15 Best True People Search Alternatives

The internet is a colossal space, with more than five billion users. According to data sources, a vast number of internet users are on one social media platform or the other – around 4.62 billion people.

As a result, many people drop their info online, and sites like True People Search aggregate the data to create profiles. On the True People Search website, you can find almost anyone on the internet. It can be helpful if you want to find an old friend or relative you’re no longer in touch with.

However, if you use True People Search and can’t find the person you’re looking for, you can try other platforms that help with people search. FastPeopleSearch, Search People FREE, BeenVerified are good substitutes to True People Search.

However, the best True People Search alternative is Whitepages. Trusted by millions, Whitepages gives you the most personal details of people. Besides, the service is not limited to United States alone.

Let’s now find out more about the alternative tools.

Best True People Search Alternatives

1. Whitepages

With more than 30 million users, Whitepages ranks highly among the top data aggregator websites. It features people’s profiles with details like name, address, phone number, and age.

You can uncover more intricate details on Whitepages. This includes criminal, lien, traffic, and financial records. Others include career information, property details, professional licenses, and fraud ratings.

Whitepages records more users and visits than True People Search because, unlike True People Search, the website is not limited to US users. You can access Whitepages from anywhere in the world.

Searching for a person on Whitepages is free, although it is a freemium platform. You can search for them using their names, addresses, or phone numbers. Due to the website’s popularity, you should expect at least 100 records when you search.

To narrow down the results, you can filter by city or age. Also, you can scan the result page — without clicking on any profile — to identify the profile that best matches the person you want to find.

Nevertheless, Whitepages premium pricing starts from $4.99 per month to access comprehensive contact information.

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2. FastPeopleSearch

Like True People Search, FastPeopleSearch is a geo-restricted website. It’s only accessible in the US.

You can use FastPeopleSearch to search for people, phone numbers, or addresses. It is free, fast, and simple to use.

The website currently has over 16.5 billion records and 800 million unique person profiles. These numbers are not very different from what you get on True People Search.

One of FastPeopleSearch’s most useful features is the reverse phone lookup. If an unknown caller calls you, you can enter their number on the website to uncover their identity.

Similarly, you can enter an address on the website to find out who lives there. FastPeopleSearch sources data from millions of databases, so its records are always up to date.

When you search for someone on FastPeopleSearch, you can activate notifications for their profile. The website will notify you whenever there’s any change to their profile. Notably, True People Search has a similar feature.

3. Search People FREE

While many True People Search alternatives let you search for a person using their name, address, or phone number, Search People FREE gives you an extra option. You can search for people using their email address.

It’s commendable because an email address is one of the easiest to obtain pieces of personal information. Also, it is free to use which implies that you don’t have to pay to search for people on their platform.

Search People FREE gives you access to basic information and also complete background reports. You can uncover a person’s criminal records, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and more.

Notably, the website lists the aliases, family members, and business associates of each profile. It also sources profile data from other data aggregator websites, such as PeopleLooker, TruthFinder, and InstantCheckMate.

If you don’t have much information to search for a person, you can randomly browse the Search People FREE A-Z directory. There’s also a directory of popular last names.

Furthermore, the website isn’t limited to English-speaking users. It’s also available in Spanish. The website boasts of being the first and highest quality bi-lingual people search website.

4. BeenVerified

BeenVerified launched in 2007 to provide people with quick access to public record information. Like True People Search, the website only features publicly available information. However, you can do more with BeenVerified.

Notably, it’s an ideal True People Search alternative if you want to search for people via a mobile app. The website features intuitive mobile apps for Android and iOS devices – including iPads and Apple Watches.

With BeenVerified, you have billions of records at your fingertips. You can search by name, phone number, email, home address, or VIN.

You can get people’s contact information, social media handles, caller ID, property records, and personal details.

However, the feature you’ll find most interesting is the Unclaimed Money Search. It lets you find assets and accounts held by the government that may belong to you.

Furthermore, BeenVerified has a dark web scan option. You can search the dark web to know if your personal information is in the wrong hands.

On the other hand, BeenVerified is not a free service; hence, users should subscribe to their premium plans which include the one-month plan at $26.89 per month or the three-month plan at $17.48 per month.

