15 Best Browsers For iPad 2024

What browser should you use on your iPad? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are deciding which app to download.

There are many browsers available to use on an iPad, but not all of them will provide the best experience for you. Some of the better ones include Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. However, the best browser for iPad is Safari. Since it’s the native application for iOS, you get the best performace everytime you use it for browsing the internet.

Let’s find out more about these browsers.

Best Browsers For iPad

1. Safari

Safari is a default browser that comes with iPads.

The good thing about Safari is that it offers the best compatibility with web pages and this makes browsing very fast.

It also has excellent bookmarking features, which make storing favorite sites easy for later access.

Safari supports flash player to enable users to view videos on various websites such as YouTube and Hulu.

Since Safari comes preloaded on any iOS device, it can be used to access the internet without incurring charges from mobile carriers or ISPs.

This browser uses Intelligent Tracking Prevention to prevent tracking by third-party advertisers.

Safari has some unique features that make it stand out from other browsers such as the Reader Mode, which allows users to view articles without ads or extra elements around them.

If you are using an iOS device for your browsing needs then Safari is a perfect choice because of its compatibility with web pages and apps.

It has the ability to sync with your other devices and can be used in incognito mode if you are trying to keep some browsing activity secret from your friends.

2. Chrome

After Safari, Chrome is another browser that works great on iPad.

With almost all features same as desktop, it easily syncs your bookmarks and pages across devices to provide you with a seamless browsing experience.

It also offers extensions like AdBlocker along with a password manager option for better security of your accounts.

Google lets you sign in to Chrome with your existing Google account that could be used for other services like Gmail and Drive.

You can easily download files from the browser too so you don’t have to go through the hassle of using iTunes or emailing them to yourself.

Also, it is available worldwide so wherever you are traveling, being a multinational company itself, it opens up a world of possibilities for you.

It is a browser that offers some highly useful features like private browsing and incognito mode to keep your data safe from prying eyes.

It also has smart search suggestions which let you find things quickly within one tab itself instead of having to open new links in different tabs.

By using Chrome on your iPad, you can keep track of the pages that you have visited and also save them for later viewing.

Chrome works across all devices so if you are using an Android phone or a Windows computer too, then opening up tabs on one device will sync it to the other device as well which is very convenient indeed.

It offers a very user-friendly interface and it is also lightweight so you can use the browser even with a low-powered iPad.

It works as an offline app which means that all your bookmarks, saved pages, etc. will be accessible to you regardless of whether you have an internet connection or not.

Moreover, this web browser has been designed keeping in mind the size of an iPad screen so everything looks neat and organized.

Also, it has a very fast sync speed with other devices if you are signed in to Google which makes it easy to share bookmarks, passwords, etc.

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3. Firefox

If your concern is privacy, then Firefox is the way to go.

It’s from Mozilla, a non-profit group that has been around for quite some time now and boasts an excellent track record in terms of security.

As far as features are concerned, there isn’t a whole lot here you won’t find on other browsers mentioned in this list but it still manages to be a great browser.

It offers the same syncing capabilities as Chrome and Safari, which is excellent if you want to pick up where you left off on another device.

The interface of Firefox has improved quite a bit recently but it still doesn’t match what Google or Apple are doing in terms of polish and design language, but this isn’t necessarily bad, though.

This may well be the best browser for iPad if you are willing to sacrifice some conveniences of other browsers in favor of security or privacy.

It’s certainly not a coincidence that it is used by whistleblowers and journalists alike who want to protect their identity.

Among all iOS browsers I’ve tested, Firefox seems like the fastest one when it comes to rendering pages.

You can use Firefox for iOS with the browser open in one tab while looking at other websites in another tab, just like Safari on macOS.

4. Edge

Edge is a browser made by Microsoft.

It is their attempt to make a serious competitor in the web browser market.

Edge is available on both Windows and iOS.

If you want to sync your edge browser across different devices, you can sign in with your Microsoft account.

Edge is generally fast and has a great UI. It also shows the complete URL in the address bar which may be helpful for some users.

However, Edge just doesn’t have enough features like most of the other browsers on this list.

If you are going to use edge I recommend trying it out first before putting your time towards setting up syncing.

With Edge, Microsoft also offers to personalize your browsing experience based on your interests, activities, and search history.

They use this information to show suggestions in the shape of reading lists based on previously browsed websites, articles based on specific topics, or news about things that are trending at the moment.

It is also designed to help you save time and money by providing the ability to browse faster without ads, download videos from streaming websites such as Netflix or Hulu, and also protect your privacy.

It replaces Internet Explorer on Windows devices. Despite not being the default browser it does come preinstalled on all windows devices giving users another alternative to the default browser.

