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Anstrex Review, Pricing, Coupon Code & Alternatives

If you’re among the thousands of affiliate marketers or advertisers who use native advertising, you need to know your competition’s deepest secrets.

Native ads are very popular in the online business world, as they cleverly promote your products by blending themselves smartly into online content. This way, normal readers can’t distinguish them from the related posts on a blog or website.

You may already have seen such ads on many big sites and these are run on many popular networks such as RevContent, Taboola, OutBrain, and others. These platforms allow you to run impression based ads or cost per click (CPC) ads, but it all comes down to your copy, creative designs, and landing pages, among other factors.

Besides knowing what your rivals are doing, you need to truly understand your audience and know the effectiveness of these ads so as to maximize your return on investment considerably.

However, not all native ads work, and you can’t know what other advertisers in your space are doing without a native ad spy tool.

Anstrex is a native ad spy tool that’ll make things easier for any advertiser or affiliate marketer seeking to run native ads, and give you competitive intelligence data so you can stay ahead of the game.

Native Ads Spy Tool: What It Is And Why You Need One

A native ad spy tool is used by website owners to analyze their competitors’ native ads, so they can know what works for them, and they can create native ads that’ll skyrocket their ROI.

It explores current trends in the native advertising industry, and materializes all the data and metrics of ad campaigns. This way, it provides you with the intelligence data you need to meet your marketing needs by showing you the best native ads and landing pages online from different networks.

With this information, you can also analyze and discover the ad campaigns that online audiences loved the most, and devise winning campaigns for your own business. You can go even further and explore new niches and get statistics, traffic overview, and many other details about native ads.

Anstrex can help you do all these and more by letting you spy on your competitors’ ads effortlessly and risk-free, while providing you with all the intelligence you need to create winning campaigns.

Anstrex Coupon Code

Anstrex offers four pricing plans: Dropship, Push, Native, and Pops. The Push plan costs $89.99, Native plan costs $69.99 and Pops plan costs $89.99 per month per user respectively. Conversely, the Dropship plan is free.

A risk-free, 2-day free trial is also available so you can test the service before subscribing, and if you don’t like it, they’ll refund your entire purchase if you let them know within 48 hours.

Fortunately, Anstrex usually has discount codes during the Black Friday week. That way, you can get Anstrex at a lifetime discount using a code or coupon that’ll shave off a few dollars from your monthly, yearly, or lifetime plan.

What Is Anstrex?

Anstrex stands for Analyze, Strategize, and Execute. It’s one of the most advanced and popularly used native ad spy tools among business and website owners who display native ads on their sites.

With this tool, you can stay ahead of your rivals by spying on their best working native ads, explore current native ad trends in the industry to maximize your ROI, and boost sales conversion.

Anstrex works within your niche to trace the affiliate campaigns your competitors use with the help of monitors that provide 200 networks to spy on your competitors’ most effective campaign strategies.

Through its revolutionary Affiliate Offer Wall, you can analyze all their campaigns and improve your ROI. It also offers several other tools that let you access profitable competitor data from 27 networks with over 58,000 advertisers in 15 countries.

This tool is fully integrated with SimilarWeb and Alexa, plus you can sort ads by Alexa ranking within the platform.

Several features such as ad hoc analysis, queries and reports, data analysis, dashboard, data visualization, and performance metrics, among others, make this SaaS software powerful.

We’ll look at these features individually, but basically, Anstrex unlocks native ad secrets to help you explore what works for your competitors so you can build winning campaigns.

Benefits Of Anstrex

Using this powerful native ads spy tool, you can enjoy the following advantages:

Save on marketing by knowing what works through spying on the best in the business, before launching your campaigns.

Test landing pages, customize them and deploy them on your server in minutes. You also save hundreds of dollars hiring a freelancer to design your pages and time spent looking for killer landing pages.

Learn the competition’s secrets using powerful filters that show you what they’re running and where.

Drive more traffic by knowing where the competition gets clicks from using the full Alexa and SimilarWeb integration.

Get deep data insights through Anstrex’ geo-partitioning algorithm that uses traffic patterns to offer accurate data per country.

Through the Affiliate Offer Wall, you can see the offers that the best in business select and run their campaigns from ads via landing pages.

Speed up time to market through Anstrex’ advanced search features that give you months of unbeatable research in minutes.

Set up alerts to know when the competition launches new ads.

Covers desktop and mobile platforms.

You can spy on many different countries from U.S., UK, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Spain, South Africa, and many others in various languages too.

