What Does GTS, GTG & LOL Mean On Snapchat? Slang Explained

Are you a Snapchat user often confused with acronyms, which stops you from avidly using the Snapchat app? Well, from Hi to Hello to LOL and now just a waving hand emoji, the use of social media and internet acronyms is growing in numbers faster day by day.

Among the vast treasures of social media acronyms, GTS, GTG, and LOL are some of the most popular slang. However, despite being some of the frequently used acronyms on social media, “What does GTS, GTG, and LOL mean on Snapchat” is the most searched question on Google.

GTS means “Go To Sleep”, GTG is “Got To Go” or “Good To Go” and LOL means “Laugh Out Loud” on Snapchat and similar platforms.

Not that we know, what do these acronyms mean, let’s learn more about them and also explore some other popular acronyms used on Snapchat.

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What Does GTS Mean On Snapchat?

GTS is a popular acronym used in many apps to mean “Go To Sleep.” Even if you search for the meaning of GTS in Google, some top search results will show “Go To Sleep.”

This sounds correct and normal. Some users can be misled to think it has the same meaning when used on Snapchat.

Worse still, some users on Snapchat tend to use GTS to convey the “Go To Sleep” message.

However, the destined meaning of GTS when used on Snapchat is “Good Times.” You can use this slang when ending a conversation on a positive note. You can also use it to say you are having a fun time or life is good.

But, there are several contexts where you can use GTS on Snapchat to convey different messages or meanings. Here are some of the implications of GTS on Snapchat;

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Meaning 1: Good Times in the context of enjoying a moment

As previously stated, the intended meaning of GTS on Snapchat is “Good Times.” So, you can use it to communicate that you are enjoying life free of obligations or just having a fantastic moment in time.

An excellent example would be sending a snap while spending some time at the beach. Or you are sitting on your couch watching something on your TV. You can then write “GTS” with a hashtag in front.

Your viewers will know that you are indeed having good times.

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Meaning 2: Good Times in the Context of Enjoying the Interaction

GTS can also mean “Good Times” when telling the other Snapchat user that you are having a good time talking to them.

An example would be, for instance, you are exchanging snaps with someone, and they make a hilarious joke. You can reply with “LOL#GTS.” This will show them that you appreciate their joke and are having a great time interacting with them.

Meaning 3: Great Times in the Context of Ending a Conversation on a Positive Note

You can also use GTS on Snapchat to end or wrap up a conversation on a positive note. For instance, you can use it in a sentence as a sign-off.

Take a look at this example;

Your Friend: I am going to tennis training now. Talk later

You: Okay. GTS.

Alternate Meanings of GTS on Snapchat

Although “Good Times” is the intended implication of GTS when used on Snapchat, some users use it to convey a different meaning. Here are the alternative definitions of GTS on Snapchat;

1. Go To Sleep

You can also use GTS on Snapchat to mean “Go To Sleep.” However, this is less common as Snapchat users usually say “Go 2 Sleep” instead. But once in a while, users can use GTS to communicate “Go To Sleep.”

If used at the wrong time with the wrong person, GTS to mean “Go To Sleep” might seem rude. So, you should be careful when using this acronym in this context.

An excellent example of using GTS to mean “Go To Sleep” would be when you chat with someone late at night and want to end the conversation. For instance, instead of saying, “Let’s stop chatting, I’m tired,” you can say something cool followed by ‘#GTS.’

However, you must ensure that using GTS to mean “Go To Sleep” does not offend your friends. They must also understand what you mean.

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2. Google That Shit

You can also use GTS in place of “Google That Shit.” For instance, you can mainly use it when responding to an annoying or exasperating question to show that you don’t feel like answering or don’t care about it.

An excellent example would be;

Your Friend: How much can I earn monthly in online writing?

You: I do not know, GTS!

3. Going Through Shit

You can also use GTS to mean “Going Through Shit.” For instance, If you are having a tough day and someone asks how you are doing, you can reply with GTS to show that you are having a tough day without going into many details.

GTS in Pop Culture

Although GTS has been used extensively in pop culture, it does not mean the same when used on Snapchat. However, sometimes, Snapchat users who are into pop culture can use GTS to refer to something that has nothing to do with the acronym.

