14 Best Virtual Reality Social Games 2024

Ready to step into a new dimension of social interaction and gaming? Dive into our expertly selected array of top-rated virtual reality social games.

No matter where you are in the world, these VR social games allow you to meet people with whom you share common interests. You may even make friends on different platforms who may become friends in the outside world.

These VR social gaming apps are perfect for those days you want to stay indoors. It is also ideal for introverts who are not keen on in-person interactions.

In this guide, we have picked the best VR social games to check out. Are there some that you have tried out before? Which ones would you like to try?

Read on to find out more.

Best Virtual Reality Social Games

1. Half + Half

Half + Half is a virtual reality social game you can use to hang out with friends. The game is about fun and connection, allowing multiple players to join.

There are five unique multiplayer sessions on Half + Half. In these sessions, you can play with friends or people you have never met. Here you can swim in the ocean, play hide and seek, glide through the clouds, play human Tetris, bend, wiggle, and soar.

The platform supports both sitting and standing player modes. It also supports front-facing tracing modes and touch controllers.

You can make friends and create meaningful connections on Half + Half, and this is because of the app’s real-time voice chat that you can use to communicate with other players. Other features like the expressive avatars also help players communicate with their body language.

The games on Half + Half are playful, fun, and goofy as the platform’s mechanics make players look as ridiculous as possible. Thus, this makes it an entertaining platform to have fun with friends.

This VR social game is free.

2. Bigscreen

Bigscreen is a virtual hotspot for friends to hang out, play games, and watch movies. Also, coworkers can use the platform to collaborate on projects.

Bigscreen provides workers with a platform to showcase their work projects. You can discuss your latest designs with coworkers and collaborate to create and improve tasks. It is also ideal for coding and music production.

The platform is popular among users who love to watch their favorite shows and movies in VR. You can watch your movies at home, at a cozy campfire, or in a modern cinema using Bigscreen.

Bigscreen also lets users play any PC games with their friends. You can activate the multi-screen option so that you can play with others.

The platform also has functions that let users interact with one another. With spatial voice chat, you can have lifelike communications with other users. Bigscreen enables you to create an avatar and customize it as you wish.

There are public and private rooms in Bigscreen. You can use public rooms to meet new people and private rooms to hang out with family or friends.

You can get creative in these rooms and choose activities like drawing, meditation, karaoke, and having philosophy chats. Bigscreen offers endless possibilities for interactions.

You can use Bigscreen on the following devices:

Desktop – The platform lets you share your desktop to share experiences with others.

Video player – You can share videos with others in theaters.

Movie rentals – You can access more than 100 movies on Bigscreen in 2D and 3D versions. You can choose to watch them alone or watch them with family and friends.

TV – You can tune in to your favorite TV show or program, including drama, talk shows, and anime because Bigscreen lets you access dozens of popular TV services.

Initially, you could only watch TV channels in public rooms, but Bigscreen launched an update in February 2022 that allows you to watch over 100 TV channels in your private room and invited friends to join you.

However, the Bigsceen developer rolled out another update that said they have removed most of the TV channels from the platform to discuss with content creators and improve the service. So, don’t be surprised if you can’t access TV channels on the platform.

That said, you can still enjoy other features like YouTube, desktop screen-sharing, video players, and user-hosted rooms.

Remember to follow Bigscreen’s rules when inside public and private rooms, as any violation, such as being offensive could get you kicked out.

Bigscreen is free to download and use.

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3. Vivecraft

Minecraft is a popular site that lets you enjoy playing different games. However, if you want to access the normal Minecraft server and play the games with friends or anyone on the platform, you must use Vivecraft.

Depending on your server configuration, you can access the multiplayer options and play with as many people as possible. You can see your friends’ VR motions when you play with them, even in 2D.

Vivecraft comes with full room-scale support, so you can walk around your room as you play Minecraft games; here, you will get to mine and build with big blocks, including blocks up to one meter.

The platform also lets you scale your size with the world scaling feature. The feature allows you to play as tiny as an ant or as huge as a giant.

Players can also fight or break blocks using their hands on Vivecraft. You can also shoot your bow by using your hands. You can also perform other activities like eating, crawling, jumping, ruing, swimming, and rowing by doing the actions.

The locomotion options for multiple VR include:

  • Free movement – point the controller or your head in the direction you are aiming
  • Arc teleportation
  • Walkabout style or rotation
  • Leaping Climbey-inspired wall scaling
  • Seated play

To play Vivecraft, you will need Minecraft, Java, and Steam with an installed Steam VR and headsets compatible with SteamVR, including Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, or Windows MR. You will also need a PC, standing motion controls, a mouse, and a keyboard.

