25 Best Patreon Pages In 2024

Patreon has been at the forefront of empowering individuals to turn their talents into profitable ventures.

It’s meant for content creators who want to connect with their fans directly and make money out of their content.

Users earn income by allowing fans to read their work at a monthly subscription fee.

Patreon has more than 200,000 content creators who’ve launched their sites on the platform.

That’s why in this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best pages of Patreon users who’ve made a name for themselves and grown their income via a monthly membership.

Let’s delve in.

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Our Top Patreon Pages

1. The Gospel Daily

The Gospel Daily is a page created by David Roads. He founded the site to help spread the word of God to the world.

The page creates daily emails for Christians and has attracted many subscribers on both email and social media pages.

Through the power of daily emailing, more people continue to receive Christian newsletters that are relevant to them.

It currently has 32 patrons, with subscriptions starting at $5 per month. Besides the daily emails, patrons also receive a Christian ebook and other enticing rewards on higher membership levels.

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2. Black Plasma Studios

Black Plasma Studios is a Patreon page that creates animations from the popular Minecraft game.

What makes it unique is that its animated videos are based on the in-game events that happen while playing Minecraft.

The approach is quite interesting, especially when you watch their demo video on the page. They’re clearly attracting quite an audience, who are willing to part with $50 per patron.

Subscriptions start at $1 with more rewards as you scale up your membership.

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3. Talitha Brauer

Talitha Brauer is all about photo essays on refugee situations all over the world.

Talitha creates photography and films that tell stories about refugees’ identity, relationships, and belonging.

It all started when Talitha made friends with a Syrian family while traveling from Budapest to Hamburg. The experience prompted the launching of the website; Brother’s Keeper International.

Her stories are about human connections and discovering the things you have in common when interacting with other people.

Like other sites supporting refugees, this page also gets support from patrons to help highlight refugee stories.

Membership options reach up to $500/month, starting from as little as $1/month.

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4. We Animals

We Animals is one of the Patreon pages that take photographs of animals that require attention and help.

The founder, Jo-Anne McArthur, is a photojournalist who tells stories of animal species that are in need of our help – those that are most vulnerable.

Jo-Anne calls our attention to animals that are used for work, fashion, religion, entertainment, food, and even for experimentation.

Patrons who support the project with $100 every month receive a personal Thank You call from the founder. She also lets people use her photos to speak up for vulnerable animals.

We Animals photographs are used in animal advocacy campaigns including videos, book covers, parliaments, classrooms, and more.

Membership for this page starts at $5 per month.

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5. Your Kickstarter Sucks

Your Kickstarter Sucks (YKS) is a podcast page about the most terrible Kickstarter launches. It now boasts 450 posts hosted by three people.

The podcasts are full of Kickstarter jokes, and were launched on the back of a Tumblr blog that makes fun of some listings,

They also have a subReddit known as /r/shittykickstarters.

Membership starts from $1 upwards.

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6. Lachri Fine Art

The Lachri Fine Art page was established by Lisa Clough. It contains fine art paintings and tutorials.

Lisa has a YouTube channel from where she teaches Art. She has an incredible artistic ability that has attracted various patrons who support her work.

Right now she has 622 posts and is still going.

Membership for her page starts at $1. Patrons receive rewards like painting and drawing videos, access to Lisa’s Patreon feed, royalty-free reference photos, weekly tutorials, and more.

She also offers monthly group art challenges where participants get free access to a group where they can post their artwork and share ideas.


OctoPrint was founded by Gina Häußge to develop a web interface for 3D printers.

With her passion for 3D printing, Gina helps to create tools that help 3D printer owners to make the most out of their products.

Her OctoPrint software helps to control and monitor every aspect of your 3D printer and the print jobs remotely through any browser.

OctoPrint runs everywhere, and you can extend it easily through a plugin system. The best part is that the software is free and open-source.

Right now, Gina has 396 posts about Octoprint, supported by a community of patrons.

Membership starts at $1/month. As you level up, you get discount benefits and other rewards.