For instance, you can use it to refer to any of the following;

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1. GTS Cars

Users with GT sports cars make it a habit to brag about them. Therefore, you might come across thousands of posts on GT sports cars. So, Snapchat users can use “GTS” cars to mean “GT sports cars.”

So, if you come across GTS in this context on Snapchat, do not confuse it with any other meaning of GTS.

2. Machine Gun Kelly’s GTS Song

Machine Gun Kelly named his song GTS. It meant “Going Through Shit.” Therefore, if you come across Machine Gun Kelly mentioned somewhere on Snapchat and along with it, there is GTS, know that it is there to refer to the song title.

3. Guess The Song

If someone uses GTS in the context of a reality show, it could mean “Guess The Show.” Suppose you are listening to a Snapchat music captioned with “GTS,” it could mean “Guess The Song.”

4. GTS in Pokemon

Trading Pokemon used to have a famous platform called Global Trading System. Therefore, if any of your gamer friends use GTS on Snapchat, they might be reminiscing their good old days. However, this is not popular.

5. Grims Toy Show

You can also use GTS as an acronym for “Grims Toy Show.” This is a wrestling show found on silly SUPER POP from YouTube.

Therefore, if you are a fan of the show or follow something related to that show on Snapchat, you may come across the acronym.

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What Does GTG Mean On Snapchat?

Another commonly flaunted slang on Snapchat is GTG. Although it has been around for a long time, it can be tricky for new Snapchat users to understand what exactly GTG means on Snapchat.

1. Got To Go

The intended meaning of GTG when used on Snapchat is “Got To Go.” You can use it in lowercase “gtg” or uppercase uppercase “GTG.”

You can use it to tell someone you are talking to on Snapchat that you are about to leave the conversation or chat.

Depending on the context, it could mean that;

  • You are about to go offline and stop using the Snapchat app for whatever reason.
  • You are going somewhere else.

You can also use it as a polite way to end a conversation you are no longer interested in.

Furthermore, you can use GTG as an alternative to “Good night” or ” Bye,” which you can use to end a conversation.

For instance, saying GTG means that you have a reason you are about to leave, such as having to go to work or needing to go to sleep.

2. Good To Go

GTG can also be used on Snapchat to mean “Good To Go.” It implies that you are now ready for something.

A perfect example would be when your Snapchat user asks you whether you are ready to start a video meeting. You can reply that you are “GTG” if you are ready for the video meeting.

Although you can often use GTG to mean “Good To Go,” you need to be careful whenever you use it since it is not the intended definition on Snapchat.

For instance, “Good To Go” and “Got To Go” can mean opposite things. This forces Snapchat users to use context clues to differentiate between them.

How to Use GTG on Snapchat?

The straightforward way to use GTG on Snapchat is as a replacement for “Bye.” For instance, instead of saying “Goodbye” to your buddies, typing GTG can get your point across in a similar way.

You can also use GTG alongside “Bye” or “Goodbye.”

GTG is a casual slang, so use it only with your buddies on Snapchat.

However, GTG sometimes can be used even if its sender has nowhere else to go. For instance, when a conversation becomes dull, awkward, or tedious, you can use GTG as an excellent way to stop unwanted questions.

The receiver of the message will understand that it is an indication that the conversation is over, no matter the reason.

Here are some examples of GTG initialism in action;

  • GTG, it was nice chatting with you.
  • Sorry, I need to wake up very early tomorrow. Gtg.
  • Gtg, I have a flight to catch up on.

What Does LOL Mean On Snapchat?

Most acronyms and abbreviations have their origin traced back to the early days of the internet.

During this time, emojis had not yet come and time limits and characters played a more significant role in conversations. LOL has been one of the frequently used acronyms since then.

The slang “LOL” is widespread and popular on the internet. It often appears in chats, forums, and social media such as Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

It is an ideal way for Snapchat users to communicate without using much text.

LOL is an expression used on Snapchat to mean “Laugh Out Loud” or “Laughing Out Loud.”

You can use it to show that you found something very funny.

As the acronym suggests, it was initially used when the user found something very funny and had to laugh.

Currently, it has become used similarly to “haha.”

