15 Best Vimeo Alternatives 2024

Vimeo is an all-in-one video platform where you get to create, share, host, manage, and store all your videos. While it is very convenient since everything is secure in the cloud, it has its downsides.

Some of its downsides include less traffic than you’d get on other video platforms, it might be an expensive option for some, and there tends to be limits on the total amount of storage you can get depending on the paid plan you go with.

So if Vimeo isn’t a great fit for your needs, and you need something similar and possibly better, you can find 15 of the best Vimeo alternatives down below!

Best Vimeo Alternatives

Vimeo is a decent video platform, but with so many competitors in the industry, it can be hard to make the right choice that will fit your needs. Therefore, the reviews below are written to help you learn as much as possible about each alternative so you can make an easy and well-informed choice!

1. Dacast

Suppose you are looking for a video platform that will help you host your videos to monetize them. In that case, Dacast is a much better alternative to Vimeo since it provides better on-demand streaming capabilities.

On top of that, Dacast has better deployment than Vimeo which can be of huge importance for Windows and Linux users.

With Dacast, you get all the advanced streaming and broadcasting tools you would need to upload and provide all your video content smoothly, yet there are far fewer restrictions even with their starter (the cheapest) pricing plan.

Keep in mind that even if you go with the cheapest plan, you will still have all monetization options available in comparison which is a huge advantage over Vimeo.

Therefore, with Dacast, you can focus on delivering both live and on-demand video where the end users can watch it from almost any device since the videos are provided in an HTML5 format.

Also, Dacast offers much better customer support than Vimeo. It offers a much wider range of audiences than Vimeo including the ability to broadcast videos to audiences in China.

For the latest Dacast pricing plans, visit their official pricing page.

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2. IBM Cloud Video

If you are interested in finding an all-in-one video platform just like Vimeo, yet a platform that mostly focuses on live video streaming, then IBM Cloud Video is the platform that will fit your needs.

IBM Cloud Video provides professional streaming tools and a solution that’s much easier to use than the one Vimeo provides. It is also far more efficient.

It also has a much more mobile-compatible player than Vimeo that comes with a live Q&A chat if you’re streaming which is super convenient.

Along with the professional live video streaming capabilities, IBM Cloud Video also offers on-demand video hosting where you can store and manage all your videos in the cloud.

The best thing is that you can even try IBM Cloud Video for free by signing up for the trial, but keep in mind that your videos will have ads until you upgrade your pricing plan.

Visit their official pricing page for the latest IBM Cloud Video pricing plans.

3. UScreen

When you like what Vimeo offers yet you’d like a video platform that does it at a larger scale, UScreen is a better alternative because it fits organizations and businesses better.

With UScreen, you can host live but on-demand videos to store your videos in the cloud. However, you can use UScreen to deliver video content for educational purposes or even online training.

On top of that, UScreen features communication tools that you can’t find in Vimeo.

UScreen also has better marketing tools while Vimeo mostly relies on analytics and brand customizations to help you market your videos.

UScreen features marketing tools ideal for promotion, fee-based video monetization, and of course, a high level of privacy and security, so you never have to worry if your videos are accessed illegally.

Therefore, UScreen combines simplicity with more additional features that set it apart from Vimeo and yet are fairly easy to use to provide videos and monetize them.

For UScreen’s latest pricing, visit their official pricing page.

4. Brightcove

If you like Vimeo’s streaming capabilities but would prefer a more advanced version that includes more broadcasting tools that will take your video content game to the next level, Brightcove is just the right alternative.

Brightcove aims to provide advanced broadcasting options for video content creators who would benefit from several solutions, such as a reliable and sophisticated video player, video marketing suite, OTT flow, and more.

On top of that, you can do white-label streaming through an HTML5 video player, take advantage of RESTful API access, insert ads into your videos within Brightcove, and even integrate Brightcove into almost any CRM software.

While Vimeo lacks marketing features, Brightcove doesn’t since they even include lead capture analytics that can tell you how well your videos are performing marketing-wise.

With Brightcove, you also can monetize your videos through advertising which is pretty straightforward and useful.

Brightcove optimizes the video pages for search engines automatically which is something Vimeo doesn’t. This feature alone is worth making the switch to Brightcove if you’re looking to get followers and viewers organically.

For Brightcove’s latest pricing, visit their official pricing page.

5. Kaltura

Vimeo provides a great range of features that users can easily handle, but if you are looking for something a lot more versatile and customizable, Kaltura is the right choice.

