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5 Best Ninja Outreach Alternatives

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies utilized by brands and SMBs alike.

In a recent Statista report, it was revealed that influencer marketing is growing at a swift pace.

Unlike celebrity endorsement, which is exceptionally costly, businesses can take advantage of influencer marketing to reach a large number of prospects through ‘willing’ influencers at an affordable rate.

Conversely, the process of manually reaching out to diverse influencers is hectic, hence the need to use a prominent influencer marketing tool such as Ninja Outreach.

Notably, Ninja Outreach is the best outreach marketing tool available on the market. However, there are other fantastic outreach marketing tools worth exploring.

These tools have an intuitive user interface, affordable pricing, and useful resources. With any of these tools, you can connect with thousands of influencers to promote your brand.

For that reason, we will show you some of the best Ninja Outreach alternatives.

Let’s get to it.

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1. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is the best Ninja Outreach alternative available.

As a link building and digital PR tool, BuzzStream is highly effective for digital marketing. With a tool such as BuzzStream, link building is a cakewalk process.

It is used by top brands across the world such as Canva, Shopify, 99designs, Airbnb, indeed, and more.

Notably, BuzzStream works as a customer relationship management platform for outreach and can be used to keep track of your campaigns effectively.

BuzzStream is ideal for the following use cases:

  • Digital PR
  • Content promotion
  • Backlinks building and more.

How BuzzStream Works

BuzzStream has lots of helpful features, which are categorized into:

Research –

BuzzStream allows you to make research opportunities in the quickest of ways. As you browse the internet, you can easily add websites and profiles to your database with just a click.

Also, BuzzStream, allows you to search and get reliable details of influencers in any given niche. All you have to do is to enter the keywords. Plus, you can retrieve data from web URLs. By simply uploading a

URL or list of URLs, the research tool retrieves data such as stats, contact details, and social metrics.

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Email –

Email is a necessary part of any outreach campaign. BuzzStream streamlines the email management process thereby making it uncomplicated.

You can either create an email template from scratch or customize the featured email templates based on your preference. The email tool lists out relevant details of customers so you can personalize your outbound messages.

It tracks the performance of all mails for you to know the best-performing email campaigns. You can schedule your emails for delivery at any time, automate and set follow-up reminders.

Manage –

The manage category has features which allow you to manage your campaigns and relate more with your customers and team.

From the tool dashboard, you can view your campaign reports. It displays those you have contacted and the relationship status, whether they have been accepted or not.

Also, there are filters which enable you to sort out unreached contacts and those who are yet to reply. Furthermore, you can set alerts to know when your campaigns have been accepted or not.

Reports –

With the BuzzStream report tools, you can get comprehensive insights concerning your outreach campaigns. This includes reports on your team performance, email responses, and overall campaign progress.

Also, the reports can be fully customized based on your preferences. Plus, they can be shared easily from the platform.

Besides that, BuzzStream provides support via email and on Twitter. There are also additional resources to guide you in using the platform.

BuzzStream Pricing

BuzzStream is available based on four pricing plans, which include:

Starter: $24 per month for 1 user

$24 per additional user

1,000 contacts

  • Contact information discovery
  • Open, click, and reply tracking
  • Email management
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Influencer and publisher metrics
  • Twitter conversation tracker
  • Google Chrome extension
  • 1,000 links monitoring

Group: $99 per month for 3 users

$33 per additional user

  • All Starter Plan features, plus;
  • 25,000 contacts
  • Bulk emails
  • Team template sharing
  • Project performance reports
  • Link reports
  • Customizable permissions
  • Email and phone support
  • 25,000 links monitoring

Professional: $299 per month for 6 users

$50 per additional user

  • All Group Plan features, including;
  • 100,000 contacts
  • Team performance reports
  • Unlimited report customization
  • Web services API integration
    Dedicated account manager
  • 100,000 links monitoring

Custom: $999 per month for 15+ users

  • All Professional Plan features, including;
  • More than 300,000 contacts
  • Implementation plan
  • New team members onboarding

Note: Although all BuzzStream pricing plans are available on a monthly basis. However, BuzzStream offers one month free when you pay 12 months advance payment.


