketing Miner lets you select the particular mining tools you want to analyze your data; you can choose all or work with just one. For example, you can analyze URLs for indexing issues, ranking keywords, keyword suggestions, and SERP position at once or do it individually.

The platform is relatively fast. Your selected miners process the data and the analysis result is integrated into one summary report.

As a digital marketer, Marketing Miner makes it easy for you to keep track of your projects with automatic monitoring. You get a notification whenever your brand or competitor brand is mentioned and when there’s any ranking change.

Marketing Miner Pricing

You can do more with a Marketing Miner free account than with a BuzzSumo free account. To begin with, Marketing Miner gives you 1,000 free credits every month. These credits can be used to research 100 Google queries, make 330 search volume requests, or analyze 1,000 URLs.

In addition, you can manage one project with 10 weekly queries. The free account allows one process at a time and up to five rows input size. Beginning at $29 per month, Marketing Miner’s pricing plans are more affordable than BuzzSumo’s. Check them out:

  • Miner Plan – $29 per month
  • Digger Plan – $59 per month
  • Machine Plan – $99 per month

3. Influence.co

If you mainly use BuzzSumo to find social media influencers, Influence.co is an alternative platform you should check out. The platform is exclusively for discovering various niche influencers.

There are over 100,000 influencer accounts on Influence.co. The majority of influencers you’ll find are from Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest. There are also blog influencers.

Discovering influencers with this BuzzSumo alternative is straightforward. You should simply choose your niche or industry. While you get the best influencers at the top, the influencers are ranked according to how rich their pages are.

To ensure that you discover the right influencer, Influence.co lets you search not by niche alone but also by the audience, posting rates, engagement rates, and previous brands they worked with.

When you find the right influencers, you don’t have to switch to their social media platforms to chat them up. You can start a conversation directly using the built-in messaging tool.

Furthermore, you can monitor what influencers you hire are doing with the built-in reporting tool. This tool lets you know if an influencer has posted or not, how many posts they’ve made, media files the posts contain, number of engagements, likes, comments, and more.

Influence.co Pricing

Influencer search is free on BuzzSumo but you can only make 10 searches per month. With Influence.co, you can make unlimited influencer searches per month with a free account.

The free account is only limited to three influencer lists but for each search, you get up to 50 results per search. You can also hold conversations with a maximum of 25 influencers per month. For the pro account, the plans include:

  • Personal Pro Account – $349 per year
  • Business Pro Account – Custom Pricing

4. Vestorly

Vestorly is a BuzzSumo alternative for content analysis and strategy. With this platform, you can find, filter, and personalize content so you give your audience the best. It’s a powerful platform as Vestorly uses AI yet, it’s very simple.

To use Vestorly, you have to specify search criteria. The tool will scout the web and gather content that meets your search criteria. After that, you can sort all discovered content so you’re left with only what’s relevant.

Following your audience engagement, the final content is personalized and distributed according to your set marketing schedule. This cycle continues and the more you use the tool, the more personalized content you’ll get as the AI gets smarter.

Both BuzzSumo and Vestorly feature an API. Using the API, you can integrate the Vestorly content management system into your own platform or connect with other advanced searching tools.

If you need a BuzzSumo alternative to monitor your competitors or find influencers, Vestorly isn’t for you. The platform is exclusively for content discovery and content research.

Vestorly Pricing

With a free Vestorly account, you can find and analyze content from anywhere on the internet. There’s no limit to the number of searches you can make and you have access to smart searching, sorting, and filtering tools.

You also get five content recommendations relating to your previous engagements and 500 ePersonalized content. Furthermore, you can increase the free account capabilities by importing marketing materials and content management system resources.

If you ever need more features, you can go with any of the following paid plans:

  • Standard Plan – $59 per month when billed monthly, or $49 per month for yearly payment
  • Professional Plan – $599 per month when billed monthly, or $499 per month for yearly payment

5. SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is one platform that can satisfy all your SEO needs. It’s an ideal BuzzSumo alternative if SEO is what you’re interested in. The platform consists of four SEO tools, most especially the Rank Tracker.

You can use the Rank Tracker for keyword research for content discovery. Just like BuzzSumo, the Rank Tracker also lets you monitor keywords and websites for any rank change.

