10 Best Email Outreach Software

If you’re looking for the best email outreach software, we will reveal them to you in this post.

In this digital marketing age, email marketing is one of the significant methods for getting new leads across the internet.

Nevertheless, sending outreach emails is one of the complex email marketing challenges experienced by marketers, bloggers, and influencers alike.

Take, for instance, sending outreach emails manually, or one-at-a-time is a downright tedious process that can waste time and hinder productivity.

However, technology has sprouted the development of automated email outreach software, which can be utilized to send and manage outreach emails.

Any of these email outreach software saves time, effort, and money associated with the traditional method of sending bulk outreach emails to prospective leads as well as existing clients.

Therefore, we will reveal the best email outreach software that you can use for your business or marketing purpose.

But, before we proceed, let’s answer the fundamental question, what is email outreach?

What Is Email Outreach?

Email outreach is the process of reaching out to other people by using email; basically, it is making email contact with your business customers, partners, investors, or influencers.

The goal of email outreach is to engage with leads via email to accomplish your business objectives. Take, for instance, you can create an email outreach to sell a product, form a partnership, promote a blog or content, or to request a backlink.

Nevertheless, any marketer or business professional can use email outreach software to streamline their mundane email marketing tasks without debacle.

Benefits Of Using Email Outreach Software

Email outreach software incorporates several benefits. Some of which include:

Automatic emails and follow-ups

Email outreach software can send automated emails and follow-ups to your leads and prospects at the scheduled date and time.

Email personalization

Another benefit of using email outreach software is that it allows you to personalize emails using tags appropriately, and variables to get the best response. Besides, some email outreach software comes with pre-designed email templates to expedite the process.


With the perfect email outreach software, you can save time to compose, send, and manage outreach emails. Instead of spending time creating and sending emails manually, email outreach software can automate the workflow, thereby allowing you to focus on other essential things.

Finding leads/prospects

With the ideal email outreach software, you can find ideal leads and then get their contacts. Conversely, some innovative email outreach software comes with an email finder feature that can source emails from any website.

Campaign tracking

Another exciting perk about using email outreach software is that it allows you to track your email outreach campaign by providing useful stats. You can track several rates like open rate, click rate, response rate, etc. Not to mention, some unique email outreach software features A/B testing for testing campaign effectiveness.

To sum it up, email outreach software complements your marketing efforts, thereby allowing you to put in little or no effort.

Best Email Outreach Software

Listed below are 10 of the best email outreach software to ignite your email outreach prowess.

1. Ninja Outreach

This is a unique email outreach software with several useful features. Notably, it is a tool for everyone as it has no location restrictions, and it supports various languages.

Ninja Outreach works automatically, thereby allowing you to send outreach emails. You can schedule this tool to send and respond to emails automatically at any day or time, which saves you time and energy.

Also, you can send emails directly from your NinjaOutreach account by synchronizing the platform with your connected webmail accounts.

You won’t need to write emails from scratch; besides, Ninja Outreach comes with professional email templates you can use. Also, you can create your email template from scratch. Nevertheless, the email template building process can be quickly down after a few clicks.

With NinjaOutreach, you can efficiently track your email outreach campaigns. Moreover, this tool can monitor all email statistics such as replies, clicks, email opens, and others. Therefore, you can determine the most effective email campaigns and templates.

While sending mails, you can sort out emails to receive via specific labels, tags, and previous interactions. Not to mention, Ninja Outreach comes with a built-in email finder that allows you to find the email address of your leads by merely entering their website URL. With an email validator, you can validate if an email address is genuine.

Furthermore, Ninja Outreach provides real-time in-app and email notifications, so you never miss an email from your leads.

Another exciting perk about Ninja Outreach is its compatibility with other email marketing platforms such as MailChimp and HubSpot, which facilitates advanced email marketing tasks.


  • No setup fee
  • Support for automation
  • Easy to find influencers
  • Sources contact information
  • Supports CSV export
  • Supports segmentation for better arranged lists
  • Reliable support and knowledge base
  • Supports multiple link building strategies simultaneously


  • No free accounts
  • There may be too many features for starters
  • No native email software
  • Exclusively for Twitter and Instagram

2. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is an email outreach software that helps users to build relationships with their leads. Top brands such as Shopify, 99designs, Shopify, and Canva make use of BuzzStream, which proves it is a reliable email outreach software.

Nevertheless, BuzzStream makes the email outreach process easy for users by providing unique features. It also comes with different email templates that can be fully personalized. Hence, you can either make use of any pre-designed email template or create your email template for use.

