15 Best StreamYard Alternatives 2024

StreamYard is a web-based, live streaming studio that lets you record, stream, and share videos and audio right from your browser. It is designed to stream directly to social platforms, allowing you to multi-stream, interact with a broader audience base, and gain more followers.

StreamYard makes it easy to broadcast your audio and videos to YouTube, Periscope, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, and other channels. You can host up to ten people in a room and make your sessions more engaging.

However, StreamYard offers only 20 hours of live streaming in its free plan, with a watermark on every video content you make. It is only limited to streaming content at full HD (1080P to be precise) resolutions and not in 2K or 4K resolutions.

The tool only offers multi-stream support for nine destination channels, and you must have some tech know-how to connect an additional streaming destination using the custom RTMP procedure. It also has limited broadcast management and video editing features.

If you have pre-recorded content, you may not schedule and stream it with StreamYard. It only allows you to show these media in your live streams.

It’s not possible to generate video captions in your live content streams; you have to rely on the supported destination platforms to accomplish this. The platform doesn’t perform in-depth analytics on broadcasts. It only tracks your view count.

For these reasons, you may want to try another alternative that speaks to your specific live streaming and broadcasting needs.

Here are 15 other tools like StreamYard to try out.

Best StreamYard Alternatives

1. Wirecast

Wirecast is a great live streaming platform for on-demand broadcasts. It lets you stream your videos and share them with the whole world.

With this tool, you can create and share brand stories and build a community of loyal audiences. Whether it’s a concert, live sports event, or a worship service, you can deliver the content to the audience, wherever they are. Its rich features deliver professional, TV-quality live streams.

It features multi-track audio recording, baseband HDMI/DI output, secondary display output, and NDI program output.

Compared to StreamYard, Wirecast has enhanced production with 4096 x 3072 max project and recording resolution, five main mixing layers, and built-in transitions.

The plug and play function lets you plug in your microphones and cameras and bring your exceptional videos and graphics to life. And with unlimited streaming destinations, you have the world in your hands. Nothing can stop you from extending your reach to any destination through RTMP.

The Wirecast Rendezvous Conferencing lets you capture unlimited inputs, including two remote guests. If you encounter any issues, you can contact support through email. It also offers free upgrades for one year.

Once you register with Wirecast, you are given access to more than 50,000 media assets, including backgrounds, music, videos, lower thirds, and much more. The tool also lets you stream and record your content simultaneously.

Wirecast offers a free trial and two paid plans, including the Wirecast Studio at $599 and Wirecast Pro at $799.

2. Restream.io

Restream.io is another StreamYard alternative that broadcasts live content to various social channels.

It customizes your video layout, records your live sessions, adds on-screen guests, and enables screen sharing. It has a free package that you can start with and upgrade later as you grow.

Although this platform is a bit expensive, it comes packed with rich features to explore. It has a wide range of destination channels and built-in integrations for over 30 broadcasting channels.

Another thing about this tool is its flexibility. Unlike StreamYard, Restream.io broadcasts pre-recorded videos. You can download your video content in various formats, schedule them for broadcasting, and let the platform stream it without going live.

While running the video streams, the platform will monitor their key metrics to analyze and generate insights, including viewer activity. By analyzing your content, you can make informed decisions based on audience metrics, cat metrics, stream metrics, and follower metrics.

Restream has a free version and several other pricing plans, including a Standard Plan at $16/month, Professional Plan at $41/month, a Premium Plan at $83, and a Business Plan at $249.

3. Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo Livestream is a popular live streaming platform for marketers and industries with demanding video streaming needs.

Unlike StreamYard, which is built for individuals and small-scale video broadcasters, this tool provides large enterprises with advanced video streaming and editing solutions.

If you are a sports producer, TV show host, news channel broadcaster, or government agency that needs a tool to help capture, edit, and broadcast your live video content and share it across multiple social platforms, this platform is for you.

It packs a punch when it comes to advanced video management features and workflow automation capabilities. It is more complex but very efficient.

You can broadcast your content through your computer or camera. It offers 7TB storage which supports unlimited live viewers.

The video library can be branded, allowing you to organize all your brand live streams and videos for ease of access.

At Vimeo Livestream, you can collaborate with your teams to share comments and give feedback directly from the dashboard.

The tool provides video templates to help you customize and deliver stunning video content to viewers. And you can promote your videos widely to capture more valuable leads, grow your audience, and increase revenue.