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8. Rancho Relaxo

Rancho Relaxo is a Patreon page offering educational resources about animal rescue and safety.

Their posts are pretty inspiring, and you can tell from the massive support the page is receiving from patrons.

Rancho Relaxo is not just a page; it is a non-profit that rescues animals while updating the world on what its mission is and how people can help.

Right now it has 1345 inspiring posts and counting. From their monthly goals, the founders, under Caitlin Cimini’s presidency, have been able to purchase a piece of land and build a barn for rescued animals.

Driven by their passion for animal advocacy, Caitlin and her team continue to find and rescue many animals with the support of patrons. Supporter memberships start at a dollar a month.

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9. Danny Roddy

Dannyroddy.com is a page with coaching sessions about aging, energy, and stress. It contains detailed videos on your general health, stress, and aging.

Reading through Danny’s posts, it can be hard to resist the urge to sign up and make your pledge.

His posts are pretty insightful, with deeply illustrated topics on nutrition, aging, and more. Once you subscribe, you get the opportunity to chat with Danny on any topic of your choice.

Danny is a health coach and writer of Amazon’s best-selling book, HAIR LIKE A FOX. He also has videos on YouTube and other books related to hair loss.

His coaching style includes email and one on one video coaching via Skype.

Subscriptions on this page start at $25/month. Rewards include unlimited email support, monthly Skypes, and more depending on your membership level.

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10. For Crying Out Loud

The Crying Out Loud podcast page was created by Stefanie and Lynette to talk about motherhood and parenting.

The two have been posting their podcasts for more than eight years. They talk about the good, the bad, and the embarrassing moments about parenting and motherhood without withholding anything.

By being honest about their lives, they’ve managed to attract many fans who support their work, starting from $5/month.

They offer two podcasts every week to patrons, including other rewards like T-shirts, Zoom hang, and more.

11. Vue.js

Evan created the Vue.js page to help you build front-end frameworks for web development.

Evan is an independent, open-source web developer and creator of Vue.js and Vite. Vue.js is a front-end JavaScript framework that helps to build web applications while Vite is a web-building tool.

Vue.js has insightful ideas that help developers pick up quickly.

Patrons supporting Evan’s efforts have their website and logo on each page of Evan’s website, which attracts over 500,000 visitors every month.

Vue.js and Vite are both MIT licensed open-source tools which you can use for free. Thanks to the donations and support from patrons, Evan has been able to maintain these projects successfully.

Membership starts at $10 per month.

12. FoundMyFitness

FoundMyFitness was created by Dr. Rhonda Patrick. The page offers articles and videos on health, science, and aging.

There are currently 210 posts on the page about the latest science of health.

Dr. Patrick curates lengthy videos covering crucial health topics like depression, fasting, and iron overload.

She created FoundMyFitness to solve the problem she was experiencing. Doing this would help other people who had health complications get the right information.

With her knowledge as a scientist and a passion to share, FoundMyFitness was born.

Her podcasts include question and answer sessions, interviews, presentations, research summaries, background notes, news digests, links, and commentaries to recent studies, private articles, monthly Google hangouts, and more.

Membership for the page starts at $15/month.

13. SnowFreaks

SnowFreaks features articles with accurate weather news and predictions. The owner of this page adds fun and humor to the content.

The page has 1898 informative, funny posts with updated facts.

The creator came up with this page following their passion for winter weather, especially snowstorms.

This passion led them to research more about weather including how to read weather charts, predict winter storms accurately, and much more. To think that they can do all this eloquently with no prior meteorologist expertise!

The page is highly known in Detroit Metro and surrounding regions for accurate predictions and updated weather forecasts.

It covers the Michigan area and NW Ohio winter forecasts.

The membership fee starts at $1.99. Rewards include full access to forecasts, maps, posts, updates, comments, questions, group chats, and more.

14. Sailing La Vagabonde

The Sailing La Vagabonde page is all about the adventurous voyage across the world. The founders, Riley and Elayna, a couple from Australia, met in Europe and set sail on a yacht (La Vagabonde) to explore the world.