You can schedule emails for sending at any time; plus, you can set up automatic responses to automate replies. Furthermore, you can send emails individually or in bulk and then segment your email list using filters to get the perfect contacts.

BuzzStream can automatically discover the email address of leads for you. All you have to do is provide the leads website URL. Also, you can get the email addresses linked to any website you visit.

With BuzzStream, you won’t miss relevant emails as you can set up reminders. If you work in a team, other team members can also access and work with the same data; besides, BuzzStream has a centralized database.

Nevertheless, BuzzStream provides useful reports so you can discover which emails and templates are working best. Also, it allows you to evaluate your team performance and track the performance and progress of your email outreach campaigns.

Conversely, you can share reports generated by BuzzStream with others; besides, BuzzStream allows you to customize these reports so you can share only necessary data.


  • Easy to learn and use
  • Sufficient influencer tools
  • Good for link building
  • Supports link tracking
  • No setup fees
  • Supports Prospects import
  • Centralized location for storage and management


  • Some reports mess up when exported as PDF
  • Some users complain about the customer service

3. MailShake

Its developers describe MailShake as a simple yet powerful email outreach software. Unlike other email outreach software, MailShake is a user-friendly tool, which enables users to send better cold outreach emails.

This email outreach software features a lead catcher that allows you to acquire real contact information about your leads.

For your email campaigns, MailShake comes with high-converting email templates. These email templates can be customized based on your preference, while you can also create your email templates.

Conversely, you can send trigger-based follow-up emails. These follow-up emails are sent automatically when your lead clicks on links within your emails.

MailShake has a unique mail merge feature. You can upload an email list as a CSV file to create a mail merge and send an email to multiple contacts at a time. The mail merge features field replacement tags so you can personalize the message for each lead.

With automatic follow-ups, MailShake allows you to reply to messages on time. Moreover, there are email follow-up templates to make the work easier. Also, you can schedule an email or multiple emails to deliver at a specified time when you are sure your leads will view them.

MailShake monitors replies, opens, and clicks, thereby providing you with reliable insights. This allows you to know the effective email campaigns. Additionally, this email outreach software integrates with Salesforce and Zapier which provides you with extended capabilities.


  • Good deliverability
  • Campaign automation
  • Automatic duplicate scanning
  • Campaign suggestions
  • Reliable support
  • Demo for new users
  • Free educational content and webinars
  • Relatively affordable


  • Daily send limits
  • No refund if you cancel your subscription
  • No option to check metrics for individual lists in a campaign

4. Overloop

Overloop (formerly known as Prospect.io) is an email outreach software that is suitable for prospecting, emailing, and analyzing. It synchronizes with third-party email management platforms such as Gmail, MS Office 365, Exchange, or private IMAP/SMTP servers. This allows you to send and view emails easily.

You can search for an email address on any website by using the Overloop Google Chrome extension; besides, this tool lists out all email addresses associated with the website’s domain name.

With its email finder tool, you can search for the email address of potential leads by using their first and last names as well as CSV spreadsheets. Also, Overloop can be used to verify email addresses to ensure their validity.

Overloop features several email templates for easy personalization. These email templates can also be shared with other team members with just a single click.

With Prospect.io, you can create multiple emails and schedule them for automatic sending in sequence. Also, you have the option to stop the sequence if your lead replies to the email or clicks on it.

As a reliable email outreach software, you can count on Overloop for the active tracking of your email outreach campaigns.

You can track open rate, click rate, bounce rate, and replies. Also, you can track conversion rates by using the conversion tracking code and monitor the performance of other connected team members as well.


  • User-friendly UI
  • Simple sales funneling
  • Reliable email verification
  • Sales funnels automation
  • 30 days money-back guarantee on subscriptions
  • Standby customer support
  • Supports add-ons


  • No free trial
  • Pricing plans may be expensive
  • Email finder is not very accurate

5. Woodpecker

Another best email outreach software that should be on our list is Woodpecker. You can conveniently send automatic emails and follow-ups with Woodpecker. Not to mention, Woodpecker allows you to nurture incoming leads on its platform.

Additionally, Woodpecker integrates with different email management platforms such as Gmail, Office 365, Exchange, Mailgun, and SendGrid. Also, it allows you to synchronize its platform with any SMTP email server.

With Woodpecker, you can send automatic emails like bulk manual emails. Besides, Woodpecker uses an email throttling algorithm to schedule email posting irregularly.

