15 Best Weebly Ecommerce Themes

While it may look a little plain in a few areas, Weebly is one of the leading, easy-to-use website builders with millions of customers across the world.

With it, you can build your own blog, website, or even an eCommerce store in just minutes.

Weebly’s online methods for building your web store are painless and quick, using the basic editor builder, which takes you through a series of questions, and then automatically creates a site for you.

A standard editor is available that lets you pick from hundreds of beautiful templates, which you can tweak and tailor to your needs using the WYSIWYG editor.

Weebly also allows you a degree of control over the final look and feel of your site, as well as page element placements, and other features.

This makes it a top-notch web store builder.

Some of the benefits of using Weebly to set up your eCommerce store include the automatic website building (especially for novices), stylish and responsive templates, lots of features, and professional stores.

Weebly - Build your website for free

Weebly helps you create stunning websites, and ecommerce stores in quick time. Simply pick a theme and get started. What's more, it's entirely free.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Setting Up An eCommerce Store With Weebly

Weebly breaks down the seemingly intimidating job of setting up an eCommerce store into sizable and manageable bits.

Once you’re on the store console, you get a six-step initial walkthrough from the configuration of global store settings, to adding products, setting up payments, defining rules for shipping, and tax configuration.

Best Weebly Ecommerce Themes

Great web store design is at the heart of any successful ecommerce site.

A well-designed web store can help you attract customers and win more, increase sales, and strengthen your brand.

Ecommerce designs that are successful apply templates that inspire visitors to know more about your business and product or service offerings, ultimately taking the required action.

We’ve compiled a list of the 15 best Weebly ecommerce themes that illustrate best practices in design.

They’ll not only give you a leg up on your theme selection, but also help you create a fully responsive ecommerce website quickly.

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1. Paper

This Weebly ecommerce theme gives your web store the design and structure of a world-class website design.

Its roots are based in black and white type, and the site can accommodate a variety of content, while incorporating it into engaging, dynamic layouts.

The storefront features an amazing, new product hover effect tool that highlights your product or service offerings.

Paper is a responsive Weebly theme that features CSS buttons, fixed and collapsible navigation, vector social icons that make sharing possible, plus light and dark color palettes.

2. Brisk

Brisk is a responsive, colorful yet crisp ecommerce theme by Weebly that offers a fresh new space from which you can express your designs.

Besides an undeniable sense of style, Brisk delivers practical design and all the tools you need to create and build a web store that’s truly unique.

Among its features are CSS buttons, color palettes, full width header image, side navigation, and vector social icons to enable sharing.

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3. Unite

This classic ecommerce theme offers a stylish design with impressive accessories.

Its design elements are subtle but impressive with neutral backgrounds that set the tone for a variety of amazing web store building options.

Like most Weebly ecommerce themes, Unite is responsive, and offers CSS buttons, full width header image, vector social icons, and color palettes.

Other salient features are its boxed header and side navigation.

Weebly - Build your website for free

Weebly helps you create stunning websites, and ecommerce stores in quick time. Simply pick a theme and get started. What's more, it's entirely free.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

4. Clean Lines

Clean Lines ecommerce theme lives up to its name as it offers a crisp and professional design as a true universal theme.

Some of its features that make this theme create impact include its full width header and classy color palette that comes in dark and light color schemes.

You can build your brand on Clean Lines’ beautifully styled blank slate, which works for web stores for professionals including consultants, service businesses, nutritionists, and shops.

Other features you can get with this responsive theme include CSS buttons, top navigation and vector social icons.

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5. Edison

This minimalist theme that’s perfect for photographers, bloggers, artists, and architects puts your content front and center.

You and your content get to steer the tone of your web store as you determine its look and feel.

It features a Sans Serif typography and classic Monospace pairing, with a modern color palette.

Edison is a responsive Weebly ecommerce theme that offers CSS buttons, fixed and top navigation, vector social icons, boxed width, and header among other tools.

6. Dusk

Want a sophisticated design with an extra wash of color for your ecommerce store?