They post videos about their journey around the world. So far, they’ve covered more than 70.000 miles together.

Their content can open your mind to the world of traveling, most especially sailing.

What started as a vlog for family and close friends grew to become a popular page with massive views and a following across the world.

Every post they make is about their recent adventure made possible through the support they receive from patrons.

They charge $3 for every video episode when you become a member of the sailing community. Higher membership tiers are more rewarding.

15. Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer’s page has 1399 posts about music, books, posters, and more.

She is a prominent writer, singer, songwriter, and artist that creates with no intermission.

Her rich work consists of every kind of art including original music videos, blog posts, tributes, and other writings to keep her fans and patrons engaged.

She works with other artists, collaborators, and creators to support charities recommended by her patrons.

At the top of the page you’ll find a video explaining what she’s been doing for the past years and the outcomes of every action she’s taken.

She also provides a link that shows the songs, albums, EPs, podcasts, webcasts, documentaries on charity performance art projects, music videos, and animations she’s released through Patreon over the years.

Membership for her page starts at $1. Her rewards across tiers include access to posts, invites, and tickets to special events, project downloads, emails with downloadable content, and more.

16. Kurzgesagt

Kurzgesagt is a page with science animation videos. The animation team who founded this page is from Munich.

Every month they upload a beautifully crafted animation video. Their videos are quite educational and touch on different topics ranging from science, philosophy, pop culture, and politics.

Using animations, they are able to explain various compelling ideas to the viewer. The page has 266 posts supported by more than 15,000 patrons.

The membership for this page starts at $1 every month.

Depending on the tier, a patron will receive a printable Kurzgesagt Quarantine Care PDF with coloring, playing and crafting staff, a concentration game, a creative outlet, discord benefits, cake design, access to their Patreon Stream, absolution for using Adblock, and more.

17. Mastodon

Previously known as Gargron, the Mastodon page is about an open-source social networking software.

The software is a decentralized option to social media that returns content distribution channel control to the people.

It has a slick, intuitive interface, robust anti-abuse tools, and a clean REST API for third-party applications. It is a cross between, Tweetdeck and Twitter, but slicker.

It’s based on the open web protocol ActivityPub.

Its entire network is fused with different websites, like various Twitter websites with users who can interact and follow each other seamlessly regardless of the Twitter website they are using. This eliminates the monopoly aspect of one company controlling the operations.

Every user has their hosted version of this software.

It has multiple membership tiers, starting at $1. As a patron, you can access discord benefits, development discussions discord, a name on the sponsor’s list, and more.

18. Ben Komets

Ben Komets is another exciting Patreon page that creates miniature art and offers miniature art tutorials. It has 244 posts on miniature art.

The founder, Ben Komets, is an expert miniature artist from Berlin. He is a prominent artist, known for his PaintingBudha and Miniature Mentor video tutorials and more.

He paints box art miniatures at his studio and showcases some of his pieces online.

The tutorials let you study his techniques and draw some inspiration to become better at painting.

Ben’s patrons help him display his work and publish more tutorials to help artists improve their painting art. With their feedback, he identifies areas of improvement to make the page successful.

Patrons can start subscribing at $2/month. His rewards include a PDF color guide to all models he paints, WIP Pics, and tutorials.

19. Fox In Space

Fox In Space is another interesting page about live drawing and art tutorials. Created by Matthew Gafford (pen name, Fredryk Phox) the page has 124 posts on animations, live streams, live tutorials, and more.

Mathew is a self-taught artist who edits, voice acts, animates, composes, arranges, and performs the music in his creations.

He does live streams on Twitch, draws doodles and frame-by-frame animations, records live tutorials for animation techniques, video editing, and sound mixing, among other projects.

He has patrons who donate to support his live drawings, which are created in Adobe Illustrator and Flash Vegas.

Membership tiers for the page start at $1.

20. Healthcare Triage

Healthcare Triage is a YouTube channel with educational videos about health.

The aim of the founders is to create healthier people by sharing valuable information through video tutorials.

