15 Best Kaltura Alternatives 2023

Kaltura is much more than a communication tool, it is a platform that enables virtual events, learning, and even brings a TV-like experience daily for all users in need.

It can be considered as a cloud TV ideal for media companies, but even corporate and enterprises.

While Kaltura is highly efficient with the set of tools it offers, there’s always a way to get things done differently. Therefore, these Kaltura alternatives below work differently to help you achieve better productivity or offer better features that could better fit specific needs.

Best Kaltura Alternatives

While all of these 15 alternatives are a great choice that you can’t go wrong with, each Kaltura alternative is unique in its way. Even though they’re all similar to Kaltura, you should still closely review each alternative to find the one that will fit your needs the best.

1. Vbrick Rev Video Management Platform

If you’re looking for a video management platform you can use at a larger scale that might fit even more needs than Kaltura, Vbrick Rev is an ideal enterprise video management platform you can use.

This tool provides a cloud-native video platform that can be used for anything from holding live webcasting, delivering video content, or managing all your video content. On top of that, Vbrick Rev Video Management Platform includes video analytics that you won’t find at Kaltura.

Yet this small but significant feature can help you check real-time analytics while you’re delivering the video, but even take advantage of it for on-demand video scenarios.

Vbrick Rev Video Management Platform is highly versatile, which means you will be able to integrate these videos with any enterprise system you’re currently using, which also helps maximize every video’s ROI.

Other than incredible video features, this platform features best-in-class security and even data enrichment that will help you improve your videos from the marketing perspective to achieve even better results.

There’s no available pricing chart you can have a look at, but you can schedule a demo at the official Vbrick website.

2. Sonic Foundry Mediasite

Sonic Foundry Mediasite is a similar alternative to Kaltura, yet with a much more efficient interface that ensures easier useability.

Mediasite focuses on education, communication, and collaboration for any purpose, no matter the industry, sector, or the number of users.

At the Mediasite platform, you can record videos, live stream videos, manage all your recorded videos and keep them stored in the cloud, but even edit your videos.

Editing your videos in Mediasite is a huge advantage over Kaltura, as you get to add accessibility for users who require it, generate captions, take advantage of engagement tools, and have access to various services and integrations to improve your videos further.

But what’s even more significant is that Mediasite comes with a very simple way of holding virtual events or meetings of any size.

Mediasite Events version introduces features such as a virtual expo hall, a custom event website, and marketing tools that can help you boost engagement, promote sponsors, and even hook up an eCommerce to your event to process payments and sell digital products.

Therefore, Mediasite is an excellent alternative for all industries and sectors, but it’s especially popular in education, enterprise, health, and events.

You can get a demo and try it out by visiting the official Media Site page.

3. Qumu Cloud

Kaltura is a great platform for doing a bit of everything when it comes down to the video, but Qumu Cloud is the best Kaltura alternative if you require all-in-one enterprise solutions.

Qumu Cloud can make your video smarter by boosting the experience, measuring, and securing your video content.

However, Qumu Cloud is also very good at helping you launch virtual products or events, but is especially good at onboarding and training customers and providing a way for employees to learn. At the same time, employers have an easier way of managing new talent and teaching them the ropes virtually.

This includes the ability to capture, control, deliver, experience, and even analyze everything you do over video.

Another Qumu Cloud’s strength over Kaltura is the ability to help enterprises communicate during company crises so you can quickly and easily reach out to the audience, share a message, and keep everyone on the same page regardless of the situation.

So the three best QUmu Cloud traits include ease of use, ability to use it everywhere in the world, and ability to drive the enterprises upwards by leveraging video and knowing exactly how to use video content to your advantage.

To get started with Qumu Cloud, you’ll have to get in contact with their team by visiting the official Qumu Cloud contact page.

4. Panopto

If you are looking for a Kaltura alternative that’s much easier to use where you might not need all of the available features, Panopto is a great pick to consider.

Panopto is a video platform that helps you reduce the time you spend typing up reports, interviews, or anything similar and yet do everything over the video, whether it’s live or pre-recorded.

This simple yet efficient video platform allows you to easily capture videos from multiple sources at once, share them securely with the right people in only seconds, and keep a library of all your videos that get stored in the cloud.

Panopto might not have as many features as Kaltura, but it’s well recognized for its simplicity. One of its biggest advantages is the integrated search engine that helps you search through your video library and find any of your videos in seconds.

Each one of your videos can be broadcast live, or it can be sent for on-demand use. Whatever the case is, you will always have access to analytics that can help you measure video stats and even observe engagement.

Yet the best thing about Panopto is not that it’s super simple, but it’s that you can also integrate it with any solution you might be using for business, work, or personal needs.