In short, Anstrex saves you countless hours on research, and helps you access more native ad networks than other spy tools on the market. It has the biggest database of over 18 million native ads from 42 networks in over 15 countries.

Its interface is easy to use so you can find successful campaigns quickly from any category. You can also search by country or keyword, and find your search queries quickly from the huge amount of data thanks to its great filtering options.

If you’re on a tight budget, Anstrex is also one of the cheapest native ads spy tools on the market, so you have tons of reasons to use it.

Anstrex Use Cases

To uncover the secrets of world-class advertisers, marketers of all kinds use Anstrex to help with their unique challenges. These include:

Brand advertisers who apply Anstrex to learn how big brands embrace native advertising

Content creators who use it to get ideas for new content and build the perfect ad arbitrage

Direct sales marketers who use Anstrex to boost revenues by applying strategies perfected by top direct sales marketers in the B2B and B2C space

Affiliate marketers who use it to generate massive sales and traffic

Marketers can explore new niches, collect competitive intelligence data, spy on other advertisers’ native ads, get information on how long the ads run, platforms, and much more.

They rely on Anstrex to get all the data and metrics they need in just a few seconds, and then analyze and study those ads and their data to improve their own or build new campaigns. This allows them to race ahead of their competitors.

Anstrex Features

There are several powerful and useful features in Anstrex that can help you make your ad campaign more profitable and productive.

We’ll look at some of the most important features and their functions to help you create your best native ad campaign yet.

Beautiful Interface

Anstrex has an easy to use and attractive interface that allows you to visualize and analyze all the data you need in an eye-pleasing format. It’s also intuitive and works across any device and screen size.

Listing Page

Ad Unit: each ad has individual elements that offer crucial information about the ad unit. Some elements are clickable, others aren’t.

There’s also a tooltip that shows the name of each ad unit when you hover your mouse over any of the units. These elements include:

  • The date the ad was first seen and last seen
  • Ad copy title or heading of the ad
  • Ad-gravity and ad-strength parameter
  • Favorite icon (it’s red if you add it to your favorites list, and gray if it isn’t in your list)
  • Ad network label
  • Name of the affiliate network (if it’s more than one, you’ll see +1 label)
  • Platform or device icon for desktop or mobile
  • Ad image that’s clickable and displays the image in its original resolution. You can also reverse search it in search engines
  • Tracker that shows the name of the advertiser’s third-party tracking tool if any
  • geo/country flag icon that shows the country in which the ad was seen

Primary content area: this is the main content area of the listing page, which has the filtered ads narrowed down from your specified search criteria.

In a masonry layout, you can see the ads placed in optimal position based on the space available. There’s no pagination, so more ads are loaded to the page as you scroll down (infinite scrolling).

Ad Networks

Anstrex has 42 ad networks in more than 90 countries, and features more than 15 million native ads used by your competition so you can know what works and create winning campaigns for your business.

Synopsis Tab

This is one of the many tabs in the Anstrex dashboard that you can find through the listing page. Here, you’ll see multiple ads based on the criteria of your searches, and when you click any ad title, it displays a detailed view.

The tab offers an overview of the ads you click on and provides information on the following:

  • Landing page previews
  • Full screenshot buttons that display the landing page screenshots
  • Alexa global rank of the landing page root domain
  • Visit page button that opens the landing page
  • Bounce rate of the root domain overall
  • Category classification of the landing page
  • Alexa rank by country in table format plus percentage of visitors per country
  • Advertising network names and which ones deliver the ads you click on
  • Creative preview of the actual ad

Other tabs in the user interface include:

  • Statistics gives you a detailed graph of the frequency the particular ad was seen over its lifetime.

  • Landing pages which show all unique landing pages an advertiser uses. An overview of the landing pages is displayed in a series of thumbnails, and when you click on any, it opens a full sized image of the screenshot captured when Anstrex visited the advertiser’s website.

  • Creatives tab which shows all the other ads an advertiser used. It gives nice insights of how the campaign is run in terms of the images and ad-copy titles used in the past, and the duration each ad has been running.

  • Publishers offers a list of websites where the advertiser’s ads are currently showing.

  • Ad networks gives insights into the ad networks that advertisers are using to promote their campaigns.

  • Platform/devices shows insights into the device platform – desktop or mobile – that advertisers use to promote campaigns.

  • Geo-partitioning.


Anstrex offers unparalleled filtering support with superior search and filter capabilities.