Dusk is a great ecommerce theme you can use as its design elements allow you to create a site that beautifully positions your content and brand on all pages.

Among these elements are the professional color palettes and fixed navigation, plus other extra yet important tools such as CSS buttons, vector social icons, and full width header image.

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7. Birdseye

This Weebly ecommerce theme delivers a sense of style that’s both photo-first and editorial.

It features navigation elements that transition as you scroll, beautiful headline fad effects, and simple color palette that allows your content and photos to speak for your brand.

With this responsive ecommerce theme, your web store content will always look stunning.

Other tools available include the usual CSS buttons and vector social icons, plus a full width header image, and animation.

8. Venue

This contemporary ecommerce theme is perfect when you want to create a huge impression on your web store visitors.

It sets a strong creative tone using unique color palettes and full-screen header images, allowing you to build unique content, and assert your brand’s voice.

Other tools you can find with this theme are collapsible navigation, CSS buttons and vector social icons.

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9. Haberdasher

The name of this theme alone sets the tone for the kind of professionals that may use it the most.

It is fashion-forward and ultra-clean so you can expect the final look and feel of your site to be approachable and modern.

Your content will stay classy with its sleek black and gold palette on this responsive theme, which also offers the usual elements found on most Weebly themes.

Weebly - Build your website for free

Weebly helps you create stunning websites, and ecommerce stores in quick time. Simply pick a theme and get started. What's more, it's entirely free.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

10. Character

Character has all the elements you’ll need to build an eCommerce website. You have seven different page layouts to choose from and each one is ultra responsive.

Customizing the Character theme will be light work, thanks to the native theme options. The theme options provides a central dashboard for you to modify the theme colors, buttons, text.

Furthermore, you can edit your store’s logo, customize the menu, and a lot more. With all of these, it’s clear that Character requires no technical knowledge in building a Weebly website.

Currently, many Weebly users use the Character theme on their websites.

After purchasing, you get the theme file along with a comprehensive documentation, regular template updates, and more.

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11. Bailey

This is one of the ecommerce themes done by the pool of developers who create for Weebly.

Bailey is minimalist yet modern and pays attention to details.

It offers a variety of options for customization, giving your customers a web store that’s not just beautiful to look at but also an experience to remember while shopping online.

Included in Bailey ecommerce theme are full help documentation, free updates and premium support for one year.

It also comes with options to use Bamboo Studio apps to improve your web store for a bigger boost of customization.

Other features you get include 100 percent compatibility with Weebly, easy installation, easy theme color modification, security for your web content, and a 60-day money back guarantee.

There’s also tons of great stuff you can get with Bailey theme, such as one-click installation, exclusive and flawless design, top-notch support, six incredible page layouts, and more.

12. Optima 2

Optima 2 is described as a flexible eCommerce template for Weebly. It works with Weebly 4 and is auto responsive on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Some of the theme’s standout features are the drag and drop sections and custom header. Notably, it features parallax scrolling, which is one of the trending features on websites at the moment.

For ultimate flexibility, the Optima 2 theme comes with 17 custom widgets, eight page layouts, and many more theme options. You can fully customize your eCommerce store to look any way you want.

The flex slider is a great section for you to display the most important products in your eCommerce store. You can also display special offers like discounts and other deals.

The Optima 2 theme comes prebuilt with eCommerce features like secure checkout and an intuitive shopping cart. With these, anyone who visits your website will find it easy to navigate and they can make safe payments.

13. Monarch

You can go for Monarch if you need a minimalist eCommerce theme for Weebly. It’s a highly customizable theme that’ll work for eCommerce and also any other industry.

Monarch is described as a picture perfect theme. This is in line with the minimalist nature of the theme. While it doesn’t have many on-page elements, the featured elements are made with attention to detail.

The theme comes with four premade homepage styles. You can customize these homepages as you like, and you can even build from scratch using the theme’s native studio builder.

Monarch is also ideal if you want a one-page eCommerce website. Suppose you want to build a landing page for a particular product. In that case, you can make use of this theme.