Therefore, Panopto is ideal for anything from a secure video library or a place to share knowledge to a virtual classroom, capturing lessons, creating training videos for easier onboarding, or more.

To get started, you can check the latest Panopto pricing plans by visiting the official Panopto pricing page.

5. Brightcove Video Marketing Suite

Brightcove Video Marketing Suite is an ideal Kaltura alternative because it strictly focuses on business video needs and ways of introducing video to boost your business.

Therefore, with this platform, you won’t only be able to create videos that will help you caption everyone’s interest, market your company better, or spread the message more efficiently. Still, you’ll also be able to build connections that will eventually help your business grow.

This video marketing suite includes publishing directly to social profiles, ensuring great video experiences, powerful live stream capability, analytics, and insight into the video engagement.

On top of that, you get the ability to scale up and expand your videos and even drive better results through automation that mostly focuses on marketing optimization.

Therefore, in comparison to Kaltura, Brightcove provides similar features, yet it serves as an all-in-one marketing suite that’s strictly focused on video marketing.

You can try Brightcove’s video marketing suite for free as a trial, or you can get in touch with customer support to discuss pricing plans by visiting the official Brightcove contact page.

6. MediaPlatform Webcaster

Enterprises that require instant communication need two things, efficiency and simplicity. MediaPlatform Webcaster is a great Kaltura alternative because it’s a lot simpler choice.

Even though fewer features were sacrificed in progress, MediaPlatform Webcaster is used by some of the largest companies, such as Worldpay, to stay connected.

With the help of MediaPlatform Webcaster, you can easily create virtual events, buyer’s guide videos, same-day webcasting, and more.

At the same time, you can manage all your videos on the platform, deliver them digitally almost anywhere, and even analyze them for engagement and possible improvements.

To try MediaPlatform Webcaster, schedule a demo by visiting the official MediaPlatform page.

7. IBM Video Streaming

Suppose you’re a large company, organization, or even an enterprise that only requires a tool that will allow seamless streaming without many additional features. In that case, IBM Video Streaming is a great Kaltura alternative.

IBM Video Streaming is a platform made only for recording video content, streaming video over the cloud, hosting videos for on-demand use, and analyzing everything behind your videos.

These analytical insights are useful at helping convert video viewers to customers and teach you how to simplify your video to improve engagement in general.

And suppose you’re recording on-demand videos for your company, hosting live videos for your employees, or anything similar to this. In that case, you’ll be able to improve employee engagement, leading to better productivity and workflow within the company.

All videos are broadcasted in high definition, and the platform is compatible with mobile players so that anyone can view the videos even on the go. Each video has the chat and Q&A option, which is something you won’t find with Kaltura.

For the latest IBM Video Streaming pricing, visit the official pricing page.

8. Echo360

If education is the main purpose for turning to video, Echo360 is the best Kaltura alternative because it strictly focuses on the educational industry.

Echo360 is a platform that strictly ties video with educational purposes and improves every aspect of it. That being said, it offers more abilities in the educational field than Kaltura. Still, it’s also one of the first platforms ever to provide active, personalized, and yet engaged video learning.

Based on the Accessible Video Matters technology, Echo360 and along with the videos, helps you produce captions and combine them with add-ons for the immersive learning experience.

Therefore, you can do anything from recording videos, streaming them directly, managing them in a secure online library, and analyzing engagement behind your videos to see how students respond to them.

Therefore, the two most common uses of Echo360 include higher education or continuing education as Echo360 can help improve remote learning to help students achieve better results, learn better, and transform the old learning ways.

To give Echo360 a try or talk about the pricing plans, contact Echo360’s support by visiting the official contact page.

9. Ignite Today

Ignite Today is a similar platform to Kaltura, yet it highly focuses on video marketing to help businesses and clients.

Not any video will do, and that’s why Ignite Today helps you create focused videos in combination with marketing to help you produce great results.

You get to combine perfect storytelling with promotion, marketing, social media content, and even spread your message clearly to your audience.

The biggest difference between Ignite Today and Kaltura is that Ignite Today works with you to help you create your video. The whole process happens in five steps:

  • Discovery
  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

Ignite Today’s team is there with you on each step, helping you understand your company, idea, and needs to create the perfect video for your marketing.

You’ll have to contact Ignite Today by visiting the official contact page for the pricing and more about the process.

10. Vidizmo EnterpriseTube

Vidizmo is one of the greatest Kaltura alternatives and even competitors because they came up with a brilliant idea to replicate the experience of running a YouTube channel, yet to have video management and stream for enterprises.

Vidizmo EnterpriseTube has similar features to Kaltura, including video content management, secure live streaming, on-demand video, and excellent video delivery.

But on top of that, you can also expect SSO integration, video data governance, easier content sharing, great access management, convenient video searching capability, and also a mobile application that makes things easier on the go.

