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15 Best BuiltWith Alternatives 2022

Every business wants to keep with the latest market trends including technologies, pricing, strategies, and customer behavior.

That’s why they use tools like BuiltWith to ensure they use the best approach to reach customers and prospects.

BuiltWith is an intelligent web profiling tool that helps you pull data from websites and make it work for your business. It lets you in on the technologies and strategies your competitors are using to stay on top.

Whether it’s their website frameworks, WordPress themes, backend services, frontend technology, this tool can help you get valuable insights into their tech stack.

BuiltWith unravels crucial data to help you improve your lead generation, market research, analysis, and intelligence. Its database contains more than two million active eCommerce stores, 5,000 web technologies, and more than 250 websites.

However, it comes with a steep cost which individuals, startups, and small businesses may not afford. There’s also the risk of getting inaccurate data that may compromise your business.

Besides, it offers general technology or website profiling and doesn’t offer specific details, such as pricing information, social media, or content marketing details.

Sometimes, BuiltWith may not fit your specific business needs. If so, we’ve compiled our list of best BuiltWith alternatives you may want to consider for your profiling.

Read on to learn more.

Best BuiltWith Alternatives

1. Hunter TechLookup

Hunter TechLookup is a software that helps you find the domains accessing certain software. This free tool also enables you to convert your domain list into leads by finding out what your competitors are doing and who their clients are.

Hunter TechLookup is the best tool to help you create new, valuable connections. Its clean interface has different technologies from which to choose and track websites, then download the data you want.

This profiling tool has some of the best features to help you stand out. First, it’s easy to use, with a sleek and minimalist user interface you can navigate through without any issues. It has categories of technology to choose from which can help you check different websites based on languages and categories.

The tool helps you build a custom list you’ll be using to profile different sites. You can choose to tweak website languages and categories or narrow down your searches to a granular level or use a popularity metric that lets you include sites that are popular.

TechLookup allows you to search for technology and get valuable insights for free. Your custom list will have 5,000 websites while the premium plan can give you up to 50,000 websites.

When you click on a specific technology to see the websites using it, Hunter shows a column of the websites using that particular technology, the language(s) the website uses, and the number of email addresses available for that site. BuiltWith doesn’t provide a similar breakdown.

As part of the Hunter ecosystem, the tool scrapes the web for email addresses to find those with excellent accuracy. This will help you identify prospects’ emails and verify your email list.

2. W3Techs

W3Techs is an extension that helps you retrieve information on the types of technologies used across the web.

Such technologies include server-side and client-side programming languages, markup languages, SSL certificate authorities, structured data formats, tag managers, content delivery networks, content management systems, server locations, JavaScript libraries, character encodings, traffic analysis tools, web servers, advertising networks, operating systems, and more.

The tool provides different types of surveys including historical trends, cross-technology statistics, technology changes, and usage statistics.

Reports on the technologies that websites use include getting quality alerts on sites with potential technical issues.

W3Techs can track and get you a list containing over two million e-commerce stores categorized by verticals like health, clothing, shoes, and more. Its features include lead generation, intelligence, sales, screencast demo, cyber risk auditing, market analysis report filtering, and API access.

The data it provides includes contact details from websites. W3Techs’ sales intelligence system will help you know your prospects and initiate conversations with validated market adoption.

Surveys are updated every day, covering 24 categories. Its reports cover information on growth rates, historical trends, new site usage, and more. This is what gives it an edge over BuiltWith.

W3Techs measures technology usage by website using its website analyzer via HTTP responses, HTTP headers, offsite links, URL structure, CSS code, JavaScript code, HTML tags, and HTML elements.

3. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer Technology Lookup is a well-developed profiling tool. It can track thousands of technologies and websites and help you build lists with information that is up to date.

Wappalyzer has a powerful feature set to offer technographic insights that will help you boost your lead generation strategies. Besides technology lookup, you can also create your lead lists, website alerts, keyword research, and track changes.

The platform provides tools for market research, lead generation, and business intelligence. Using Wappalyzer, you’ll identify technologies powering specific sites, create a contact and website list using certain technologies, and uncover technology trends and their market shares.

That’s not all. The tool helps you enrich your data with technology information and even track and monitor the technology stacks from your competitors.

What gives it an edge is its simple, intuitive user interface. It’s quick to search a website for tech stack and business details and be able to monitor it in order to be updated of any changes. You can also upscale Wappalyzer with keyword research and email.

With scalable app integrations and mobile apps, Wappalyzer offers great convenience for its users.