Kaltura is also an all-in-one video platform where you can host your videos in the cloud, distribute them, and choose between live streaming or on-demand access.

Kaltura comes with one of its greatest advantages: the full customizability of the video player, which changes the broadcasting experience.

Kaltura makes a great fit for organizations, larger businesses, enterprises, and anyone who requires an all-in-one video platform that will adapt to their workflow and still provide all necessary features that will improve efficiency.

Another reason why Kaltura is considered one of the top Vimeo alternatives is that it supports captions and accessible controls in its video player. This might be a small feature yet super important for some users.

Kaltura is full of available integrations that you can use to stream on almost any platform you wish.

For Kaltura’s latest pricing, visit their official pricing page.

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6. Vidyard

Vimeo can seem like a great all-in-one video platform. Still, if you believe you’re missing some marketing and promotional features, then Vidyard is a good alternative.

Vidyard focuses on providing cloud video hosting with plenty of ways to stream your videos both live and on-demand, yet it highly focuses on helping video publishers to get the most from their videos.

This means that Vidyard includes tools that help with lead generation, marketing, improving sales, and even getting a better ROI which is ideal for every business leveraging video for business purposes. However, keep in mind that Vidyard also includes plans for individuals, so its versatility is another advantage over Vimeo.

While Vimeo only focuses on providing video analytics, Vidyard does much more than that, helping businesses tie ROI back to their video content.

With powerful video analytics, specialized marketing tools, and integrations that support professional broadcasting, Vidyard makes a great competitor and alternative to Vimeo.

For Vidyard’s latest pricing, visit their official pricing page.

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7. JW Player

If you don’t need all the extra video features that all-in-one video platforms such as Vimeo provide, yet you only need a quality video player, JW Player is a great choice, and here’s why.

JW Player used to be the first video player that YouTube relied on in its beginnings. It is still one of the quality video players that provides a powerful HTML5 video player full of features for adaptive and multi-bitrate streaming.

JW Player’s biggest advantage over Vimeo is its video player that’s very light yet fluid which means users can minimize it or have a smooth viewing experience on any device no matter the screen size or compatibility.

This video player is also fully customizable since it gives users API access so you can customize the player to your needs to achieve the best video delivery that will match your purpose.

For JW Player’s latest pricing, visit their official pricing page.

8. Adilo

Suppose you need a video hosting platform that provides features as powerful as Vimeo and yet a platform that strictly focuses on on-demand video. In that case, Adilo is a great substitute for Vimeo.

Adilo provides a wide range of tools and features that focus strictly on on-demand video production and it also helps users provide a powerful streaming experience in this format.

This includes a screen recording tool, 4K streaming capability, hosting, ability to upload multiple videos at one time, watermarking feature, and most importantly, a very lightweight video player that you can embed anywhere.

The platform is super easy to use since all its features are aligned around the on-demand video. Yet, all videos you work with and store are fully secure at all times, thanks to Adilo’s advanced security system in place.

What’s also so great about Adilo is that you can create mini channels from all of the on-demand videos you host to stay fully organized and provide the best viewing experience to your audience.

Keep in mind that Vimeo and Adilo are two video platforms that provide similar (if not the same) features, however, Adilo makes a better choice for business purposes due to its marketing tools, but also better on-gong support that can be crucial.

For Adilo’s latest pricing, visit their official pricing page.

9. Cincopa

Cincopa is a great substitute to Vimeo that’s worth checking out.

It allows you to host photos and audio besides video, with its best advantage being the integrated video galleries that are set in place to help you easily store and organize all your videos.

No matter how many videos you upload and store, you’ll always find what you’re looking for in minutes. Vimeo doesn’t have a neat video management feature which is one of the reasons why Cincopa makes a great alternative.

However, one of the best reasons is the ability to efficiently work with audio files which are also something that’s impossible to do with Vimeo.

With API access and advanced integrations, Cincopa adapts well to both personal and business needs, and if you ever need editing capabilities, Cincopa also features a media template that can help you improve your video media.

For Cincopa’s latest pricing, visit their official pricing page.

10. YouTube

If you’re looking for a free Vimeo substitute that’s reliable, equipped with a studio for video managing, and great video streaming capabilities, YouTube is the most obvious choice.

Not many average users know that YouTube supports video-on-demand and live streaming which makes YouTube a versatile option. It’s also one of the most popular video platforms among consumers.

