AliDropship Review – Is AliDropship Legit?

AliDropship claims to help you build a profitable eCommerce dropshipping store. They even offer to build a custom store for you if you don’t know how or have the time to build one yourself. 

However, is AliDropship legit? Can you really make money with AliDropship, and is it worth investing in one of their custom stores?

In this guide, I will review AliDropship and explain what it has to offer. You will find out whether it is worth using AliDropship, and whether you can really be profitable. 

Let us get into it. 

What Is AliDropship? 

What is Alidropship

AliDropship is a WordPress plugin for setting up a dropshipping store. As its name suggests, you will be using AliExpress as your product supplier and dropshipping AliExpress products to your customers. 

Using AliDropship, you can import products directly from AliExpress.

You will get access to a special list of profitable AliExpress products, and you will be able to fulfill orders automatically through the app. 

AliDropship also has website services for entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to build a website themselves.

With their custom store development service, you will get a ready-made custom dropshipping store. 

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Can Dropshipping Be Profitable With AliDropship? 

AliDropship dropshipping business

Yes, running an AliDropship dropshipping business can be profitable.

It’s more of a question of how profitable dropshipping is in general because what AliDropship does is make it easier and quicker to find and sell highly profitable products with your online store. 

Dropshipping business, when done right, can be very profitable, even if you are a complete beginner and do not have a lot of money to invest. 

To be profitable with dropshipping, it is essential to find the right products to dropship. Here are some things to consider when searching for a product to dropship on your online store: 

  • It has to allow you to add a profit margin of at least 20 percent. 

  • It needs to be evergreen, so you can sell it throughout the year. 

  • It can not be a fad, like fidget spinners. 

  • It should not be something that is likely to be returned, like clothing. 

  • It needs to be popular on AliExpress. 

There are some other things to look for as well, but those are the main ones.

If you pick the right product and you set up your online store correctly so you’ll get enough traffic and conversions, dropshipping can be very profitable. 

AliDropship increases the likelihood of you being profitable. It helps you find profitable products on AliExpress that you may not have found if you had searched yourself. 

It also helps you save time, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your business strategy.

Finally, if you are a newbie, you may benefit from an AliDropship custom store set up by experts. 

Another reason it is easier to be profitable when you use AliDropship is that you can earn a 12 percent cashback bonus on products you fulfill through AliExpress.

This 12 percent bonus can really help your bottom line. 

For example, if you are selling a product that is worth $100, that means you will save an additional $12 you can add to your total profits, in addition to whatever markup you put on the base price of the product!

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Is AliDropship Legit? 

AliDropship is legit

Yes, AliDropship is legit. It has been around for a while, and it has helped many people set up dropshipping stores. 

In addition to the plugin, there are many other services that are legit. For example, you can get help with setting up your social media accounts. 

There is also hosting available for people who create dropshipping websites. Hosting is rather cheap and affordable.

AliDropship Review – Your Own AliExpress Dropshipping Business

AliDropship Wordpress plugin review

I’m going to briefly review the actual AliDropship plugin and help you understand what it does and why you might want it. 

The AliDropship WordPress plugin comes in two versions: The regular WordPress version and the WooCommerce version.

If you have a WooCommerce store, make sure to get the WooCommerce version, but otherwise, these two versions are mostly the same. 

The handy WordPress plugin comes with free themes you can use for your site. These themes are optimized for eCommerce conversions. 

The AliDropship plugin works in tandem with the AliDropship Chrome extension.

One of the best features of the plugin and extension is that you can import unlimited products directly from AliExpress. 

Just go to AliExpress and browse products. When you find a product you like, you can import it to your Alidropship store with just a few clicks. 

This allows you to save a lot of time.

You won’t have to waste time copying and pasting the titles and product descriptions anymore, nor will you have to download the images and then upload them to your site. 

Finding profitable products is easy with the plugin.

Use the built-in search functions to find products that other dropshippers don’t know about. 

When importing products, you can use the built-in image editor to make your imported product images more appealing and unique.

You can also add product variations and edit the product title, product descriptions, tags, etc. 

You won’t even have to manually change the price.

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You can set your own price markup rules to apply across your entire site, so that when you import a product, a markup is automatically added. 

For example, you can set your markup to 30 percent.

Then, when you import a product that costs $20, the price on your store will automatically be set to $26. 

The tool will automatically sync the products on your store with the AliExpress listings you took them from.

Things like price, description, and availability can change, and it can be very hard to constantly monitor all the products on your site and update their data manually. 

Fortunately, the plugin will do that for you. 

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Another thing that takes up a lot of time is fulfilling orders.