Vivecraft is free for download and use. Check the download page to download versions that are compatible with your device

4. Meta Horizon Worlds

Meta Horizon Worlds is a free platform on your Meta Quest headset. The app lets you hang out with friends, meet new people, attend events, and even play games. There are over 10,000 experiences and cool events on Meta Horizon Worlds.

All you need is to hop in and hang out on the app. You will encounter an ever-expanding social universe full of excitement, laughs, and thrills.

Enjoy games like the Haunted House of Horrors if you are brave enough to enter a haunted house. You can also join the Soapstone Comedy Club to enjoy some comedy and even tell some jokes if you feel you are up to it.

To experience Meta Horizon Worlds, you need to download the app, create an avatar, and meet up with friends or new people.

Meta Horizon Worlds is supported by the following platforms, Quest, Quest2, and Meta Quest Pro.

However, Meta announced that effective Jan 13, 2022, the Horizon Worlds will no longer be supported on the original Meta Quest but will be available on Rift S and Meta Guest 2. Thus, to enjoy a better experience with Horizon Worlds, consider accessing it via Rift S or Meta Guest 2.

Download Meta Horizon Worlds on Oculus Quest

5. Alcove VR

Alcove VR is a Virtual Reality Social Game that allows you to join family and friends in a virtual living room even when they are in different locations. The platform is the first family-oriented VR; therefore, it focuses on family connections.

The platform allows you, family, and friends, to participate in the following activities.

Connect – You can hang out with family and friends on the couch in the virtual living room.

Travel the world – You can ride a hot air balloon, take a cross-country road trip, or even explore what’s underneath the ocean in a virtual world.

Play casual games – You can play games like checkers with friends and family with Alcove VR.

Customize your virtual home – Alcove VR allows you to do it virtually with friends and family if you love to decorate a home. You can decorate walls, add photos, and change scenery.

Relax and unwind – You can watch some shows, listen to music, or practice guided meditation with friends and family on the platform.

Get moving – Alcove VR lets you exercise with your loved ones. You can practice breathing exercises, work out, or take part in yoga.

Lead or follow others – You can guide your loved ones unfamiliar with the Alcove VR into experiences and around your virtual home.

Join experiences – You can enjoy fun virtual experiences with family and friends on Alcove VR. This includes listening to some concert or enjoying a hot air balloon ride.

Play with a pet rabbit – On Alcove VR, you will get a pet rabbit you can dress up, play fetch with, or chase around the house.

You can download Alcove VR for Meta Quest

The app is free.

6. Rec Room

Rec Room is a great platform that lets you play games and build some. You could even party in Rec Room, hang out, chat, and meet new people in the millions of rooms created by players.

One thing that stands out about Rec Room is that you can play games across platforms from your VR headsets to your phone. Not only is it an app where you can play video games, but it is also a social app that lets you connect with other users.

Like other VR social games, you can create an avatar in Rec Room. Here, you get to dress up your avatar and customize it to your liking.

Because the platform has games created by users, you will get access to many games.

Some are fun, others challenging, and others can be weird. You only get to select the ones that interest you.

Rec Room comes with a tool called the Maker Pen that lets you create everything on the platform, including building helicopters and puppies or even creating entire worlds. The beauty is that you can always build your own when you do not find what you are looking for.

The platform is designed and intended to be used by families, including children. So, parents can feel safe letting their children use Rec Room because it has been approved and certified by kidSAFE. Also, schools can use it.

The app is free to download and use.

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7. Sensorium Galaxy

Sensorium Galaxy lets you experience a VR metaverse. Here, you will experience an out-of-this-world experience in a shared 3D virtual space. Here are some events you will experience on Sensorium Galaxy:

Sensorium Metaverse Legend – The event is held in the distant future, where earthlings explore the universe to unveil its mysteries and search for other life forms. You will discover the space-time tunnel that takes you to another alternate universe with celestial bodies fed by cosmic energies.

Starship – Here, Sensorium Galaxy lets you explore the universe in an intergalactic shuttle. In this space shuttle, you will party and meet real and virtual DJs, singers, and dancers. You get to watch exclusive performances and interact with other users.

Prism World – This is Sensorium Galaxy’s entertainment epicenter. You will attend massive shows on Prism World and immerse yourself in music or join your favorite dance legends and DJs on stage.

Motion World – If you are into spirituality, this event lets you immerse yourself into a spiritual dimension where you learn more about yourself. You can explore your mind, soul, and body using tools like meditation and explore digital immortality.

In addition to these events, you can interact with artificial intelligence, virtual artists, digital immortality, and virtual beings.

The app is completely free to download. But you get to interact with the blockchain, a virtual economy in Sensorium Galaxy.