You can easily purchase Monarch from the developer’s website. The theme costs $47, but you get more than just a theme. Notably, you get access to premium customer support and a Weebly website launch guide.

14. Inspiron

With Inspiron, you get a multipurpose and fully responsive Weebly theme. It’ll take you just minutes to transform the theme into your ideal Weebly eCommerce website.

Notably, the theme comes with five different predefined colors. You’ll likely find a color set that matches your store’s identity and you can apply it with one click.

The Inspiron theme works intuitively with Weebly add-on elements. In other words, you can use the theme along with plugins in the Weebly App Center.

You can purchase this Weebly eCommerce theme from Themeforest.

Weebly - Build your website for free

Weebly helps you create stunning websites, and ecommerce stores in quick time. Simply pick a theme and get started. What's more, it's entirely free.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

15. X

Here’s another Weebly theme you can check out if you need a one-page eCommerce website.

Despite being a one-page theme, X has different layouts and flows from section to section like a multi page theme.

The theme is fully customizable and you won’t need any programming knowledge. If you’re conversant with customizing Weebly websites, it should be light work.

X is a premium team that costs $47. However, when you purchase the theme, you get access to around $135 worth of Weebly add-ons and other exclusive features.

What Do You Get With Modern Ecommerce Themes From Weebly?

Layout control

Weebly offers powerful customization tools that give you full control over the layout of each template.

You have several customization options from an intuitive interface, like for headers, color schemes, and element blocks among other web design elements.

When these are combined, the result is an infinite ecommerce store design unique to your business, with these powerful tools at your fingertips.

Professional ecommerce themes and templates

Weebly offers a wide range of ecommerce themes and templates professionally designed to get you started.

Your web store gets a head start as you build it from themes with world-class design elements placed within them, and you control what stays or goes.

All these are done without having to start from a blank page.

You can try minimalist or modern ecommerce themes like Brisk or Cleaner Lines for color or boldness as you make the design yours.

All templates are fully responsive so they look great across devices, and the advanced theme editor offers full CSS and HTML control for custom development of your store.

You can add custom JavaScript, or upload your own theme and build it from the ground up.

Custom navigation

On every Weebly ecommerce theme, universal navigation elements are available that you can use to create beautiful navigation.

These include table of contents, drop-down menus, image and contextual links, all of which make your web store’s user interface stand out.

Your shoppers are also able to get the right content at the appropriate time.

Category and product pages

You also get to show off your products or services by creating beautiful product and category pages.

Sections and layouts

Weebly’s next-level layout and unique section design tools allow you to take a minimalist design approach for your web store, and apply whitespace so your products stand out.

Layouts predefine the pieces you need for building your site so you need not start from the ground up, with elements like about or contact pages.

Once you decide on a theme and template, you can copy its elements or entire layout to other areas to create more pieces and pages.

Image editor

With Weebly themes, you can use the image editor tool to make photos stand out because they’re everything in online business.

Edit photos directly in the design editor, upload from your phone or computer, or even from your camera and edit or publish them while in Weebly.

You can even crop, add text or filters, and more.

Mobile checkout design

With this tool, you can allow customers to purchase from any mobile device.

Weebly themes are responsive, meaning they’ll also look great on mobile.

The mobile checkout and mobile-first design is applied to every page, plus these ecommerce themes are focused on the mobile experience.

Built with mobile in mind, you get extra tools such as payment integrations with Android Pay or Apple Pay, so customers get to use their mobile devices for checking out of your web store in a few seconds.

Weebly - Build your website for free

Weebly helps you create stunning websites, and ecommerce stores in quick time. Simply pick a theme and get started. What's more, it's entirely free.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


As a growing platform for web store building, Weebly is great for novices and/or experienced users with a ton of ecommerce themes available to spruce things up, while helping you along the way.

New themes are released every year with the ever-growing developers’ pool building Weebly themes, so you’re bound to find something for your own store that suits your preferences.

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