5 Best GeoGuessr Players in 2024

GeoGuessr is an online geography game that drops you on a street on the world map with a panoramic view of the location. Your task is to find clues from the surroundings and guess what location you’re in.

The closer your guesses are to the exact coordinates of the place, the higher the number of points you will score. Each round of the game consists of five random locations worth five thousand points each.

You might not be able to tell a street in Croatia apart from one in Singapore just by looking at it, but some players can.

These seemingly gifted gamers can deduce what location they are in by reading the dirt, looking at the sky, or even observing the tailoring style of the clothes the residents are wearing.

There are so many amazing GeoGuessr players out there, each with their own area of expertise and ambition to be recognized as a professional player of the game. However, only a few can boast of being at the absolute top of their game with proof to back it up.

Allow me to introduce you to some of the best GeoGuessr players in the world today who have mastered the art of guessing geographies.

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Best GeoGuessr Players

1. GeoPeter

GeoPeter is the player name and online moniker for Peteris Lauris, a Latvian YouTuber and influencer in the gaming community who rose to popularity for his mastery over the GeoGuessr game.

Although Peter records and streams videos of himself playing different kinds of games, he remains a GeoGuessr-focused YouTuber. Since his YouTube channel launched in July 2020, he has amassed over 39.5K subscribers and over 6.3 million views on the video streaming platform.

Fans tune in to his channel week after week to watch Peter play the beloved Geography-style game and share GeoGuessr tips on how they can level up their skills and win more points on GeoGuessr.

The talented GeoGuessr player has shared videos of himself competing against other high-ranking players, setting new streaks, and participating in other tough challenges like Battle Royale.

Peter is so well known and respected in the GeoGuessr community for his impeccable ability to figure out whatever location he’s thrown into in the blink of an eye.

He was recently hired to join the GeoGuessr team as a content creator helping to create quizzes, maps, and other exciting stuff for the game and brand.

Peter also runs two other YouTube channels. The first is The Petery Channel where he posts a lot more non-GeoGuessr content like Let’s Plays of popular games, quizzes, challenges, food videos, and clips from Twitch streams.

You can also find him sharing more fun content on All in 5 Minutes, an educational channel where he introduces people to different topics, places, and things by teaching them about those subjects in less than five minutes.

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The engaging format of Peter’s videos coupled with his ability to explain things clearly has made him one of the most relatable YouTubers in the GeoGuessr world and beyond.

If you want to see Peter perform his magic and guess the location of destinations around the world accurately with nothing but a few obscure clues, you can follow him on Twitch to watch his live streams.

You can also follow him on Instagram via @thisispetery, on Twitter via @ThisIsPetery, and on Reddit at GeoPeterYT.

2. Chicago Geographer

While he may not be the best player in the world, it is indisputable that Gavin, who goes by the name Chicago Geographer online, is one of the best GeoGuessr players in the United States.

The 22-year-old content creator even set the world record for the USA Speedrun to prove this in November 2020.

Gavin managed to claim a perfect score in 4 minutes and 28.65 seconds by accurately guessing to within 75 feet of the exact locations of the five places around the United States that he was dropped into in the game.

The following year, on March 20, Gavin improved upon his record by achieving the same feat with 15 seconds to spare, bringing down his time to 4 minutes and 13.80 seconds.

Gavin’s prowess as a speedrunner has earned him acclaim in the GeoGuessr community across the world. However, he didn’t become adept at guessing geographies overnight.

Unlike some other players whom GeoGuessr helped unlock a love for geography, Gavin has been passionate about the subject since he was a kid. He spent a lot of his childhood days studying maps as a pastime.

During his pre-college school years, Gavin took part in several geography bee competitions where he answered geography-related trivia questions.

But his background alone wasn’t responsible for his success with the GeoGuessr game, luck and skill also played a huge part.

Gavin has had to play the USA map countless times and learn how to tell the landscape in one region apart from the landscape in another to get so good.

