Sendlane vs Aweber – Which Is Better?

Aweber and Sendlane are two email marketing service providers popular with small businesses, startups, and digital marketers.

Aweber was founded in 1998 and has over 100,000 customers.

Sendlane is a bit newer. It was founded in 2013 and opened up for business in 2015. It now has over 40,000 customers.

Today, we’ll see how Aweber and Sendlane stack up against each other with regards to some important features.

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Aweber offers 700+ mobile-responsive HTML templates for you to use for your emails. You can add your own logo or choose one of their 600+ free stock photos.

If you want a custom template you can submit a request for Aweber to design a template specifically for your business. They can also customize an existing template.

Sendlane, on the other hand, only has 50+ premade templates. If you create your own template, you can save it for future use.

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Email Editor

Aweber has three editors:

  1. Drag and drop
  2. Plain text
  3. HTML

The drag and drop editor is pretty easy to use. You can drag sections from the left-hand side of the page.

Available sections include:

  • Headline
  • Paragraph
  • Article
  • Image
  • Video
  • Button
  • Product
  • Social links
  • Coupon
  • Logo
  • Signature
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Dividers

Sendlane also has a drag-and-drop editor, with the ability to customize emails by changing the length, width and color of images, buttons, and text. However, they have fewer sections.

Available sections at Sendlane include:

  • Text
  • Title
  • Image
  • Button
  • Divider
  • Spacer

Under the “Sections” tab, you can also add formatting blocks to your emails, including:

  • Full width blocks
  • Halves
  • Thirds
  • Quarter/three-quarters
  • Three-quarters/quarter
  • Signature

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Forms & Landing Pages

Aweber has many premade forms that you can use or customize. They are basic in their designs but do their job. You can also host the forms on a special URL so that they act as landing pages.

Sendlane also has a form builder that you can use. However, what’s really of interest to us is their landing

Sendlane’s landing page builder has over 50 templates and allows you to create beautiful landing pages straight from your Sendlane account.

This landing page builder can match any third-party builder or plugin in terms of design and features.

It uses a drag-and-drop editor to allow you to customize the background, text, headers, images, links, countdown timers, and anything else you want to use.

The editor also has a feature that allows you to view how your landing page will appear on different devices.

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Aweber offers decent autoresponder and automation features. You can set up email lists for emails to be sent automatically to new subscribers.

You can also set up campaigns where subscribers have tags applied to them based on their actions, such as whether they click on a link or open up an email.

These tags can then act as triggers for further actions.

Sendlane also has very robust automation features. You can easily create various workflows and segment users based on actions or other criteria.

Subscribers can have certain tags and triggers applied to them, and you can segment them as well so that custom actions, such as being switched to a different list, are applied to them.

Sendlane has an additional feature: Email retargeting. This allows you to set up workflows and campaigns based on a subscriber’s interactions on your website.

A code will track users’ behavior on your website, and you can send them emails accordingly. A great example of how this would be useful is for reducing cart abandonments.


Aweber has decent reporting features. You can get overall open and click rates, data for specific emails and specific types of emails, as well as activity from specific users.

You can access demographics data, such as which countries your subscribers are coming from.

There are also some more in-depth data points available, such as how long it takes on average for users to verify their emails.

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Sendlane also has robust reporting features. You can see details such as the top links clicked on and which subscribers opened the most emails.

You can also see data for spam complaints, unsubscribes, bounces, successful deliveries, open rates, click rates, and much more.

With event tracking, you can add a pixel to your website to track the performance of every step in a workflow. You can see detailed data about page views, adds to carts, email leads, conversions, and more.

Sendlane also integrates with Shopify to collect deep data about your customers and their interactions with you. You can then set up workflows and campaigns accordingly.


Sendlane integrates with around 20-25 platforms, such as Zapier, Shopify, Woocommerce, Clickfunnels, OptimizePress, and JvZoo.

Aweber, on the other hand, integrates with way more platforms. There are around 75 integrations supported in the CRM category alone, and there are another 10 categories.

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Customer Support

Aweber has great customer support options.

You can send a support request at any time during business hours, and you will usually get a reply via email pretty quickly. Live chat is available 24/7 to help customers around the world.

Live phone support is available between 8AM-8PM EST. There are toll-free US and international numbers you can call.

Sendlane also has 24-hour customer support, but you can only contact the support team by sending a comment through an online form or via the chat in your account.

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Except for the lowest plan, Sendlane is more expensive than Aweber.

  •  Aweber offers 500 contacts for $19 vs Sendlane’s 1,000 contacts for $18
  •  Aweber offers 2,500 contacts for $29, while at Sendlane it is $36/month
  •  Aweber offers 5,000 contacts for $49/month; at Sendlane, it is $66/month
  • At Aweber, 10,000 contacts will cost you $69/month; at Sendlane, it will be $104/month
    And so on

Aweber vs Sendlane – Which Is Better?

Which one you choose depends on what you are looking for. Aweber is cheaper and offers more templates, a better editor, and better customer support.

Sendlane, on the other hand, offers better landing pages, better automation features, and better reporting.

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