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Teespring vs TeePublic – Which Is Better?

Are you looking to create your own custom clothing line that caters to a specific niche? One of the best ways to do that is with a print-on-demand service.

Not only does it let you start your own custom product line, but it also allows you to monetize your audience, without having to hold your own inventory.

It’s not that easy to pick the best print-on-demand company to get started with because there’s a ton of options available right now. However, not all of them can bring your unique vision to life, so you have to do your research well to find a platform that works for you.

Every print-on-demand service has its own unique features, distinct product catalog, and shipping considerations, but to help you narrow down your options, we’ve done a comparison review of two such companies: Teespring and TeePublic.

Both print-on-demand sites can help you design, sell, and ship your own custom products. In this post, we’re going to show you how they’re uniquely different from each other and conclude with our recommendation.

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What To Look For When Choosing A Print On Demand Service?

There are some key factors any print on demand service worth its salt should offer, which will help you get started.

Let’s look at a few of these so it’s easier for you to pick between Teespring and TeePublic.

  • Unique features – Does the service or site offer anything unique that differentiates it from other similar services?
  • Catalog – What products can you create or customize on the platform?
  • Printing options – Does the service have a single or multiple printing and customization options?
  • Shipping – Once an order is received, how long does production take, where does the company ship from, what are the standard shipping times, and how are shipping costs calculated?
  • Target audience – Who is the print on demand service suitable for?

Without further ado, let’s get started with the Teespring vs TeePublic comparison.

In the end, I will show you the better print on demand platform that you should use.

Teespring vs TeePublic: What They Are And How They Work


Teespring is a print on demand site that allows you to create custom designs from your ideas and sell them on the platform, while they handle everything from storefront to supply chain.

It works for everybody by offering a simple solution for creators, artists, and sellers to create and sell their customized products, with an unlimited range of items that ship to more than 180 countries worldwide.

The end-to-end solution works in three simple steps: Create, sell, and profit.

Once you create a product using the Teespring Launcher, you can sell and promote them using Teespring’s integrations and unlock more sales, collect your profits in your Teespring account, and withdraw whenever you want.

  • To create a product, simply click Start designing, log in (via Facebook or Google), and if you don’t have an account, you can create one.
  • Next, select the product category you want to create, pick a more specific product design, and choose either buy or sell. With the buy option, you can create designs, buy for yourself, or create branded products for your business, while the sell option lets you list your designs to earn from them once people purchase online.
  • Once you select the buy or sell options, you can start designing, adding images or text, changing colors, and setting your pricing. From here on you’re ready to sell and collect your profits in your account.

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This is a huge marketplace for indie artists, podcasts, streamers, and other creators to sell their work on quality merchandise, and earn from every purchase made on the platform.

The platform has more than 100 product types and over 1.2 million designs so you’re guaranteed to find something you love. With more than a decade of experience, the TeePublic team is keen on quality, which is why they’ve established the highest standards for the third-party fulfillment centers where your artwork is printed, as well as shipped.

To get set up on TeePublic:

  • Click Designer setup on the homepage, create an account if you don’t have one using your email address or Facebook for social sign-in.
  • Pick a username, display name, and password, and then hover your cursor over your account’s icon and click Upload a design.
  • You can upload one or multiple files, but for images, TeePublic has specific dimensions of at least 1500px wide, though the information on sizing requirements for products is available.
  • Select product title, tag, description, and then choose the products you want to place your designs on. Pick your preferred colors and position the design where you want it to go.

Teespring vs TeePublic: Features


Unlimited products

Teespring offers an unlimited number of products in its catalog from apparel to phone cases, mugs, accessories, home decor, backpacks, and more. It also lets you create more than 50 products instantly and put them up for sale on the store.

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Custom storefront

Need to create your storefront to look and feel like your brand? Teespring allows you to customize not just your store but your listings as well. You can show off your product collection and unlock more sales. The store is also your valuable brand asset that brings buyers back to you over and over again.

Some of the storefront design elements you can add include your logo and a banner, plus you can optimize the storefront by adding products, enabling cross-selling, and grouping related designs in the store.

Teespring is also working on giving you the ability to further customize store displays using the product display logic, create consistent branding, and add new products directly to your storefront.

Teespring Launcher

This tool lets you create products instantly and decide the profit you want to make for each product sold. You can also use it to edit listing details immediately when they’re launched.

Global fulfillment

Teespring ships customers’ orders to 180 countries across the globe.

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Ecommerce tools and analytics

You also get tools that help you with your online store such as email marketing, promo codes and more. Plus, you can use the native analytics to see your sales and other important and measurable metrics.