With these filters, you can filter your search by ad network, country, language, or even by affiliate network, category, platform, and ad strength. Slice and dice data however you want using a single filter or a combination.

In the listing page, you get two search types: basic and advanced. In basic search, you can use one filter per group at a go, while advanced search lets you use an unlimited number of filters. Advanced filters allow for precise searches for the ad campaigns and creatives you’re looking for.

Push Notification Ad Spy Tool

Push notifications are a new form of advertising used by experienced marketers to dominate and crush their competitors.

However, for novice marketers, it is too overwhelming to try and figure out all its nooks and crannies, but Anstrex makes it extremely easy to do.

Affiliate Offer Wall

This revolutionary tool lets you see which affiliate offers the top in the business are selecting, and running their campaigns from ads through their landing pages.

It offers insights into the affiliate marketing world, listing each single offer encountered by Anstrex, and listing them on this wall or page.

All you do is identify the offer or offers through filters and click on the offer to see the associated ad campaigns.

Anstrex Community

You don’t have to go through this native ad journey alone. You can join the overwhelming Anstrex community of powerful users in a private forum and see how others get things done.

Full-text Image Search

Through this tool, you can see which images convert best and use them in your native ads.

Landing Page Capture

Anstrex crawlers capture high-resolution screenshots of every page visited in the advertiser’s site, so you get a unique opportunity to view the data even when it may no longer be accessible.

It also makes deployment of landing pages easier using FTP protocol support, which in turn removes the risk of dealing with extra-technical challenges.

Statistical Data & Reporting

Anstrex also offers data insights unlike any other platform. The crawlers scan through thousands of websites multiple times in a day to deliver the most accurate statistics compared to the competition.

Through a geo-partitioning algorithm, the traffic patterns in a particular location are scanned to offer extremely accurate data per country.

Through its detailed analysis, Anstrex lets you:

  • Understand any ad’s daily activity
  • Extract URLs of the landing pages associated with different ads
  • Get a full list of all publisher sites and widget IDs to find which publishers work for a given advertiser
  • Determine ad networks used by different campaigns
  • Find target countries for any campaign
  • Discover the devices targeted by any campaign

Alexa Data Integration

Alexa offers data on web traffic, audience overlaps, and unique visitors. It also determines the keywords to rank for and extracts data on your competition that would be overlooked.

This isn’t found in most native ad spy tools, but it also helps with global targeting for CPA marketing.

You can change the sorting order of the Alexa ranking table by country, rank, or percentage of visitors columns.

Just click the column headers to change the sorting, and it’ll toggle between ascending or descending order (the default is rank ascending).

Competitor Alerts

With Anstrex, you can get marketing recommendations and suggestions by creating real time alerts that give you an added advantage.

You get firsthand information on any new ads when they trigger landing page changes, domain names, keywords, or countries.

If you want to automate your testing process to tracking only specific variables, this tool will help you do that, especially if you have many campaigns to monitor.

Push CPC Bids

CPC bidding helps you track the bidding history of other advertisers. It’s one of the primary metrics marketers focus on to scale CPC.

The bid values represent each country’s bidding histories, and helps with projections, seasonality trends, and optimization.

This exclusive feature from Anstrex will help you understand how other advertisers optimize their bidding to make profits.

Anstrex Dropship

Anstrex Dropship helps dropshippers to find hot-selling products on AliExpress. The platform provides incredible insights on product research and store management, making it easy for dropshippers to find and sell products.

In addition,this tool allows merchants to sell products on their dropshipping stores powered by Shopify. At the time of writing, Anstrex Dropship is working on integration with WooCommerce and BigCommerce.

Anstrex Support

Support is available via a knowledge base that features frequently asked questions, product feature articles, and other information you need, like tutorials to help you use the tool.

You can also get in touch via email, phone, or live chat support on their official website.

Anstrex Pricing

This native ad spy tool is categorized into four products namely: Push, Native, Pops, and Dropship.

