15 Best SalesLoft Alternatives 2024

SalesLoft is a leading sales engagement application that enables sales teams and sellers to generate more revenue. The platform features the Modern Revenue Workspace that lets sellers execute every digital selling task, interact with customers, know the next step to take, and get the insights and coaching needed to win.

Thousands of some of the world’s successful sales teams use this tool to drive revenue. Why does the platform attract many users? Well, first, it’s easy to use with a clean and intuitive interface. You can also automate the outreach and personalize it to the prospect.

I like SalesLoft because of its integration with most of my favorite apps like Gmail, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Orum, Alyce, Lusha, 6sense, Zoom, Drift, Zoho CRM, Leadjet, and many others.

Besides, the platform provides you with detailed analytics and reports for all activities you carry out. You can use the data to know what drives the best results.

But despite these benefits, SalesLoft has some limitations, such as a high price point, lack of a free trial, and spacing issues after copying and pasting information from MS Word or Outlook to the platform’s email.

Connecting the dialer to your device can be challenging, especially for international users. And, frequent updates affect the app’s performance for a few minutes. Therefore, if you’re looking for alternative software, you’ve come to the right place.

Best SalesLoft Alternatives

1. Outreach

Outreach is an engagement and intelligence sales tool that aims to boost sales engagement and productivity.

As a full-service platform, Outreach focuses on optimizing the revenue funnel by improving the sales reps’ experience using machine learning models. This will empower the teams to take meaningful actions that will drive results.

Outreach provides AI-driven reports to equip sales leaders with practical insights to help them understand buyer behavior and sentiment, trends, and best practices.

If you would like to capitalize on the potential for automation, multi-step integrations, and triggered actions, Outreach might be a good fit. It integrates all these processes to provide real-time guidance and informed workflows to identify growth opportunities and work on them proactively.

Outreach’s ability to leverage AI for forecasting negates guesswork, transforming every process into measurable productivity,

Real-time AI-assisted coaching and advanced automation help train reps in a short time. The intelligent virtual assistant Outreach Kaia provides relevant content to ace every customer engagement before, during, and after calls.

Outreach ensures sales reps streamline their prospect outreach. It also furnishes them with customer interaction history details that help to make better follow-ups. Compared to SalesLoft, this tool has robust task management features.

Outreach doesn’t give details about their pricing online. You need to contact them for a suitable quote.

2. HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is a smart sales engagement platform that gets you selling in less time. You can also use it to build and automate your sales processes.

The tool has top-notch sales analytics to help gauge performance, improve customer relationships, and manage your pipeline.

It is cloud-based, meaning you can easily track and nurture leads. Hubspot features sequences, sales analytics, sales playbooks, and more.

Other notable features include inbound and outbound marketing, email tracking, sales automation, lead management, sales pipeline management, contact management, customer relationship management, and more.

However, it surpasses SalesLoft with unique features like canned snippets, quotes, mobile app, and live chat.

Hubspot Sales Hub has a starter plan at $45, a professional plan at $450, and an enterprise plan at $1200

3. Reply

Reply is another omnichannel software for all things outbound and inbound sales engagement. It helps you automate your email searches and other sales tasks like instant messaging, LinkedIn outreach, calls, and more.

What makes Reply better is its ability to engage with prospects on multiple channels. This means you can meet your clients wherever they are.

Reply’s use cases are about account-based sales, inbound and outbound sales, PR & link building, and HR & recruiting. It also comes with a tool that runs the prospecting and discovering of contacts to use in your outbound sales pipeline.

Reply is a better solution if you have various channels of customer interaction. SalesLoft, on the other hand, has more tools for managing your sales pipeline and analytics.

You can also use Reply as a component in a large system.

Reply has varied pricing plans for individuals, businesses, and agencies. It charges per user per month with rates varying from $70 to $120.

4. Mixmax

Mixmax is a powerful email-based sales engagement tool. It has a range of robust automation, integration, tracking, and scheduling tools. This empowers your sales representatives to stay focused on client interaction.

If you are a Gmail/G Suite user, this tool can streamline your sales processes efficiently to improve your experience.