Consistent customer feedback makes it one of the most accurate technology profilers, with daily data updates focusing on quality only. Each website tracked by this tool is reverified every month compared to BuiltWith, which does this on a quarterly basis, providing stale data reporting.

Also, the crowdsourced technology fingerprints in Wappalyzer are constantly reviewed, with more technologies added daily.

Data from Wappalyzer is often sourced from browser extensions and in-house crawlers. This only means it has more sample size to track live websites and measure traffic. This method helps you scan pages that crawlers cannot reach such as sections behind a login, checkouts, and shopping carts.

Apart from its free plan, Wappalyzer has three paid pricing plans including the Starter Plan at $99, Team Plan at $249, and Business Plan at $449.

4. Competera

Competera is a powerful and dynamic pricing tool created using deep learning algorithms. It is designed for online, offline, and omnichannel businesses with established and automated pricing frameworks.

This includes businesses like pet supplies, toys and hobbies, automotive supplies, sporting goods, apparel footwear, and health & beauty stores owners who are looking to improve their strategies by acquiring quality modest data and ML-fueled pricing.

Competera ensures up to 9% tangible uplifts for the bottom line. Its data product uses advanced real-time scraping to deliver large amounts of valuable data. This gives insights to eCommerce stores on the state of the market and competitor pricing to help them price their products right.

It uses AI-based algorithms to scrape data with 98% SLA accuracy. Its price optimization product enables businesses to analyze data by considering the interconnection between product parameters, pricing, and non-pricing.

What sets it apart from BuiltWith is its ability to offer customizable data acquisition schedules with plenty of unique tools. Some of its core features include a user-friendly store dashboard, monitoring of product availability, automatic email notifications, pricing strategies, price changes, price monitoring & automation, and more.

Competera ensures category-level pricing for you with recommendations about algorithmic pricing driven by the demand patterns of the repricing cycle.

Competera’s pricing is available upon request.

5. Netcraft

Netcraft is an old name that has churned out excellent quality security tools including the ‘what’s the site running?’ website profiler. It uses data mining to find the security protocols and backend infrastructure of a website.

The tool has powerful features like detailed security reporting, IP geolocation, and more. Its focus is security and compliance. It also shares IP geolocation so you can track servers and will help you track the Netblock owner and the website’s hosting records.

You’ll also get corporate information including contact details of the executives and their email addresses, LinkedIn profiles, and more.

The results you get from internet data mining will give you insights into the infrastructure and technologies used by sites.

Netcraft provides unique statistics, allowing you to make valuable, informed decisions on your marketing, sales, investment, and expansion in the technology marketplace. You can interact with data and filter your results by popularity, country, or TLD before integrating it into your data analysis workflow.

This data is crucial to your decision making. It will assist you in making strategic decisions about your competitors, customers, and industry. Your business growth depends on this.

Identify customer behavior, their networks, and technology footprints and understand better how to approach them. Look into your competitors, customer base, and the technologies they’re implementing, and choose which one to use for your business using Netcraft. You can also find your prospects using your competitors’ products or services.

Netcraft has a ‘report fraud’ button on their site along with other security features to help fight phishing and cybercrime in general. BuiltWith doesn’t come with such features.

There is a lot you can do with the Netcraft tool.

6. WhatRuns

WhatRuns is a browser extension that lets you identify the technologies that run on any website. It has a proprietary recognition algorithm that detects all web plugins and technologies used. It can be used for website profiling, sales intelligence, and competitor analysis.

The platform will show you everything that powers those websites, the web apps they use, their CDN hosting, what they use to track visitors, the WordPress plugins and fonts, and much more.

Compared to BuiltWith, WhatRuns is easier to use and shows a simple user interface with details you want to know about a site. It works exclusively as a browser extension that shows you specific technologies of a website open in the browser. You don’t have to visit the WhatRuns website each time you want to collect data about a site.

WhatRuns is a free tool.

7. SimilarTech

SimilarTech is a sales intelligence tool for lead generation. It is recognized as a no-fuss software when it comes to checking particular websites or technology.

SimilarTech will report on websites and technology, helping you gain insights fast. Its results are based on the tech stack or particular technology used by websites.

It has the capability to scan approximately 30 billion web pages every month for comprehensive analysis and compares two technologies to help you pick the right one for your business.

With its intuitive user interface, you’ll find it easy to navigate and use for website and technology lookup.

It is powered by engines that monitor the web using advanced big data analysis algorithms to help you find websites with the information you need to improve your digital marketing and customer targeting techniques.

It gives you the data to uncover your addressable markets and competitive fields and segment and qualify your leads. It also has in-depth filters and technology insights, and API, Salesforce, and Hubspot integrations to merge data with.

