13 Best Weebly Themes For Artists And Teachers

When it comes to the world of web design, the sky’s the limit. Weebly is one of the more popular website builder platforms that allow you to get as creative as you want with your design.

Building a new website can be fun, but it can also be frustrating at times if you are not sure exactly what to do or what design would work best for your profession.

As you start to determine the goal of your website, think about your audience as well and what would appeal most to them. For example, if you are a teacher, your goal will be to educate your audience in whatever subject matter it is that you are teaching.

According to Fresno Pacific University, there are a lot of features that parents want to see on a teachers website such as homework assignments, long-term calendars, and links to educational sources.

With this in mind, Weebly makes it easy to add these features to the various free and premium themes that are discussed below.

If you are an artist, you will want a Weebly site that showcases your work and displays it in a manner that is easy for your visitors to scroll through and view your artistry.

In this post, I wanted to write about the best themes for artists and teachers and give you the reasons why, and how, you can customize these themes to fit your needs.

Weebly - Build your website for free

Weebly helps you create stunning websites, and ecommerce stores in quick time. Simply pick a theme and get started. What's more, it's entirely free.

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Why Choose Weebly?

Weebly is a very user-friendly website that is perfect for beginners. With over 40 million people around the world already using their site builder, you don’t have to know how to code or do anything fancy. All of the basics that you need are covered with Weebly.

Some of the features include:

  • Easy drag and drop builders.
  • SSL certification comes with all sites.
  • Video backgrounds.
  • You can build, edit, and do anything you need to on your mobile phone using their mobile app.
  • Weebly has complete e-commerce solutions if you need them on your website.
  • You can create your own galleries, slideshows, and custom backgrounds.
  • Weebly comes with a variety of templates that you can use right “out of the box” or you can take the templates and customize them.
  • Third party integrations for your website.
  • Powerful SEO tools to help increase rankings.

Now that you are a little more familiar with Weebly let’s go ahead and talk about ten of the best themes for artists and teachers.

Best Weebly Themes For Artists and Teachers

1. Modus Operandi – Cento

Modus Operandi – Cento is considered a minimalist design, but it’s perfect if you are looking to put all eyes on your work as an artist. You can use this design “as is,” or you can customize it to be a more robust website.

This theme has a classic look and modern colors that you can choose, which allows you to create the look and feel of your site that suits your style. The blog has a centered format layout, so if you turn your sidebar off, you can see the unique style that it creates for your audience.

As an artist, the most important part of your website is to display your work in a simple, easy-to- view type of design. You want to make your work stand out as much as possible and draw the viewer’s eyes toward your creativity and masterpieces.

Your audience should be able to come to your website and instantly see your paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc. This is why a minimalist design works well for an artist because the focus should not necessarily be so much on the words on a page, but more so on your actual paintings or artwork.

As you can see in the Modus Operandi Cento theme preview, the website only contains three pages – a home page, an about page, and a contact page.

This is probably all you need as an artist. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. Show off your expertise and creative genius using the Cento theme.

2. Susan Smith – Birdseye 2

Susan Smith is another one of the bold websites that would serve an artist well. If we break down this website and look at the preview, you can see a variety of different benefits to this type of layout.

There are four pages on this website, including the home page, my work, about, and contact. What I like about this website layout is that the “my work” page is designed to showcase the work that you do and really draws the reader in to experience the work that has been done.

A nice idea on this site is viewing the Portfolio right on the home page of the website. It gives the visitor an instant preview into what that artist is all about.

There are a variety of features that come with this theme, including being responsive, CSS buttons, fixed navigation, vector social icons, and full-width header images.

You will love this theme as an artist.

Weebly - Build your website for free

Weebly helps you create stunning websites, and ecommerce stores in quick time. Simply pick a theme and get started. What's more, it's entirely free.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

3. Muse Technologies – Unite 2

When it comes to education, having a Weebly site that is easy to post material on is paramount to the success of the website. The Muse Technologies template is a simple site that is specifically set up for blogging and posting content.

As you can see in the preview, there aren’t many images involved but remember, you can customize this site as much as you would like by simply using drag and drop widgets.

4. Oasis

Oasis is a beautiful theme design for artists looking to showcase their work.

This theme has a split-screen design which allows an artist to display images of their work on the left, and then on the right-hand side, it allows you to focus on the content and talk about the piece that is being displayed.

The preview gives you an idea of the layout and the different options you have to customize this theme.