  • Free trial
  • Good support
  • Comprehensive influencer search
  • Bulk email sending facility
  • Good CRM
  • Comprehensive reports and insights


  • Limited on the starter plan
  • Higher plans are very expensive

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2. Traackr

Founded in 2008, Traackr has evolved into becoming one of the reliable influencer marketing and outreach tools.

Equipped with all the features you need, it is one of the best tools you can use for influencer marketing and an excellent alternative to Ninja outreach.

With so much to offer, top brands such as Google, Microsoft, and Calvin Klein use Traackr as their CRM tool.

This tool allows users to efficiently run their influencer campaigns, optimize their campaigns for best results, and reach out to anyone across the world.

Aside from these features, there are useful resources available on Traackr as well. This includes eBooks, guides, whitepapers, Infographics, and more.

Traackr incorporates a help center where users can quickly get help. Also, its FAQ consists of answers for frequently asked questions.

Some of the Traackr use cases include:

  • Influencer discovery
  • Influencer vetting
  • Relationship management
  • Campaign management
  • Value match & brand safety
  • Campaign & program reporting
  • Influencer marketing benchmarking

How Traackr Works

As an influencer marketer, brand or agency, Traackr has several features to keep you at the top of your competitive niche. It features a database where you can manage your influencers, clients, pitches, and

outreach campaigns. Besides, Traackr works ideally for influencer discovery.

With its sizable global database, you can search and get details and insights of influencers across several industries. These influencers can be easily added to your database; hence, with influencer evaluation,

you can find out which influencer will bring in the expected performance.

Traackr allows you to see the followers influenced by these notable influencers. It provides you with their follower numbers, location, gender, age, and more. Also, you can group these influencers in private groups for better management.

Negotiating and settling prices and fees for PRs with influencers will be a lot easier. With the influencer market benchmark, you can discern the costs for each influencer based on their past performance.
With Traackr, you can monitor all your outreach campaigns, both organic and paid. Besides, this Ninja Outreach alternative displays historical data, insights, and analysis of this campaign so you can keep track of their performance.

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For communication, you can reach out to clients and influencers effortlessly. Also, there are customizable email templates for your usage. Plus, you can create your influencer branded email template as well.

With Traackr, you can send single emails or bulk emails at a specified time. Besides, Traackr integrates with other email management software such as Gmail, MS Exchange, Outlook, and others.

Traackr Pricing

Traackr uses a subscription-based pricing model tailored to the needs of its users. Subscription can be made per year or for multiple years.

It is categorized into three different levels, which include:

  • Agency
  • Enterprise
  • Premium

However, no specific subscription price is available on their official website. To subscribe, you have to contact them directly to ask for the pricing information. Before subscribing, you can try a demo version of the software for free.


  • Large influencer database
  • Evaluate influencer prices
  • Get useful insights and metrics
  • Third-party mail integration
  • Free demo
  • Good support
  • Helpful resources


  • Pricing not stated
  • Requires training to use

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3. Pitchbox

Another Ninja Outreach alternative on our list is Pitchbox.

Pitchbox is a platform which facilitates content marketing and influencer outreach. It was founded in the year 2012 and currently attracts users from all over the world.

Some of the notable Pitchbox customers include MaxCDN, HOTH, Skyscanner, Freshbooks, About.com, Offers.com, and thousands of others.

Besides facilitating content marketing and influencer outreach, Pitchbox can also be applied for all online marketing strategies. Therefore, influencers, marketing agencies, publishers, and SEO agencies alike can utilize Pitchbox without difficulty.

The primary function of Pitchbox is to help its users easily connect with influencers and potential clients in their industry.

With Pitchbox, you can effectively promote your brand or content online through link building and outreach on its dynamic platform.

How Pitchbox Works

Although Pitchbox has a lot of similar features just like other Ninja Outreach alternatives you might have come across; however, Pitchbox incorporates several unique features.

Pitchbox lets you search for influencers and bloggers in different niches. It generates results fast, thereby saving you time if done manually.

With a keyword, you can perform influencer search and then add your preferred influencer links from the results to your listings with just a click.

To ensure that you add only the best links, PitchBox provides you with the website’s metrics. These metrics contain useful data such as page authority, domain score, social shares, and more.

For your outreach campaign, Pitchbox makes communication easier. You can send emails in bulk or one at a time to your leads. The emails can be prepared and scheduled for delivery at any predefined time.