Emails can be scheduled for sending at a particular time, time gap, or day interval. For follow-ups, you can schedule emails to post once a condition is triggered. It could be when your email is opened, or when a link is clicked.

With custom fields and snippets, you can easily personalize your email outreach. Also, you can create and save email templates for future use.

Also, it comes with a built-in reply detection mechanism that detects replies from leads even when they make use of a different email address. This ensures you do not miss any responses from your outreach efforts.

Conversely, Woodpecker tracks both open rates and clicks rates. Information such as bounce rates and campaign progress statistics are also displayed.

Furthermore, this Woodpecker seamlessly integrates with Zapier, Zoho, Close.io, Gmail, MS Office 365, Mailgun, Microsoft Exchange Server, and SendGrid; hence, you can export leads to any of the integrated platforms.


  • Easy to set up
  • Fast contact list integration
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reports
  • Automated split testing
  • Top-notch security
  • Reliable customer support
  • Supports multiple team members per slot
  • Supports manual tasks for non-email action


  • Only allows a maximum of 7 follow-ups
  • Somewhat expensive for small businesses

6. SmartReach

As the name suggests, SmartReach allows you to run smart email outreach campaigns. It can be used to send automatic emails and follow-ups in an old-fashioned way – one by one rather than all at once.

Furthermore, emails can be personalized with tags. Not to mention, it comes with an A/B testing feature, which allows you to test your outreach campaigns for better results. For better and easy management, you can categorize your prospects using filters.

Nevertheless, SmartReach monitors your entire email outreaches in real-time. This ensures that your outreach emails do not end up in the spam folder of your prospect’s email box. Also, it runs spam tests to identify possible problems and gives you tips to avoid them.

As you create your outreach emails, your prospect’s activity timeline is displayed, which allows you to view their relevant data to create emails with quality context. A SmartPause feature puts all scheduled automatic emails and follow-ups on hold once a manual email is sent.

Conversely, SmartReach provides you with your prospect feed by using real-time data. This allows you to keep track of all activities, including clicks, opens, and replies, so you know how your campaigns are performing.

SmartReach supports multiple user access, which makes it suitable for team-based users. Also, you can share data and analytics with other users for an external performance audit.

Nevertheless, SmartReach seamlessly integrates with Zapier, which allows you to connect with more than 1,000 web apps. Also, this email outreach software synchronizes with email management platforms such as MS Office 365, Gmail, Mailgun, MS Exchange Server, SendGrid, as well as any SMTP/IMAP email servers.


  • Email automation and follow-ups
  • Easy campaign management
  • A & B Testing
  • Third-party integrations
  • Supports team collaboration
  • No minimum campaigns
  • Supports various email providers
  • Reliable spam tests
  • Mail validation


  • Limited contact list filters
  • Only 4 spam reports per month

7. SalesHandy

SalesHandy is an email outreach software that is ideal for any business user. With SalesHandy, you can send email outreach campaigns effectively.

Conversely, SalesHandy allows you to schedule emails for posting at any given time; for instance, you can schedule emails based on the time zone of the recipient. Also, you can personalize emails for your recipients and get engagement analytics for each delivered outreach email.

You can send individual or bulk messages to various recipients at a time; besides, SalesHandy supports email deliverability for up to 2,000 recipients at a time. Also, this email outreach software prevents your emails from getting into the spam folder by setting time intervals between emails.

Nevertheless, SalesHandy comes with well-designed email templates that you can work with; plus, you can create your email templates and also share them with connected team members. Besides that, SalesHandy allows you to export reports generated in a CSV file for easy sharing with team members.

SalesHandy allows you to create automatic follow-ups based on various triggers, such as replies, opens, or clicks. Fortunately, SalesHandy comes with up to 10 email follow-up stages.

If there are specific domain names you do not want to email or receive emails from, you can block them with its featured domain blocking tool.

Apart from this, SalesHandy also facilitates email tracking. It can track various email statistics, thereby providing you with better insights. Also, it provides you with desktop notifications to keep you on alert in real-time.

SalesHandy has extensions for Gmail and MS Outlook; hence, you can access its email outreach prowess on external email management platforms. Not to mention, SalesHandy works with any efficient SMTP email servers.


