15 Best Student Blog Examples

As a student, starting a student’s blog has so many benefits attached to it.

A blog can serve as an excellent platform to share your ideas, discuss specific arguments that relate to a student’s life, keep other students informed, and generally influence.

Individually, you can grow your writing, communication, analysis, and interpretation skills by steadily writing on your blog. 

However, starting a blog isn’t always straightforward. You’ll have to choose topics you want to blog about, pick a blog title, purchase a domain, web hosting, and whatnot.

If you’re considering starting a blog as a student, here are the 15 best student blog examples to draw inspiration from

Best Blog Examples For Students

1. College Info Geek

College Info Geek is a blog started by Thomas Frank to help students become better students.

The blog covers four major subjects which are; studying effectively, becoming more productive, starting a career, and living a better life as a student.

Some of the most read articles on the blog include; the ultimate college packing list, how to stay organized and productive in college, and the best online jobs for students. 

There are two full courses offered on the blog; a productivity masterclass and habit building essentials course.

A new post is published on the College Info Geek blog at least once a week. 

To inspire students, Thomas Frank publishes an “Impossible List” on his blog. This is a list of things that aren’t technically impossible but just somewhat difficult for students to achieve. For every task complete, Thomas rules it out on his list. 

College Info Geek also offers a podcast that is presented every Monday. Students can listen to this podcast on Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube, or Spotify. 

Furthermore, the blog features a music playlist with ideal songs that can help students study. The playlist is featured on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

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2. School Habits

This is a blog about habits and hacks to help students get through school. This personal blog was started by Kathryn Azevedo, a teacher and private coach.

She has previously taught in private and public school systems and now, she teaches students how to learn via her blog.

The School Habits blog covers time management, study skills, test anxiety, self-advocacy, improving grades, homework management, procrastination, focus, note-taking, and more topics.

Kathryn Azevedo also offers some particular services to her blog readers. This includes Standardized test preparation, Executive function coaching, Study skills coaching, Application essay help, School essay help, and Writing instruction.

This blog features a shop with several helpful materials that students can purchase. This includes homework planners, daily schedule and task list, weekly work planner, weekly homework planner, etc. These materials are sold for as little as $5. 

As a School Habits reader, you can sign up for the newsletter and get a free copy of the 25 School Habits and Hacks ebook.

If you wish to book a special appointment, you can reach the blog owner via phone or email. Furthermore, you can follow School Habits on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3. The International Students Blog

The International Student’s blog is a blog that targets students that intend to or are already studying abroad.

Particularly, it targets international students in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the Caribbean. International students studying online are not left out.

This student blog is one of the oldest you’ll find as it was started in 2005. It works as a forum too such that students can sign in to drop comments amongst others. 

Registered users get to enjoy Free Amazon Prime for students with Deserve Edu Mastercard approval, a $20 Flight Discount Code with StudentUniverse, 5% Eurail Discount, 50% off an ISIC Discount Card, and Free Sim card with an accompanying mobile plan.

Aside from the informative posts constantly published on the blog, there are lots of resources for students to utilize.

One of these is the School Search that lets you search for ideal schools to study in any of the aforementioned countries. 

Simply select your country of choice, a field of study, school location, degree level, and search.

The International Student’s blog is not one for students alone. Educational professionals can also register as admins to list scholarships amongst others.

4. Save The Student

One important aspect of a student’s life is money management and that’s what the Save The Student blog covers. 

The blog covers topics on how students can make money, save money, find jobs while studying, pay bills, get accommodation, and manage finances in general.

This blog was started in 2007 by Owen Burek who was a University of Manchester student at the time.

It has recorded significant success since its launch as the blog has been featured in top sites like BBC News, The Guardian, The Times, HuffPost, and Independent.

One thing that keeps this blog going is that they accept story submission. Students can send in their stories and experiences about finance in school and see them published for other students to read.

On this blog, a student can find some hot shopping deals that help him/her save money.

There are lots of other resources for students on the Save The Student blog. There’s a student loan repayment calculator to help students keep track of their student loan debt. 

Furthermore, there’s a Parent’s Guide To University to educate parents on all the expenses there are when sending their children to a university.

5. FlashLearners

FlashLearners is an educational blog for students in Nigeria. The blog covers news and updates on university admissions, examinations, scholarships, and more; it’s more a blog for graduating secondary school students than university students. 

FlashLearners was founded by Isaac Inegbenehi and the blog has been around since 2016.

To aid students to prepare for their examinations, this blog features online quizzes. These quizzes feature past questions of the individual examinations and they are presented the same way as the actual examinations.

Furthermore, students can sign up and study for free from an online class. The online class covers all the major subjects taught in secondary schools including Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, etc. 

To make it easier for students to study with and stay updated with the blog’s information, FlashLearners features a mobile app that can be downloaded for free. From the app, students can access everything there is on the online website.