Here are the details of what you’ll get with each plan:

Push Plan – $89.99 per month per user

  • Real-time push bids and history
  • Push ads from 92 countries
  • 27 native ad networks
  • Advanced search and filtering
  • Native ads from 64 countries
  • Landing page ripper and deployer
  • Unlimited alerts on competitors
  • Online chat support
  • 2-day no obligation trial period

Native Plan – $69.99 per month per user

  • 27 native ad networks
  • Native ads from 64 countries
  • Push ads from 92 countries
  • Most advanced search and filtering
  • Real time push CPC bids and history
  • Unlimited alerts on competitors
  • Online chat support
  • Landing page ripper and deployer
  • 2-day no obligation trial period

Pops Plan – $89.99 per month per user

  • Push ads from 92 countries
  • Real time push CPC bids and history
  • Native ads from 64 countries
  • 27 native ad networks
  • Landing page ripper and deployer
  • Most advanced searching and filtering
  • Unlimited alerts on competitors
  • Online chat support
  • 2-day risk-free, no obligation trial period

Anstrex Dropship – Free

  • Comprehensive dropshipping product search
  • Dropshipping supplier database
  • Dropshipping product search on social media
  • Viral products database
  • Online store insights
  • Dropshipping product import tool
  • Automated order process
  • Automated store management
  • Chrome extension

Note: The pricing is subject to change.

Anstrex Pros And Cons


  • Risk free trial
  • High-resolution screenshots of advertisers’ pages
  • Helps download landing pages and allows for customization
  • Affordable with powerful features
  • Delivers more data than other spy tools
  • Valuable CPC bidding history
  • Actionable data from successful global campaigns
  • Powerful search and filtering capabilities
  • Paired to top tier affiliate push and native ad networks
  • Allows you to sneak into and study native ads of your competitors
  • Helps maximize advertising returns
  • Explores different niches and categories
  • Offers vital information like ad duration, platforms, and more
  • Easy to use interface
  • Quick deployment of high converting landing pages


  • Trial period is only 2 days

3 Best Anstrex Alternatives

There are three alternatives you can use if Anstrex doesn’t suit your needs. These include:

1. SpyFu

SpyFu, which exposes the search marketing secret formulas of your top rivals who have the most successful campaigns.

SpyFu exists to help marketers increase PPC profits and SEO. The tool currently boasts of more than 200,000 users among which are popular brands like Adobe, Amazon, Salesforce, and Microsoft. With such backing, it’s little wonder why it’s one of the best Anstrex alternatives.

Unlike Anstrex where each marketing tool is featured separately, SpyFu is an all-in-one platform. You get access to an SEO marketing suite, PPC analyzer, competitive analysis, and more from one central dashboard. Also, while Anstrex is more about ads, SpyFu is about SEO and more.

The SpyFu database contains over 7 billion search results curated from over 100 million websites. When you scan for your competitor’s domain name, you gain insight on their search history, Google Ads keywords, and organic rank from over 15 years.

Furthermore, you pay less with SpyFu with pricing plans starting at $39 per month. The cheapest Anstrex paid plan costs $69.99 per month. Nevertheless, these prices can change at any time.

2. Comscore

Comscore, which measures what people do while navigating the online world, and turns the information into actionable insights for clients to maximize the ROI of their digital investments.

Comscore is less of a spy tool, like Anstrex, and more of a measurement solution. The tool makes it easy to measure and evaluate the performance of your campaigns across different platforms. This subsequently leads to better planning and better results.

Comscore features different solutions including advertising, digital, marketing impact, movies, and programmatic targeting solutions.

One advantage of opting for Comscore is that the tool is flexible. You can choose which metrics and parameters you wish to track to meet your marketing objectives.

Notably, the solutions are readily accessible on desktop and mobile devices. And all insights you get are in-depth so you can count on their validity.

Comscore pricing plans are not public; you have to contact the sales team for a quote.

3. AdPlexity

AdPlexity, which monitors your competitors’ ad campaigns on mobile and desktop to provide native intelligence.

AdPlexity and Anstrex are more similar than different. Both platforms offer separate tools as opposed to being an all in one platform. However, AdPlexity features more tools than Anstrex.

With Anstrex, you get a native advertising tool, push notification tool, dropshipping tool, and pop-up ads tool.

On the other hand, with AdPlexity, you get a native advertising tool, push notification tool, eCommerce tool, mobile ads tool, desktop ads tool, and an exclusive tool for enterprises.

Notably, AdPlexity features a Carriers tool which is a proxy tool with proxies from over 80 mobile carriers across 30 countries.

Like Anstrex, AdPlexity features individual pricing plans for each tool. However, AdPlexity’s pricing plans are more expensive as the tools are well advanced.

Final Thoughts

Anstrex is one of the best native ad spying tools available on the market for affiliate and native ad marketers.

It’s the best legit native ad spy tool that’ll help you explore all ad campaigns, and give you data insights you need to create and deliver winning campaigns for your own business.