Best Social Search Engines 2024

Social search engines are the new frontier in search marketing. They are an improved version of the conventional search algorithm.

They allow users to filter online social sites and get highly specialized search results. The platforms can assist you in finding a lost client, tracking down rival businesses, or keeping up with the most recent social media trends.

Social search engines scan user-generated news, videos, and photographs. They include bookmark sharing or content tagging with helpful labels to more complex methods that integrate human intelligence with computer algorithms.

There are several social search engines you can use. In fact, I have listed some of the best in this post.

Check them out.

Best Social Search Engines

1. Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics is an essential social media monitoring platform. It makes social search a simple process with its comprehensive social media search tool that enables users to find hot topics.

This web-based reputation management and tracking tool are incredibly convenient, organized, and time-effective. It allows users to find mentions and pertinent news and get email alerts that provide relevant search results.

This tool uses an innovative algorithm powered by artificial intelligence; this enables users to keep an eye on goods, clients, and competitors’ activities. This helps users to get a broad overview of the latest trends in a brand.

Mentionlytics focuses on startups, SMEs, businesses, celebrities, and PR firms as its primary clients. This is not a personal social media search engine.

It helps identify marketing leads and business prospects in their specialized market to help them stay ahead of the competition.

Social media metrics are built into Mentionlytics. Its sentimental analytics makes it easier to group comments into loves, dislikes, or neutral attitudes about the brand.

It offers review monitoring, social media tracking, infographics, voice share, top mentions, keywords, email notifications, and feedback response management. This user-friendly online reputation manager offers customer insights.

Some of Mentionlytics’ distinguishing features include:

  • Top influencers identification
  • Unique and user-friendly interface
  • Determines market possibilities and influencers
  • Affordable and user-friendly
  • Language-based searches
  • Social Intelligence Advisor (SIA) that improves web and social presence
  • Integrates with other social media platforms
  • Pricing starts at $39 per month

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2. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a marketing platform for social media analytics, content creation, and curation. Its data-driven insights assist in producing top-quality content that performs better in search engine results and attracts more social media engagement.

This platform’s sophisticated social search engine shows users whose material is popular with their audience by showing the most shared articles for a subject, author, or domain.

BuzzSumo allows users to:

  • Analyze competitors
  • Determine trends
  • Find fresh, topical ideas
  • Discover backlink opportunities
  • Monitor top mentions

Some of the distinguishing features of BuzzSumo include the following:

  • Deep content analysis
  • Strong content analysis capabilities
  • Creation of a real-time monitoring system
  • Searching for Twitter influencers
  • View the Most Popular Content
  • Covers all forms of content
  • Discover a toolkit for content generation
  • Size of its database

It has lived up to its reputation as one of the best content marketing platforms. Its variety of tools used by content marketers and PR specialists to assess content, find fresh perspectives, and improve influencer marketing strategies are top-notch.

BuzzSumo has a free version, and premium pricing starts from $99 per month.

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3. Snitch.Name

Snitch.Name is a social networking search engine. It scans dozens of networks, including well-known ones like Facebook and Twitter and business-focused ones like LinkedIn and Xing.

It also scans American government databases like CriminalSearch and Inmates. When compared with Google, it has obvious advantages.

It precedes people over businesses, pages, groups, and other entities. It also offers crucial data that reveals how businesses rank on social media networks; this makes it the main entry point for social media searches.

This social networking tool aids businesses in resolving the social media monitoring issue. This is done by facilitating the development of social services that aid in selecting the profiles to target while conducting online marketing.

It offers information about your brand or items and client’s details. It also offers access to news, media sites, and social media users.

This free, simple, and user-friendly social search tool remains one of the greatest methods for quickly searching multiple social networks.

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4. BoardReader

BoardReader is a free search engine tool for tracking brands. It exclusively looks for keywords in titles and postings of online forums.

It examines activities on message boards, trends, and other tracking information that is not easily available using other channels. It provides content aggregation for social media.

This tool allows the user to focus their search so that only pertinent details appear in the search results.

It has access to a lot of data that Google does not have. Users can filter this data by date, language, and other sophisticated filters.

It considers both the quantity and quality of the content when rating sites. It uses the “Penguin” algorithm to guarantee the caliber of the content, thereby reducing the amount of spam.

BoardReader is an excellent source of information, providing information offered by forums judged less important by Google and other search engines. It is an accurate and efficient approach to finding social media mentions.

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5. Keyhole

Keyhole is a brand monitoring tool that helps create a live dashboard for users. It enables marketing professionals to assess, enhance, and document the impact of their social media efforts.

This tool has social listening, influencer tracking, and analytics tools that marketers use to enhance their social media strategies and demonstrate their effectiveness to clients.

It has a user-friendly dashboard that saves time and money, resulting in more informed decision-making.

It also has specialized influencer statistics to examine supporters using your hashtags. This makes it possible to filter influencers depending on their bios’ geolocation and keyword fields.

Keyhole provides users with more insights, events, news, blog, and forum monitoring. It also broadens the range of real-world applications that a technology like this should be able to handle.

