15 Best Words With Friends Cheat Boards & Helpers

Playing games is fun, but sometimes it becomes a challenge. A good example is when playing multiplayer games with friends; you want to have fun, but you also want to come out on top.

Words With Friends is one of such fun yet challenging games you can play with friends. With over 50 million downloads, it’s evident the game is popular.

Playing Words With Friends will help improve your vocabulary and language knowledge. Not only in English but also in other languages like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Russian, and Swedish.

Sometimes, you’ll need help to get the right word. For this, there are Words With Friends cheat boards and helpers online that you can use. Check out the 15 best ones below:

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Best Words With Friends Cheat Boards & Helpers

1. WordFinder By YouDictionary

WordFinder is a word finder and scrabble cheat website developed by YourDictionary. It features a Words With Friends cheat tool that turns random letters into winning words.

To use the WordFinder Words With Friends Cheat, you can enter a minimum of three letters and a maximum of twenty.

The more letters you enter, the more results you get. In particular, you won’t get much with three or four letters. You should enter up to five for the best result. If you exhaust all twenty letters, you can get thousands of words.

You can assign a specific starting and ending letter to narrow the word suggestions. In addition, you can enter particular letters the words should contain and set the word length. It’s a fast tool, so you get results in less than three seconds.

The tool groups the results according to the word length, but you can sort them according to points and alphabetically – ascending or descending.

Each word features a “definition” button to help you learn. You get the word’s definition from YouDictionary when you click the button.

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2. Words With Friends Cheat (WWFCheats)

WWFCheats is an exclusive Words With Friends cheat website. Launched in 2011, it’s undoubtedly one of the best options on the internet.

You can enter just one letter or up to fifteen letters. The website also lets you set a beginning letter, an ending letter, and the letters you want the words to contain.

If you want a blank tile, simply type in a period (.) or a question mark (?). Afterward, click on “Search Words,” and you’ll get results in an instant.

The website features a screenshot solver to make things easier. You can take a screenshot of your Words With Friends game board, upload it on the website, and get word suggestions.

For the screenshot to work, you must completely zoom out for the entire board to be visible. The screenshot solver works for mobile and tablet users only. You can’t use it if you play Words With Friends on a desktop.

By default, WWFCheats ranks words according to their points. However, you can also sort them according to length or alphabetically. You get a relatively long list of words with WWFCheats.

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3. Wordtips

With Wordtips, getting Words With Friends word suggestions is simple. You can use the unscrambler, word lists, or the other available word finders.

The website supports a minimum of three letters and a maximum of fifteen. It also works for blank tiles, which you can generate by entering a question mark or space.

As typical, you can enter letters that you want the words to start with, end with, or contain. In addition, you can set the word length.

The results page features the words grouped according to their length. Beside each word is the number of points it can earn you. You can further sort the results by points, from A to Z or Z to A.

If there are no results from your entry, the website will suggest a wildcard – a random letter – that you can add.

Wordtips feature a definition for each word, which you can view when you click them.

The website isn’t limited to words in the Words With Friends dictionary alone. You can also get words from other dictionaries, like Scrabble UK and Scrabble US.

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4. Scrabble Word Finder

Scrabble Word Finder is primarily an unscrambler website. It supports the Scrabble US dictionary, Scrabble UK dictionary, and most importantly, the Words With Friends dictionary.

You can enter a maximum of fifteen letters and as few as just one letter on the website. Also, you can get blank tiles using question marks.

After entering the letters from Words With Friends, click on the “Find Words” button to get word suggestions.

The advanced options let you add prefix and suffix letters for better results. In addition, you can add letters that your words must include.

The number of word suggestions you get will depend on the letters and the number of letters you enter.

Scrabble Word Finder groups words according to letter count. There’s no option to sort the results any other way, but each word features the winning points.

You can click on the words to get their meaning. However, the website will redirect you to a different page – the Scrabble Dictionary Page.

Aside from the Words With Friends helper, Scrabble Word Finder also features top word lists.

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5. Wordplays

What you get from Wordplays is not just an unscrambler. You get a Words With Friends cheat board.

As a result, using Wordplays is like actually playing Words With Friends, and it’s simple to use.

First, you should set the game type and word list to Words With Friends. Afterward, type your letters in the rack and click “Go.” If you want blank tiles, simply enter spaces.