It is designed for Windows users who are coming from Internet Explorer and want a faster, more secure web browsing experience with better battery life.

While it may not be as popular or sleek as chrome, the edge does come packed with some very nice features that make it an attractive alternative.

These include Cortana integration, annotation tools (including digital ink), and easy access to favorites.

In addition, an edge browser will work well for both PCs and tablets.

In fact, Microsoft has released it on all platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone/RT, Xbox One & 360, and Surface Hub & Pro editions.

Furthermore, the performance of this browser in terms of speed does not disappoint with its ability to handle javascript at a rate of nearly 70% faster than Chrome.

Those looking for more customization and privacy will appreciate the new “browser ballot” feature in the latest version.

This allows users to choose which browser they want as their default within Windows so that they do not have to rely on Microsoft to do the choosing for them.

Finally, there is a Reader mode that strips unnecessary content like ads and other elements, in order to make it easier on your eyes when you are reading long articles.

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5. DuckDuckGo

Although best known for their search engine, DuckDuckGo also has a dark mode version of their browser for iPads.

It is fast with great privacy features; however, it does not integrate into the Apple ecosystem very well.

You can view all the trackers that have been blocked by this browser on the ‘Tracking’ page of their website.

The DuckDuckGo mobile app is free to download, however, it contains ads (to pay for development costs).

They are easy to remove with a one-time purchase in the settings menu; alternatively, you can also donate directly through the application using Apple Pay.

This app is an alternative to Safari, however, it has a few shortcomings such as lack of tabbed browsing.

It also does not have any privacy features built-in but you can still use extensions for this purpose.

You can opt to make your websites fireproof which means that they won’t be blocked again.

You can also use this browser to open or download torrents, play online games, and even stream music.

There are no major unique features of this browser but it is still a pretty good option for people seeking privacy as well as those who want extremely simple controls.

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6. Opera Touch

Opera Touch is a new browser, which is built with Opera’s famous Turbo technology.

It will compress web pages of the websites you visit before downloading them to your iPad or iPhone.

This way it saves storage space on your device and makes loading times faster by up to 90%.

Opera Touch also comes with a full-screen reading mode that removes all distractions from articles, videos, or images.

This feature will improve your reading experience by giving you the best possible browsing environment for whatever it is that you are trying to read.

Apart from its seamless interface and advanced features, Opera Touch is also known for its high-security standards.

Its built-in VPN will protect your data and privacy by encrypting all of the traffic that goes through your browser.

One of the best things about this browser is its Fast Action Button.

This is a one-tap way of accessing useful features such as your bookmarks, downloads, and more.

It also has its own QR code scanner and a night mode for reducing eye strain when you are reading at night or in dimly lit rooms.

In Opera Touch, your privacy is also protected with Incognito Mode that will ensure nobody can track your browsing history.

With its unique features and user-friendly interface, this browser could be the perfect choice if you want to enjoy your browsing experience on your iPad.

7. Dolphin

Although it has been around for a few years now, Dolphin is still one of the top browsers out there and its popularity continues to grow as more people discover how useful it can be.

Dolphin’s speed dial feature allows you to pin your favorite websites directly from the start page for easy access to your favorite sites.

Dolphin also has a user-friendly search bar to help you find the information that you need quickly and easily, without having to go through pages of results or sift through advertisements.

One feature I love about Dolphin is mouse gestures. These are similar to Chrome’s own custom gestures but they can do even more, and they’re surprisingly easy to set up.

If you want a fast browser with tons of features and customization options then Dolphin is the best choice for you.

It also has an ad blocker built-in so that ads don’t slow down your browsing experience or invade your privacy.

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8. Brave

Brave is a Chromium-based browser, which means it uses the same rendering engine as Chrome.

It is also a newer alternative to Safari and Edge that also comes with built-in ad blocking and tracking protection.

This makes it an excellent choice for those who want privacy while browsing on iPad or other mobile devices.

The browser no longer loads Javascript, making it faster and more secure.

It also has the ability to sync bookmarks across devices automatically using iCloud Keychain.

At the end of the month, Brave will pay website owners who use Brave for their browsing.

This is a great way to support your favorite websites while ensuring you get the best speeds and privacy possible on iPad or other mobile devices.

Brave is available on iOS, Android, Windows OS X, Linux Ubuntu/OpenSUSE/Fedora, and macOS High Sierra.

9. Aloha

Aloha is an iPad browser that you can use to surf the web.

The most unique feature of this application is its speed, so if you are looking for a fast-loading app then it is one of the best options out there.

It does not have too many features or extensions but that makes it easy to learn and use. The design has been optimized to the core so it is smooth, flexible, and very fast.