Also, Pitchbox allows you to automate follow-ups. Plus, it works with third-party email service providers such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and Imap amongst others.

Monitoring the performance of your outreach and influencer campaigns is streamlined with Pitchbox. It delivers reports on high-performing emails, which provides you with reliable insights to determine which campaign to capitalize on.

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With Pitchbox, your conversation history and records are not lost. You can easily search and retrieve any conversation on the platform at any time. For customer relationship management, you can rely on

Pitchbox to handle the critical tasks.

Leads acquired from the Pitchbox platform can be exported for use on other platforms as well. Likewise, you can import leads compiled from different sources into Pitchbox.

Nevertheless, Pitchbox has a reliable support unit which is available 24/7; therefore, you can contact them at supported hours via phone or email to get support. Plus, you can take advantage of their knowledge base for quick help.

Pitchbox Pricing

To make use of Pitchbox, you are required to schedule a private demo. After your demo, you get to discuss with a Pitchbox staff to discuss your preferred plan and pricing.

As a premium tool, Pitchbox comes with the following pricing plans:

Basic – $195 per month

  • 1 Workspace
  • 2,000 outreach emails
  • Two users

Small Business – $295 per month

  • 3 Workspaces
  • More than 3,000 outreach emails
  • Five users

SEO Agency – $395 per month

  • Unlimited Clients
  • More than 5,000 outreach emails
  • Ten users

Enterprise – from $1500 per month

  • Team training
  • Priority support
  • Foot massages


  • A quick search for influencers
  • Leads import and export
  • Bulk email sending
  • Third-party mail support
  • Good CRM
  • Good support


  • Needs the training to use
  • Expensive pricing plans

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4. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a great Ninja Outreach alternative. It is a compact platform built for content marketers and brands alike.

Relied upon by thousands of digital marketers worldwide, BuzzSumo is the perfect tool for automating your marketing strategies and SEO campaigns.

Some of their famous customers include Expedia, HubSpot, BuzzFeed, Digitas, The Telegraph, and more

Data available on BuzzSumo is sourced globally, which makes them reliable. So many marketers prefer it because of its easy integration with popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Besides that, BuzzSumo allows you to search for ideal influencers, get web insights, and generate content ideas amongst others.

Without further ado, here are the use cases of BuzzSumo:

  • Content strategy
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Crisis alerting
  • Digital PR
  • Influencer marketing

How BuzzSumo Works

BuzzSumo can be used for content research, finding influencers, monitoring campaigns, and content discovery.

By entering your ideal keywords, BuzzSumo generates relevant contents globally, including recently published blog posts. Hence, you can filter these contents based on location, relevance, and social media engagements.

Also, BuzzSumo lists out sub-keywords with potential high traffic you should make utilize for your content creation. Moreover, BuzzSumo supplies you with content ideas to create the best content for your brand.

For campaign performance monitoring, BuzzSumo provides you with notifications on how your blog posts are performing. You can also track your competitors’ performance and capitalize on them.

In terms of influencer search, BuzzSumo provides you with the best results. Enter your keywords, while BuzzSumo presents you with the top influencers in that niche. To discover the best performing influencers, you can sort the results based on their engagements and followers as well as language.

Conversely, BuzzSumo integrates with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to provide you facilitate social media influencer outreach. With BuzzSumo, you can effortlessly search for relevant

influencers and trend makers on Twitter and Facebook.

Unlike other Ninja Outreach alternatives, BuzzSumo supports custom integrations through its provision of BuzzSumo API.

Also, BuzzSumo support team can be reached via email or live chat. For instant answers to inquiries, you can make use of the BuzzSumo knowledge base. Users can also avail themselves to their myriads of resources which include Blog, webinars, and help center.

