15 Best Browser Games Like Hordes.io

With the ability to play 3D games such as Hordes in your browser without any installation or downloading requirements, it’s easy to open a game and enjoy the gaming experience in only minutes.

Hordes is one of the most popular multiplayer MMORPG games where you get to fight your way to the top by finding a clan and surviving in an open-world game mode.

While Hordes is a lot of fun to play, there are plenty of others you might like even more, and that’s why in this post, you can find the 15 best browser games like Hordes.io.

Best Browser Games Like Hordes.io

With so much competition from various browser game developers, the choice can be hard, but with the list of some of the best games like Hordes.io, you won’t have a hard time finding the next game you can play!

1. RuneScape

RuneScape is a free fantasy multiplayer game you can play in your browser. Like Hordes.io, it is massively played online in a virtual world where players can interact and do everything they wish. In the roleplay world, everything is optional.

Hordes is a slightly newer game than RuneScape, but when you visit RuneScape’s official website, you can choose between playing an old-school version of the game or trying the newer upgraded version of the same game which is a great option.

Some of the most important things you can do in RuneScape is to level up all skills available in the game to 99, which is the max, and you can do that through missions and quests. While you keep doing that, you will be able to interact with other players, trade items, complete missions together, and much more.

Compared to Hordes, RuneScape has pretty similar graphics and gameplay, with plenty of unique add-ons that make the gameplay enjoyable. Even though these two games are slightly different, they are both fun to play and can be played for hours straight.

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2. Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is an online roleplaying game that is the same genre as Hordes.io, and yet it is a lot newer, which means a slightly better graphics and gameplay experience.

Another Drakensang Online over Hordes.io is that you can either play the game in the browser or download it to your computer, depending on your preference.

In Drakensang Online, you get to control elements of fire by spirit and magic play with some of the best combat warriors such as Dragonknight, among other heroes, to prove your skills in PVP battles.

On a map full of twists, adventure, and danger, your goal is to make Dracania free and liberal with the help of the heroes by destroying anything and anyone that comes your way.

In comparison with Hordes.io, Drakensang Online is still getting frequent updates that also introduce new stories and missions, making the game a lot more interesting.

3. Might and Magic Heroes Online

Might and Magic Heroes Online is a game developed by a very popular game developer Ubisoft, and it comes as a Chrome extension that you can install to start playing the game.

What’s so great about Might and Magic Heroes is that you can play it in single-player mode by yourself or team up with your friends for an even better experience.

Might and Magic Heroes Online is an MMORPG game based on the original Might and Magic Heroes desktop version where you get to construct cities, make defenses, build armies, and then defend the walls and conquer the rest of the map.

In the single-player mode, you will go through an engaging campaign where you have to build your city that needs to be defended and conquer other cities.

In the co-op game, you will get challenges to tackle with friends. However, if you feel skilled enough, you can join PvP fights and play against players worldwide for a true gaming experience.

Compared to Hordes.io, the graphics look slightly better, but that’s because this is a newer MMORPG game. And for a browser game, it has great 3D graphics you can enjoy without having to download the game.

4. Dark Orbit

Dark Orbit is similar to Hordes.io, yet the gameplay is different, even though it’s also an MMORPG game.

In Dark Orbit, you get a chance to join the intergalactic struggle with the chance of controlling the galaxy. The gameplay develops in space, and you get to choose your aircraft that you will take full advantage of to protect your galaxy.

The game runs smoothly in a browser, and as you sign up, you become a virtual pilot where you can make alliances, bring your friends with you, and join forces with other players around the world.

You get to form a clan, gather valuable resources by moving on the map, and lead yourself and your clan to victory in this space game.

The gameplay is the main difference between Dark Orbit and Hordes.io, but if you are into space, you will love how the gameplay is well combined with high-end graphics that look incredibly good for a browser game.

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5. League of Angels

League of Angels is a very similar MMORPG game to Hordes.io that you can play in your browser, where you get to fight monsters, release angels, and most importantly, save the land from the darkness and the enemies.

Graphics-wise, League of Angels is up to par with Hordes.io. And when it comes down to gameplay, League of Angels provides an interesting gaming experience.

What’s great about League of Angels is that it comes with versatile features that will grab the interest of various types of gamers to make the game a lot more appealing.

Combine this with turn-based combat, and you won’t ever get bored of fighting the forces of evil, be on a constant quest to save the angel hierarchy, and do much more.