You can also type letters into the boxes on the board to replicate your main Words With Friends board. The board features spaces for triple words, triple letters, double letters, and double words.

Wordplays allows a maximum of just seven letters. The website displays the words in a row just below the board, and you can click on any word to play it.

As you play, the word appears in the best position on the board that matches with the already existing letters. You can replicate this on your main Words With Friends board.

Furthermore, you get the definition of each word you click. You can save your boards, but for that, you must create an account.

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6. Word Find

Word Find is an online scrabble word finder. It features a Words With Friends Cheat among its many word game solvers.

To use the Words With Friends Cheat, enter the letters from the game, enter the starts with and ends with letters, enter the letters the words should contain, set the word length, and click on “Find Words.”

You can enter as few as one or two words on Word Find, but the maximum is fifteen.

Word Find is a fast tool, and you’ll get instant results. Like a few other websites on this list, it groups words according to the letter count.

You’ll find the number of points you can earn beside each word. When you click on each word, you get its definition and other words you can form from the letters.

Word Find doesn’t have an option to sort the main results according to points. However, when you scroll to the bottom of the result list, you get another list of words ranked by points.

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7. BlogMyBrain

BlogMyBrain features a smart Words With Friends cheat board. It doesn’t feature the best GUI design, but it’s reliable.

The BlogMyBrain Words With Friends cheat board is easier to use than most other tools on this list.

It gives you two options. You either enter the letters from your game into the board slots or load your Words With Friends game with its ID. The latter is what makes the website very convenient.

When you enter your game ID, you get a replica of what’s in your Words With Friends game app. You can also type words in a box and enter a question mark if you want blank tiles.

Unlike most other Words With Friends cheat boards and helpers on this list, there’s no limit to the number of letters you can enter with BlogMyBrain.

Furthermore, BlogMyBrain features some advanced customizations.

For example, you can set a particular vocabulary level. The vocabulary level determines the type of words the cheat will generate, and the different levels include world champion, English professor, college, high school, and middle school or below.

When done, you can save the board to your Words With Friends game by clicking “Save” below all the options. You’ll get a replica of what’s on the BlogMyBrain website on your Words With Friends app.

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8. WordFinderX

You get a Words With Friends cheat and a word generator with WordFinderX. The website is exclusively for two games: Scrabble and Words With Friends.

It allows a minimum of two letters and a maximum of fifteen. In addition, you can add up to two wildcards – using spaces and questions – for blank tiles.

In addition, you can set the starting and ending letters, the word length, and the letters it should contain. Afterward, click on “Search.”

You’ll find it easy to sort through WordFinderX results. The website groups the words according to the letter count, but not in a list. Each group of words has its own tab, and you switch tabs by clicking on them.

Each word features the winning points you can earn, and you can sort each tab by points or alphabetically, in ascending or descending order.

When you click on a word, you get a pop-up featuring its definition and the various dictionaries where it’s valid. Aside from the Words With Friends dictionary, the others include the Scrabble US/Canada and Scrabble UK dictionaries.

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9. Anagrammer

If you’re particular about a user-friendly UI, Anagrammer may not be the best Words With Friends helper for you. If you want to win, however, you can count on it.

When you visit the website, you’ll find the Words With Friends Solver at the top-left of the page. You can switch the layout to bring the solver to the center of the page.

You can enter letters, board tiles, and to-match letters (start, end, and middle letters).

Anagrammer has many customization options, which you won’t get from other websites. You can choose to display just word counts and score empty tiles and sort the results by winning score or word length.

Furthermore, you can select only specific letter words – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9+ letter words. You can also set the total number of words you want in the results – 10, 100, 500, or 1,000.

When done, click “Search,” and you get your results instantly.

Notably, Anagrammer doesn’t support English alone. It also supports other languages, including Italian and French.

You can switch to these languages by clicking the country flags below the options.

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10. Word Grabber

Word Grabber isn’t just a Words With Friends cheat website. It’s also a website where you can learn how to play the game – the rules and strategies.

The website allows a maximum of nine letters. However, the standout option is the pattern.

You can enter any pattern of words you want, including double-letter, triple-letter, double-word, and triple-word scores.

Furthermore, you can assign blanks (0, 1, or 2) and set how you want to sort the results (by points or word length).

Word Grabber displays the results in a list with spaces between each letter. The results also feature the points and word length, although your initial setting determines the ranking.