Other resources students can access on the FlashLearners student blog include scholarship and internship programs, study guides, student jobs, etc.

Furthermore, the blog covers tech updates with reviews to help students get the best gadgets for learning.

6. StudentUniverse

Launched in 2000, StudentUniverse is a unique blog for student travelers. It covers travel destinations in Europe, Asia, South America, Central America, Middle East, Africa, South Pacific, and New Zealand.

It is a US-based blog but has other sites for the UK and AU.

This blog is resourceful for international students that have to travel. Students who wish to travel for adventure, holiday, summer break, etc. will also find this blog’s content worthwhile.

On the StudentUniverse blog, students can find cheap flight deals for domestic US, UK, or AU flights and international flights. Students can get up to a 30 percent discount when they search for flights using this website. 

This is possible as StudentUniverse is a part of the Flight Centre Travel Group – one of the world’s largest travel companies.

Furthermore, the blog partners with more than 200 world airlines including Air China, British Airways, and United Airlines.

Similarly, students can search for and book cheap hotel lodging, tours, and car rides. With the Group Travel service, students can search for and meet with other students traveling to the same destination so they can travel together. 

7. StudentLife Network Blog

StudentLife Network is a Canadian-based website where students can get resources on everything about school. The blog aims to help students find the right school to study, improve their grades, reduce debt, and get their dream job.

Most of the blog’s content is about students’ life but there are more than articles for students to access on this blog. Students can search and apply for scholarships via the StudentLife Network 99 Scholarships platform.

However, the scholarship opportunities are only to Canadian schools and Canadian students.

Nevertheless, as a StudentLife Network member, students get access to several giveaways where they can win cash, gifts, and other deals.

Similarly, students can participate in Canada’s Luckiest Student drawing where there’s up to $150k.

Using the StudentLife Network promo code, registered members can get 10 percent off when they shop for merch from WeGetReal. Also, students can get $150 off their trip on the Contiki website.

The StudentLife Network features a student to student podcast. The podcast is presented on Apple Podcasts.

StudentLife Network is open to comments and suggestions from students as they can send in their opinions via a contact form.

8. Stay Informed Group

This blog is all about motivational content for college students. It’s a very simple blog but with highly valuable content. Initially, the blog was eglobalscholarships.com and just focused on scholarships but was rebranded in 2019. It was founded by Bassey Chimezirim James.

The Stay Informed Group blog features how-to guides, general schooling tips, and tech information. Students can get information on the best schools to study and why they should study there.

Some of the most popular posts on the Stay Informed Group blog include: how to be successful in college, how to write a scholarship essay, best boarding schools, etc.

With the “Motivation For The Week: Achieve Anything” post, students are encouraged to start their week on a good note and give their all every week.

As a reader, you get access to international scholarships. This includes Ph.D. scholarships, Masters’ scholarships, and Undergraduate scholarships. These scholarships can be sorted by school.

Students can follow up the Stay Informed Group blog for updates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

9. The Student Newspaper

This is one of the oldest student blogs and the oldest student newspaper in Europe.

Started by the University of Edinburgh, the blog was launched in 1887 which makes it over 130 years old. Notably, this student blog is independent of the university. 

The Student Newspaper doesn’t particularly publish posts about student’s life or much about college.

It simply aims to keep students informed by bringing them updates on the latest news from far and near. However, most of the information published is about happenings in the UK.

Nevertheless, it covers not just news but also reviews, lifestyle, opinions. voices, sports, and most importantly science. The opinions category features more articles on schools and studying.

One thing to notice about this blog is that it’s almost like a physical newspaper. The pages don’t load like other blogs, they open at once when clicked.

To follow up on The Student Newspaper blog, you can simply join their Facebook group. Also, you can join the weekly writers’ meeting on Microsoft Teams.

If you happen to be a student of the University of Edinburgh or close, you can get a physical copy of the newspaper.

10. Student Privacy Compass

As a student, it is critical to keep your personal data private. The Student Privacy Compass blog is focused on helping you achieve that.

On this blog, students can learn about student privacy laws, school data, internet privacy, technology privacy, security, etc.

The blog isn’t for students alone but also parents, educators, education agencies, higher institutions, policymakers, and LEA lawyers. Similarly, the blog looks at student laws from different perspectives.

This includes the student perspective, state perspective, lawmakers perspective, legal perspective, LEA perspective, educator perspective, advocate perspective, parent perspective, FPF perspective, etc. These are the various categories of the Student Privacy Compass blog.

The blog is a very consistent one. About two or three new posts are published every week. Student Privacy Compass is a US-based blog and it features the state laws of all US states.

There’s an on-site FAQ with answers that informs readers about the blog and how to use it. Specific questions can be sent in via the contact form.