With so many advantages over Kaltura, Vidizmo EnterpriseTube seems like a perfect solution for enterprises using this tool for corporate communication, marketing or sales, video training, holding virtual events, and even as a video archive since all videos are safely stored in the cloud.

You can try Vidizmo EnterpriseTube with a free trial, but if you plan on purchasing the tool, you’ll have to Vidizmo EnterpriseTube.

11. Vidyard

Kaltura is an all-in-one solution that can help you do wonders with video content generation, but Vidyard is a great alternative because it strictly focuses on video that will help you do virtual selling.

Vidyard can help you create a video that will get you leads, make your offer presentable, and close more deals.

It’s all about standing out and showing personality, which you can do by creating Vidyard videos. Vidyard’s biggest advantage over Kaltura is the ability to help you create and send follow-ups for people who watched your videos.

With this simple yet unique feature, Vidyard can help you boost response rates, improve engagement, and get your audience to truly hear your message to act upon it.

However, the biggest Vidyard’s advantage over Kaltura is the virtual selling report that truly helps you understand your video marketing efforts.

It’d surprise you that even some of the largest companies out there, such as Microsoft, LinkedIn, and HubSpot, rely on Vidyard for their video content marketing needs.

You can try out the Vidyard demo version or find out pricing plans by visiting the official Vidyard pricing page.

12. JW Player

Kaltura is versatile, and it can fit many needs, but if you’re a small-sized company, a start-up, or an entrepreneur, JW Player might be a better alternative that will fit your video needs.

JW Player is much more than a simple video player as it combines video streaming, monetization, and engagement to optimize all your videos for advertising.

Backed with the helpful analytics, you get to see how people engage with your videos and what actions you can take to optimize your videos for the custom business strategy that will ensure your audience gains more from your videos and that you profit as a result.

JW Player offers easy video customization so you can fully customize all your videos to fit them into your brand’s identity. Since JW Player is based on HTML5 and is considered one of the fastest HTML5 video players, you’ll be able to reach viewers anywhere to spread your message.

You can even talk with a JW Player expert to help you create and optimize your videos to achieve the results you’re after, and yet if you’re looking for the latest JW Player pricing, you should visit the official pricing page. However, keep in mind that you can also try out JW Player for free for the first 30 days with the trial plan.

13. Cincopa

Cincopa is very similar to Kaltura because it’s very versatile, and it provides more than one purpose to the video.

Therefore, in this platform, you’ll be able to do anything from hosting images to videos and even podcasts, which is one of the advantages over Kaltura.

Cincopa even supports slideshows in addition to videos so that you can showcase any media for any purpose.

The most common uses of Cincopa include marketing, knowledge sharing, employee engagement, and, most importantly, boosting sales with the help of video and other media.

There are currently over 5000 companies that use Cincopa, and most of the customers include sales departments, marketing agencies, digital agencies, online publishers, and companies from various backgrounds and industries.

For the latest Cincopa pricing, visit the official pricing page.

14. Wistia

Wistia is a unique Kaltura alternative because not only does it focus on business, but it strictly focuses on B2B (Business to Business) companies who are looking to explore video and take advantage to produce greater results.

Wistia is a platform that will take you from a video amateur to a video marketing pro as you’ll learn how to take control of video content, use video data, and send it to the tools you’re already using to collect and analyze data, create amazing videos, and improve your business.

This platform is also constantly getting updates such as cartoon video making, one of Wistia’s biggest advantages over Kaltura.

Wistia doesn’t only provide a decent set of tools that will help you create, manage, and share your video for marketing purposes, but it’ll also teach you how to take full advantage of these tools through webinar series.

Another great benefit is that you can try Wistia with a free plan (not a trial), and if you’re interested in the latest pricing plans, visit the official Wistia pricing page.

15. Opencast

If you’re looking for a similar alternative to Kaltura, yet an alternative that won’t cost you much, or better yet, will be free, Opencast makes a great choice.

Opencast is a very flexible video platform since it’s based on open-source code. Yet, it includes everything you’d need to capture video, edit and manage your video, and distribute your video through various channels and systems.

Therefore, Opencast is a serious platform used for academic purposes and is built by a community to be used worldwide.

Opencast gets frequent updates, so it’s a very reliable platform, and yet getting started is easy as long as you follow the instructions. The only thing to keep in mind is that there’s no official support for Windows, yet it’s mostly intended for Linux users.

On the other hand, compared to Kaltura, Opencast can provide half the features for absolutely free, which might be more than enough for most video needs.


The best Kaltura alternative is the Vbrick Rev Video Management Platform since it’s more versatile and includes more features such as real-time analytics, support for various integrations, and improved security.

It’s also a platform that helps companies and businesses maximize their ROI by using video as a marketing tool.

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