Most dropshippers manually copy their customer’s information and address and fill out the order form manually for the AliExpress supplier to fulfill. This can take time, especially when you are fulfilling many orders every day. 

The plugin lets you skip all that. Just click the Order button, and it will automatically fulfill orders – all you have to do is confirm the order on AliExpress. 

Not only is fulfilling orders quick, but tracking is automatic as well.

You won’t have to manually find the tracking code on AliExpress and email it to your customers; the plugin does that automatically for you. 

Marketing Services To Boost Your Online Store


The AliDropship plugin has excellent online marketing features built in. For example, you can import customer reviews from AliExpress. 

It is crucial to have customer reviews of each product on your site. It adds social proof, shows customers that previous customers were happy, and demonstrates that the product is popular. 

You can also run promotions to increase conversions and add an incentive for people to buy your products.

Promotions that only last for a short time create a sense of urgency and are perfect for boosting sales. 

There are several types of promotions you can run. For example, you can offer free shipping. 

Alternatively, you can give out coupon codes, so people can get 10 percent off. If you like, you can change that to a flat rate, like $2 off. 

The plugin also builds an email list for you. It will collect the email addresses of people who made a purchase from your store and of those who filled out their email address information but never completed their purchase. 

Cart abandonment, which is when people add products to their cart but do not complete the checkout process, is a real problem and can really eat into your profits.

The AliDropship plugin aims to resolve this issue by sending automated emails to those people to remind them to complete their purchases. 

This works because often, people abandon their carts not because they don’t want to buy your product but because they got busy or distracted.

At other times, their internet just wasn’t working well enough to complete their purchase, or they did not have their credit card on hand. 

Customers can complete their purchases using a variety of payment methods. Payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, and PayU are built into the plugin, letting you reach more people and get more conversions. 

Analytics For Marketing Strategy

AliDropship lets you connect with Google Analytics and allows you to view your sales, orders, traffic, and more from a single, intuitive dashboard.

You can also easily track your inventory to ensure you are only selling products that are still in stock. 

AliDropship – How Does It Work?

How does AliDropship work?

AliDropship is rather simple, actually.

It connects your online dropshipping store to AliExpress, so you can import unlimited products directly from AliExpress, with just a few clicks. 

Using this connection, it also allows you to fulfill orders from your online store on AliExpress. Gone are the days of manually copying and pasting your customer information into the AliExpress order form. 

Not only does that take up a lot of time – the more orders you have, the more time it will take – but the tool helps you avoid copy and paste errors that sometimes occur, which can cause a product to be sent to the wrong address. 

In addition, if you need help getting started and don’t have the time or knowledge to create your own Alidropship premium store, AliDropship will do it for you. 

The AliDropship custom store service works like this: You buy a package and send in a request for a custom store. 

Your AliDropship manager will contact you to get an idea of what your needs are and what kind of store you want.

You tell the AliDropship team what kind of store you want, how you would like your store to look, what type of products you want to sell, and so on. 

If you are unsure of whether this service is right for you, you can schedule a free consultation call before you make your purchase. 

Once you have purchased your package and told the AliDropship team what you want in your store, they will work on creating that store for you.

You don’t have to do anything; they will do all the work for you. 

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Depending on the package you bought, you can have your store all set up within as little as 12 days. If you bought a more expensive package, it will take longer than that, as there are more things to set up. 

The AliDropship team will even set up social media pages for your site, though that will depend on the package you bought.

The basic package only includes a Facebook page, while other packages include Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube profiles/channels. 

AliDropship will take care of on-page SEO and get your site indexed on Google

Your site will be able to handle an unlimited number of orders per month.

Depending on which plan you buy, you will get 50-200 products ready to sell, listed on your site. 

You can always add more later yourself, but that’s a good start. 

How do the other services work? That’s pretty simple too – they work like the custom store setup. 

For example, if you choose to buy a social media setup assistance package, the AliDropship team will help you set up your social media profiles after discussing your needs and wishes with you. 

Hosting is easy to use as well. Hosting is optimized for AliDropship sites, and, depending on your plan, you can get perks like up to 80 email addresses.

All plans come with a free SSL certificate and free website setup on the hosting package is included. 

How To Set Up the AliDropship Plugin?

How to set up AliDropship?

Setting up the AliDropship plugin is fairly easy. First, make sure you meet the system requirements: You will need a Chrome browser, a domain name, hosting, and the WordPress CMS. 

Once you have your WordPress website set up, you will need to download the AliDropship plugin from the AliDropship website.

Once you have done that, go to your plugins section on WordPress and upload the plugin file from your computer. 

Once the plugin is installed, activate it by clicking the blue Activate Plugin button.