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5. Intelius

Launched in 2003, Intelius is one of the safest people search websites on the internet. Each search you make is secured with a 256-bit encrypted connection and remains confidential and private.

Intelius works similarly to True People Search. You can search for people using their names, phone numbers, and addresses.

Furthermore, you can search through public and criminal records or use the people and phone directory.

Aside from the encryption connection mentioned earlier, Intelius has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This further emphasizes why it’s a safe and trustworthy website.

However, Intelius is not a 100 percent free people search website like True People Search. You get the most out of the platform when you subscribe to a membership plan.

The website has two membership plans including the $24.86 one-month plan and the $42.25 two-month plan.

You can request Intelius to suppress your data if you don’t want your profile on the site. It’s similar to the “Remove My Info” option on True People Search.

6. US Search

Here’s a viable True People Search alternative if you’re a legal professional or someone trying to defend a case. As the name suggests, the website is only comprised of US records.

Using US Search, you can find people with the people search option and their relatives, associates, and neighbors.

As a legal-focused people search website, US Search lets you analyze a person’s social network, financial information, and work history to know if they’re credible.

You can further search for what assets they own and their criminal and traffic records. There are many more search options on the website, and after searching, you can export the reports as PDFs.

You can trust the details you get on US Search as the website has been featured in top publications like CNN, CNBC, and CBS.

Due to its exclusivity, US Search is a relatively expensive True People Search alternative. It offers simple pricing plans; hence, you must either pay $59 per month or $599 per year to use the website.

7. Yellowbook

Yellowbook is notably different from True People Search. It’s not a website for finding people alone but also for finding local businesses.

You can search for businesses in different categories via the Yellowbook database. Some popular categories include employment, education, health, plumbing, travel, and insurance.

To search, you only need to enter what service you’re looking for and in what location. You get a list of viable companies that provide the service and related services on the search results page.

The search results will contain a profile overview, address, phone number, and work hours of each company. You can also check how much their services cost and how you can pay.

The Yellowbook people search option is just as detailed as the local business search. However, you don’t get many search options like on True People Search – notably the reverse search options. You can only search by first name, last name, city, and state.

Unlike other entries on this list, Yellowbook is free.

8. AnyWho

AnyWho is another True People Search alternative for finding businesses, as it has a yellow pages directory. Also, it is a free people search engine.

Nevertheless, the main feature of the website is the people search.

To search, you need to enter a first and last name and select a city and state. Alternatively, you can search using a person’s address or phone number.

AnyWho is a relatively fast people search website. After entering the necessary search details, you get results in less than three seconds after clicking the search button.

Another exciting search option on AnyWho is the area code search. When you enter an area code, you can uncover the cities and states in the region. Such a feature is not available on True People Search.

To find local businesses using AnyWho, you only need to enter a business category, location, area code, or phone number if available. Notably, the local business search on AnyWho is powered by Yellowpages.com.

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9. UnMask

UnMask is described as a “100 percent free people search” website. You can search and obtain four main types of information using UnMask:

  • Contact information
  • Employment history
  • Criminal records
  • Education history

Nevertheless, the platform still provides other details, including court records, social media handles, traffic violations, property ownership, and more. As a result, you get almost as much data as on True People Search.

The search options on UnMask aren’t different from True People Search either. You can search by name, city, phone number, and address.

You can search for people on UnMask without risk, as the website is safe and confidential. It doesn’t track your details or location.

If you don’t use the search option, you can access the top names or trending names lists.

UnMask provides an opt-out form for removing records. Hence, if you find your details on the website and are uncomfortable with them, you can submit the form, and they’ll delete it.

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10. PeopleFinder

With PeopleFinder, you get access to more than a billion public records. The website aims to help people connect with their loved ones wherever they are, just like True People Search.

Contact information, social media handles, police records, assets info, background checks, and photos are some of the data you get on PeopleFinder.

Like many other websites on this list of the best True People Search alternatives, you can search by name, address, or phone number. You get dependable results irrespective of your search option, and the website is easy to use.

Thankfully, PeopleFinder is a free-to-use platform.

Notably, PeopleFinder works hand in hand with Intelius. As a result, you’ll have to accept the latter platform’s terms and conditions when you conduct your first search.