Mixmax is effective because of its complex, customizable features for different use cases. With a wide suite of integrations such as calendar widgets, survey widgets, buttons, badges, you can easily add them to your sales technology stack and boost your interactions.

The feature that gives it an edge is the ability to embed widgets within your email. This reduces the friction for clients while improving mid-funnel pipeline conversions.

Its built-in dialer has native integrations with Pipedrive, Salesforce, Slack, and other services.

While Mixmax changes the way you communicate with the world via email, SalesLoft offers a simple way to build targeted, accurate leads online.

Right from the Mixmax email inbox, you can schedule meetings, use templates, track your emails, create self-service campaigns, use direct dials, and sync with CRM.

It offers reasonable pricing plans, including a free plan, starter plan at $9, SMB plan at $24, growth plan at $45, and a quote-based enterprise plan.

5. Chorus.ai

Chorus.ai utilizes artificial intelligence to empower sales reps to cut and close more deals through conversations.

With the data gathered, Chorus.ai will help you track any deal risks that need to be avoided, helping you to build solid and meaningful relationships that boost productivity.

Besides call recording and transcriptions, Chorus also has a deal hub that analyzes deals, an AI for revenue teams to learn your business language and sales process.

With Chorus, you get your emails, calls, and meetings from the source, allowing you to capture and analyze all interactions.

Unlike SalesLoft, Chorus provides flexible call topic metadata tagging. The call transcripts are searchable, and you can edit them to capture and save snippets.

It offers a simple, scalable solution that enhances your bottom line. It also eliminates guesswork by proactively helping the management to impact outcomes through pinpointing areas that need improvement while measuring progress.

Its pricing plan is not available online.

6. DealHub.io

DealHub is a sales engagement solution and configured price quotation (CPQ) tool that provides end-to-end deal acceleration. With CPQ, you get to generate quotes quickly and customize them to each customer. It also offers templates, upsells recommendations, and workflow.

DealHub comes with a shared space known as DealRoom. This is where the sales department gathers and shares information from a single spot. You and your deal stakeholders will collaborate from one location, engage, and sign deals electronically.

It also gives you a chance to conduct your outreach-based survey on prospect details from Freshworks, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce.

DealHub has features that let you manage each engagement touchpoint. You can generate proposals and sales quotes in minutes and provide great insights on sales performance and buyer intent.

With this platform, you can personalize interactive pages for each buyer you contact. Every call and action is taken based on the lead stage in your sales pipeline.

Compared to SalesLoft, DealHub is cloud-based, with a faster processing process for things like invoices and proposals.

DealHub’s pricing plans are available on quote.

7. Apollo.io

Apollo.io is a top-rated sales engagement tool that combines two unique functions – sales engagement and lead database. With it, you can run your database campaigns and source contacts.

Apollo uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate sales processes. This also helps to identify patterns within the pipeline that managers and sales representatives can use.

Like other sales management tools, Apollo lets you run outbound sequences. It comes with integrations for various sales setups. As a workflow tool, you can build complete sequences and customize them accordingly. It includes features like emails, calls, a rules engine, task management, and more.

Its task management furnishes you with research on target accounts. And the rules engine will help create standards based on particular triggers, stages, and activities. It also has plenty of integrations.

While SalesLoft works with large businesses, Apollo is suitable for small and mid-size organizations. It contains standard features and functionalities, with an excellent concept.

Apollo’s unique contact database is unmatched. It’s easy to integrate into your outbound sequence.

Apollo offers four plans, including a free plan, a basic plan at $9, a professional plan at $19, and a custom plan available on quote.

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8. Yesware

Yesware is an all-inclusive sales toolkit that runs straight from your email inbox. It’s also friendly on the pocket and comes with a free trial. You can purchase one license and get ready to roll.

Although it has very few features, Yesware’s integrations leverage software like LinkedIn and Salesforce.

Yesware is designed for sales teams. It combines productivity with managerial visibility to help sales professionals prospect, arrange meetings, and follow up without using software or leaving their mail inbox.

This platform allows managers to track, analyze and standardize whatever is working for the business.

Yesware runs directly from your email inbox. This means it’s easy to set up and implement with less friction on getting started. The onboarding process is pretty fast.