Healthcare Triage was a part-time project designed to share relevant health tips. Today it’s a recognized channel that has attracted more people who are eager to improve their health.

The page has 469 posts on different health topics and with support from patrons, they plan to publish more content and episodes on a series of topics to benefit everyone.

Some of their popular videos include the health benefits of marijuana and more.

Their monthly tiers start at $1, giving you the opportunity to access the activity feed on Patreon and your name imprinted on the Wall of Fame of Healthcare Triage.

21. Threat Wire

Threat Wire focuses on creating news videos on internet freedom, security, and privacy. It was founded by Shannon Morse to furnish people with news about what is threatening internet freedom and what is being done to inhibit internet privacy and freedom.

The page consists of 1657 posts about internet security.

When it was launched in 2012 by Hak5, Threat Wire would just keep readers updated with news currently trending in the security world. But as more people continued to show interest in the subject, the need to have a page with constant updates arose.

To be part of the patrons, you can start with $2 per month. This gives you access to topics, photos behind the scenes, audio RSS feed, shoutouts, polls, physical rewards, patron discord server, and more.

You also get a bi-weekly audio podcast containing security and privacy information, news, interviews and tips, links and resources, and discord benefits, to name just a few.

22. Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish page was founded by Oliver Babish to help you be a better cook. He publishes witty cooking videos, TV shows, and movies.

The page has 255 posts and has attracted quite a number of patrons.

Cooking is Oliver’s after-work hobby. He makes exciting video recordings weekly. As he grows on Patreon, he will be offering exclusive content and rewards, with custom episodes and personalized cooking lessons.

Oliver’s posts are popular on YouTube, with massive subscribers and followers.

To become a patron, you can start with $1 as you scale upwards. With one dollar you can access the feed and Patreon-only discord and chart.

Rewards in higher-level tiers include access to BwB members-only discord server, monthly Patreon exclusive Q&A, discord benefits, all-access patron, and more.

23. Danny Wood

Danny Wood is a page focusing on group coaching for people in the Real Estate business.

Danny Wood offers month-to-month group coaching, which you can cancel at any time. It has 40-minute sessions every month, and you can ask questions in-session.

Topics include seller leads, prospecting, referrals, scripts, and more. The sessions are live, with exclusive webinars, product demos, group mastermind sessions, agent interviews, and more.

You get to chat live with Danny and enjoy other exciting perks.

A monthly subscription of $20 gives you access to all the videos, marketing materials, Patreon-only feed, free membership at BrokerageNation (training program on how to get buyer and seller leads), and two group calls.

The page has 139 posts about real estate.

24. Monky London

Monky London is an automotive entertainment page with automotive videos about car builds and drifting. It has 772 exciting posts on cars.

The best part about the page is that it doesn’t talk about car brands. It’s a personal page talking about car tuning, car builds, and drift racing.

A $2 monthly subscription allows you a private discord chat. Other membership rewards include early access to YouTube videos, discount codes, access to the private Assetto Corsa server with car downloads, game upgrades, track downloads, and more.

25. Gains

Gains is a page containing videos about self-improvement and fitness. It was created by Adam Fisher, a fitness trainer specialized in bench presses and deadlifts.

He also has a blog with long-form posts on self-improvement, science, fitness, and skill mastery.

The page is about promoting fitness without making you feel bad about your health situation. It has 95 posts touching on health, fitness, and self-improvement and believes fitness is about what you gain and not what you lose.

Adam creates blog posts on how one can get the most out of their fitness and exciting videos on different topics.

His approach focuses on self-care and being mindful of the day’s activities. This includes meditation, which is a technique that helps to improve your performance and overall health.

A patron on this page will receive a free booklet with a customizable workout plan, a Patreon-only feed with resources, group coaching sessions, a nutrition plan, and other exciting perks.

Membership starts at $1 per month.


These pages offer value to the audience. They contain useful information that can transform one’s life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Each page is unique, with engaging and informative content backed by videos that make it easy to grasp the message.

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