11 Spooky Fonts On Canva

Halloween parties are not complete without horror-themed designs or creations. I’m a horror enthusiast and have organized a lot of these projects in the past including a horror film festival.

One of the elements that usually make my creations stand out and have a supernatural undertone is the typography. And that’s one of the things you should pay attention to if you’re organizing a similar event.

You should use the right font to infuse an air of spookiness into your creations. For those of us who are not professional designers, we can always rely on Canva to design our works.

The best part is that this popular online design platform offers a treasure trove of hauntingly beautiful fonts that will give your project an eerie feeling. Spooky Fonts on Canva include Rubik Beastly, Jeepers, Balmy, Kawit, and Savage.

However, my best pick is Jeepers because it easily creates a dreadful feel for the audience. That said, I am going to explore these spooky fonts on Canva while also giving visual examples.

Whether you’re working on your next Halloween party, horror film festival, or chilling social media graphics, these fonts will add an extra touch of macabre allure. It’s time to bring your darkest creations to life. Now, let’s dive in and explore these spooky fonts.

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Best Spooky Fonts on Canva You Should Try out

1. Balmy

If you’re looking for a refined yet haunting Canva font for your next design, Balmy is a great option. Boris Garic noted that he created the font for everything crunchy. He aimed to have a font that was easy to read with a bold look and vintage feel.

At first glance, you’ll notice that this font is designed with a brush pen on paper giving it a home-made feel. I love the delicate balance between elegance and darkness.

You don’t get such a lovely combination often. Balmy’s elongated letterforms have intricate details and a Gothic aesthetic that makes them both captivating and spine-chilling.

That is to say, when you use this font in your Canva designs, it adds an air of mystery and sophistication to them, enthralling your audience.

Another beautiful feature I love about this font is that it is incredibly versatile. You can use it in different design scenarios whether you’re creating a Halloween party invitation, horror movie poster, or Gothic-themed social media graphics.

You should also note that this font comes in all caps and you can pair it with other typefaces like the sans-serif fonts in designing your poster.

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2. Savage

The Savage font on Canva surely embodies a sinister and distorted aesthetic which is perfect for conveying a supernatural feel. It’s a popular font among horror enthusiasts.

The first attribute that captured my attention when I stumbled on this font was its jagged edges, sharp corners, and uneven strokes. I love how it creates an unsettling visual impact which is basically what every horror-themed event should do.

You want your audience to shiver at the sight of the designs. Savage perfectly mirrors the disarray and chaos often associated with horror.

This font will particularly work well for horror film posters, book covers, film festivals, or other promotional materials in the genre. Also, Savage only comes in caps and has an eerie visual hierarchy and emphasis.

You can use the font to draw the audience’s eye to the headline, title, or any text that requires a sinister emphasis. Its distorted look will heighten the sense of dread.

Additionally, you should consider pairing this font with other dark but Gothic typefaces. I do this in my designs and the outcome is usually beautiful. It’s interesting to juxtapose terror and beauty.

Overall, aside from designing horror-themed projects, you can use the Savage font to design creepy quotes or graphics to entice and intrigue your viewers on social media. Because of the font’s sense of dread, your audience will be compelled to engage with your posts.

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3. Kawit

If you want a font that will convey a sense of horror, fear, or suspense to your audience while still leaving a lasting impression, then you should try out the Kawit font on Canva. At first glance, you’ll notice that this font was intentionally crafted to create an unsettling and eerie atmosphere.

I love that the letters have jagged edges and distorted forms. This irregularity adds an extra layer of chaos, creepiness, and instability. Your audience will surely feel unsettled viewing a design created with this font.

Another great thing about Kawit font is that it is highly eligible and it’s also suitable for headlines, titles, and even the body of the text. I love that the font captures the essence of darkness as it draws influence from elements like haunted houses and Gothic imagery.

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4. Jingleberry

The Jingleberry font is another font on Canva that instantly sends a shiver down your spine. The letters are well-spaced making it readable.

However, one can’t overlook the unevenness of the alphabet which contributes to giving it an unsettling and creepy appearance. Its irregular and unconventional designs add to its eerie vibe.

You should use this font for your next Halloween-themed projects or haunted house event promotions. As long as you want a design with a chilling and spooky touch, the Jingleberry font is a perfect option.

However, I really love the font’s versatility. You can use it for other designs that are not horror-themed. Interestingly, the font doesn’t come in all caps meaning that you can confidently use it in the body of your text.