Other available resources include an FPF resource, student privacy training, and a train-the-trainer program. Consequently, law students will benefit most from following the Student Privacy Compass blog.

11. The Student Blogger

This is a UK-based student blog that discusses daily student experiences in the university. It was started to help students focus more on their education and worry less about other things while in school.

The blog covers various topics including lifestyle, fashion & beauty, recipes, student discounts, money-saving, student jobs, academic competitions, and more. For students just starting a university, there’s so much to learn from the Student Blogger blog.

To make content easy for students to digest, several posts are made featuring infographics.

The Student Blogger blog is open for contributions from any student. Also, you can join the Student Blogger Collection.

The Student Blogger Collection is a group of student bloggers. Posts from these bloggers are featured in the Student Blogger blog, irrespective of the niche.

When you join the collection, you get a Student Blogger Selection badge on your blog.

Furthermore, the blog does PR advertising to help brands introduce their products/services to students. Students who run businesses in school can benefit from it as well.

12. MyUCD Blog

The MyUCD blog is a blog for University College Dublin students. It provides insights on courses offered at the school, campus life, careers, and more. The blog has been around since 2014.

There are so many featured categories in this blog. Popular ones include preparing for college, college life, UCD societies, campus, and veterinary. In 2015, the MyUCD blog was a finalist at the Blog Awards Ireland.

Posts published in the MyUCD blog are all written by UCD students. Although the blog isn’t updated very frequently, each post is lengthy and covers a lot.

Aside from the categories, readers can sort the posts by academic levels, faculties, and departments.

Interestingly, this student blog features the UCD Campus map to help students navigate around the school. There are also transport links and course lists for graduate and undergraduate students.

On the main MyUCD portal, you can find resources for school fees, funding, scholarships, guidance & counseling, etc.

The MyUCD Blog is an ideal student blog example that targets a particular school. You can follow up the blog on top social media sites.

13. Worcester Student Life

Worcester Student Life is a blog launched by students of the University of Worcester to share their university experiences and student life tips.

It is targeted at international students who are interested in living and studying in Worcester. 

Nevertheless, content published on the Worcester Student Life blog doesn’t relate only to the University of Worcester. Students from any university will find them beneficial too.

The blog covers several topics: accommodation, university application, course selection, settling in, money, food and recipes, sports, student jobs, studying abroad, etc.

It also covers graduates with posts on PGCE application, virtual internships, etc.

Posts published on the Worcester Student Life are from multiple authors. Hence, this is an ideal student blog example if you plan on starting up a student blog with partners.

Notably, the blog features a “Random Act of Kindness” publication every week. That way, students are encouraged to show kindness to someone at least once every week.

Readers can follow the Worcester Student Life blog and stay updated on any new post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

14. Celestelili

Celeste Lili, a UC Davis Managerial Economics graduate, created the student blog “Celeste Lili” with the goal of sharing her undergraduate knowledge, particularly for first-generation college students who may lack familial guidance in navigating college.

This blog addresses a wide array of student life topics, including productivity tips, lifestyle advice, and insights into UC Davis student life. Posts maintain an engaging and conversational tone, making them accessible and relatable. Personal anecdotes and experiences are often woven in to connect with the audience.

What sets Celeste Lili’s blog apart is its emphasis on practical advice drawn from her own experiences. For instance, she offers time management strategies rooted in her journey of balancing coursework, exams, a part-time job, and home responsibilities. This hands-on guidance proves invaluable for students facing similar challenges.

Beyond the blog, Celeste Lili maintains a presence on Pinterest, where she shares additional resources on student life, productivity, content marketing, and personal development.

Celeste Lili’s blog stands as an excellent student blog examples due to its commitment to delivering practical, experience-based advice in an engaging and accessible style.

15. Yearist

The Yearist blog is a recent student’s blog as it was launched in 2020. It was launched by Michael Fray who is an engineering student.

This blog was launched for three main purposes.

The first is to connect students so they can share knowledge and experiences. Secondly, the blog was launched to promote entertainment and information that’s relevant to student’s lives.

The third reason is to provide a sense of connection that doesn’t involve the use of social media.

The Yearist blog focuses on two main categories which are Study and Life. The Study category features content like study motivational videos, tips to get good grades, writing tips, ways to reduce school-related stress, etc. 

The Life category features content like ways to get ahead in life, motivational quotes, and more.

All posts featured on the Yearist blog were written by the blog owner, Michael Fray. In most of them, he’s sharing his personal experiences as a student which makes it easy for other students to relate to the content.

Students can share their own opinions by dropping comments after each post or submitting a contact form.

Best Student Blogs Examples – Conclusion

If you intend to launch a student’s blog, it’ll turn out to be an advantage in the long run. Your readers get to benefit from the insightful stuff you post and you get to share what you know. 

Not to mention, you could even monetize your blog and make some money off it. 

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