The game still gets yearly updates, and while you can play the game in the browser, if you are having any trouble, you can download the League of Angels’ client that will help you run the game from your desktop without installing the game at all.

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6. Dragon Awaken

Dragon Awaken is another similar MMORPG game where the gameplay tells a story between humans and dragons.

You get to play a part in a semi-turn heroic action where you have to collect dragons, work on improving the armors, gain new skills, improve skills you possess, and most importantly, recruit heroes.

Graphics-wise, Dragon Awaken is a lot better looking and feels smoother to play since it has flashy graphics that look very decent for a browser game and is much newer than the Hordes.io.

Gameplay leads you to be a commander of 12 kingdoms where you have to lead, call the shots, and fight by eventually awakening your inner powers to protect the kingdoms from the dragon with the help of heroes you recruit along the way.

Therefore, the more you play, the closer you will be to creating a gap between the worlds and bringing peace to each one of them. How you do that is up to you.

Dragon Awaken can be played directly in the browser, but they also have their client. The game can even be played over a third-party client, Steam, if you have issues running the game in your browser.

7. AdventureQuest Worlds

AdventureQuest Worlds is a free MMORPG game you can play in your browser. It combines heroes, magic, spells and allows a fight between good and evil.

Compared with Hordes.io, in AdventureQuest Worlds, you can create your custom hero, upgrade to a paid membership with more benefits, and participate in events organized regularly by the game developers.

While it only takes seconds to create an account in AdventureQuest Worlds, all accounts have to be pre-approved, which improves the game quality by rejecting possible cheaters and hackers.

With thousands of active players at any time of the day or night, you can join quickly via the browser, but you can also download the AdventureQuest Worlds client if the game doesn’t work smoothly in your browser.

For a relatively older browser game, graphics are great and slightly better than Hordes.io’s graphics.

8. Naruto Online

Naruto is one of the most famous Japanese manga series, about a young ninja who is after recognition and respect from his peers. His ultimate goal is the dream of becoming a leader of his village, which is exactly what you can do in this Naruto online version of the game.

With the Naruto online game, you can relive the famous series and even enjoy authentic graphics and artwork that also match the originals from the series.

As a Naruto, you get to pass challenges and tasks, keep your ninja’s collection, and even play against other players in a PvP gameplay mode.

The most significant difference between Naruto online and Hordes.io is the gameplay. Naruto is based on a different world, and characters, even though it’s also a multiplayer game that operates similarly.

However, both games can be played directly in the browser; both have great gameplay and story, and the graphics are decent for a browser game.

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9. Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga is a great Hordes alternative because it is based on a virtual world called Vidalia, where you don’t only get to roam the world with other players in this MMORPG game but also have a highly detailed storyline to follow for interesting gameplay.

To make things even more interesting, Crystal Saga players get to choose between five different classes that make things a lot more interesting as they expand the in-game possibilities and tasks you can complete.

With a big community that’s often active across different servers, on the forums, or even on Discord, you can hop into the game via your browser. But keep in mind that you can also download the Crystal Saga mini client if you have trouble running the game in your browser.

Crystal Saga gets more frequent updates than Hordes.io, and since it’s a newer game, it also comes with better graphics that make the gaming experience a lot more enjoyable.

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10. Ikariam

If you are a big fan of strategic games where you have to build your skills and assets from scratch, Ikariam is an excellent browser game similar to Hordes that you should try.

Ikariam allows you to go back in time to the age of discoveries, so you get to build cities from scratch, manage them, trade items, and most importantly, go to war when necessary.

Even though the gameplay is very interesting, there are other rulers, and so you will have to protect what you build, even if this means having to attack other rulers first before they attack you.

Since each player in this MMORPG game starts as a ruler of a small town, expansion and lead will mean competing against other players, which makes the game super interesting.

The most significant difference between Ikariam and Hordes is the gameplay, as Ikariam is set in the era of a very classic Greece. Besides that, both games have decent graphics and can be played within the browser for free.

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11. Hero Wars

Hero Wars is one of the best browser games like Hordes because you don’t need the latest browser to play it. You don’t even need to create an account. Once you open the website, Hero Wars starts guiding you through starting the game, which draws you into its immersive gameplay.

Hero Wars is an online action RPG game that makes it challenging for every strategic mastermind to complete the first level in just one day. This game is all about being an interesting challenge through intriguing gameplay, which will make you feel like you need to deserve your spot in the game.