SalesLoft comes with a heavy implementation procedure. It can take weeks or months to onboard, and you do so at a fee. It also lacks PDF or presentation tracking, a powerful element for sales outreach strategizing.

With Yesware, you have real-time email, link clicking, and presentation tracking straight from the email inbox. It’s also great at customization and flexibility in the sales process.

Pricing plans include a pro plan at $15, a premium plan at $35, and an enterprise plan that costs $65.

9. Groove

Groove is a sales engagement application for businesses that use Salesforce. It automates non-sales tasks, giving reps ample time to build relationships and generate revenue. The sales engagement platform prides itself on being the industry’s sole native salesforce integration tool.

It is also developed to support businesses’ scalability, customization, and security needs using Salesforce or Salesforce Industry Clouds.

Groove seamlessly allows sales teams access to account history and notify Salesforce without leaving their inboxes. This not only saves time; it also increases effectiveness.

Groove’s emphasis on increasing your sales team’s productivity is well portrayed by the innovative tools it provides. This allows them to focus on activities that drive results.

With 100% access to sales activities, your sales department will ensure maximum productivity using the comprehensive insights provided by Groove and a clear outlook of what is generating revenue.

Groove’s objective is to ensure its sales tools efficiently generate new leads so you can close more deals and increase your revenue.

What makes it one of the best SalesLoft alternatives is the fact that it operates primarily as a Salesforce extension. It can be a powerful addition to companies that rely on Salesforce.

This software is more cost-effective and comes at a monthly subscription of between $12 and $25.

10. Revenue

Formerly, ringDNA, Revenue is a revenue acceleration platform that uses AI to help businesses scale their revenue operations. It provides deep insights and guidance to the reps ensuring their productivity is always on point.

With Revenue.io, you are assured of accurate information on client calls. The software is comprehensive, and when linked to the Salesforce ecosystem, you can optimize your prospecting with ease.

It offers contextual guidance to allow your sales reps knowledge on how to handle different tasks. With such guidance, they can enhance their skills to scale up their operations. Revenue.io is an excellent option for many different use cases.

Revenue keeps deals active by ensuring your sales reps are prepared for the next step and task. AI-powered instant notifications alert them on upcoming deals to close.

When tied into the Salesforce toolkit, your business can generate new leads and close deals fast. Its robust inbound sales engagement ensures fast response to callers to convert them into loyal customers.

Revenue lets your sales teams work from anywhere to ensure they drive growth exponentially. You can also manage call compliance easily with the in-built features for managing call recordings, CCPA compliance, and GDPR needs.

While Revenue.io offers cloud-based productivity and marketing intelligence for sales, SalesLoft helps to build accurate targeted leads.

The tool doesn’t provide pricing details online since they customize each quote based on a variety of factors.

11. Airborne

Airborne has robust features that help businesses manage their client bases. As a sales engagement tool, you can use it for inbound and outbound engagement. It allows you to utilize your email, phone, and social media accounts in your operations.

It offers advanced collaboration and team management at client and team levels to ensure seamless workflows. You get quick access to all the data and manage your clients from one platform.

Whether you have a small or large team, Airborne will support all your key operations, including setting appointments, making phone calls, delivering emails, real-time reporting, built-in reminders, multi-channel outreach, and more.

The tool offers a wholesome, personalized experience on multiple networks, which improves your conversions and sales efficiency over time.

It can boost your email deliverability while minimizing bounce rates. Automated alerts and built-in reminders enhance your sales cycles.

Airborne offers flexible 1-click reporting of all files. But with SalesLoft, you’ll find it challenging to export reports into Google spreadsheets or Excel.

Besides a 14-day free trial, Airborne charges $60 for the essential plan, $399 for the scale plan, and $999 for the enterprise plan.

12. InsideSales

InsideSales is an enterprise-focused sales engagement platform. It helps you increase your productivity, connect with the right buyers, and optimize customer interaction. In return, you expand your business’s revenue.

The software can help you manage your prospecting cadences, administrative tasks, lead follow-up, and data collection and analysis.