It is used by businesses and agencies, giving them access to the correct social media statistics essential for maintaining corporate operations. It offers a simple method for users to learn more about engagement levels, enhancing marketing initiatives.

Some of the distinguishing attributes of Keyhole include the following:

  • Public reporting
  • Sentimental evaluation
  • Social evaluation
  • API access
  • Influencer attribution

It is perfect for monitoring accounts, social media mentions, and cutting-edge analytics. Since influencers play a big role in maximizing engagement and the return on marketing investment, Keyhole sorts out these influencers based on the amount of exposure and engagement they produce.

Keyhole keeps users abreast of the hottest hashtags and tracks keywords. Its pricing starts from $39 per month.

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6. Pipl

Pipl is a search engine that was created exclusively to help people find other people from all over the world. It has a wide range of applications.

It assists businesses in confirming individuals’ identities as well as in identifying and stopping cases of financial fraud. Its database with over three billion profiles makes this possible.

This search engine’s fraud protection software has API support, enabling simple integration with other programs. This enables users to access a database through a high-performance identity resolution engine.

It has a subscription-based feature for cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS). It is also used to find lost contact information so that users can create and carry out more specialized and targeted marketing campaigns.

Companies in software development, news, stock trading, eCommerce, and insurance, use it to look up business users and gather additional data to finish a specific personal profile.

Some of Pipl’s features include:

  • Fraud prevention – It is useful in recognizing and combating financial fraud. It helps to identify if a person poses a risk of engaging in fraud.
  • Identity algorithms – It creates comprehensive identity profiles for each user. It uses clever algorithms to cross-reference individuals across various data sources.
  • Building profiles – It allows users to gather information about certain people from various sources, including online accounts, social profiles, and connected emails, using the incomplete data at their disposal.
  • Development of targeted campaigns – It helps users advance their qualifications by enabling them to design focused campaigns.
  • Application Programming Interface (API) – Pipl API functionality enables you to develop unique product integrations. The product can be easily integrated into third-party programs like identity verification tools and systems for supporting investigations.
  • Cross-Channel Data Integration
  • Pipl Search – It gives users access to current and historical identity information. The database provides information like name, email address, or social media handle.

Pipl offers an annual membership, and the cost depends on the number of users. Pricing request is based on quotation.

7. Mention

Mention is a media monitoring and social listening solution. It enables companies and agencies to comprehend public perception on the web and social media.

It allows users to see what people are saying in real-time or a product online, gain in-depth industry insights, and gauge the success of your marketing and PR efforts.

It also assists in monitoring the name of your firm and also that of rivals or any word associated with your industry.

This tool can be used by anyone to track internet and social media mentions of them. No matter who is speaking, listening is essential for business growth because it allows you to understand what customers are saying and their demands.

It connects your social profiles to your dashboard to respond instantly. It also quickly and accurately produces reports that simplify monitoring and evaluating your performance.

Mention makes it possible to plan and publish your post on social media.

Some of the key features of Mention include:

  • Enabling users to maintain real-time data allows for the tracking of campaigns and performance
  • Separating analysis based on feelings
  • Allowing users to perform keyword searches on social media platforms
  • Offering a single stream of information that has been combined offers personalized email alerts
  • Working together as a team by sharing notifications and tasks assigned within the app to keep your entire team informed
  • Real-time monitoring allows the user to keep up with what’s being said about the things that matter to you by watching billions of sources in more than 40 languages.
  • Identifying influencers through the influencer ratings lets you know who is most influential regarding any keyword.
  • Reacting immediately by linking your social media accounts and doing things like favorite a tweet, remark on a Facebook post, or email a mention without leaving your dashboard

Mention pricing starts at $41 per month.

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8. Social Searcher

Social Searcher is a user-generated content retrieval and behavior searcher. It is always on the lookout for news, videos, and image-related search queries on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr.

It allows users to search for words, events, and mentions, but not specific individuals. It helps people and businesses to search for anything, from precise phrases to full discussions.

Its sentiment function is the most crucial component that sets this product apart from others. This function allows users to quickly and easily see how people feel about them.

This tool allows users to conduct real-time searches on social networks using the search engine. This generates a report with analytical data useful for businesses and people that want to keep track of social media mentions.

It uses an intuitive dashboard to display measurement and tracking of mentions. Social Searcher’s social media monitoring technology enables firms to seize opportunities. This allows users to respond to client feedback and instantly reply to it.

Social Searcher offers actionable social statistics that may be used to evaluate the effectiveness of content published on social media.

Some of the features of Social Searcher include:

  • Sentimental evaluation
  • Use of social analytics
  • Monitor influencers
  • Use of hashtags for searches

Social Searcher offers a free trial, and premium pricing starts from €3.49 per month.

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9. Talkwalker

The Talkwalker software is a cloud-based social media and analytics tool. It has an artificial intelligence-based sentiment analysis tool that can recognize human emotions in brand mentions in online, print, social, radio, and television materials.

It helps companies with influencer marketing and social listening. It also compares the effectiveness of earned and owned media and assesses posts’ reach, engagement, and trending ratings.