All in all, make sure that you choose a background color that complements the font’s horror aesthetic. You can go for darker colors such as black or gray. Also, feel free to pair it with other fonts and see the result you’ll arrive at.


5. Charu Chandan Blood Drip

From the name alone, you can already guess how the font looks. The “Blood Drip” attached to the name signifies that the font appears as though it’s formed by blood oozing and dripping down the letters.

Designed by Chandan Acharja, the visual appearance of the font deliberately mimics the gruesome and horrifying effects of bloodstains. So, if the theme of your next horror party is vampire or zombie-themed, don’t hesitate to use this font.

At first glance, your audience is going to be terrified and unsettled. But the most important thing is that they will be immersed in the design.

Another important fact to note is that because of the font’s blood-dripping aesthetic, it’s best to use it against a red background if the text color is black or a black background if the text color is red.

This will help to bring your gory and terrifying vision to life.

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6. Abys

The Abys font looks like it’s handpainted. It was developed by Ioan J. Ajalfa and is characterized by intricate and ornate letterforms.

Though this font is a great brush typeface, it also creates an unsettling and chaotic visual effect. And that’s because the letters are irregular and distorted.

Aside from that, its exaggerated curves and elaborate details give it a spooky and macabre appearance. This font is highly legible and can be used for short headlines, titles, or text that doesn’t require much reading.

That is to say, the font’s primary aim is to capture attention and convey a sense of fear and unease.


7. Inlander Texture

This bold Serif font is set to evoke a sense of dread, darkness, and horror in your spooky design. I particularly love its vintage feel. Hence, aside from creating a terrifying atmosphere, the font makes your design appear more elegant and beautiful.

Inlander Texture is so popular on Canva even though you’re not using the paid version of the platform. In using this font, you’re free to customize the size, and color to suit your text needs.

Since the font comes in all caps, it’s best to apply it to headings and titles. Finally, don’t forget to use it on a dark or spooky background.

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8. Edo

I like to believe that the Edo font on Canva was inspired by traditional Japanese horror or supernatural themes, especially during the Edo period between 1603 – 1868.

If it inclines the traditional horror elements from that period, it only makes sense that the font is named Edo and that it can be used for spooky designs.

What I find most interesting about this font is that it draws its aesthetic from the art and culture of that era. I also love that the font is super legible and also creates a sense of unease, adding a bit of spookiness and mystery to the atmosphere of any design or project.

Overall, you should go for this font if you want to create an event that captures Japanese folklore and horror traditions.

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9. Butcherman Caps

Butcherman is another spooky font on Canva you should try out. The name alone already conveys a horrific and gruesome feel. For clearer emphasis, I’d say that this font is zombified.

Like a butcher, the font has been hacked, chopped, and left for dead but still crawling nevertheless. If your next Halloween party is zombie-themed, then this font is the perfect fit for your designs.

Also, note that it is an all-caps font meaning that it can only be used as headings and titles. Finally, you should consider combining the font with other elements like blood splatters, creepy illustrations, or dripping textures, and you are on your way to creating a chilling, spooky experience for your audience.

Will they enjoy the thrill of this frightful and mysterious design? Most definitely!

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10. Jeepers

Want to evoke a sense of horror and creepiness in your audience? The Jeepers font is your best bet. At first glance, it’s very obvious that the font was primarily designed for wild occasions and one of them is a horror-themed party, book, or movie poster.

A lot of designers use this font to create an eerie and chilling atmosphere. Looking at how the letters are uneven and have varying line thickness and irregular shapes says a lot about its unsettling and spooky feel.

I really love that the font has a strong visual impact because of its unique and unsettling aesthetic. It will surely add a layer of darkness and edginess to your work.

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11. Rubik Beastly

The Rubik Beastly font is another font designed to evoke a sense of horror and intensity. As you can see, the letterforms feature sharp thorn-like edges, and bold and dramatic angles, all contributing to its overall eerie and beast-like appearance.

This font will make more sense if the party, book, or film is about werewolves and vampires. It has a menacing look that can pass.

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As you have seen, there are a lot of spooky fonts on Canva. However, my best pick is Jeepers because of its effortless creepiness, plus it’s one of the most popular fonts on Canva.

You’re free to check out other fonts and see what works best for you. The good thing is that these fonts are available for free on Canva.

So, you can be on Canva’s free plan and still design the most incredible horror-themed party, book, or film.