8. Sansar

Sansar is a virtual reality social game for virtual explorers and creative minds. Here, users can play and interact with other community members. The app can be used on your VR device or simultaneously on your desktop, so it is easy for you to want to transition between devices.

The platform has over 50,000 items you can use to create your unique avatar. You can also use community-provided avatar bodies to enhance the image of your avatar. The app has over 20 morph sliders that morph your avatar into a compelling body.

The community in Sansar comprises coders, designers, gamers, party goes, and people who love to interact in a virtual world. So here, you get to select your world and who to interact with.

You will get several tools on Sansar to design your world. You get access to 3D graphic technologies and control atmospheric lighting. Users can also use community-provided animations, 3D models, and scripts if they want a creative experience.

Professionals and communities in Sansar get to organize events from comedies to live events that an infinite number of people can attend. Also, you can design video games on the platform by writing your scripts in C# or choosing to buy existing ones.

Sansar is free for everyone. You can download Sansar to a Windows device.

9. VRChat

VRChat is a platform with over 25,000 community-created worlds. The platform has given its users the power of creation and thus gives users endless opportunities for social VR experiences.

You will not only make friends on VRChat but also play with other users worldwide and interact with them. Besides, you can create worlds using Unity SDK.

You can customize your avatars. The avatars on VRChat have eye tracking and blinking, lip sync, and a full range of motion.

You can express yourself using emotes, emojis, and hand gestures. Also, you get access to full-body avatars.

The VR social games let you explore worlds and get involved in weekly events for free.

10. Neos Metaverse

The Neos Metaverse is a VR platform that is community driven and has empowered users to create their experiences and content.

The platform can be used by educators looking for ways to engage their students, designers, or anyone looking to socialize and make new friends.

Creators experience maximum flexibility on Neos Metaverse, enabling them to create virtual reality.

You can set up your avatar and collaborate in real-time with other creators. Also, you can use advanced visual scripting tools to bring your creations to life.

Neos Metaverse is free; however, you may need to pay a subscription fee to access other services and functionalities.

You can download Neos Metaverse on your PC or play it on Steam.

11. OrbusVR

OrbusVR is a game that lets you explore the world of Patreayl. Here, humans are free and safe to venture into the VR world of Patreayl, but they are behind the walls of Highsteppe.

The players discover everything they love in this world, including activities like fishing, crafting, raids, group dungeons, and player trading.

The platform has more than 100 hours of content, and new missions are added weekly to the story. You also get access to eight classes including Bard, Scoundrel, Paladin, Shaman, Runemage, Warrior, Musketeer, and Ranger.

New players and veterans can play together on OrbusVR because it has a dynamic scaling system. Players can also chat using in-game voice chats, fellowships, dungeon finders, and private messaging.

The app is, however, not free.

Buy OrbusVR at $19.99 on Steam

Buy OrbusVR at $19.99 on Oculus

12. Mozilla Hubs

The virtual reality social games platform allows people to meet, share, and collaborate in 3D spaces. As a user, you can create rooms instantly within Mozilla Hubs, where you will meet community friends and coworkers.

With Mozilla Hubs, you do not need VR headsets or download the software to your device. You only need to create a private virtual meeting space and invite people. Also, you will need to create an avatar to represent you.

The platform is easy to share media, and you can drag and drop PDF files, videos, photos, and 3D models into your space.

The WebXR-based social experience is free for users.

13. vTIME XR

vTime XR is a platform created to help people interact in virtual reality to transform digital experiences into interactions that are as authentic as face-to-face interactions.

The platform allows users to meet, chat, and watch videos in theaters with up to three friends. You can also take selfies while on a VR social network and share them with the outside world.

Users can also send messages to friends using vTime XR.

The app is free to download and use

14. The Wild

The Wild is a virtual reality social game that fosters team collaboration. Teams can generate ideas, present ideas, and review projects remotely with The Wild is a great workflow platform.

It is integrated with SketchUp, Revit, and BIM 360 to enhance workflow. You can also import 3D file types here. You also get native sketching tools to help express ideas.

Easily access them across Pico Neo, HP Reverb, Meat Quest, AR (iOS), Desktop (PC or Mac), and HTC Vive.

There is speech-to-text communication letting team members collaborate.

You can try The Wild for free. However, you can check the pricing page for more packages. The packages include Basic at $295 per month, Standard at $595 per month, Premium at $1795 per month, and an enterprise package customized based on your needs.

Best VR Social Games – Final Word

All these VR social games discussed above are unique. They have different features that make them stand out from other virtual reality social games.

Whether you are a veteran or a newbie in VR, you should try them out to see how good they are.

Luckily many of them are available for free which makes it even easier for you.

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