Key elements of Talkwalker include:

  • Content analysis
  • Team communications
  • Data Intelligence
  • Channel management
  • Automated warnings

This tool assists businesses in planning, monitoring, and enhancing influencer programs and workflows. It is also a marketing tool that makes it possible to optimize brand recognition.

The data and in-depth analysis supplied by Talkwalker and the facts and figures help manage social media campaigns more effectively.

The tool uses real-time reporting and analytics to examine how well posts or brands perform. Its video recognition capability helps agencies in evaluating brand exposure.

This tool compares the ROI of each influencer with specific indicators. This helps users to find suitable influencers in a centralized database.

Talkwalker offers characteristics that make it perfect for industrial research, customer service, and product research. It uses a dashboard that shows brand mentions, reach, and engagement analytics with article widgets, allowing administrators to monitor competitors and keep tabs on the effectiveness of campaigns.

Some of the key features of Talkwalker include:

  • Provision of content marketing services for its users
  • Using the Virality Map to create successful marketing efforts
  • Using the image recognition capability to examine both images and text
  • Ability to know what users think about their brand even if those users are using a different language

Talkwalker pricing is only on request.

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10. Agorapulse

Agorapulse offers all-in-one social media management. It is used to plan and schedule social media content, engage audiences, listen to keyword phrases, and assess the effectiveness of social media campaigns.

The mailbox, publishing, reporting, monitoring, and team collaboration tools from Agorapulse let you stay organized, save time, and easily manage your social media.

Agorapulse integrates features from:

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

This tool helps businesses to manage their social media posts, schedule and publish content, find important influencers, keep an eye on social media channels, and provide analytical reports.

Some of the features of Agorapulse include:

  • Tracking incoming messages
  • Facebook and Instagram ad comment capturing
  • Customizable auto-moderation rules to prevent spam
  • Scheduling and queuing, re-queuing, and advanced content preview
  • Unlimited reports generation
  • Influencer identification

Other advanced features of Agorapulse are:

  • Social Media Analytics – It offers insight into your social media outlets. The reports in Agorapulse contain all the relevant data, but you cannot delve down into certain data.
  • Social Media Publishing – It makes creating and posting social media content easier. It also allows users to manage all scheduled posts from a single calendar and publish material to several social media sites.
  • Making Content for Social Media – It simplifies the process of producing content for social media. Each social networking platform’s specific emojis, words, photos, and video formats can be used to produce posts.
  • Monitoring social media – It can search for certain terms, phrases, hashtags, and usernames. Monitoring is especially helpful for keeping track of brand references across platforms.

Agorapulse offers a free version and provides four plans with monthly costs starting from $49. Extra users and profiles are available for purchase at an additional cost.

11. Spokeo

Spokeo is an excellent tool for people’s search services. It is used to locate friends and family members and validate email addresses and unlisted phone numbers.

It compiles information from several sources to give users clear reports. It is also used to get background information, block obnoxious calls, group white page listings, public records, and social network information.

While Spokeo builds a sizable collection of data about people, it also allows them to erase information they don’t want the public to see.

Spokeo is a popular social network aggregator that conducts background checks from any location by name, email address, postal address, or phone number.

This tool uses an excellent geo-grouping algorithm for these background checks. None of this data is used or business-generated; it is all freely accessible.

It doesn’t build a database of information on its own. Instead, it continuously searches through records. It also has access to a wide variety of public documents, including court rulings, magazine subscriptions, and federal, state, county, and local records.

It searches the internet for any indication of an online presence, including social network profiles, blogging platforms, and online store accounts.

Spokeo is good for monitoring the dark web and can scan the web for any evidence of online activity, including blog posts, pictures, and shopping accounts.

The Spokeo app blocks or manually ignores unauthorized calls and emails from scammers, marketers, or fraudsters. Spokeo is affordable, with pricing starting from $19.95 per month.

12. BrandMentions

BrandMentions is a web and social media monitoring tool. It gathers all the articles and posts where people mention your company or goods.

It assists companies in managing their brand reputation, competition, and other things. It offers real-time notifications and direct replies through the platform, making it simple to keep tabs on the competition and interact with your customers.

It also allows users to be alerted when customers use particular keywords, such as your name or the names of particular items, and keep track of those. It also makes it possible to follow and participate in online conversations in real time.

This works well for content marketing, controlling brand reputation, monitoring media and brands, and spying on rivals.

It also provides quick insights into any company, identifying commercial opportunities, undertaking effective web and social listening, and managing its online reputation.

The types of BrandMentions available include:

  • Blog Post Mentions – This occurs when you publish a post about a particular subject and decide to cite and link to the source.
  • Mentions on social media – These are mentions on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and LinkedIn, to name a few.
  • Customer feedback – Customer feedback on third-party apps, social media platforms, and online forums is discussed online.
  • News Reports – Brands are often referenced across various online news media when you reach a new milestone or hold any events or workshops.

BrandMentions pricing starts at $99 per month.

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There you have it. Some of the best social search engines to consider.

Whether you want to redefine your social strategy, track customers and clients, or see what’s hot and make news on social platforms, these platforms will do the job for you.

Pick the one as per your requirements.

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