Depending on the letters you enter, you won’t get all the results on one page. You’ll have to switch between the pages at the bottom of each list.

Unlike most Words With Friends Cheat websites on this list, you can’t get word meanings with Word Grabber. The words are not clickable.

You can access the tips and instructions on becoming a better Words With Friends player in the Game Overview section.

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11. Scrabulizer

Here’s another website to use if you prefer a Words With Friends cheat board. Scrabulizer is easy to use, and the website supports Words With Friends English and Old English dictionaries.

The best thing about using Scrabulizer is that you can import your game directly into the website.

You can import it using the Chrome or Firefox browser extension. Both are free, and the import process is seamless.

Alternatively, if you don’t import, you can enter letters directly into the board. It has all the slots featured in the Words With Friends game.

Furthermore, Scrabulizer lets you set your opponents. You can choose between one, two, three, or four opponents.

You can edit the tiles, letter count, and scores from the Game Design section on the right tab. Also, you can edit the board size, rack length, and the number of tiles for bingo.

The right tab features a Tile Bag and Help section where you get game-winning insights to match your settings.

When you click “Get Solutions,” the word suggestions appear in the Solutions tab. You can sort the words by score, value, and the number of tiles used.

After you get your solutions, you can save your game by logging in.

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12. Word Finder

Word Finder is a simple Words With Friends cheat tool and one of the best if you’re particular about GUIs. Notably, it’s very mobile-friendly.

Word Finder lets you enter as many letters as you want; there’s no limit. Also, you can use up to three wildcards with question marks or spaces.

Starts with, ends with, contains, and word length settings are available in the advanced search options.

You’ll find word suggestions grouped by letter count on the results page after clicking the “Search” button.

The words feature their winning scores, and when you click on them, you get their definition in a pop-up. The pop-up also reveals dictionaries where a word is valid, word synonyms, and sentence examples.

As a result, Word Finder is one of the best options on this list if you want to improve your vocabulary.

The website also features random lists of words by length and beginning letters.

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13. Unscramblex

Unscramblex is described as a “simple, easy, and fast anagram unscrambler.” It works for different word scramble games, including Words With Friends.

With the Unscramblex Words With Friends cheat tool, simply type in your letters and hit the “Unscramble it” button. You can enter a maximum of fifteen letters.

In addition, you can use the advanced filters to assign beginning and ending letters and letters the words should contain. The website doesn’t have an option to set a particular word length.

The result is similar to what you get on other websites, with the words grouped by letter count and each featuring its winning points.

Furthermore, clicking on each word redirects you to a dictionary page, where you get the word’s meaning, among other details.

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14. Scrabble Solver

The Scrabble Solver Words With Friends Cheat doesn’t work for the game alone, but it works for all online word puzzle games.

You can enter a maximum of twelve letters and click “Solve!” to generate word suggestions. The advanced options let you narrow down your results.

In particular, you can enter “hook letters” to find words that match letters you already have on your game board with the letters you enter.

The results feature words by word length by default, but you can also sort them by winning score.

Notably, Scrabble Solver features each letter you entered atop the results. You can click on any of them to highlight their position in the word list.

It helps you know where to position letters on the Words With Friends board. Furthermore, you can click words to find out their meanings.

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15. Scrabble Cheat Board

Scrabble Cheat Board features a Words With Friends cheat board, among other cheat boards.

What you get is a blank cheat board with various colored boxes. The colors signify the different spaces for 3L, 3W, 2L, and 2W.

You can type letters directly into the spaces as they appear in your Words With Friends app. Alternatively, you can enter the letters in the box below the board. The maximum you can enter is seven letters.

When you click “Search,” the website generates and displays the word suggestions on the right tab.

The website ranks words according to their winning points, and you can click on any word to add it to the board.

From the settings below the board, you can switch dictionaries. In particular, Scrabble Cheat Board supports Italian as it features the Zingarelli 2005 dictionary.

Furthermore, you can save your board for future reference. You do need to create an account and log in to save boards.

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Bottom Line

You don’t have to randomly guess words all the time or keep a dictionary nearby when you play Words With Friends. If you do that, you’ll never beat the other players, especially when in Fast Play mode.

Instead, use any of the 15 best Words With Friends cheat boards and helpers listed in this post. They’re fast and dependable for discovering high-scoring words.

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