15 Best Twilio Alternatives 2024

Outreach is the most consuming part of marketing, and no matter the business you’re in, you’ll have to work with people and companies to make things happen.

Twilio is a great tool that helps automate most outreach, such as voice mails, text messages, and even phone calls.

While it can’t do everything for a business, it can help significantly reduce the effort and time companies spend on outreach. And with so many similar yet different tools that can help you automate some of the most time-consuming things you do for your marketing, the choice can be hard.

However, down below, you can find the 15 best Twilio alternatives if Twilio isn’t the right fit for your needs and you need additional help on your side!

Best Twilio Alternatives

No one outreach automation tool fits every business, and that’s why it’s important to check out more than only a couple of tools before making your decision. That’s exactly what you’ll get the chance to do below.

1. TextMagic

While the technology developed, only a few things remained the same. It’s how we use text messages and email, no matter how many other ways to communicate.

While Twilio focuses on many different communication channels such as voice, email, and even email, TextMagic strictly focuses on text messages.

Therefore, TextMagic isn’t only a tool that you can use to do outreach via text to your customer base, but it’s also a tool that can be utilized for customer service, notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations, or any other kind of communication between the company and the customer.

TextMagic allows you to log in online and send text messages directly from your computer, making your efforts faster and more efficient.

Depending on your TextMagic use, you will be able to convert emails to SMS and send it to your contacts, and even keep an SMS distribution list of all customers/clients/prospects you’d like to contact.

On top of that, you can integrate TextMagic into any third-party tool that allows integrations thanks to TextMagic’s API support so that you can keep all your communications in one place.

So if you’re strictly focusing on text messages, TextMagic makes a great Twilio alternative because it provides the most efficient way of taking advantage of text messaging for a business.

For the latest TextMagic pricing, visit the official Textmagic pricing page.

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2. Vonage

If you like Twilio’s purpose and benefits, yet you’re looking for something to help you operate your business communications at a larger scale, Vonage makes a great alternative.

Vonage makes a great choice because it helps provide much better support at a larger scale by offering companies a way to handle all their communications through a virtual contact center.

This can help you provide better sales, put agents in place that will be the main contact with customers, and even help turn prospects into customers.

However, Vonage can also help you with unified communications by providing flexible communication channels for all types of employees within the company to stay in touch with the customers in any way possible.

This includes messaging, voice, video, email, and more. But the biggest advantage Vonage has over Twilio is that these messaging services are programmable.

Therefore, you can not only integrate these channels into your standard messaging tool, but you can also program these communication channels to perfectly fit your company’s needs.

For Vonage’s latest pricing plans, visit Vonage’s official pricing page.

3. Bandwidth

Twilio has plenty of APIs that can help you integrate various communication channels into your preferred app, Bandwidth does the same yet with a laser focus on texts.

Bandwidth is a messaging API that you can inject and integrate into any third-party tool in minutes to take advantage of messages in your favor.

With Bandwidth, you can set up SMS, send toll-free SMS messages, group messaging through SMS, short-code SMS, and it even supports MMS API so you can send graphics.

On top of the messaging, Bandwidth also provides real-time receipts so you can gather intel and see what works and what doesn’t.

This way, you get to optimize your messaging for business purposes. Still, you can also keep testing various strategies as Bandwidth doesn’t have a limit on the messages you can send through their API or platform.

And in comparison to Twilio, another great thing is that you can try Bandwidth for free with a free trial you can get by visiting the official trial page.

4. Plum Voice

Suppose you are looking for an advanced messaging tool that strictly focuses on voice, and relies on the latest artificial intelligence technology to make things happen. In that case, Plum Voice is the best Twilio alternative.

Plum Voice helps you set up virtual voice agents that will be able to handle customer calls and accelerate engagement, which can lead to a higher ROI since Plum Voice is cost-efficient.

The biggest difference between Plum Voice and Twilio is that Plum Voice helps you code agents that will fit your needs, yet you won’t ever have to write a line of code. Instead, everything is done through a drag-and-drop builder integrated into the platform, making things effortless.

Plum Voice also includes templates that you can use to structure your virtual voice agents, and while it all starts from a simple call, you can take it in any direction by adding different input data.

Keep in mind that you can use Plum Voice in various languages, which is also a great advantage over Twilio.

For the latest Plum Voice pricing, visit the official pricing page.

5. MessageBird

Do you ever wonder how some of the largest companies have time for or have put much effort into customer engagement? If you’re looking to replicate the efforts of companies such as Airbnb, Glovo, DHL, Uber, and even Facebook and others, MessageBird makes a great Twilio alternative.