Now he can tell what part of the U.S. GeoGuessr drops him in by observing little things like the foliage and quality of the images on the interactive map.

Gavin runs the YouTube channel, Chicago Geographer where he shares videos of his latest GeoGuessr gameplays as well as other interesting Geography content.

The channel was created on January 22, 2019, and it currently has 33.4K subscribers and over 7 million views.

Gavin is very active on social media so if you want to get to know him more up close, you can find him on his Twitch channel where he streams live GeoGuessr games three times a week.

Also, Gavin maintains a Twitter page where you can connect with him and a TikTok account for those who want to watch short, engaging videos of him doing what he does best.

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3. Kodiak

You can’t talk about the best Gueguessr players in the world today without mentioning Kodiak, the online moniker for 22-year-old Leon Carnale.

The professional GeoGuessr player hails from Ratingen in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany but currently resides in New Zealand after relocation there following his 18th birthday.

Leon is fluent in English and German. However, his love for geography, traveling, and the desire to immerse himself in other cultures has influenced him to start learning several other languages including French, Thai, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified).

The aspiring polyglot is passionate about nature, hiking, meeting new people, and exploring unknown geographies and the histories they hold.

Leon has visited dozens of countries across Asia, Europe, and North America including Bosnia, Portugal, Indonesia, Italy, Singapore, Greece, and Cambodia.

Leon’s adventurous nature and enthusiasm for experiencing the world explains why the GeoGuessr game has captivated his attention so forcefully.

He has risen through the ranks and gone from being just another player of the geography-themed game to being recognized as one of its most brilliant players.

In 2022, Leon won the first GeoGuessr Team World Cup, alongside teammates Matthias “Maccem” McMullin and Mathieu “Blinky” Huet.

The team world cup saw 30 qualifying teams face off against one another in a series of intense GeoGuessr game matches, each stage more challenging than the last.

Leon and his teammates competed under the group name Speed Plonkers and managed to defeat the equally impressive A Community Team, featuring Matepotato, Radu, and Toro3317 in the final round to clinch the title.

According to the announcement made by GeoGuessr on 30th May, Leon is also scheduled to compete in the first GeoGuessr World Cup Championship for individual players.

The championship event is scheduled to take place later in the year, from October 13-14 in Stockholm, Sweden and players will compete to win 50,000 in prize money along with bragging rights as the undisputed GeoGuessr champion of the world.

Unlike most of his counterparts, Leon doesn’t have a YouTube channel. However, you can follow him on Twitch to watch his live-streamed games and maybe learn a thing or two about how to score more points playing GeoGuessr.

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4. Rainbolt

Trevor Rainbolt or Rainbolt as he is known online is arguably the most popular player in the GeoGuessr community and is also considered one of the game’s best players.

He rose to fame on Tik Tok by posting content in which he scored massive points on GeoGuessr, even after introducing different kinds of restrictions and challenges to make the game more challenging.

For instance, he would attempt to guess a location based on description alone while blindfolded and after only viewing the image for a split second. Or with the image turned upside down, blurred, pixelated, or rendered in black and white.

Rainbolt also garnered attention from audiences within and beyond the GeoGuessr fanbase by sharing videos of himself figuring out locations from popular culture such as music videos, memes, and ads.

Despite never setting foot outside of North America until November 2022, the 24-year-old Arkansas native has the uncanny ability to guess where in the world a location is situated by analyzing things like the sand, signpost, telephone pole, body of water, and so on.

Not only are Rainbolt’s guesses astoundingly accurate most of the time, it only takes him a few seconds to cough up an answer while playing the game.

Compared to some of the other names on this list, Rainbolt did not have a latent interest or aptitude for Geography. He wasn’t very good at it in high school and he sucked at GeoGuessr when he first played the game as a teenager so he gave it up.

He didn’t return to play GeoGuessr again until June 2021 after the pandemic and the widespread ban on travel inspired a resurgence of the game. Rainbolt began dedicating five hours on weekdays and eight on weekdays to learning the ins and outs of GeoGuessr.

