14 Best Seedr Alternatives 2024

Seedr is a free streaming and downloading website that you can use to download any media file from the web.

It provides instant and super fast downloads of torrent files and allows you to stream media content right away from any place.

Besides streaming and downloading, Seedr allows users to read digital books. It offers users an intuitive interface and excellent usability on any device or operating system.

This platform is easy to use. You are only required to paste a link to a torrent file, and it will download instantly.

It supports Internet Download Manager (IDM). This enables users to download cashed torrent files.

The best thing about Seedr is that it allows users to delete their torrent files from the server when downloading is finished. This frees more space for more downloads.

However, Seedr has limitations that have made many users look for alternative websites.

For instance, its free plan allows users to download torrent and media files with a maximum size of 2 GB.

It also has a lot of technical glitches. For instance, it is hard to use Seedr online because:

  • It has no option to rename media files
  • It does not support FTP and cyberlockers

Furthermore, using this website on the phone is very hard. Some of the buttons show off the phone’s screen.

These technical glitches and limitations lower the quality and hurt the overall user experience. This has led to users looking for alternatives.

Keep reading for detailed information about some of the best Seedr alternatives that you can use.

Best Seedr Alternatives

1. Zbigz

Zbigz is a top Seedr alternative that you can use to download torrents securely. The services that you get with Zbigz include:

One of the Zbigz features that make it a top alternative is that it offers its users both premium and free services. For instance, with the premium service, you get a super-fast downloading speed.

You are not required to have an account to use Zbigz. However, you can unlock additional features by creating an account.

Signing up for a Zbigz account is a straightforward process, and you only need to have an email and a password.

Other unique Zbigz features include:

  • It has no software or network restrictions. Zbigz is an ideal Seedr alternative if your System Administrator, ISP, locks your laptop or PC, or you have some restrictions on your corporate network.
  • It allows anonymous downloads (Safe and Secure). The user’s connection to Zbigz is secured with HTTPS protocol, and downloads are done on behalf of Zbigz.
  • Use of a super-fast BitTorrent application
  • It allows music and video streaming.
  • No installations or configurations are needed.
  • Remote downloading
  • Almost any media content is available for download.

2. Bitport

Bitport is a premium browser-based Seedr alternative that offers users a platform for downloading media files anonymously and to a secure cloud fast.

It allows users to access their media files anywhere and on any device.

For instance, you can access your files from any device such as a tablet, smartphone, or PC. However, you need a stable internet connection.

You do not need to set up or install a download client to use Bitport. You only require a web browser to get yourself going.

Bitport is also a free-to-use service. However, you will only be limited to 1GB of cloud storage.

Unlike Seedr, Bitport supports File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Other top features you are guaranteed on Bitport include:

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption
  • Anti-virus check
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Internet Download Manager (IDM) support
  • Mass zip downloading
  • Media file streaming

3. Offcloud

Offcloud is one of the most powerful and secure cloud-based Seedr alternatives that you can use.

For instance, it allows users to access any hosting platform and download media files directly onto their system or cloud storage.

It also allows users to speed up, unlock, and transfer media files from one site to another.

This platform provides you with instant media file download. You can unload, speed up, and transfer any media content found on blogs, BitTorrent, storage, streaming, or media sites.

It allows users to securely backup their favorite online media content to a private space, which can be accessed whenever the need arises.

Offcloud allows you to transfer any data automatically from the web to remote space such as cloud or FTP storage. This is something that you can not get with Seedr.

It is also compatible with thousands of sites. With Offcloud, you can fetch media content from multiple sources such as streaming and cloud storage services.

The torrent links and magnets are supported on Offcloud. For instance, you can use its cloud-based BitTorrent client to fetch media data from torrent and magnet links.

Other unique features that you can get on Offcloud include:

  • Supports Pocket HTML, HTML2, and PDF
  • Compatible with Usenet and newsgroups
  • API, tools, and support

4. TransferCloud

TransferCloud is another Seedr alternative that you can use. For instance, it provides the direct downloading of media and torrent files to your cloud storage account.

Unlike Seedr, TransferCloud allows users to download files to their FTP servers.

It also provides a secure way over the web to retrieve and download media content from various sites and file hosting services.

Its users can also transfer media files anywhere on the cloud. It also has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

For instance, you only need to paste the torrent link or magnet to TransferCloud, and the media files will be securely uploaded or downloaded to your cloud account.

TransferCloud allows users to transfer media files directly to their cloud accounts from links, magnets, torrents, or other sources. You can also download media files securely to your PC and securely stream them.