The Website Auditor is an advantage SEO PowerSuite has over BuzzSumo. You can analyze websites with BuzzSumo but the Website Auditor tool goes in-depth to check how SEO-optimized your websites are. You’ll get tips on how to improve if your optimization is poor.

The SEO SpyGlass tool is for backlink research and auditing. You can figure out what backlinks help your competitors rank and recreate them. The LinkAssistant helps you build and manage links.

While you can use BuzzSumo via the web, you can only use SEO PowerSuite by installing the software applications. There are four software applications, one for each of the tools and you can install them on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

SEO PowerSuite Pricing

All four of the SEO PowerSuite tools can be downloaded for free. BuzzSumo lets you conduct 10 searches per month for free but SEO PowerSuite has no limit. You can analyze multiple websites and keywords.

The free account also gives you professional SEO reports. Some limits of the free account are that you can’t schedule tasks, view rank history, or specifically track competitors. To remove these limits, you can go with any of these paid plans:

  • Professional Plan – $299 per year
  • Enterprise Plan – $699 per year

6. Ubersuggest

This tool, from Neil Patel, is described as a free SEO tool and one to help boost traffic. As a BuzzSumo alternative, it’s ideal for content strategy and competitor intelligence. The platform has many tools for finding working keywords for your content and optimizing your website.

With Ubersuggest, it’s very easy to know what your competitors are doing. You can analyze their content strategy by simply searching for their domain. If you analyze keywords, you’ll get the top content and articles that are ranking on SERPs. To help you build your own content, Ubersuggest delivers intelligent keyword suggestions.

If you’re particular about SEO, the Ubersuggest tool uncovers your competitor’s best backlinks. One advantage of using this tool over BuzzSumo is the A/B testing calculator. This allows you to analyze websites and marketing campaigns side-by-side to find out the best-performing ones.

Ubersuggest is also an ideal BuzzSumo alternative for monitoring. With it, you can track everyday changes in your rankings in more than 20 locations and on mobile or desktop. Finally, the platform features a Chrome Extension.

Ubersuggest Pricing

Ubersuggest is more ‘free’ than it is premium. There are advanced features you can access without a subscription, unlike BuzzSumo. Nevertheless, the platform features premium plans for individuals and businesses who want to do more.

The paid plans are a lot cheaper than what BuzzSumo offers. You can either pay a monthly subscription or purchase the tool for a lifetime. The plans include:

Subscription Plans

  • Individual Plan – $12 per month
  • Business Plan – $20 per month
  • Enterprise/Agency Plan – $40 per month

Lifetime Plans

  • Individual Plan – $120 one-time payment
  • Business Plan – $200 one-time payment
  • Enterprise/Agency Plan – $400 one-time payment

7. HypeAuditor

Here’s another BuzzSumo alternative if you’re all about discovering social media influencers for digital marketing.

Notably, HypeAuditor will help you to separate fake influencers from the original ones. That way, every penny you spend in your budget will be useful to your brand. HypeAuditor features a database with more than 23 million influencer accounts.

The most influencers you’ll find on this platform are from Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. It doesn’t feature a lot of Facebook influencers like BuzzSumo. The influencers are vetted with more than 35 metrics to find out the best. Fake influencers are easily detected thanks to the AI system.

HypeAuditor goes in-depth to deliver every detail about an influencer that you’ll need. You get information like their location, age, gender, location, and contact details. Similarly, you get the demographics of their audience.

You can also use HypeAuditor to get competitor intelligence. The platform features a market analysis tool that lets you track market trends and follow up on the influencer marketing campaigns of your competitors.

When you hire influencers, you can use the HypeAuditor platform to follow up on their campaigns.

HypeAuditor Pricing

HypeAuditor is available for free. With the free account, you can view top influencer accounts and track mentions on social media platforms. It allows you to connect with up to 150 influencers and manage up to 10 campaigns.

You can collaborate with the free account as it allows your team access to reports, discovery, campaigns, and others. Nevertheless, some limitations can be removed with any of the paid plans:

  • Pro Add-Ons – $99 per month
  • Basic Plan – $399 per month
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom pricing

8. Right Relevance

The 8th best free BuzzSumo alternative on this list is Right Relevance. You can use Right Relevance for two major things – content discovery and finding influencers. Both are the core features of BuzzSumo.