As mentioned earlier, Weebly is a wonderful site builder for amateurs because of the fact you simply need to drag and drop to add elements and customization to any of their templates.

As you can see in the above image, you can easily change the image and the text to whatever it is that you want to display. This is the perfect website for artists because of its stunning design elements and its ability to display your work.

5. Finder

The Finder theme, designed by Bamboo Studio, is a beautiful website that’s stunning and detailed and allows you to create eye-popping home page elements using images from your classroom activities.

If you look at the preview of Finder, you can see how unique the layout is and how it could benefit teachers. Even though you will find this theme under the Business category, you can customize it to fit your needs.

One of the items that can be posted on your teacher website is photos or videos of classroom activity. The Finder theme makes it quite easy and has a beautiful home page to display different activities taking place at the school.

Here are some of the things, as a teacher, that you should be posting on your Weebly website according to Gradelink Student Information System:

  • Course content
  • Classroom materials
  • Supplemental links
  • Photos or videos of student activities
  • Upcoming agendas
  • Homework assignments
  • Student artwork
  • Vocabulary and spelling words

6. Linen

The Linen theme is another Weebly theme that was designed by Bamboo Studio. The creators of Linen did a great job and designed this theme for artists and photographers in particular.

There are a variety of different drag and drop tools that help you with designing the various aspects of the layout so that you end up with a creative, graphics-rich website that catches your viewers attention and draws attention to the details of your work.

Make sure to view the demo site to see the beautiful design layout of this theme.

7. Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse, by WebFire Themes, is a beautiful Weebly theme that is specifically designed for pre-school teachers and educators of young children.

With its stunning slider images, drag and drop sliders, and testimonial box sliders, this theme will truly be a great option for your classroom.

Some of the main features that go along with this theme are as follows:

  • Mobile and tablet responsive
  • Customizable sections
  • Multi-menu option
  • Switch Layout
  • Various theme options such as color changes,
  • Home page section layouts
  • Video background capabilities

You can view a demo site of the theme to see how everything is laid out.

Weebly - Build your website for free

Weebly helps you create stunning websites, and ecommerce stores in quick time. Simply pick a theme and get started. What's more, it's entirely free.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

8. DimDAY

DimDAY is another Weebly theme that is ideal to use if you are an artist or a teacher.

In fact, you can use this Weebly theme for pretty much anything, even eCommerce.

I put it on this list because it has more brilliant displays of images than other Weebly themes. And this is the number one thing to have on an artist website.

This theme has lots of landing page elements for making it the perfect site to get your artwork displayed to your viewers.

Additionally, DimDAY has nice calls-to-action that are centered on the images so you can tell your viewers what to do next.

If you look at the live preview, you can get an idea of the beautiful layout it could provide for your portfolio.

This theme is easy to build, it comes with 3 default color options to choose from, but you can also set your own customized colours to reflect your branding elements.

With this Weebly theme, you can choose from a variety of plugins to add the functionality you need to your website.

This theme is very design friendly, mobile responsive, and easy to customize, which makes it nice if you are new to website building.

Conversely, you can also read the theme’s FAQ guide for help to customize the theme without technical assistance.

9. Marcus Reid – Unite

Marcus Reid-Unite, is one of my favorite choices for educators and teachers. The theme is designed around providing content. With its simple black and white text layout, it provides a more structured theme to place all of your content.

As you can see with the theme preview, the home page is set up to display posts and stories. If you are an educator, you can set the website up to categorize the content you create for your students.

Now if you are tailoring your website to the parents of grade school students, this site might be a little limited with image layouts, etc.

But if you are a college professor and want to make it easy for students to follow lessons, or you want to post additional information on assignments or topics you’ve discussed, this theme would be a great one to use.

10. Slick

Slick makes a great first impression with big images and text.

The nice thing about this free Weebly template is that it’s highly customizable and can be used for teachers who want to build a simple website to keep parents up to date with homework assignments, upcoming events, and anything else important to parents.

When picking a theme for teachers, you may want to use a minimalist theme that is focused around writing to begin with. With this theme, it’s simple to bring it to life with just a few pictures on the home page, and then start building your pages out from there.

Slick can make any content or messaging look impressive. The navigation keeps visitor attention on the content, while keeping the rest of the site accessible with smooth new scrolling effects. A re-imagined new blog layout displays only post titles on the blog index page.

Slick makes the content on the site look very impressive without having to do much of anything. If you take a look at the preview of this Weebly theme, you will notice that it’s set up with images of a cycling instructor and nutrition info.