This cloud storage website also allows users to stay secure and anonymous all the time.

Furthermore, you can access it anytime from any device or operating system.

It is vital to note that TransferCloud is not a free Seedr alternative. However, its unique features are worth subscribing to.

5. myfastfile

Myfastfile is another super-fast cloud-based Seedr alternative that you can use. For instance, it lets users stream or download any media or torrent file from the web using its high-speed servers.

It also allows you to access, download, and stream all kinds of media files directly to your cloud account.

Unlike Seedr, myfastfile combines secure and direct access to restricted services. Besides, its advanced security system lets users change their IP addresses, enabling you to access blocked sites easily.

It also gives you access to direct media downloads.

The user web interface is straightforward and intuitive, which provides secure handling.

Another feature you get on myfastfile and not on Seedr is the support for both JDownloader and Kodi. It also allows users to browse the unfinished media files and download them.

Myfastfile also offers users the following features:

  • Allows users to collect media files from the cloud
  • It unlocks the file hosts.
  • Offers a private VPN
  • It fetches the Usenet files.
  • It provides high-speed servers to stream and download torrent media files.

6. Bytesloader

Bytesloader is a web-based Seedr alternative that you can also use. It allows users to access, download, and save any locally or cloud-based media files over the web.

It features a web-based video and audio downloader. Bytesloader also allows users to download any media file to any device or operating system.

For instance, you can download media files to your PC, Android smartphone, iPhone, or tablet. You can also download files to your personal cloud account.

It is easy to delete the downloaded media files from your account. You can as well delete multiple media files at once.

Unlike Seedr, which is limited to 2GB, Bytesloader allows you to download large media files. However, sometimes the download can fail.

For instance, you can download any media file size, and Bytesloader has no size limit on the cloud storage transfer. It also does not impose a size limit on storing a media file on the server.

However, it is vital to note that Bytesloader is not free to use like Seedr.

7. Bruzzy

Bruzzy is another Seedr alternative that has a friendly and intuitive user interface. For instance, downloading media files over the internet using Bruzzy is straightforward.

Unlike Seedr, Bruzzy provides two different downloading methods.

For instance, you can download media files from the internet in two ways which are:

  • Deploy a torrent program
  • Use a web-based Bruzzy service.

You also do not require installing or configuring any extra software to use this website. Besides, you do not need any technical knowledge about the network connection configuration to use Bruzzy.

Users on Bruzzy are allowed to download media files at a super-high speed without needing to keep their PC on.

Furthermore, to download media files from the internet, you only need to copy and paste the torrent link in the search field. Downloading will then automatically start.

For instance, downloading on Bruzzy is easy and super-fast. Once Bruzzy fetches the data, you can download the media file directly to your PC.

8. SonicBit

SonicBit is another super-fast Seedr alternative that you should consider.

Unlike Seedr, SonicBit allows users to download any media file via the support of several download servers. For instance, you can convert media or torrent files to direct HTTP links with super-high speed.

You can also download torrent or media files without Internet Service Provider (ISP) restrictions and bandwidth limits.

The premium plan of SonicBit is cheaper than that of Seedr. For instance, you can get these features for as low as $2.15.

Users on SonicBit are also assured of the following:

  • It allows remote download.
  • You can download any file (HTTP or HTTPS file URL) to My Drive without needing to download them to your device.
  • Intuitive and straightforward user interface
  • Super-fast file downloads to your cloud
  • Easy upload of the downloaded files to your cloud
  • Modern and user-friendly dashboard designed for tablets, PC, and smartphones
  • High-end servers with the latest designs and technology
  • It has a mobile app that is available on Google Play Store and Apple App store.
  • Connections to the cloud are secured by SSL encryption. For instance, you can securely download files without ISP restrictions
  • Full high-speed download
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Fast transloading

9. Furk.net

Furk.net is another Seedr alternative that you can opt for. For instance, it is a torrent downloading platform that provides a secure deck for personal file storage.

Unlike Seedr, Furk.net imposes restrictions by limiting disk storage and bandwidth.

It also collects internet multimedia files and allows users to stream them instantly. You can easily stream any media file on this web-based platform as long as you have an account.

Setting up an account is a straightforward process.

With Furk.net, you can download and stream your favorite media files from any opening system or device.

Furthermore, unlike Seedr, you need to have some more software to use Furknet. For instance, you need to download and install VLC Video Player, DownThemAll download manager, 7Zip archiver, and web browser.

Besides, although Furk.net has no free plans, their premium packages are more friendly than Seedr packages. For instance, Furk.net has weekly plans.