Buyer satisfaction

Teespring enjoys the highest buyer ratings in the industry, which means your products have potential for exposure to ready buyers.

Dedicated support

Teespring doesn’t let you do everything on your own; their dedicated support team is at hand to give buyers and sellers the assistance they need as they use the service.

Boosted Network

Teespring offers a Boosted Network where you can add more eligible products and benefit without spending more time creating them for more regions.


Teespring integrates with an extensive list of exclusive apps so you can sell more. These include YouTube, Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Streamlabs, and TikTok.


Rapid SEO indexing

TeePublic gathers organic traffic through integration with Google Analytics, and shows you how it has grown over the past 12 months thanks to its effective search engine optimization. This way, your designs can easily rank on Google via TeePublic and usually very quickly.

Quick and easy uploading

You can add more designs in less time thanks to TeePublic’s quick and easy upload process, which also makes it easier to sell on the platform.

Fixed royalty rates

TeePublic doesn’t offer an incentive for copycats to steal original designs. It offers fixed royalty rates so no one can undercut you on price, hence less copycat issues even though they’re still there.

Fast production and shipping

TeePublic ships globally and has dedicated platforms for various countries. They also ship from Europe, meaning your customers get their items faster.

Bulk uploader tool

You can upload multiple designs using this tool instead of a CSV file, making it a less painful and faster process.


Unfortunately, TeePublic does not integrate with other eCommerce platforms or online marketplaces. But, TeePublic allows users to display external link buttons on their sites.

TeePublic integrates with Google Analytics so you can see your stats and track your sales.

While it’ll send you an email for every sale you make, you can hook up a GA account to your TeePublic one and get information like number of views on your designs, what receives the highest views, and where your visitors are coming from e.g. social media, paid search, or Google.

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Teespring vs TeePublic: Product Choice


Teespring offers a wide range of products you can customize and list on your store. They keep adding new product options, but currently you’re able to launch over 50 print on demand products instantly within their tool, the Teespring Launcher.

But that’s not all; they have started rolling out more than 15 new specialty products too, which once unlocked by maintaining a good trust score and increasing sales, become visible in the Teespring Launcher.

They include all-over print unisex tees, zip hoodies, joggers and hoodies, pocket tees, women’s sports bras and swimsuits, and all-over crop tees.

Other specialty products include print bags, racerback dresses and accessory pouches, pins, home décor products, embroidered hats, and sleeve prints.


TeePublic also offers a variety of products from shirts, to stickers, art prints, phone cases, kids’ clothing, sweatshirts, onesies, tank tops, mugs, notebooks, posters, pillows, totes, tapestries, laptop sleeves, and more. It has multiple fulfillment centers in its network that are always seeking to grow their offerings, and you can suggest what you think they should offer by sending them an email.

You pick what products you’d like your designs to be displayed on – some in multiple styles so the customer can pick what they want.

For instance, if a customer wants a t-shirt, they can pick a v-neck, classic, tri-blend or even premium t-shirt. It’s a simple and effective approach, and once the customer makes the purchase, TeePublic will print and ship to them and give you a royalty.

Teespring vs TeePublic: Analytics And Reporting


Teespring has a dashboard and tools you can use to check your analytics on metrics, such as your sales and others, over time.

This helps you see how well your products are selling, so you only need to go to the Analytics section of your account and see a visual graph with your orders, units sold and your profits. It also shows where sales come from, your orders, and listings.


TeePublic uses Google Analytics to show you your sales and other metrics. You can see this under the My Account section and see your sales, next paycheck, how much you’ve earned from the previous or current month, and total earnings. You also get to see the total sales and download a report on your earnings.

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Teespring vs TeePublic: Pricing


Teespring is completely free to use, but the product pricing varies. You get to set the selling price and keep all your profits, for instance, if you’re selling an iPhone case and the base price is $5, you can sell it at $12 and keep the $7 profit for yourself.

The pricing of products isn’t based on the number of colors on your design or items you sell with each listing. Instead, it’s impacted by whether the design is single or double-sided, and the pricing discount, which denotes the number of items you sold in the last month.

Shipping fees depend on the destination you’re shipping to, plus extra items. When you add items from different listings to one cart, each listing’s shipping fees will be calculated differently.


TeePublic is also free to join, upload and sell your products on the platform. However, like Teespring, the pricing varies on products because there is a sale price and a regular price for the products. The sale price applies when discounted during the first 72 hours, when you’re featured or when there’s a site-wide sale, while the regular price remains the rest of the time.

The shipping costs also vary based on weight and number of items ordered, but start from around $6.99 for standard shipping, and international shipments start from $7.99 and increase with extra items.