It is designed for large enterprises with plenty of moving parts. It outshines SalesLoft by focusing on speed when running a large organization. This helps to avoid deals getting caught up in the system by cutting and closing deals fast.

With InsideSales, you can run a large organization swiftly. It uses Playbooks by XANT to manage the sales cadence. Sales reps will have the flexibility to control whatever they do.

You also have a recommended flow for phone communications and follow-up conversations.

InsideSales’s pricing is quote-based. Each quote is tailored to your business and its intended use.

13. VanillaSoft

VanillaSoft is an alternative that focuses on inside sales. The sales engagement platform leans towards telemarketing and call centers. It acquired Autoklose in order to strengthen its service delivery.

Its tools help to provide contextual information to connect potential leads and track progress.

Unlike SalesLoft, VanillaSoft specifically serves call centers. It has a selection of sales management features for businesses that utilize large call centers.

VanillaSoft is focused on selling. It can help gather details about prospects and clients. With unique cadence automation and data management at your disposal, it will be easy to improve your sales operations.

The software has a queue-based routing that lets you and your sales team call the correct lead on time. It does away with other administrative activities and automates workflows to improve sales activities.

With VanillaSoft, you’ll be able to monitor your team’s individual performance and train them whenever needed. Its performance visibility analyzes call activities to provide better trends that will improve the sales process.

It also offers email drip lead nurturing, logical branch scripting, inbound web lead capture, and lead scoring.

VanillaSoft is a solution suitable for marketing and sales operations teams to reach prospects.

The software has a 14-day free trial with an $80 paid plan to access its sales engagement platform. New users part with $100. You’ll also have to pay for extra features and add-ons.

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14. Revenue Grid

Revenue Grid is a revenue generation and guided intelligence operation tool. It offers guidance to sales teams to help them generate more revenue consistently.

With Revenue Grid, you’ll receive contextual and actionable alerts to help the sales department discover loopholes and take adequate action.

You can also depend on it to manage your operations, streamline shifts, and track any changes. It’s a great platform to rely on for your daily business operations.

It will help you eliminate guesswork, access real-time signals, schedule organized sales approaches, and visualize accurate pipelines.

Some of the benefits you’ll receive from using Revenue Grid include automated data capture, sales forecasting, deal guidance, sales coaching, and Gmail integration.

It also alerts you on risky deals while prioritizing those with impactful sales. You’ll minimize human error and boost your team’s sales velocity.

The tool offers lead scoring, content management, call monitoring, email automation, sales analytics, team management, sales activity automation, and more.

While Revenue Grid is focused on guiding sales teams on how to sell through AI, SalesLoft is suitable for all revenue professionals including marketing leaders, sales leaders, and other revenue operations.

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15. Seismic

Seismic is a solution provider for all your marketing and sales teams. It offers solutions for any enablement problems the teams may face. The best part is that Seismic has a monthly release cycle that integrates advanced artificial intelligence throughout.

Its storytelling platform lets your sales representatives engage with prospective buyers in resonant ways during their buyer journey.

Seismic also offers sales insights through analytics to help your sales staff perform better all the time.

To help increase the impact of marketing on your business’s bottom line, Seismic will help deliver large sales deals while improving the close rates. It is a great tool to use when you need to multiply your sales productivity by automatically distributing relevant, personal information to the sales department.

With Seismic, you can deliver precisely what your customers need. It has industry-standard tools to provide engaging buying experiences. It will align you and your teams with technology so you can move fast and win big.

You can set content permissions to include descriptions and instructions to help sales teams locate content quickly.

While Seismic has tools that enable customer interactions, collaboration, and analytics, SalesLoft lets you keep in touch with your leads directly while providing statistics that give more insights into their activities.

Seismic offers a free trial and customized quotes.

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From my observation, the best SalesLoft alternative is Outreach. While it automates and streamlines the sales cycle, you can also set its cadences over voice calls or email.

You can also create account profiles, make voice calls, track engagement activities, and report outreach performance.

If you need to reach out to massive prospects, Outreach will guide you properly. It also comes with a customer interaction history to help you retrieve and use it to create buyer personas.

Ideally, Outreach has some of the most robust task management features you’d want to explore.

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