But let’s look at how easy it is to change this info using Weebly. In less than five minutes, I was able to change the header image and create various features simply by using the drag and drop functionality.

So don’t be afraid if you don’t have any experience with building websites. That’s why Weebly is so popular!

Weebly - Build your website for free

Weebly helps you create stunning websites, and ecommerce stores in quick time. Simply pick a theme and get started. What's more, it's entirely free.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

11. Resonance

The Resonance theme is designed by Roomy Themes and provides a great theme for educators and teachers.

This theme provides a fantastic place for posting the perfect content and images for teachers such as classroom activities, homework assignments, calendar with upcoming events, syllabi, and much more.

If you click on the demo link, you can begin to understand how beautiful the layout is and the functionality and flexibility you would have with this theme.

The Resonance theme is easy to install, and then once you get it up and running in Weebly, using the drag and drop editor makes it super simple to start making changes.

As a teacher, your goal is to make it easy to provide information to parents about their child’s day-to-day activities and share with them what is going on inside the classroom.

The Resonance theme makes it fun and easy to do at the same time. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a professional website designer to make a website that is informative and fun for everyone viewing!

12. Focus Theme

The Focus theme is another theme designed by Roomy Themes that can be used by teachers and educators.

The Focus theme was one of the original Weebly themes that Roomy Themes created and it has been very popular and has remained one of their most competitive templates.

This works well for teachers because of the foundational pieces such a professional look and feel as well as the graphics sections that can bring your classroom to life!

The Focus theme is a professional Weebly theme template so you will have to pay a small fee for it, but it’s well worth it for what it brings to the table if you are a teacher.

The theme has 20+ page layouts to choose from, which makes it the ideal theme to get creative with!

The nice thing about this template is that it’s very content-driven, so it makes it great for posting lesson plans, vocabulary, spelling words, and upcoming agendas.

13. Academy

Here is another Weebly theme for teachers and artists by Roomy Themes.

It incorporates well-structured landing page layouts that can allow you to build a personal website with a modern feel.

Unlike other Weebly themes on our list, it is ideal for teachers or artists that want to offer courses to students. In fact, you can display featured courses on the homepage.

Notably, this Academy theme can also be used by schools, NGOs or groups. Not to mention, it allows you to create portals for multiple users to login.

Take, for instance, you can create login portals for staff (employees), students, and even parents as depicted in its live preview.

Overall, you are provided with flexible customization options to modify this Weebly theme as you like to promote your personal brand as a teacher or independent artist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Weebly Good For Teachers?

Weebly is a suitable platform for teachers, especially those that are non-tech-savvy. With Weebly, teachers can showcase their skills and education background as an online portfolio.

Additionally, Weebly is relatively affordable than other web builder software like Wix; hence, teachers on a tight budget will find it appealing.

How Do You Choose A Theme For Your Weebly Site

Follow these steps to choose a Weebly theme:

  • Decide upon your preferred industry for your Weebly site whether as an artist or a teacher.
  • Explore similar websites in your industry. Take, for instance, you can search for the ‘best teacher websites’ to get inspiration.
  • Create a Weebly account and subscribe for your preferred plan.
  • Go to the Weebly Themes repository and then download your preferred theme.
  • Now, proceed to modify the Weebly Theme with your information.

How Many Themes Does Weebly Have?

Weebly has about 50 themes that are split across seven categories i.e featured, online store, portfolio, business, personal, event, and blog.

On the other hand, you can get Weebly themes on other third-party platforms like Envato Elements.

What Is A Responsive Theme On Weebly?

A responsive Weebly theme is built on grids that can adapt to any digital device whether mobile or desktop. That way, your Weebly site will automatically adjust its layout based on the screen resolution and size.

Weebly - Build your website for free

Weebly helps you create stunning websites, and ecommerce stores in quick time. Simply pick a theme and get started. What's more, it's entirely free.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


Weebly is a wonderful platform to use for both artists and teachers. Each of these professions is a bit different and needs a little bit different theme for their specific purpose, but Weebly has beautiful website templates to get you started that you can then customize to match your needs.

Listed above are the best Weebly themes for artists and teachers, so you should definitely get your choice among them.

If you are an educator, your theme will want to focus more on blogging, possibly diagrams, and images used to educate your audience on a specific topic, for example.

Check out this blog post I found from The Brown Bag about how to design a teachers website using Weebly. The point is, you will probably have much more text on your website than an artist would.

Again, make sure you choose a design that matches your audience’s needs, as well as your goals.

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