It takes a few seconds for the search to load and display results. You get better results with PeopleFinder when you narrow your search.

For example, the website may return zero records if you don’t specify a city or state in your search.

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11. IDCaller

IDCaller is a unique website, exclusive to identifying anonymous callers. Notably, you can use it to find people with names.

As a result, the only feature it shares with True People Search is the reverse phone number lookup.

Nevertheless, when you search for phone numbers on IDCaller, you get more than just the caller’s name. The website also displays the caller’s address, current location, and carrier.

However, you only get these details when you make a payment – IDCaller isn’t a free website. You can pay $0.95 to try the platform as a new user.

The trial period lasts 24 hours; afterward, you can pay the $19.95 monthly subscription fee. Consequently, you need a membership account to use IDCaller. The website lets you create an account after you make your first payment.

You can reach the support team by submitting a contact form if you have any inquiries about using the platform, especially with payment.

12. Spokeo

Spokeo is another notable entry on our list. It lets you look up people using their names, email, phone numbers, and addresses.

The website’s numbers are impressive, with 130 million property records, six billion consumer records, 3.9 billion historical records, 600 million court records, and 89 million business records.

However, the standout feature on the website is the dating profile search. You can use Spokeo to find out more about your partner or prospective partner’s online activity.

The website sources data from more than 120 social websites, including widely used ones like Tinder, Facebook, and Instagram.

You only need a person’s name, username, or email to get details about their online activity. Since it has to search through many social media websites, Spokeo takes around 20 to 30 seconds to generate results.

Spokeo is yet another premium True People Search alternative. You must pay to access the advanced search results. The cost is $24.95 per month, but you can pay $0.95 to try the website for a day.

13. PeekYou

PeekYou makes people search relatively more straightforward. It’s an ideal True People Search alternative to consider if all you have about a person is their social media username.

The website has an intuitive username search option. When you search for a username, it scans social media and email platforms to locate accounts that feature it.

In particular, the email platforms include Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, and Yahoo. On the other hand, the social media platforms are Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Wattpad, and 500px.

It’s worth noting that True People Search doesn’t have such a feature. You can click on any social platform or an email link, and PeekYou will redirect you to the respective platform.

Notably, PeekYou offers free search results; however, it redirects you to other people search engines that may require a premium subscription for comprehensive search reports.

PeekYou has a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” form in line with their privacy pledge. If your information is on the platform and you want it off, simply fill out and submit the form.

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14. Radaris

Radaris boasts hundreds of millions of public records with over ten years of operation. The website has a database of 183 million unique names, 594 million people records, and 224 million phone numbers.

Furthermore, the database has 110 million property records and 63 million business records. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best True People Search alternatives in terms of quantity.

You have five search options with Radaris. You can search by name, phone number, address, email, and business name.

The website is secured by Norton – an industry-leading security solution – which makes it safe to use. In addition, it’s been featured on popular websites like Discovery, Vice, and NewsWatch. As a result, you can trust the data you get on Radaris.

You get better results with Radaris when you log in. As a new user, you can create an account with an email and password or with your Facebook or Google account.

Conversely, Radaris offers basic results for free. At the moment of this writing, Radaris does not have a public page for their pricing.

To get their pricing, you have to register for a free account and their pricing plans will be displayed under the subscription section. Currently, their one-month plan costs $34.78 per month while their three-month plan costs $27.82 per month.

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15. Legacy

Legacy is the last website you’ll want to visit. However, in some cases, you have to. It’s an obituary search website where you can confirm if a person is still alive or not.

Therefore, while Legacy and True People Search are people search websites, they’re significantly different. If you’ve been out of touch with someone for a long time and can’t find them anywhere else, you may want to search Legacy.

The website maintains a database of user-submitted obituaries and also obituaries sourced from popular newspapers.

Conversely, Legacy is a free platform. You can perform a quick search using the first and last name. You can select a country, state, and period for a more detailed search.

Supported countries include the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, the Bahamas, Mexico, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Furthermore, you can search records of the past 30 days, three days, a week, two weeks, a month, six months, a year, and specific periods.

Bottom Line

All the websites listed above are the top alternatives to TruePeopleSearch and you can use them to find details about people.

While True People Search can be helpful, having your personal info on a public website can also be risky.

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