Then, go to Themes, which you can find under the Appearance category in your WordPress menu, and choose a theme (make sure to use one of the built-in WordPress themes). 

Then, go to your AliDropship plugin settings, so you can enter your license key. You will get this license key via email when you purchase the plugin. 

The license key is only good for one website, and you won’t be able to activate the AliDropship plugin without this key.

If you want to use your AliDropship plugin on a different website, you will have to reset the license key, which you can do by contacting AliDropship support. 

Once you do that, you can install the AliDropship plugin on the other website and insert the new license key to get it to work. 

If you are using the WooCommerce version of the plugin, the process is pretty much the same.

However, you will need to use a WooCommerce theme; you won’t be able to use the built-in AliDropship WordPress themes like with the regular plugin version. 

AliDropship Themes

AliDropship reviews

AliDropship has a variety of free and premium themes for both the regular plugin version and the WooCommerce version. 

As of now, there are seven free themes for the regular plugin version, along with four premium themes, which cost $67 each. 

For setting up the WooCommerce store, there are only three free themes. There are also seven premium themes, which cost between $59 to $69 each. 

Themes come in a variety of styles. You can get a minimalistic feel, for example, or you can choose a theme that is more focused on displaying products. 

Each theme is fully mobile responsive and provides quick loading speeds

AliDropship Coupon

While AliDropship usually costs $89 one time payment, they often have coupon codes that you can use to get a discount. Right now, using the coupon code VIP30, I got a discount of 30 percent. 

Instead of costing $89, it only cost $62.30. That means I saved $26.70. 

Using the coupon OLDFRIEND25, I was able to get a 25 percent discount on the final price of the AliDropship plugin. 

So, instead of costing $89, it only cost $66.75. That means I saved $22.25. 

Another coupon that is working is URGENT20. It gives you a discount of 20 percent, or $17.80 off the original price of $89. 

Another coupon that I found to be working is STARTER15. This coupon gave me 15 percent off. 

In other words, the final price was $75.65, for a total savings of $13.35. 

To summarize, here are some coupons that are working as of the time of this writing: 

  • VIP30: 30 percent off the plugin

  • OLDFRIENDS25: 25 percent off the plugin

  • URGENT20: 20 percent off the plugin

  • STARTER15: 15 percent off the plugin

Obviously, use the first coupon code if possible, as that will give you the most savings.

However, if that doesn’t work, try the 25 percent off coupon, and if that doesn’t work, try the 20 and 15 percent off coupons. 

Keep in mind that while these coupons are working as of the time of this writing, things can change. It is important to stay on the lookout for updated AliDropship coupons and pricing

You can head to RetailMeNot to see a list of current AliDropship coupon codes.

While the list gets updated regularly, some coupon codes may no longer be working, so make sure to try each coupon code while checking out on AliDropship. 

Another website to check for updated AliDropship coupons is Sociable Labs

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Can You Get AliDropship Plugin For Free? 

While there are some pirated or nulled versions of the plugin that you can find on the dark corners of the web, I would not recommend doing that.

Instead, I would recommend buying the original Alidropship plugin version directly from AliDropship, on the AliDropship website.

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No, it won’t be free, but you will avoid all the problems I will mention below. Also, you can get it at up to 30 percent off using the coupon codes I mentioned above. 

In addition, AliDropship has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with the plugin and the AliDropship customer support team can not resolve your issues, they will give you a 100 percent refund. 

With the money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by getting the paid version. If you don’t like it, you can always get your money back. 

So, why should you avoid the pirated or nulled versions of AliDropship floating around on the internet? Here are just some reasons not to download a pirated version: 

  • It’s illegal: In most places, it is illegal to use pirated software. That is because it violates copyright rules. Don’t do anything illegal. 

  • It is wrong: It is also morally wrong to use pirated software, as sharing and using pirated software ruins the livelihood of the hard-working people who made that software. 

  • You won’t get any updates: You won’t get any updates if you use pirated software. Nor will you get customer support. If you have a problem, you can’t message the Alidropship services team and ask them to help you. 

  • You might get an outdated version: The version you are downloading might be an old one that has bugs or security problems. 

  • You might get a virus: Often, sites that let you download pirated software have viruses and malware on them. Sometimes, these viruses or malware download automatically together with the pirated software, without you even knowing. They infect your computer and can steal your information. 

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AliDropship Review – Wrap Up

AliDropship dropshipping plugin is legit, and the custom stores are a great way to get started with an online business. You can easily setup a turnkey premium dropshipping store, even if you have no technical expertise.

It does cost money, but with one time free lifelong personal support license; you pay once and can keep your store forever. 

You can also get a discount using one of the coupon codes (for the plugin, at least), and if you are not satisfied, you can always get your money back. 

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