Does Oberlo Work With Wix? is one of the most popular DIY website development platforms on the market, combining drag and drop functionality with robust features.

Oberlo is a leading drop shipping app that was designed specifically for Shopify-hosted websites.

In today’s world of plug and play, one would be forgiven for thinking that two popular applications with complementary functions would integrate.

Alas; no. Wix and Oberlo do not work together in the same way that Oberlo works with Shopify and AliExpress.

If you are set on using Wix with Oberlo, however, you can follow this process.

Using Oberlo With Wix

If you want to use Oberlo with a Wix website, you can “game the system.” However, you will need to use Shopify as well.

1. Sign up for a basic Shopify account.

2. Add Oberlo products to the Shopify account.

3. Add the “Shopify Buy Button” to your website (it is a free add-on).

4. Give each of your Oberlo products a customized buy button. Generate HTML code for each product.

5. Go to your Wix website menus. Click Add > More > Add HTML.

6. Paste the generated HTML from your new Shopify Buy Buttons. Preview if necessary.

This process will allow you to showcase and sell Oberlo products on your Wix website. Your customer will see an unobtrusive pop up from Shopify. However, they will not need to leave your Wix site to make the purchase.

Why Use Oberlo With Wix?

Incorporating Oberlo products into your Wix website design has several advantages that you may want to consider.

  • There is no need to add any paid design apps to your Shopify website. All apps are added to your Wix website, which is free.
  • You will be able to use Wix images and apps alongside your Oberlo products.
  • Customers maintain all of their Shopify buying options on your Wix site – Add to Cart or Buy Now.
  • Landing pages can be customized and optimized for search engines without paying for them or being forced to use Hypervisual.

There are a few disadvantages to consider as well.

  • You will need to pay the fee to open both a Shopify and Wix account. (However, the overall cost here may be lower than simply paying for Shopify and adding paid apps.)
  • You will have two store management pages, one from Wix and one from Shopify.
  • Using this methodology with a large number of products may add too many steps to your process to be viable for a professional seller.
  • Adding common e-commerce features, including a search box and price filter, are not available to you.

Is there A Future For Wix And Oberlo?

Wix seems to be aware of its e-commerce shortcomings, and the site looks to be performing a bit of outreach to see how to best move forward.

At the time of this writing, Wix admits that it cannot directly connect its stores with a dropshipping service.

If you want to see Wix add the ability to connect its stores directly with a dropshipper, you can go to this page and vote.

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A Wix Dropshipping Alternative

If you are using Wix and looking for a dropshipping/online store with more native functionality than Oberlo, you have options.


ECWID is an e-commerce platform that works easily within Wix. Once you have set up your ECWID page within Wix, you can easily add apps – like a dropshipper – to the ECWID store.

Here is the process for adding a dropshipper to your Wix site through ECWID.

1. Create a space on your Wix site for an online store.

2. Go to the Wix app market and search for ECWID. Hit Enter, then click “Add to Site” and “Add app.”

3. Pull up your ECWID control panel and search for the dropshipper that you prefer.

4. If you see a green button that says, “Upgrade to get the app,” then upgrade your ECWID account to comply. You will probably need to upgrade to the Venture Plan.

The Wix Training Academy Youtube page has many resources that cover features such as adding a new store and a dropshipper to your Wix site.

The Advantages Of Using ECWID

There are many advantages to using ECWID stores rather than Wix stores within a Wix website.

  • Once you add an ECWID store to your Wix site, you can easily add a dropshipper to your ECWID page.
  • ECWID immediately expands your e-commerce functionality within Wix, giving you access to a full-featured store and a more robust customer experience.
  • ECWID is made to work within Wix, so you will not face unexpected errors from incompatibility.

There is one major disadvantage to using ECWID with Wix to access a dropshipper. Your online store is now spread among three different UIs – Wix, ECWID and the dropshipper that you choose.

This can quickly become frustrating if you are running an e-commerce store at scale.

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Why Stick With Wix?

Wix freely admits in many ways that its e-commerce options are not as robust as some of its competitors. However, Wix remains one of the largest DIY web development platforms. Why?

Most people are attracted to Wix because it is incredibly easy to use overall. Its visual interface allows users the ability to put together a website without any knowledge of coding.

Wix also allows for simple and easy transfer of URL hosting and online assets. If your business scales beyond Wix functionality, you can migrate it to another web host with minimum hassle.

Wix is also incredibly low-cost. Many people use the Wix site as a testing ground for ideas. Although e-commerce is not its calling card, it is a great place to work the kinks out of an e-commerce system before scaling it.

The bottom line: Wix and Oberlo can work together. The marriage just requires a bit more work. However, there are advantages to the Wix platform that make the extra work worth it.

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