You can easily sign up for Right Relevance using your Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook account. To use the platform to discover content, you just have to search for any topic you’re interested in. If you don’t know what to search for, you can connect your Twitter account and get useful recommendations.

Right Relevance’s database contains over 40,000 structured topics with unlimited web articles for each. When you search for a topic, you can filter the content result by location, relevance, and date posted. You can choose articles posted that day or the past week for the most recent ones.

Like BuzzSumo, Right Relevance lets you sort articles with media content. Likewise, you can filter the results based on the topic score. Furthermore, you can analyze two or more topics at a time. The content you like can be saved for later viewing and you can save content to your feeds.

Searching for influencers is not so different. You can discover individual or organization influencers for any searched topic and you can sort their post based on Topic Score. From the Right Relevance platform, you can directly follow influencer social media accounts and stay up-to-date with their posts.

Right Relevance Pricing

You don’t have to pay to use Right Relevance. You can search for content and find influencers using the web platform even without creating an account.

Payment might only be needed if you’re using Right Relevance as integration on a third-party platform. For example, installing Right Relevance on Hootsuite costs $9.99.

9. GetKeywords

With GetKeywords, you can perform local keyword research with intent analysis for your content. It’s one of the best BuzzSumo alternatives because it focuses on intent and user behavior, which search engines focus on now.

GetKeywords is unique. The platform uses machine intelligence to determine keywords relevant to specific purposes. While performing your keyword research, it’s up to you to select your purpose. For example, you can set your purpose as a question, eCommerce, or finding media files. You can also research with domains instead of keywords.

The platform has a vast database that contains keyword data from over 100,000 locations. The data is updated in real-time and is available in more than 45 different languages.

GetKeywords is easy to use because every relevant metric is presented in one dashboard. This includes both questions, keyword suggestions, SERP rankings, and more. You can better understand your audience with metrics like top locations and device type.

This BuzzSumo alternative is great for competitor intelligence as it lets you uncover them and know where your competitors get their traffic. It is relatively popular with users in more than 152 countries. So far, users have monitored more than 200 million domains.

GetKeywords Pricing

This free BuzzSumo alternative offers an unlimited free plan. The free plan lets you perform unlimited keyword searches, unlike BuzzSumo which limits you to 10 searches per month. In addition, you can perform competitor research and get up to 2500 keyword suggestions every month.

If you want to go for a paid plan, you have three affordable options and they include:

  • Startup Plan – $24 per month when billed annually
  • Growth Plan – $29 per month when billed annually
  • Executive Plan – $49 per month when billed annually

10. Zigstat

Last here is Zigstat, a free website SEO analysis tool from SEMRush. It’s a very simple platform but with many tools. Zigstat was developed to help people improve their online presence. As a BuzzSumo alternative, you can use it for competitor intelligence and keyword discovery.

For website analysis, Zigstat features two main tools – the backlink checker and keyword checker. You can simply enter any domain to analyze and the tool works fast. You get your result in less than 5 seconds.

When you analyze your competitor’s domain name with Zigstat, you get their top 25 keywords along with their traffic, query volume, and SERP ranking. That way, you can identify the appropriate keywords for your content strategy. If you’re interested in advertising, the keyword and traffic cost will interest you.

It’s not very different for backlinks. You get your competitor’s top backlinks with information on the link back URL, anchor text, link type, and the number of external links.

Zigstat goes as far as converting your competitor website’s IP, DNS, and Whois information. Such info can help you know where your competitors are operating from and how long they’ve been in business.

The platform features more than 20 other tools you can use; most of these tools are not available on BuzzSumo. For example, the Rewrite Article tool lets you rewrite the content you discover to be unique. Another is the Keyword Density tool that makes sure you’re not overusing keywords in your content.

Zigstat Pricing

Zigstat is a free BuzzSumo alternative for keyword research and competitor intelligence. You don’t pay to use it and it doesn’t even require account registration.

Bottom Line

Content research and monitoring are a major part of every digital marketing campaign. This is why tools like BuzzSumo and most of its alternatives are freemium.

If BuzzSumo is too expensive for you, then you can go with any of the alternatives that are cheaper and offer more features with a free account.