Even though it has fairly limited monetization, it’s very easy to use, and the number of consumers using YouTube daily can make up for it. On top of that, YouTube makes a much better alternative than Vimeo since it doesn’t put a limit on the bandwidth, and yet you get to join the platform for free.

YouTube has a lightweight, simple, and efficient video player that can be embedded or shared in only a couple of steps. Since most viewers are already familiar with the platform, a trust factor and recognition are guaranteed.

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11. Wistia

Wistia makes a solid Vimeo alternative because it is focused on helping users find a way to grow their audience through their video content.

With Wistia, you’ll be able to customize the HTML5 video player to your needs and purpose, securely upload your videos, organize them within the platform, and have full control over the way you manage your video content and the way it appears to the end-user.

In comparison to Vimeo, Wistia is much better equipped with tools such as email collector, calls to action, advanced video analytics, and even A/B testing that help reach audience growth and goals you have set for your video production.

Even though Wistia doesn’t support live streaming and is only intended to be used as an on-demand video platform, it doesn’t have a bandwidth limit which is a huge advantage.

You can use Wistia to share your video content globally, and with easy video embedding and sharing, you can integrate your videos anywhere on the web.

For Wistia’s latest pricing, visit the official pricing page.

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12. Twitch

While the previous pick Wistia is based only upon on-demand video, Twitch is quite the opposite, and it’s a great Vimeo alternative for everyone who’s only focusing on live streaming.

Twitch is the go-to platform for video streaming. It’s more of a social media platform where users get to follow and subscribe to their favorite streamers.

Even though Twitch is mostly a site with a couple of niches, you get to stream almost anything that comes to your mind, as long as you can find an audience that will follow and support you.

Another big advantage is that viewers can tip the streamers, which can be a great monetization if you have a strong audience base. Along with video streaming, there’s a chat where your viewers can communicate and where you can connect with them.

This is something Vimeo doesn’t include and is one of the main reasons why Twitch makes a better alternative for beginner streamers.

Most importantly, Twitch is free to use.

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13. Muvi

With Muvi, you’ll get all the tools and necessities you need to create and stream on-demand videos. And while the platform is fully managed, you won’t have to worry about anything else than your video creation.

Besides video creation, you’ll be able to do the same with audio streaming, and at all times, you’ll have great customizability, analytical tools, and great monetization support.

You won’t have to look for third-party solutions to anything, as Muvi will provide everything you need to achieve the goals you have set for your videos.

The biggest reason why Muvi is a better alternative than Vimeo is for its DRM-approved movie studio that can help you create a multi-screen over-the-top TV channel where you can directly stream your video content.

For Muvi’s latest pricing, visit their official pricing page.

14. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is another generic video platform that’s very well known among consumers and it fully supports live streaming and on-demand video hosting.

However, Dailymotion’s greatest advantage is that they’re not as strict as Vimeo or YouTube with the guidelines for video content, so you have much better freedom to express anything in your videos to a large audience.

On top of that, Dailymotion has provided partnership programs and professional features that will support video professionals and even businesses with advanced broadcasting needs.

So while on the surface, Dailymotion might seem just like another basic video sharing/hosting platform, it includes professional features, copyright protection, and even great monetization options in place.

With its great growth in popularity and great incentives for top video creators and publishers, Dailymotion makes a lot more sense than Vimeo for certain needs.

15. Resi

If Vimeo doesn’t fulfill all your streaming needs and Twitch isn’t compatible with your industry, Resi is a great platform for videos that focus on live video streaming.

Resi provides all of the tools needed for end-to-end streaming and tools you would need to start streaming directly from your computer.

Resi isn’t only a video platform. They also produce hardware that can help improve the quality of video streams. The biggest advantage Resi has over Vimeo is that it can encode video and audio up to 12 Mbps and 256 Kbps which provides a difference in quality that you can actually see and hear.

With integrated simulcasting tools, decent encoding, video monitoring, and the ability to store all your past live streams in the cloud, Resi makes a reliable Vimeo substitute.

Of course, reliability, quality, and functionality shouldn’t even be questioned as they’re up to par with Vimeo’s standards. You get to do things a bit better at Resi when it comes down to live streaming.

For Resi’s latest pricing, visit their official pricing page.


One of the best Vimeo alternatives is Dacast because it is much cheaper, provides decent features, and allows you to reach a global audience (including China).

However, the other alternatives are very similar to Vimeo and provide advanced video content creation and publishing.

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