10. ByteBX

ByteBX is another alternative that is available for you. It gives users the best features for uploading and downloading media files from their PC.

You can access this platform from any place and on any device or operating system.

It is easy to use. You are only required to paste the media file link. After doing this, you can listen to or stream your media files. You can also download the media files to your PC.

The top features of ByteBx are:

  • It is available in online mode. You can stream your media files and watch them online at any time.
  • Responsive layout and adapted design and usability
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Compatible with all operative systems
  • Uses top-rated protection and innovative technology
  • Backup management from any place

ByteBX is the ideal solution for streaming and downloading your favorite media files over the web.

11. Torrent Safe

Torrent Safe is another anonymous cloud torrent downloading platform you can use as an alternative to Seedr.

It allows users to stream and download media files anonymously.

You are not required to have an account to use Torrent Safe. However, it has premium plans that give you access to more amazing features. The premium plans require an account that is easy to set up.

Compared to Seedr, the premium plans of Torrent Safe are cheaper.

Its user interface is friendly, easy to use, and intuitive. For instance, you only need to copy and paste the link to your torrent file, and the downloading or streaming will start instantly.

However, you need to note that this is only a web-based platform. For instance, its private and fast downloading services will always occur in your web browser.

Other than the private and anonymous downloading features, Torrent Safe gives users access to high-speed downloading speeds. For instance, it bypasses the torrent downloading rate limit imposed by the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

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12. FileStream

Another Seedr alternative that you should consider using is the FileStream. It allows users to download media files from the internet anonymously.

It also does not allow any media file sharing, ensuring that all your private files are kept secure.

Unlike Seedr, FileStream supports over 900 famous media sites. You can download magnets, torrents, audio, and video files.

Besides, it allows users to stream and transcode downloaded media files directly to any device. For instance, you can use TV, PC, tablet, smartphones, or Apple Airplay compatible devices.

Another exclusive feature of FileStream is that it adjusts the torrent stream quality. This ensures that you have smooth streaming even if the connections are slow. This is a feature that you do not get on Seedr.

Besides, FileStream offers HTTPS connections to securely download your torrent and media files.

You can bypass Internet Service Provider (ISP) restrictions and directly download media files using your browser.

It also supports Internet Download Manager (IDM). This allows users to schedule their downloads accordingly.

Its user interface is intuitive, friendly, and straightforward.

FileStream allows users to earn as they use it. For instance, you can become a FileStream business partner by creating an account and inviting your relatives to use the service. For every payment made by your network, you are awarded up to 10%.

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13. Put.io

Put.io is a top Seedr alternative offering users an intuitive and friendly interface.

One of the top features of Put.io is that it allows you to fetch media files at a super high speed. After fetching them, you can quickly put them into your digital stash.

The platform is easy to use. For instance, using it only calls for pasting the link of any media file to the search section.

It is completely compatible with all cloud storage platforms such as OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive, among others.

Unlike Seedr, Put.io has a special cyberlocker. This allows users to encrypt their torrent and media files with a Touch ID or strong password.

It also allows users to choose an option to visualize their media content privately or publicly. Besides, Put.io creates a file link. This will enable you to store your files in your smartphone or PC folder for future reference.

Put.io has an iOS app. This allows you to cast or view your media content offline or online on your Apple device.

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14. TorrentRover

TorrentRover is a perfect Seedr alternative that you can also opt to use.

It is a free platform that allows users to search for, stream, and download media and torrent files using a quick and straightforward Windows desktop program.

Its intuitive, friendly, and straightforward user interface is a top feature that makes it stand out from the other Seedr alternatives.

For instance, you can effortlessly search and discover or find the torrent file you are looking for.

To use it, you only need to browse the TorrentRover website, type your torrent file search in the textbox, and select the file category from the drop-down menu.

You will instantly search a long list of search results connected to your file search. You can then download any one of them effortlessly.

It also allows users to stream and download various torrent files, including movies, videos, audio, and software.

Final Thought: The Best Seedr Alternative

Cloud torrenting is the future of media file sharing. For instance, they allow you to access all your files on any device and from anywhere.

All the Seedr alternatives listed here are well tested, proven, and capable of satisfying your thirst for an anonymous, secure, and speedy cloud torrenting platform.

Offcloud has secure servers and gives you access to remote storage. You can use Bitport and Zbigz on any device or operating system. Besides, they provide you with access to an unlimited cloud storage capacity.

However, the choice of an ideal Seedr alternative depends on the individual user’s needs.

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