The tool scans over 30 billion web pages every month. It analyzes more than 317 million domains for more data and better decision making based on the adoption of technology.

What I like about SimilarTech is that when generating a report of websites using a specific technology, the platform provides a chart of industries that use the technology and their percentages. Moreover, you can sign up with a Google account. I couldn’t figure out similar features on BuiltWith.

SimilarTech offers four pricing plans: a Basic plan at $199, a Pro Plan at $299, a Team Plan at $499, and a tailored Enterprise Plan.

8. WhatCMS

WhatCMS helps you detect the technologies used to power websites. From proprietary solutions like Squarespace, Shopify, and Wix to open source apps like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, at the center of it all is WhatCMS.

It analyzes raw data from millions of websites to find valuable and resourceful information and technologies to use for your business. It can also track all the technology trends and market share for every identifiable technology.

Unlike BuiltWith, which gives a website’s overall technology profile, WhatCMS puts more emphasis on CMS detection, and their interface has fewer options, making it easy for you to find what you’re searching for.

The technology reports will help you purchase the lists of lead generation sites. From then you can filter your list based on detected technology, language, top-level domain, Alexa rank, and more.

WhatCMS showcases its most recent detections on its homepage. You can even find platforms that were detected three minutes ago.

With WhatCMS, you don’t require any registration. The API access key is free and you can start using it right away.

Its detection algorithm is accurate, and they have quality control systems in place to help maintain accuracy. It is also able to detect CMS per page and not per domain.

9. Rescan

Rescan is a tech lookup tool that is quite stripped down. It works fast and is always up to date. It provides you with a curated list of technology shortcuts, especially eCommerce technologies so you can start utilizing them immediately.

It is easy to use Rescan since it only focuses on giving you the best user experience.

You can check market share and technology trends with excellent visuals and visualize websites’ tech stack at the same time. It also lets you export your lists for later use but only after upgrading.

Rescan provides the Alexa rank and code page of the websites profiled.

Rescan shows the data of major platforms on its home page. For example, you can see how many websites use Shopify, WordPress, and Magento.

It also shows the number of websites added at the latest date with its ‘added today’ section. BuiltWith’s home page doesn’t show such detailed information; it only shows the number of websites using those major platforms.

Rescan offers three pricing plans including a Basic Plan at $49, a Pro Plan at $79, and an Ultimate Plan at $169.

10. B2B SaaS Leads

B2B SaaS Leads is a technographic data provider that uncovers technologies used by e-commerce platforms, CMSs, advertising networks, CRMs, marketing tools, and analytics.

Using this tool, you can find all businesses and the specific technology they use so you can sell directly to their customers or boost your leads using technology.

B2B SaaS Leads generates a report with 20 different parameters, including specific ones like state, city, CEO name, CEO LinkedIn, CEO Twitter, and more. If you need custom fields, inform them and they’ll do their best to include them. BuiltWith generates reports, but the parameters included aren’t so many and they don’t offer customized ones.

It lets you download the direct contact information of tech-based leads. Its data comes with fields including the business, its location, revenue, funding, number of employees, and more.

The B2B SaaS Leads lists give you the opportunity to start selling to your B2B customers immediately. Without any distractions, you’ll have a CSV in your email inbox in seconds

B2BSaaSLeads lets you pay for what you need. The cost for downloading is from $10 to $100. It also offers a subscription pricing plan at $199.

11. Webspotter

Webspotter profiles website technologies including web frameworks, development language, CMS, and analytics tools they use to build and run those websites. This will help you get quality leads which you can convert to customers.

With insights from popular websites, you can start implementing them in your workflows and scale your outbound sales engine using verified email results and real-time data.

Webspotter also gives you tools to use during your search. Its search options include search by industry, company size, geography, SAAS niches, vertical data, website keywords, technology spends, and used technologies.

By targeting the right people, you’ll have a 20% chance of receiving email replies. Its pricing plans include getting unlimited email addresses from 270 million websites. Other notable features include finding hidden email addresses, human-powered search, and exporting data to XLS.

Webspotter offers human-powered search where you tell them what or who you’re searching for, and their team will do it for you. BuiltWith doesn’t offer such a personalized service.

Webspotter has these pricing plans: A Starter Plan at $7, Basic Plan at $39, Standard Plan at $99, and Professional Plan at $199.

12. Cortex

Cortex is a content management and social media marketing tool powered by AI and machine learning. It is packed with features that help marketers improve their marketing efforts to maximize ROI. If you have a multi-brand B2C business in an industry like travel, hospitality, food and beverage, CPG, this software is for you.