With MessageBird, you can use messages to create and improve the interaction between you and your customers/clients at any step of the process. This applies to anything from marketing to sales and customer support. And no matter the need, you’ll have high-end account security, so all your messages will stay encrypted and protected.

MessageBird knew that the best way to reach customers and clients was to adapt to their ways of communication so you can use MessageBird to reach out to customers using the most common messaging channels such as phone, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Line, Talk, and other well-known apps.

However, you’ll never get lost in communications and outreach as you can track all of your work from one inbox that’s wisely built for efficiency and productivity.

On top of that, you can use Flow Builder technology to automate some of the initial messaging and outreach to make things simpler for you.

What’s also great about MessageBird compared to Twilio is that MessageBird is free to use if you’re just getting started.

For the latest MessageBird pricing, visit their official pricing page.

6. Infobip

Twilio is great at allowing you to create your communication channels from scratch to match your needs. Still, if you are looking for a platform/system that has everything set in place and can provide you with a solid solution from the moment you become a customer, Infobip is a great solution.

It is a great fit for a business and developers who require a flexible and programmable communication API to keep their customers happy.

Therefore, Infobip can help you with personalized omnichannel support that will help you connect with your customers at a deeper level to leverage more information and improve your marketing strategies.

The omnichannel support includes anything from SMS, WhatsApp messages, voice, video, email, and other messaging apps and platforms.

With no compromise in delivery and the ability to do global outreach (even if you only have a local presence), Infobip provides much better results than Twilio.

Therefore, for the latest Infobip pricing plans, contact the official Infobip support.

7. Alvaria

Suppose you’ve been struggling to keep your communications efficient and open. In that case, Alvaria might be an even better alternative than Twilio because it offers advanced inbound and outbound solutions.

With Alvaria, you can provide a premium customer experience by taking advantage of only one of their communication solutions. You can focus on either a voice agent, Omni agent, automated agent, or use Alvaria to help you deal with compliant outreach, customer insight, and even fraud detection.

No matter which solution you choose to communicate efficiently with your clients, customers, and prospects, you’ll be able to set scalable channels from scratch and keep an eye on all important information and data you can gather from real-time monitoring.

With the help of management tools, you can use Alvaria to provide quality insights no matter how you choose to interact. Alvaria takes communication to another level which is a huge advantage over Twilio.

For Alvaria’s latest pricing, you’ll have to contact Alvaria’s customer support.

8. Plivo

Plivo is one of the most similar alternatives to Twilio because it functions similarly and it helps provide very similar benefits.

This tool focuses on providing cloud communication tools that enable you to get all your communications in order in one place and personalize your communications that you can also integrate into third-party tools with the help of API.

The biggest difference between Twilio and Plivo is that Plivo can help you save a lot more money in the long run. Yet you can as easily set everything up and keep it hosted in the cloud without worrying about security or data loss.

Plivo supports SMS, MMS, voice, and even Zentruk and Contacto.

For Plivo’s latest pricing plans, visit the official pricing page.

9. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is an ultimate all-in-one tool that provides more than just communication services and solutions.

In comparison to Twilio, Bitrix24 isn’t only focusing on communication, yet it also provides tools for collaboration within the company, CRM features, tasks and projects functions, sites and stores, and is even a great fit for HR and automation.

What’s also a great advantage is that Bitrix24 comes with an instant WhatsApp for messenger-based sales.

All of the communications are also streamlined into one neat interface so you can keep an eye on everything from one place without missing a single text, voice, or email.

Even better yet, with Bitrix24, you can get started for free (not a trial). First, however, visit their official pricing page if you’d like to see Bitrix24’s latest pricing plans.

10. Podium

Suppose you’re a local/small business yet looking for a tool like Twilio that will help you keep all your communications in control without any complex features. In that case, Podium is a great alternative you should check out.

Communication is crucial for local businesses, and Podium designed their tool around the needs of a local business after the win and stayed in the game, which can be hard surrounded by “the big guys”.

With Podium, you can get help to set up communication channels which will then help you convert conversations into reviews, customers, or even turn your current customers into customers for life.

Podium consists of inbox, reviews, webchat, payments, feedback, team chat, video chat, and campaigns. These tools will help you get your communications right, get your texts open, and get business done as a real business, no matter your size.

The Podium’s biggest advantage over Twilio is that Podium has features and tools built for smaller businesses looking for a way to build a reputation through communication and improve their business.

For the latest Podium pricing, visit the official pricing page.