BuzzSumo Pricing

BuzzSumo is available based on four pricing plans, which include:

Pro Plan: $99 per month when billed every month or $79 per month when billed annually

  • Unlimited searches
  • 5,000 mentions
  • Five alerts
  • 1-year data records
  • 50 data exports
  • Five projects
  • 5,000 URLs upload
  • Ten trending feeds
  • Domain name reports
  • Content analysis reports

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Plus Plan: $179 per month when billed every month or $139 per month when billed annually

  • All Pro Plan features, including;
  • 10,000 mentions
  • Ten alerts
  • Ten users
  • 150 data exports
  • Ten projects
  • 20 trending feeds
  • Top author search

Large Plan: $299 per month when billed every month or $239 per month when billed annually

  • All Plus Plan features, including;
  • 20,000 mentions
  • 30 alerts
  • Two years of data records
  • Facebook analyzer
  • Question analyzer
  • 15 users
  • 200 data exports
  • 30 projects
  • 10,000 URLs upload
  • 50 trending feeds
  • Advanced trending filters

Enterprise Plan: $499+ per month based on custom pricing

  • All Large Plan features, including;
  • 50+ alerts
  • Five years of data records
  • Custom users
  • Custom data exports
  • Custom projects
  • Custom trending feeds


  • Influencers and content search
  • Twitter and Facebook integration
  • Easy-to-use
  • Good metrics
  • Good support


  • Limited features for the entry-level plan
  • Higher plans are costly

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5. Tomoson

Unlike other Ninja Outreach alternatives mentioned earlier on our list, Tomoson is an influencer and micro-influencer marketing tool aimed at social media marketing.

Tomoson incorporates a content research tool that crawls the web for relevant content. This brings up organic content that you can repost on your social media accounts.

Also, Tomoson incorporates an escrow feature which ensures that your funds are safe as influencers only get paid once they have completed your appointed tasks.

Furthermore, Tomoson allows social media influencers to register on the platform, thereby facilitating content marketing and influencer marketing for brands.

How Tomoson Works

Tomoson has an extensive database that contains profiles of over 50,000 influencers. When you search for influencers using keywords, it generates their profiles and social media accounts.

Conversely, the social media accounts on their database are verified via APIs which attests to their social media genuineness. Also, you can repost the contents of the influencers to your social media accounts with a single click.

From the dashboard, you can share content such as blog posts, images, or videos on multiple social media accounts at a time. As you share these contents, you can add hashtags, blog posts, and other content gotten from your research.

With easy to understand metrics and reports, Tomoson allows you to keep track of your campaigns.

Tomoson customer support is rated at 99 percent by customers due to their reliability. Moreover, they provide users with a blog, help center and FAQ section.

Tomoson Pricing

Tomoson has different pricing plans which suit any brand. These include:

Basic: $49 per month

  • One active campaign
  • Unlimited content feeds
  • 150 social accounts
  • 3,000 scheduled posts
  • 25 hired people per month
  • Detailed statistics
  • One team members
  • Two campaign reposts
  • Email and chat support
  • Engagement reporting
  • Export reports

Starter: $99 per month

  • All Basic Plan features, including;
  • Ten active campaigns
  • 100 hired people per month
  • Three team members
  • Seven campaign reposts
  • Phone support

Business: $199 per month

  • All Starter Plan features, plus;
  • 30 active campaigns
  • 300 hired people per month
  • Five team members
  • 20 campaign reposts

Agency: $399 per month

  • All Business Plan features, including;
  • 100 active campaigns
  • 1,000 hired people per month
  • Ten team members
  • 50 campaign reposts

Scale: $599 per month

  • All Agency Plan features, plus;
  • Unlimited active campaigns
  • Unlimited content feeds
  • 3,500 hired people
  • 20 team members
  • 200 campaign reposts


  • Large influencer database
  • Supports multiple users
  • Good support
  • Escrow payment


  • Influencer requirements are stringent
  • Higher plans are expensive

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Does Influencer Marketing Still Work?

In 2016, ad-blocking implementation resulted in a $30 billion loss in revenue, which shows the need for an alternative marketing strategy.

With influencer marketing, businesses can generate leads through the influencers’ efforts. Conversely, influencers usually have a massive number of followers, while micro-influencers have a small number of followers. Notably, micro-influencers generally generate higher engagement rates than influencers.

As an astute marketer, you must consider utilizing an influencer outreach marketing tool that targets both classes of influencers.

With the right set of influencers promoting your brand in the year 2020, you should be able to achieve your business goals.

Wrapping Up

Although Ninja Outreach is the best outreach marketing platform you should consider; however, any of the best Ninja Outreach alternatives mentioned above can do the job as well.

Therefore, you should take your time to opt for an outreach marketing tool which complements your affordability and brand efforts.

Also, your choice of outreach marketing tool should enable you to optimize your content for several social media and marketing platforms thereby giving room for dynamic marketing.