It has a preview screen that lets you peek at your videos before going live. With advanced analytics features, you’ll get insights on audience behavior and improve content delivery based on your understanding.

Vimeo gives you royal free stock video footage to embellish your productions and attract more viewers. Its Q&A can help you monitor your chats and engage your viewers.

Vimeo’s pricing plans include a Plus Plan at $7/month, Pro Plan at $20/month, Business Plan at $50/month, and a Premium Plan at $75. Each of these plans comes with a 30-day free trial.

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4. Brightcove

Brightcove is a multistreaming studio established in 2004. It offers video-on-demand hosting, cloud encoding, and live streaming.

Brightcove acquired Ooyala Streaming in 2019 to enhance its cloud video technology and security. It delivers content globally through multiple streaming destinations.

Its notable features include adaptive and multi-bitrate video streaming, video API access, video analytics, live streaming, monetization options, and security tools.

It comes with built-in video editing tools to help you turn your content into lead magnets. You can integrate multiple apps into your content for optimization.

The platform has a robust set of privacy and security tools to relieve your worries of your content getting compromised.

Compared to StreamYard, Brightcove targets marketing professionals who want to earn revenue from their projects.

With its reliable technical support, you can rest assured of immediate help whenever you encounter issues.

Brightcove offers a free trial. Other pricing details are not provided on the website.

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5. OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a StreamYard alternative you can count on for live streaming of your videos. It’s a free and open-source solution that gives you uninterrupted, free access and vast customization capabilities.

With OBS, you have complete control of your video streaming parameters. It lets you edit and tweak video broadcasts to give your audience immersive viewing experiences. It comes with video filters, noise suppression, custom transitions, an audio mixer, and other digital editing tools to polish your video content.

The tool is on-premise, meaning you need to download and set it up on your PC before use. It runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux devices. It’s great for professionals who need an advanced video editor for their projects.

Other features include live capture tools that help capture live audio and videos and also create scenes from various sources, including window captures, text, images, webcams, and more.

Compared to StreamYard, this tool has smart hotkeys for managing streams, an instinctive audio mixer, a resolution customization tool, and a multiview monitor with eight scenes and a studio mode preview to help you polish your content before live streaming or broadcasting.

It streams videos to YouTube, Twitch, Hitbox, and Facebook Live. For a free tool, it has a pretty rich feature set.

OBS is a free tool to use.

6. Be.Live

Be.Live is one of the most user-friendly StreamYard alternatives on our list. With a whopping 700 million viewers and still counting, it’s the best tool to enhance audience engagement on social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube for business growth.

The platform works with Google Chrome and Safari browsers. It allows unlimited viewers to watch your broadcasts, helping you generate global leads from multiple channels.

It comes with customization options to help you add logos, overlays, and other branding features that boost your brand credibility.

Be.Live lets you host up to 10 guests who can join through their Android, iPad, and iPhone devices. It offers a two-way screen sharing facility for seamless sharing of screens between viewers and the host.

Its simplicity is pretty impressive, compared to StreamYard’s. It’s super easy to use for both beginners and veterans. And its training resources are rich, with a rich knowledge base that turns you into a pro.

Be.Live has a free plan and two paid packages, including the Standard+ Plan at $24.99/month and a Pro Plan at $37.50/month.

7. Lightstream Studio

Lightstream Studio is one of the best video streaming software for talk show streams and podcasts. It lets you invite people for panels, lively interviews, and podcast shows with a single click. Your guests can also share their screens.

Since it’s cloud-based, you can design, store, and share all your video productions directly from your browser.

The drag and drop editor gives you complete control of the design and layout of your projects and scenes. And you can control your video stream directly from your smartphone.

Unlike StreamYard, Lightstream Studio is built with console capture tools to boost your Xbox and Playstation streams and add media, alerts, and overlays without upgrading your PC or using a capture card.

It’s easy to set it up, and you don’t need to download anything or use technical wizardry. It’s also integrated with an advanced live chat feature that lets you invite people into your stream for a video chat.

Whether you’re commentating on a sporting event or doing a webinar with people from across the globe, Lightstream goes beyond traditional video conferencing.

Lightstream takes care of stream encoding, which reduces hardware draining.

It has two pricing plans: one for the gamer starts at $8/month, and the other for the creator starts at $25/month.

8. OneStream

OneStream is another cloud-based live streaming software that works efficiently on social media streams.

Using this tool, you can go live through pre-recorded videos or in real-time. It serves startups, small enterprises, and even Fortune 500 brands to increase their online presence.