11. Telnyx

Telnyx is one of many communication tools, yet it’s one of the rare ones that is highly focused on providing advanced features on top of the standard communication features you can find in tools such as Twilio.

Telnyx makes a great Twilio alternative that makes connectivity simple with features such as messaging APIs you can integrate into any software of your choice.

These messaging APIs are also programmable, so you can send and receive SMS, MMS, or even use them to inform customers/clients, send notifications, or use them to your advantage in any way possible.

But on top of that, Telnyx is constantly developing new features shaping the industry, such as Verify API, which is essentially a reliable security system via the messaging system, and even a WhatsApp API that allows you to integrate WhatsApp into any third-party tool you are using for communication.

There’s also voice API, wireless SIM cards so you can use carriers from all around the world virtually.

Telnyx’s biggest advantage over Twilio is the elastic SIP trunking, which allows you to integrate voice into your applications or even your VoIP tool. This gives you the flexibility to use Telnyx without relying only on their tool.

For the latest Telnyx pricing, visit their official pricing page.

12. CometChat

CometChat is a very similar alternative to Twilio because it combines three-in-one tools as it focuses text, video, and voice as a part of messaging.

CometChat’s great advantage over Twilio is that even though it features similar and basic features just like Twilio, these tools are full of advanced features such as read receipts and media sharing and can even be combined with extensions that provide a much higher efficiency rate.

What’s also great about CometChat is that it offers you more ways to implement their tools than Twilio. With CometChat, you can implement it in one of three possible ways: chat widgets, user interface kits, SDKs, and APIs.

What’s also great is that you can have full control and even program your chats thanks to the proper support available 24/7.

For the latest on CometChat’s pricing plans, visit the official pricing page.

13. Sendbird

Sendbird operates a bit differently than Twilio, but it’s also a tool focused on communication which can be a solution to specific communication needs.

This tool provides an in-app chat experience, an experience you can mostly find on websites where you can get in touch quickly via the pop-up chat in the corner.

Sendbird applies the same technology to apps which goes well with well-designed apps that provide value to users.

What’s great about Sendbird is that it is a great fit for any industry and it can be applied in any app.

There are many ways you can take advantage of Sendbird’s in-app communication technology. Yet, the most significant results were a 75% drop in booking cancellation, a 33% drop in customer support calls, and an 8% increase in user retention.

Therefore, the biggest Sendbird’s advantage is something Twilio can’t do, and it’s to make an app social which is why Sendbird might be the right alternative for you if you run an app.

For the latest Sendbird pricing plans, visit their official pricing page.

14. Zipwhip

If you love Twilio’s features, and you’re a business that would need a bit more specific communication tools and features, Zipwhip is a great alternative.

Zipwhip is a communication tool full of powerful features that focus on texting for businesses by helping you to improve service and support, send alerts & reminders, do your marketing promotions more efficiently, and even make sales as a result.

It’s needless to say that texting is the preferred way of communication for customers and clients, yet it’s also the easiest way to achieve better results.

Zipwhip is so simple to use as its text enables your business phones and allows you to send and receive all texts from a computer or directly from mobile devices.

You can also integrate Zipwhip with other third-party apps you might use for business, and even though Zipwhip doesn’t automate anything for you, it can still save you a lot of time.

You can save time by creating and using templates, scheduling text messages, and having auto-replies to keep your business communications smooth.

For the latest Zipwhip pricing, you’ll have to contact Zipwhip’s customer service.

15. Voximplant

If you would like an alternative that operates similarly to Twilio yet keeps highly secure communication assets in the cloud, Voximplant is a pick you should look at.

Last but not least, Voximplant is a cloud solution that makes communications simple by providing cloud centers and communication apps for users worldwide.

What’s so great about Voximplant is that it’s one of the most advanced cloud communication platforms/tools. It doesn’t require any coding for you to use it and take full advantage of its capabilities.

With their no-coding kit, you can drag and drop elements to create ideal and custom communication elements that you can use for any purpose.

While it can do similar things as Twilio, Voximplant is more advanced and works differently by expanding the capabilities and providing an effortless way to create custom abilities.

For the latest Voximplant pricing, visit the official pricing page.


With so many different Twilio alternatives, you must find a suitable alternative to fit your needs.

Textmagic is the best Twilio alternative for me because it strictly focuses on text communication and adds advanced features that Twilio doesn’t have.

On top of that, the text is proven to be the most efficient communication way for business which is why Twilio’s versatility might not be enough to beat Textmagic’s laser-focused features that provide great results and an even better yet return on investment.

However, if Textmagic isn’t a great fit for your needs, any other pick can be a good alternative!

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