AliPlugin vs AliDropship: Which Is A Better WordPress Plugin?

Setting up an ecommerce store from home comes with many challenges.

Fortunately, dropshipping allows you to overcome many of them, eliminating tasks such as storing, handling, and shipping inventory.

With dropshipping, you act as a middleman between the customer and the manufacturer: You take care of selling the products, while the manufacturer takes care of processing orders and handling the inventory.

You don’t have to worry about storing or shipping products.

AliExpress is by far one of the most popular places to source your products from as a dropshipper.

It is owned by Alibaba, but allows you to order products in lower quantities (even as low as one).

This works out perfectly for dropshippers who only want to place an order with the manufacturer after a customer has already placed an order for that product with them.

Many plugins have been created to make the process simpler for those who own AliExpress dropshipping businesses. These plugins allow you to easily and seamlessly populate your website with products from AliExpress and fulfill orders as they come in.

Most plugins were created for the Shopify platform. However, there are a number of high-quality aliexpress plugins for those who prefer to stick with WordPress sites.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at two such plugins: AliDropship and AliPlugin. Which of the two are better suited for your dropshipping business?

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Dropshipping vs Affiliate Marketing

Let’s start with Aliplugin. It’s not actually meant for those who own dropshipping businesses. Instead, it’s meant for those who want to make money through the AliExpress affiliate program.

Yes, AliPlugin will help you populate your WordPress site with products from AliExpress.

It allows you to easily find products from AliExpress based on categories or keywords and populate your site quickly with many products. However, there is a crucial difference here that you need to be aware of, and that is the difference between dropshipping and affiliate marketing.

With dropshipping, the customer places an order with you and it’s then your responsibility to make sure you place an order with the manufacturer for that same product.

Using AliPlugin, however, the customer won’t place an order directly with you. Instead, they will be transferred to the AliExpress website, and they will place an order over there.

AliPlugin will automatically embed your affiliate ID in each clickable link. You will earn a small commission as an affiliate, provided they make a purchase.

This might make things easier for you by taking the responsibilities of customer service off your shoulders, but you are limited in the commissions that you earn.

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Set Up Your Own Ecommerce Store

With AliDropship, you will be setting up your own ecommerce store. It will populate your site with products from AliExpress.

Orders will be placed with you and customers will send their payments directly to you. You will be using AliExpress as your source for the products.

As far as the customer is concerned, they are purchasing the product from you. Where you are sourcing it from doesn’t matter to them.

You’ll be responsible for customer service and will have to take the blame if a product doesn’t arrive or arrives damaged (which is why you should only work with reputable manufacturers).

However, you are in more control of your earnings potential, as you can decide how much markup to place on the products you list on your website.

Following are some of the ways AliDropship will help you in your ecommerce business.

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Automation Features

AliDropship has many automation features to simplify your entire business model. You can use their filters to easily find products on AliExpress to list and populate your site with (including a filter that looks for products with ePacket shipping options).

Instead of having to go to AliExpress and manually order each product after an order comes in from a customer, you can do it by simply clicking their built-in order button.

Orders will be automatically tracked and emails will be sent to your customers with updated tracking information.

Instead of listing a price for each product individually, you can use their advanced markup formula to automatically create prices for all products or for products of a particular category.

Product data will be updated automatically, and you can also customize it yourself manually.

Reviews can be imported from AliExpress. Product images can be edited with their editing tool before you upload them to your website. AliDropship also has a variety of themes you can choose from.

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Marketing and Promotional Features

One of the best features AliDropship offers is advanced marketing capabilities. Emails will be automatically collected and added to your customer list.

You can send out emails with various kinds of promotions, and the system will also remind your customers about carts that they left abandoned.

You can easily keep track of your sales with their live stats. Sales, orders, traffic, and available inventory are all tracked and displayed.

You can even earn up to 12 percent cash-back when you place orders through AliExpress, giving you an additional income stream.

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AliDropship Add-Ons

The AliDropship plugin is compatible with a variety of add-on plugins to help boost your sales and revenue.

For example, you can use the Social Rabbit add-on to boost sharing on social media. You can also use plugins to help with upselling or creating urgency with countdown timers.

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AliDropship Custom Store and Hosting

Until now, we’ve been discussing the AliDropship plugin. Purchasing the standalone plugin will certainly make setting up your WordPress ecommerce store easier.

It is worth noting, however, that AliDropship also offers a service where they set up a customized store for you.

They will do everything from niche research and domain name research to optimizing product listings. A personal manager will work with you throughout the entire process. This service starts at $299.

AliDropship also offers hosting for their stores. Hosting starts at $48/year and can be purchased either with the plugin or with a custom store.

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Pricing – AliPlugin vs AliDropship

AliPlugin is currently being sold for $47.

The AliDropship Plugin costs $89. It is available for both WordPress and WooCommerce sites.

AliPlugin vs AliDropship: Which Is Best For You?

While both AliPlugin and AliDropship allow you to make money with AliExpress, AliDropship is a better choice for those who want to set up a dropshipping business. In addition,

it gives you a much greater variety of options with regards to features, services, add-ons, and potential revenue.

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