Compared to StreamYard, OneStream can live stream videos to more than 40 social media platforms, including Facebook Live, Wowza, YouTube, Instagram, and more.

It offers real-time streaming of multiple videos across all the streaming platforms using tools like Zoom, OBS, XSplit, or Wirecast. You can also pre-set your recorded videos to live stream automatically to social media 60 days in advance.

Add captions or subtitles to pre-recorded and live streams using the SRT files from OneStream. You also have the option to line up your recorded videos in playlists and schedule them for live streaming on different platforms.

OneStream doesn’t need any software installation to set it up. Just utilize the server URL and the Stream Key to configure it to your preferred streaming destinations.

The site helps you import video content from OneDrive, Frame.io, Zoom, Google Drive, pCloud, and Xbox. It offers flexible video upload options through your PC or camera.

Besides the free plan, this platform has three paid versions, including the Basic version at $10, Value Pack at $45, and Professional Pack at $99.

9. vMix

vMix is an all-in-one video streaming solution for Windows. It offers all the features and functionalities you need to enhance live video streaming.

vMix lets you produce, record, and stream quality productions on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook Live, and YouTube.

The Slow-Mo feature allows instant video replays for up to eight cameras. It also supports live interviews with eight guests.

Video file formats supported include MXF, AVI, MPEG-2, MOV, MP4, H264, and WMV. Use the tool’s transition effects to woo your audience. They include zoom, fly, cut, slide, fade, fly rotate, cube zoom, vertical slide, cube, cross-zoom, wipe, vertical wipe, and more.

To spice up your video productions, vMix offers 100 native, animated titles, tickers, and scoreboards to use.

With live social integrations for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch, you can level up your reach and gain more conversions.

Unlike StreamYard, vMix supports a wide variety of video formats.

vMix offers simultaneous video recording, streaming, and output, with an SRT support feature that enhances viewing quality when the internet connection is unreliable. It also has quality color wheels and bars that help in monitoring and color correction.

vMix has a free 60-day trial and two licensing options, including a lifetime license and subscription license. Multiple licensing editions at different costs are available on the site’s pricing page.

10. XSplit

XSplit is a viable alternative to StreamYard that offers live video streaming and recording for expert streamers. You can use it for presentations, gaming, and live events. It has over 15 million users, making it one of the most reliable software for streaming your video content.

XSplit includes phone broadcasting capabilities. You can easily turn your smartphone into a webcam when you want to showcase your presentations, live streams, or hold conference calls. This is a great option, especially when you are on the go or away from your computer.

Record your screen and add voiceovers, notes, and images, then share it as a link in minutes. The software makes the process easy for you.

Do you need to stream overlays? The tool has robust multiple recording profiles to help you record raw gameplay footage with enabled overlays.

Unlike StreamYard, It has plugins like Gamepad Visualizer, Replay Source, DPS Effects, and Audio Mixer to help you customize the video broadcast experience.

You can borrow GPU resources with NVENC Encoding to enhance your streaming experience and relieve the strain on your CPU.

XSplit is easy to set up and navigate through, even for technophobes. If you want to demonstrate a product or app, this tool will give you the exposure you need. Use it to adjust the audio levels of your video scenes and make them audible and engaging.

With this tool, you can create professional-level content for your online classes and webinars.

XSplit has four pricing models, including the VCam Premium plan at $30, Presenter Premium at $60, Broadcaster Premium at $60, and Premium Bundle at $70.

11. Kaltura

Kaltura never disappoints with its live-streaming features. It is open-source and among the best live streaming solutions for educational institutions.

Learning institutions use this tool to stream live content in meetings, class sessions, and more. It’s cloud-based, meaning you can just log in and start sharing your content right away.

It is most preferred because of its professional live and VOD streaming capabilities.

Its key features include global video content delivery, adaptive and multi-bitrate streaming, monetization features, video API access, and excellent tech support.

Compared to StreamYard, Kaltura offers video API access.

It offers robust streaming features with high-grade security.

Kaltura’s pricing is custom-based.

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12. Twitch

Twitch is a great live streaming service for gaming. It boasts more than two million active broadcasters and is considered every gamer’s paradise. It runs on Android, Windows, macOS, PS4, iOS, and more.

Being an Amazon product, Twitch is popular among broadcasters due to its dedicated live-streaming capabilities. It’s easy to stream your meetings, game sessions, and other events. What’s more, you can set up your personal channels for your viewers and supporters to follow you. StreamYard doesn’t let you set up your own channels.