The main difference between Hero Wars and Hordes is the gameplay, which is different in Hero Wars. There’s more automated gameplay in Hero Wars than in Hordes, but the story is excellent, and with strategic challenges, it’s still as interesting as Hordes is.

Hero War’s biggest advantage over Hordes is that it’s a lot easier to play and learn the ins and outs of the game, so if you’re new to browser gaming, you’ll have more fun starting with a game such as Hero Wars.

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12. Mirage Online Classic

Mirage Online Classic is another great Hordes alternative if you’re into old-school simpler games where the gameplay is so good that you don’t mind the lack of possible graphic improvement.

This is a free MMORPG browser game that includes six different classes, 10 various skills, over 15 dungeons, monsters, thousands of items, and plenty of map areas you can explore.

The game is built for web browsers, so it’s optimized to run very smoothly, but keep in mind that Mirage Online Classic is also available for Android devices as a game app.

Even though Mirage Online Classic isn’t as visually appealing as Hordes, its gameplay and story are up to par, and maybe even slightly better than Hordes since Mirage Online Classic can be easily listed in the top five online MMORPG games you can run in your browser.

What’s significantly important is that Mirage Online Classic is constantly improved and upgraded, so you can expect a community full of active players and updates that keep the game interesting and intriguing even after hours of playing.

Also, keep in mind that you can also download Mirage Online Classics on your computer for even smoother gameplay through third-party clients such as Steam.

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13. Prosperous Universe

Prosperous Universe is a similar MMORPG game to Hordes, but its gameplay develops in the space where players can enjoy a real-time gaming experience with plenty of things to do as players get to carve their path.

The game is full of tasks, things you will come across, and every decision you make as a player will impact the virtual economy of the Prosperous Universe contribution and the company’s success in the virtual world.

Compared to Hordes, Prosperous Universe has better graphics. Its gameplay is more versatile, with a slightly stronger community behind the game that makes the real-time action so intriguing that you can play this game for hours.

The main goals between these two games are also different, as in Prosperous Universe, you get to move up your ranks in the political world by trading, negotiating, manipulating, and even bribing.

There are a couple of planets (maps) in the Prosperous Universe virtual world, and each planet operates differently, so you’ll have to find out which planet suits your skills and goals the best.

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14. Tibia

Tibia is an old-school MMORPG as it’s one of the earliest browser games, developed even earlier than Hordes.

However, Tibia still has a strong community of gamers where you can expect around at least 10,000 active players at any time of the day or night and still frequent game updates that improve gameplay.

With years of its existence, Tibia features an incredibly big world (map) where you can explore plenty of quests that will keep you gaming for hours in the medieval type of virtual world.

The game’s main characters include knights, druids, sorcerers, and paladins, and the main goal is to explore wide areas that include dangerous dungeons. At the same time, you get to interact with other players for an immersive gaming experience.

Each character has skills you can work on improving, you can even customize your character’s outfit, have plenty of quests to do, various live events, and a massive community that makes the game even more interesting.

In comparison with Hordes, Tibia definitely has a more massive game world, which can help improve gameplay and experience.

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15. Wizard 101

Wizard 101 is an MMORPG that’s very similar to Hordes with different gameplay where players get a chance to go through a virtual school of magical arts to become wizards to save the fictional galaxy.

Of course, the fictional galaxy called Spiral is always under threat, and as a player, it’s your mission to prevent and eliminate these threats by using casts and spells you previously learned in the school of magic.

The biggest difference between Hordes and Wizard 101 is that Wizard 101 features duels and worlds that are completely safe for kids and yet are also fun for adults. In addition, Wizard 101 still gets frequent updates, so there’s always something new going on and there are always events and new missions to complete.

They even release completely new worlds that players can enjoy so you can play Wizard 101 for hours and still never get bored.

And with servers available throughout the world, Wizard 101 can be played from anywhere, right within the browser, providing a smooth gaming experience.


Hordes.io is one of the most popular MMORPG games you can play in your browser, but there are dozens of similar yet different games that can be as fun.

Runescape is one of the best browser games like Hordes because it has a history, it offers players both the old-school or the new version of the game, and it can be played for years without getting bored since there’s always something to do in such a big virtual world.

With all of these games being MMORPG, you can enjoy different gameplays, worlds, and scenarios, yet one thing all these games have in common is the ability to play them with other players for an even better gaming experience.

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