  • Professional email templates
  • User friendly interface
  • Third-party integrations
  • Free trial and free plan
  • Affordable premium pricing
  • Easy setup
  • On-time notifications
  • Email list validation
  • Good support


  • Poor autoresponder management
  • Integrations might be a little complex to setup

8. Outreach

Outreach is an email outreach software built to help you achieve your business goals via email outreach. Trusted by top brands such as Microsoft and Adobe, Outreach is the ideal email outreach software you can count on for your email marketing needs.

This email outreach software enables you to send outreach emails and follow-ups automatically. Follow-ups can be activated upon triggers, and there are prompt notifications to ensure that you do not miss any message or activity from leads.

Also, emails can be scheduled to be sent in a sequential manner, so it seems like they were sent manually. However, you can limit the number of emails that can be sent to a particular domain in a day and the total number of emails to be posted in a day.

As its name suggests, creating and managing email outreach is a cakewalk process with Outreach. Besides, it has several built-in email templates that you can use. Moreover, you can sort emails by using filters without hassles.

Conversely, this unique email outreach software incorporates Amplify – a machine learning suite – which helps in automating your outreach tasks. It provides you with tips for better engagement, thereby enhancing your decision-making process when it comes to email marketing.

With Outreach, you are provided with day-to-day performance stats to measure the performance of your outreach campaigns. These stats are displayed in bar charts and percentages for easy comprehension.

With a responsive customer support service, you can rely on Outreach’s technical support team for 24/7 assistance whenever necessary.


  • Easy to use
  • Automatic and personalized email follow-ups
  • Exclusive LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration
  • In-depth email analytics
  • Reliable for customer relationship management
  • Powerful sequences for lead automation


  • Expensive pricing plans
  • No Google Sheets integration
  • No team plans
  • No Zapier integration

9. MailGaze

MailGaze is a unique software for your email outreach campaigns.

Also, it allows you to track and analyze the insights of your competitor’s outreach campaign. With your competitor’s insights, you can bolster your email campaigns and stay on top of the competition.

To create outreach emails, MailGaze provides you with unlimited access to various kinds of outreach email templates such as promotional emails, relational emails, and transactional emails.

Nevertheless, emails can be scheduled to send automatically; plus, you can send emails based on location and demography.

Created emails can be efficiently personalized and managed by using filters. With MailGaze, you can monitor any website by simply adding their URLs. This allows you to acquire the email addresses of your potential leads. Besides that, you can search for leads by using keywords and advertisers.

Another exciting perk about MailGaze is that it allows you to track email statistics in real-time. Not to mention, it can track both sender and mailer analytics. Also, it stores all the email tracking reports in its database so you can access them at any time in the future.

With MailGaze, you can effectively track your competitors’ email outreach campaigns, thereby creating your robust email marketing strategy, which will ensure you stay at the top.


  • Spy on competitor campaigns
  • Email template library
  • Sales funnels management
  • Smart email campaigns
  • Variety of search filters
  • Smart ad filtering
  • Email bookmarking
  • Mailer analytics


  • No free trial
  • No team plans
  • Few features for the Basic plan

10. Mixmax

With an email outreach software such as Mixmax, business professionals or marketers can automate their entire email marketing workflow.

Mixmax allows you to schedule emails to send later and also set reminders to remind you. While creating emails, this email outreach software displays useful insights on a sidebar so you can include user data, thereby improving productivity.

With Mixmax, you can create automated follow-up emails; also, you can set up more than one email to send in sequence when triggered. Apart from that, Mixmax allows you to create and save email templates, which can be shared with your team.

You can set a link preview for links included in your outreach emails. Also, you can add Google Map directions in your email to direct leads for physical visits.

Conversely, Mixmax works smoothly with Gmail and also synchronizes with Salesforce for higher performance. It delivers useful insights and reports by tracking reply rates, open rates, click rates, and overall performance.

With these insights, you can measure engagements and know which templates/emails work best. Moreover, performance insights are displayed in charts for more in-depth results.

To keep you updated in real-time, Mixmax sends tracking alerts to you via desktop notifications or by email.


  • Free account
  • Unique activity feed
  • Online webinars and educational videos
  • Free trial for premium plans
  • Drip campaign scheduling
  • Reliable support


  • Not entirely white label
  • Few bugs complaints

Wrapping Up

With the best email outreach software, you can complement your marketing efforts without hassles.

Nevertheless, any of the email outreach software we mentioned above can help you to streamline your email marketing tasks. Besides, they incorporate several unique tools and features for sending and managing outreach emails.

However, it would be best if you took your time to opt for an email outreach software while considering factors such as usability, affordability, testimonials, and preference.

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