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Online advertising comes in many shapes and forms, though none are more studied and utilized than paid ads.

While organic search is the original online advertising technique, paid ads have quickly taken over thanks to their ability to better control who sees what ads.

The marketplace clearly reflects the rise of paid ads. Digital advertising spending exceeded $83 billion last year, and there looks like no end in sight.

The amount of competition generating that revenue means that you need something extra to capitalize on paid ads.

That something is a little program called Adbeat. The software is a member of the emerging niche of programs focused on turning your competitors’ ad strategy (this works for publishers too!) into your own personal database.

Instead of looking at your own data (and thus failures and lost money) you’re looking at the competition’s failures and lost money.

Confused? Let’s take a deeper look first at competitor software and then at Adbeat itself.

Competitive Analysis Software

These programs collect data using “crawlers” or “scrapers” from millions upon millions of web pages – basically pseudo-human robots traverse the web and collect advertising information.

Programs also collect information based on current advertising price trends like PPC and keywords.

Once all of the data gets compiled, it’s packaged up nicely and run through an algorithm designed to estimate things like ad spend and traffic volume for a certain ad run on a certain publisher, or even more specific things like traffic based on keyword information.

The end result is data on how much an ad costs, its impact on your campaign, how much traffic a certain ad generates, the cost to buy ad space based on keyword, pay-per-click costs, and much more, depending on your chosen platform.

The best part being, that none of the data is actually yours. Enormous data sets give you all the insights of your own hypothetical failures without any of the actual failures. You’re able to learn for “free.”

What all this means is that you’re getting a leg up on your competitors and positioning yourself to benefit from the plethora of ad networks connecting advertisers with publishers.

If this all sounds like a good plan (and it really is), then it’s time to talk about one of the better options for competitive analysis software, Adbeat.


Adbeat positions itself as the insight company with the most complete dataset on the market, enabling themselves to draw the most comprehensive and accurate conclusions about the largest number of advertisements and platforms.

They also specialize in turning that raw data into easy to comprehend visualizations. While the program does offer very intricate stats to delve into, it also gives users bigger picture suggestions derived from deep stats.

In essence, Adbeat collects an enormous amount of data and makes it easier to comprehend. That said, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of why we’re so high on Adbeat as an insight platform.

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How it Works

The program, as we mentioned above, uses crawlers to collect data and puts the data through an algorithm to create metrics.

The metrics break down publishers, PPC, and more. Though we’ve touched on the very basics, no review is complete without a detailed overview.

We’ll start with the “advertiser” dashboard. It amounts to your go-to analysis of competitors. Each advertiser (searchable by keywords, network, URL, and more) has data on their publishers, networks, ad types, and even ad dimensions.

You’ll see what works for other advertisers down to their PPC and how much traffic each advertisement generates. It’s an excellent way to choose networks and publishers that can make sure your dollars are well spent.

Next up is the “top ads” tab. Find the best ads over the entire database and use them as an example for your own advertisements.

We like the premise, as it shows that Adbeat isn’t entirely blinded by metrics. Designers can take just as much information based on visual ad design as the more analytically minded.

Publisher data is next up on our list. A handy section labeled “top publishers” tells you what networks and publishers the competition spends the most money on.

If someone in your niche sees success with a publisher it’s likely you could as well.

Getting into deeper metrics we have the “compare” tab, which lets you view side-by-side comparisons for up to 5 different advertisers – more specifically, financial data on those advertisers.

You can see spending strategies over time that will help identify if your own campaign is worth the ROI.

We know it’s a lot of information to take in, which is why we also recommend watching Adbeat’s own demo video to get a better feel for the program’s layout.


Let’s talk publishing for a second. Adbeat is primarily focused on helping companies run stronger advertising campaigns.

However, the platform also makes an excellent resource for publishers to see what networks advertisers seem to prefer.

See who publishers are working with and attempt to make those connections yourself.

You’ll see if a particular network seems to work well with your niche and have the opportunity to capitalize on the increased revenue from more people seeing relevant ads on your website.


Adbeat offers three plans –

The standard plan starts at $249 per month, and in our opinion, the basic features aren’t worth the price of entry.

The “advanced” tier costs $399 per month but still doesn’t include every feature.

The only way to get access to every feature is the Enterprise tier, which is only available on a case-by-case basis. You’re essentially forced into paying more to get the full experience.

Our Conclusion

Adbeat lives up to the hype and is more than a worthwhile insight platform.

Whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, Adbeat can help improve your overall ROI.

We don’t hesitate at all to recommend the platform to anyone looking to bring their advertising to the next level.

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