Tesla Theme vs Elegant Theme – Which Is Better?

WordPress is my favorite website and blogging platform of all time. And do you know what’s even better? Google feels the same way.

Google loves the Wordpress themes, and the Wordpress platform tends to rank better than any other platform due to the variety of different SEO plugin options.

The best part of the self-hosted WordPress platform is choosing your theme. Designing your custom site is the best part of the entire process for me.

At the same time, it can get overwhelming because when you type the word “business” in the Wordpress Premium search bar, you get hundreds of options.

For me, it all comes down to functionality when choosing a WordPress theme. I don’t want to spend hours and hours trying to figure out how to create certain headers or menu and footer options.

With that said, today I’d like to spend some time comparing the Tesla and the Elegant WordPress themes. I think they are both great, but there are several differences in their styles and what they offer.

So let’s dive right into this review!

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Tesla WordPress Theme

Tesla Themes came onto the scene in 2013 as a premium theme shop for WordPress users. They offer 67 different sleek and cleanly-built themes that you can use.

Tesla Themes are built on Frameworks (parent themes) and then, custom child themes build on top of the frameworks to create unique designs and customization.

Because of this, the only interaction you will have with the template is through the control panel, which makes it nice and easy.

You can change different features of the theme including:

  • Social media icons
  • Images
  • Background colors
  • Forms
  • SEO options


There are a variety of different theme options that Tesla Themes has produced. They are beautifully designed themes that are great for many niches.

All of their themes are mobile optimized and are always updated and compatible with the latest devices. Tesla Themes is constantly cranking out new design themes all the time, so be sure to keep up with their progress.

They break the themes down into 32 different themes for a variety of different niches. You can see all of them in the picture below.

Tesla Themes has some incredibly-designed Woocommerce themes such as Narcos, Bishop, and Hudson.

When it comes to business themes, they have over 35 different ones to choose from. So if you are a business owner, you will surely be able to find something that you like.

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One thing I found on their website was their showcase. Here they posted some examples of customized sites that were done using their platform.

Pricing Model

With Tesla Themes, there are three different pricing packages similar to Elegant Themes. You can get 67 WordPress themes for a one-time cost of $99, which is their most popular package.

Or, you can buy one individual theme for $58 or an entire lifetime membership for $299.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes has grown to be one of the most widely used Wordpress companies in the marketplace. With their stunning theme templates and robust features and plugins, it’s tough to beat the value you get when using their product.

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Elegant Themes came into existence in 2008 by Nick Roach, a college student at the time. Today Elegant Themes is one of the most popular WordPress themes available.

They started getting more recognized when they released their Divi Theme in late 2013. The entire company now focuses on producing top-quality products for every niche.

Today, Elegant Themes has approximately 500,000 customers. I found a great example list of Divi WordPress themes that exhibits their powerful theme layouts and customization capabilities.

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Elegant Themes has a variety of different plugins to help you with the customization of your Wordpress theme. Let’s look at a few of their most popular ones.

Handheld Mobile Plugin

The Handheld Mobile Plugin works alongside the normal theme. It will allow your viewers to see an alternative layout when using their mobile phones.

This handheld mobile plugin comes with perpetual updates, unlimited colors, a gallery section, blog layout options, ajax loading, threaded comments, and fantastic support.

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Monarch Social Media Sharing Plugin

The Monarch Social Media Sharing Plugin is one of the most highly-regarded and trusted plugins for WordPress.

This plugin even has a live demo that you can check out! It boasts over 20 different social platforms to choose from to display on your site.

There are also five different locations to place the social media sharing buttons on, including a floating sidebar, above and below content, on images and videos, automatic pop-ups, and automatic fly-ins.

Divi Builder Plugin

The Divi Builder Plugin is related to the Divi theme but doesn’t necessarily have to be used exclusively with the Divi Theme.

This is one of Elegant Themes’ most popular products, and it’s the one that thrust them into the spotlight.

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The Divi Builder Plugin has over 46 content modules to choose from. They have several demos you can look at to help learn about its capabilities.

This is an extremely powerful plugin that pairs well with the Divi Theme option, so be prepared to have lots of fun designing and customizing your website.

Bloom Email Opt-in Plugin

Bloom Email Opt-In and Lead Generation Plugin is a perfect addition to anyone focusing on creating a list of email subscribers.

There are a variety of beautifully designed themes and options for the actual email subscriber box.

You can place your opt-in boxes in six different display types including automatic opt-in pop-ups, automatic opt-in fly-ins, in-line opt-in forms, below content opt-in forms, widget areas, and a “required” opt-in to get the content box.

As I mentioned earlier, there are several other plugins that Elegant Themes have. You can use these plugins on any other websites that you have as well.

Pricing Model

Elegant Themes is a simple subscription-based model where you can subscribe for $89/year and get access to all of their 87 WordPress Themes.

This is a great deal considering I just paid $39 for one theme from another company I won’t mention. I wanted to put it into perspective at how great this pricing model is from Elegant Themes.

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You can also pay a one-time fee of $249 and get lifetime access.

You can buy a single theme if you want, but they are trying to encourage you to buy the entire package to get access to all of the themes.

Conclusion – Tesla Theme vs Elegant Theme

Having the ability to gain access to so many different themes for such a minimal amount of money seems like a no-brainer to me. Both Elegant Themes and Tesla Themes have similar pricing setups.

Elegant Theme trumps Tesla Themes in the fact that they have gone the extra mile and included their widely popular plugins such as Monarch, Divi, and Bloom Email.

It will also depend on what exactly you are looking to do with your business because if you look at Tesla, they only have three themes that are related to gyms. So if you are a gym owner, you might want to look elsewhere.

In the end, it’s going to be your preference and what you feel most comfortable in using. Now that you know the different themes and some of the features that come along with each company, it will hopefully make you feel a little more comfortable with making a decision.

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