You can get an accurate price quote by adding items to your cart, and go to the checkout page, and choose your destination.

Note: Pricing may be adjusted over time, so these are just figures as at the time of writing this post.

Teespring vs TeePublic: Similarities And Differences


  • They are both free print on demand marketplace; hence, users only have to pay for the product base price.
  • Both Teespring and TeePublic have a broad range of POD products.
  • They both offer reliable analytics.
  • With either TeePublic or Teespring, you can customize your online storefront to display items.
  • Both TeePublic and Teespring support all major debit/credit cards and PayPal.
  • They both support third-party platforms; Although TeePublic supports Google Analytics, Teespring integrates with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Streamlabs, and TikTok.
  • Both POD platforms provide users with comprehensive resources and responsive customer support service.


  • TeePublic facilitates only direct to garment printing (DTG), while Teespring facilitates both screen printing and direct to garment printing.
  • Unlike TeePublic, Teespring provides users with specialty products.
  • Merchants can get higher organic traffic with TeePublic due to rapid SEO indexing than with Teespring.
  • While Teespring is ideal for short term exclusive sales or fundraising, TeePublic is ideal for long term income.
  • The average shipping time of Teespring is 12 business days, while it is 15 business days for TeePublic.

Teespring vs TeePublic: Pros & Cons

Teespring Pros and Cons


  • Offers a limited edition effect as it limits products and campaign length, which encourages customers to buy
  • Good if you have an exclusive brand or large following
  • Quick and easy to use
  • You don’t have to be an artist to use it
  • Has a native designer software
  • Offers promo codes and eCommerce tools
  • Analytics dashboard available


  • Native design tool limited in capabilities and features
  • Potential customers may not buy after the campaign ends due to the limited edition effect
  • Not good for long-term income-earning
  • Doesn’t offer much organic traffic
  • Not as many engaged customers who visit regularly for new designs
  • You have to promote your products and store to get more traffic
  • Doesn’t give you customer data like contact details and more so you can reach them in future with offers

TeePublic Pros and Cons


  • Offers high customer traffic (organic)
  • You don’t need to spend much effort building audiences and promoting your store/products
  • You can still promote yourself on social media and other platforms but it isn’t a requirement
  • All-in-one solution with printing and shipping, plus customer service


  • Profits are relatively lower
  • You won’t get buyer data so you can’t reach them with offers in future
  • You’re subject to the platform’s rules

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TeePublic The Same As TeeSpring?

No, TeePublic is not the same as Teespring. In fact, TeePublic is a POD company that was established in 2013, while its current parent company is Redbubble after acquisition in 2018.

On the other hand, Teespring (now known as Spring) is a POD service that was launched in 2011 by Evan Stites-Clayton and Walker Williams.

Are TeePublic Shirts Good?

Majority of TeePublic users rated its products as excellent due to their good quality. Apart from shirts, other custom printed products by TeePublic are mostly devoid of material defects.

Is It Worth Using TeeSpring?

Yes, it is worth using Teespring because it is a free platform. If you want to make money online by only designing products without the stress of manufacturing, shipping, and fulfilment, then Teespring is highly recommended. In fact, it provides you with several resources that will help you start your POD business.

Is Selling On TeePublic Worth It?

Although TeePublic does not give you total control on product pricing; however, it is worth selling on its platform in the long run. Besides, independent artists can quickly sell their art on custom printed products without difficulty.

Teespring vs TeePublic: Which One Is Better?

Teespring is a print on demand service that’s more of a campaign site. However, it offers a wider variety of items compared to TeePublic, though there aren’t any style options. It’s also popular among people that sell products via fundraising sites or social media, it’s easy to use and allows you to upload multiple designs at the same time.

You can also customize your storefront to your liking. It’s ideal for designers with large fanbases, celebrities, designers who can be reached easily via social media or ads, and public figures.

TeePublic on the other hand is a print on demand site that’s also easy to use – just create your account and upload designs, and they’ll handle the rest.

Their product variety isn’t as big as that of Teespring, which offers specialty products over and above the usual catalog items. However, your customers can pick different styles and once the item is shipped to them, you earn a royalty.

It’s not suitable for high-end artwork or designers with huge fanbases, where your own brand platform would be more applicable. For artists with a huge portfolio, TeePublic is great as you can earn more with the designs you upload.

Both platforms are free to join and use, but we’ve got to pick a winner for this round.

We recommend Teespring because it has a wider product selection catalog, it’s easy to set up with buying and selling options, shows a clean and clear breakdown of your sales and profits, and you can earn a lot more as long as your designs get the attention they deserve.