How to Use LOL on Snapchat?

You can often use LOL to react to a funny situation, and it is intended to stand in for laughing out loud. You can also use this slang to signal the use of humor or introduce an amusing story.

So, you can insert “LOL” in your message if you find something amusing. However, LOL changes its meaning according to how you capitalize it.

For instance, You can use the uppercase “LOL” to express actual laughter. Or if something was hilarious, or it genuinely made you laugh.

On the other hand, you can use lowercase “lol” to convey non-committal interests, amusement, or if something is just a little funny.

There is even a way where you can “LOL” negatively. For instance, you can send “lol” in response to your buddy’s message as a subtle hint that you do not find what they said relevant to you or exciting.

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Besides, replying with “lol” to a supposed serious Snapchat message means that you are not taking what the sender is saying seriously.

Other than being used on Snapchat, LOL is a well-known and utilized acronym outside the internet world.

However, LOL is considered to be relatively informal. Therefore, you must be careful when using “LOL” in professional environments.

Other Commonly Used Acronyms On Snapchat

Like GTS, GTG, and LOL, there are many other slang that every Snapchat user should learn and know.

We have listed here some of the distinguished and popular acronyms that you might have often seen on your Snapchat feed and stories;

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1. WCW

WCW is used on Snapchat to mean “Women Crush Wednesdays.” It is an appreciation of slang designed for women all around.

For instance, it is used as a hashtag to show encouragement and appreciation to women by the Snapchat post makers.

There can be several instances where you can use WCW to present a token of appreciation or encouragement to women around you.

2. SSB

When you use SSB on Snapchat captions, snaps, or comments, it means “Send Snap Back.”

For instance, when someone sends you a snap with SSB, they want you to snap them back with your video or picture.

In other words, SSB is used to start the messaging trail with someone on your Snapchat app.

Nowadays, SSB is shortened to SB, which means “SnapBack.”

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3. NGL

NGL is used on Snapchat to mean “Not Gonna Lie.” For instance, you can use NGL in a chat or post to prove honesty or give assurance.

However, it is vital to note that NGL can sometimes be used in a sarcastic way or an insulting tone.

It is a popular slang used by emotional users who find social media as a place to open up their feelings and emotions.


ISTG is used on Snapchat to mean “I Swear To God.” Commonly used for assuring what one is saying.

For instance, if someone says, “ISTG, you look handsome,” it means that the sender wants to show the seriousness of what they are saying and that they are not lying.

Furthermore, you can use ISTG to indicate surprise, annoyance, or harsh reality.

5. KMS

KMS is used on Snapchat to mean “Kill Myself.” For instance, you can use it as a melodramatic expression to indicate anger towards your buddy on Snapchat.

However, in serious instances, it can be used as a threat of suicide or an expression of disgust, sadness, or depression.

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6. WTM

WTM is another popular Snapchat acronym. You can use it as an acronym for several things. For instance, you can use to it mean;

  • Whatever That Means
  • What’s The Matter
  • What’s The Move

Its use depends on the context.

7. TBH

TBH is used on Snapchat to mean “To Be Honest.” For instance, you can use it to express actual happenings, emotions, and feelings.

You can add it at the beginning of a sentence that sounds like a warning for the reader.

8. IMO

You can use IMO on Snapchat to mean “In My Opinion.” Sometimes, Snapchat users can use it as IMHO to mean “In My Honest Opinion.”

For instance, you can use it to express views, suggestions, or opinions about anything or anyone.

It is commonly used to put forward honest opinions and reviews and is used without caring about the reaction.

It makes users feel free to write whatever thoughts they have about anything and everything around them.

9. IK

IK is a Snapchat acronym used to mean “I Know.” For instance, Snapchat users use it when they agree to something or acknowledge it.

Other than Snapchat, it is a commonly flaunted acronym over all types of social media.

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Final Word

GTS, GTG, and LOL are commonly used internet slang or acronyms on Snapchat. Snapchat users usually make use of them in their texts and snaps.

Besides Snapchat, GTS, GTG, and LOL have multiple meanings in various contexts. However, it all depends on how the reader interprets the meaning.

New Snapchat users should find this article helpful.

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