When he wasn’t playing, he was watching other people’s games or wandering around Google Maps and strengthening his knowledge of Geography.

Rainbolt has built a staggering social media following across multiple channels. On TikTok, the GeoGuessr maestro has over 2.3 million followers and 68.5 million likes.

He also has 1 million followers on Instagram, 93.6K followers on Twitch, 239.9K followers on Twitter, and 325K subscribers on YouTube. His eponymous channel is packed with delightful and captivating content series where he tests his knowledge of world geography in GeoGuessr and the real world.

Rainbolt has a second channel, Rainbolt Two that has racked up over 527K subscribers and 230 million views so far. Between the two channels, you’ll have plenty of his trademark banter and exciting content to keep you occupied for weeks.

In one of his most beloved video series, Rainbolt helps fans track down locations that hold sentimental value for them based on images or videos they provide.

So far, he has helped one fan find the mountain their parents visited while on honeymoon three decades ago.

He helped another find a package delivered to the wrong address and assisted a follower in tracking down her biological mother by guessing the location the mother’s photo was taken.

He even managed to deduce the geolocation of a photo of a viewer’s grandfather that was taken during World War II, proving that time and blurriness are not enough to stump his guesswork.

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5. GeoWizard

Thomas George Davies is a British YouTuber, explorer, and GeoGuessr gamer who goes by the name GeoWizard in online circles.

Before he discovered GeoGuessr and guessed his way into the limelight, Davies was leading a pretty unremarkable life and working several odd jobs—bartender, fishmonger, butcher, delivery driver—to earn a living.

But then one day, his younger brother’s friend introduced him to GeoGuessr, and the rest, as they say, is history. Davies was immediately taken with the game and began playing it every chance he got.

In May 2015, he decided to launch his own YouTube channel under the name GeoWizard to upload videos of himself achieving perfect runs in decent time, rather than the mega-fast speed that other competitive GeoGuessr players brought to the table.

This, coupled with the Jeremy Clarkson-style narrative and entertaining commentary he used in his videos made Davies appear relatable to viewers. He soon gathered a sizable following that continued to grow at a steady pace and ultimately ballooned as the game’s popularity rose during the pandemic.

In 2021, David attempted a record-setting run on GeoGuessr which planted his name firmly in the list of top GeoGuessr players around the globe. Currently, Davies has over 1.21 million subscribers and 184 million views on his channel.

Most of his content revolves around the GeoGuessr game where participates in general and personal challenges to the delight of his viewers. Davies also has different video series dedicated to the real-life geography missions that he embarks on.

One of his missions includes crossing countries by traveling in a straight line; a feat he has successfully accomplished in Norway and Wales and attempted in Scotland.

In August 2022, Davies embarked on a challenge to dribble a football across the width of Britain along the Hadrian Wall Path in a continuous run. He became the first person in the world to attain this feat.

Davies also has a No Roads Mission where he attempts to get from one location to another without using any roads. And a GeoDetectives series in which he determines the geolocation of photographs submitted by his fans.

When he’s not playing GeoGuessr or planning his next mission, Davies spends some of his time composing music under the stage name Amynedd. His songs can usually be heard in his videos which he underscores with them.

However, you can also listen to his debut album 16-Bit Adventure which he released in 2020 on Bandcamp. Additionally, the adventure-loving Gueguessr disciple maintains an Instagram account where you can follow him and connect with him on a more personal level.

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GeoGuessr is no doubt a fun and stimulating game that will challenge you every step of the way.

But the accomplishments of these players who have set world records, amassed a great deal of knowledge, won high-level competitions, and claimed high scores is proof that anyone can be excellent at the game.

All you need is a lot of practice and a willingness to learn about worlds and places other than the ones you’re accustomed to.

If you require guidance or inspiration along the road, you can always check out these brilliant players and learn from how they play.

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