If you are looking for an iPad browser that will allow you to surf the web without any hiccups then Aloha is one of your best bets out there.

However, if you need more features like bookmarking or feel comfortable using extensions (like ad blockers) then this browser may not the best option.

It also comes with a unique night mode to reduce strain on the eyes if you are using this app in dark areas.

It offers both free and paid versions, the free version has limited features but you can upgrade to Pro once you are comfortable with this browser.

The web browser is made for Windows users, however, if you own an iPad then there’s no reason why you should not give the app a try as well.

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10. Ghostery

Ghostery Privacy Browser is a browser that allows you to block tracking.

Ghostery also provides information about companies and developers who track your data on the sites you visit, as well as blocking those third parties from loading any more content until they promise not to track you again.

The browser is reliable and gives you a clean and private browser experience when surfing online.

It automatically deletes all your browsing history and cookies to ensure that your browser is always private.

It also has a search engine feature allowing you to reduce the number of trackers out there by using its own ad-blocking technology, as well as blocking all scripts from companies like Facebook, Google Analytics, and Twitter.

This means none of these organizations will ever be able to track you again.

It is easy to use and compatible with both desktop operating systems like Windows, macOS, or Linux as well as mobile devices on iOS, Android, or even the iPhone.

A major thing that makes this browser stand out of the crowd for me is its new Tab Navigation feature where it opens up new tabs in a separate space rather than pinning it to the active one.

This allows you to switch between tabs much quicker than before and gives your browser a really clean look.

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11. CM Browser

CM Browser is a free alternative for Chrome. It’s a very popular browser with over 100 million users worldwide.

This Browser doesn’t only provide basic browsing needs but also brings abundant special features to you.

The most notable feature of this app is that it can speed up your surfing experience by blocking ads and protecting your online privacy via incognito mode.

It also allows you to download videos and music for offline playback, as well as share web content via WiFi with other devices such as iPads, smartphones, or tablets.

CM Browser is the best choice for those who want a lightweight browser that can offer fast speed and protect users’ privacy at the same time.

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12. Snowbunny Private Web Browser

Snowbunny is a private web browser with tracking code blocking and cookie management features.

It is entirely free to use, but the premium version includes an ad blocker.

The app supports multiple windows so you can have two different sessions running at once or open up new pages in one window while reading others.

You can also create your own bookmarks folders for easy access and customize the look and feel of your window.

The Snowbunny app also has a built-in password manager to help you remember all those logins for social media sites, online stores, forums, etc.

To keep things extra safe there is even an option when adding new accounts with an automatic lock on closing the browser so no one else can access your info.

The free version of the app also includes a few other features like incognito mode, form filler, and gesture support for iPhone users.

The premium upgrade removes all ads across your browsing experience as well as adds more options to customize your window.

You can create multiple tabs with unlimited windows/tabs open at once depending on preference.

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13. Maxthon Cloud Web Browser

Maxthon Cloud Web Browser is a fast and secure browser that works on multiple platforms.

It is compatible with the Maxthon Passport service, which can keep your bookmarks synchronized across all devices.

The integration of the top sites from different countries makes it a great choice for expatriates or people traveling abroad as well as students studying in another country.

This cross-platform browser has a built-in ad blocker to increase browsing speed and reduce data usage.

It also has an integrated pop-up blocker, which blocks annoying ads from interrupting your web surfing experience as well as child safety protection that makes sure no adult content will be viewed by children.

Moreover, it supports multiple languages such as English, Spanish, or French.

This app is available in the App Store, which you can download absolutely free of charge.

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14. Puffin Browser Pro

Puffin Browser Pro is one of the best browsers for the iPad interface, which has a number of features.

This browser has very good speed and an excellent security system. This also gives you a nice experience while surfing with this app on your device.

You can enjoy it a lot if you have it on your iPad or iPhone as well as Android devices too where there are no limits to using it.

It has a high performance with the speed of rendering pages, especially on iOS devices where Safari often struggles to keep up.

The app comes with an ad blocker and the ability to save webpages for offline use along with Flash support which all work pretty well in most situations.

15. Onion Browser

Onion Browser is a free browser for iOS, which can be used to access the Tor network.

It encrypts all the data sent and received through the Tor network so that everything you do online is anonymous, even if your WiFi connection is insecure or someone else on your local network tries to monitor what you are doing.

The only downside of this browser might be slow speeds due to its secure nature.

Bottom line

With this list, you can find the browser that best suits your every need.

With my recommendations, I hope it becomes easier to narrow down your choices and make a decision on what you think is the right fit for you and your iPad.

I like using Safari because it’s easy to use but others might prefer Chrome or Firefox due to their more unique features.

It all comes down to what you are looking for in a browser and which one will suit your needs the best.

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