Cortex provides you with content insights from various digital marketing platforms so you can create content that connects with your audience. This software is designed to help you understand the videos, text, and images that drive customers to engage with your content.

Its machine learning engine finds patterns in a database of over 33,000 brands to help you produce optimized content for particular target audiences on AI data. It also enables you to deploy your content at optimal times and achieve high engagement levels.

Cortex is built with powerful tools that enable competitor tracking. You can benchmark competitor posts against competitors and the industry.

When a competitor’s post goes viral, the software will notify you immediately. Its foresight solution will show you the hashtags, keywords, colors, and images that inspire audiences, and will automatically schedule your posts to reach your audiences at the best time. BuiltWith doesn’t have such content-focused capabilities.

It also comes with an instant report feature to help you track key metrics such as engagements, followers, and live industry rankings. You’ll get actionable insights for social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook from a centralized place.

Cortex doesn’t provide pricing details on its website.

13. Kompyte

Kompyte is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform for tracking and analyzing your competitors in real-time. It will let you monitor and learn your rivals’ strategies and benchmark quality and competitive KPIs. Through Kompyte, you’ll know everything your competitors are up to.

Kompyte lets you put your competitive intelligence on autopilot. Its competitor detection system automates your tasks to save you time. It will break down your competitor’s digital strategy within 10 minutes and send you real-time alerts

Its competitor tracking is always on and will notify you whenever new competitors emerge, launch new campaigns, update their marketing strategies, or change their pricing. It also lets you track and analyze the strategies that make your competitors have an edge over you.

Other features include competitor benchmark, website change tracking, intuitive dashboard, SEO rank tracking, and content tracking.

Unlike BuiltWith, Kompyte offers SEO rank and content tracking.

Kompyte pricing is available upon request.

14. AppAnnie

AppAnnie is a comprehensive tool with marketplace intelligence programs and app analytics for competitor benchmarking, app trend analysis, and app marketplace intelligence.

Most of its features are free. Additional paid tools include revenue estimates, in-depth downloads, custom reports, and more.

Free features of AppAnnie include its analytics dashboard that allows you to track an apps’ publisher data including downloads, revenue, ranking, and ratings across all the app stores.

It also comes with a complete app Store Stats tool which allows you to access data including keyword rankings, charts, and revenue estimates.

The index tool will show you all applications ranked by revenue and downloads. The advertising tool will let you track link campaigns, ad data, ad revenue, and app data. And you can see the monetization metrics for spend, clicks, impressions, CVR, CTR, and ECPI, which makes an app have a competitive edge.

Other core features for AppAnnie include app store chart statistics, industry trend predictions, app category intelligence, reviews and ratings, see features apps, and more.

While BuiltWith profiles websites for businesses, AppAnnie analyzes competitor apps for benchmarking, allowing you to improve your product and outdo the competition.

AppAnnie’s pricing is based on quotes.

15. Skuuudle

Skuuudle is an intelligence software solution for businesses and SMEs. It allows you to track, monitor, and match your competitors’ pricing. Besides, Skuuudle offers product matching.

Using Skuuudle, you’ll be able to analyze the pricing of your key SKUs and identify industry trends using advanced intelligence from popular digital marketplaces. It is an excellent cloud-hosted tool that will help you gain insights into your specific market and keep your pricing competitive.

Skuuudle gathers information from popular online marketplaces related to your business to give you insights into products, their pricing, and promotional intelligence.

It has a feature that enables you to analyze the SKUs that depend on pricing plans so you can make your product prices more competitive. You also get to choose and collect data from intelligence-specific marketplaces that your competitors operate from.

Skuuudle provides daily, weekly, and monthly reports on your competitors’ product range, promotions, and pricing to help you make strategic decisions for your business.

Its brand compliance dashboard will give you insights on how to manage and boost your online presence and competitors who are doing things differently.

Skuuudle offers two pricing plans: a Business Plan at 299.99 Pounds and Enterprise Plan on quote.

BuiltWith focuses on web profiling to help ensure overall business growth including marketing strategies, technologies, and more.

On the other hand, Skuuudle specifically focuses on helping eCommerce entrepreneurs understand product pricing so they can develop a competitive advantage. The latter’s narrow focus makes it easy to use and scale business based on what matters the most: pricing.

In Conclusion

Hunter TechLookup is the best BuiltWith alternative. The platform is intuitive and less overwhelming.

It displays the websites using a particular technology and the language they use. Hunter report displays the number of emails each site has.

What’s more, you can search any website’s email address by typing the web address in this tool. They also have several free cold email templates for outreach.