The software contains engaging media to watch, including music, video games, Q&A sessions, and cuisines. You can stream it on multiple platforms and view broadcasts on its website or app. Any device with internet which runs programs can work with Twitch.

Whether you want to stream or watch live videos, setting up a Twitch account is free. Once you have an account, you’ll be able to subscribe to and post your comments on broadcasts.

The software offers streamers two video captures that run simultaneously to help gamers decide which game to purchase.

Its notable features include support for TV apps like Fire TV, Xbox One, Chromecast, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, and NVIDIA Shield.

It also allows you to interact and engage with your followers during a show through live chat.

You get to monetize your content by letting your viewers subscribe to the video streaming channels they love.

Twitch allows you the freedom to personalize channels and decide where your tools and extensions will be. It integrates well with tools like OBS Studio and Lightstream to boost your video productions.

The tool has an intuitive user interface that every video streamer and viewer loves. Its transcoding capability lets viewers adjust their live stream’s resolution for enhanced viewing. And its streams are often ad-free.

You can also make some money through the Twitch Affiliate Program.

Pricing details for live streaming are not provided.

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13. StreamShark

StreamShark is a great live streaming platform that gives you multiple online video functionality. It focuses on enterprises and consumers.

StreamShark can turn small live streaming events into high-profile, large-scale events with upscale viewing experiences. Its live streaming video player can be customized to ensure the audience is well-targeted.

Unlike StreamYard, StreamShark is more powerful and can be used by enterprises looking to stream large events or concerts.

The platform is easy to use and compatible with all mobile devices. It provides detailed viewer reports too.

The privacy controls for StreamShark are robust, and it also offers video encoding, localized media ingestion, video redistribution, and ample storage space.

Streamshark has a free trial and other pricing options, including monthly plans for individuals and small enterprises starting at $199 and Enterprise Solutions offered at a quote.

14. Ecamm Live

Ecamm is a good live streaming app for Mac desktop users. It’s an all-in-one solution with the latest video streaming tools, including iPhone and Mac screen sharing, Blackmagic, HDMI capture devices, live camera switcher, and multiple camera support.

Ecamm offers quality live streams, complete with live scheduling to platforms like Restream, Facebook, and YouTube.

It has advanced overlays, scrolling tickers, and countdowns to help you engage your viewers. You also get to enjoy baked-styled comments from your audience right inside your broadcast.

The platform also lets you use your iPad or iPhone to share screens through the USB. It’s also superfast, offering up to 4K resolution HDMI capture for encoders like Elgato Cam Link and more.

It comes with a clean interface and drag and drop function that makes it easy to access and use your video tools.

Its overlays are superb and will transform your stream into stunning content that viewers will love. Unlike StreamYard, Ecam connects smoothly with cameras and supports 4K and 1080p video streams and recordings.

Ecamm’s pricing plans include a 12-day free trial, Standard Plan at $16/month, and Pro Plan at $32/month.

15. Wowza

Wowza offers exceptional live streaming experiences to users. It provides live streaming and on-demand features to phones, tablets, and consoles.

The tool focuses on ensuring better accessibility and flexibility at very cost-effective rates. Compared to StreamYard, the tool features 4K resolution streaming, APIs, live streaming and recording, and multiple security options.

It also has a cloud streaming service, Wowza Streaming Cloud, which streams live events. The service is easy to set up and integrate into various custom applications through API.

Its streaming engine is fully equipped with robust, customizable features to help streaming service providers and self-managed infrastructures.

Their professional services come with dedicated help for onboarding and app development so you can maximize use and achieve desired results.

Overall, Wowza is a great platform with better audience engagement, monitored performance, robust security, seamless video streaming experience, and mobile screen support.

Its pricing plans include a Managed Live-Streaming Service paid monthly starting at $25 and a Downloadable Media Server Software that costs $175.

In Conclusion

In my opinion, OBS Studio is the flag bearer on this list. It is a high-performance, live streaming, video capturing, and mixing tool that lets you create scenes from multiple sources.

You can switch seamlessly between these scenes through its custom transitions. Its audio mixer has per source filters like noise suppression, gain, and noise gate. And the VST plugin support gives you control of the whole process.

OBS Studio has a streamlined settings panel with multiple configuration options to help you tweak every aspect of your video recording or broadcasting.

Its interface is designed to be a modular dock style to enable you to rearrange the layout to your liking. For optimal performance integrations, you have native plugins to count on.

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