LeetCode vs Codewars – Which Is Better?

Are you a software engineer, data scientist, or web developer with an upcoming technical interview and are looking for a valuable resource to help you prepare?

You can visit a website like LeetCode with thousands of questions on various programming topics.

On the other hand, if you are a software developer planning to attend coding boot camps, pursue an online course, or engage in programming challenges with other users, then Codewars would be a good fit.

Importantly, companies looking for top talent may find the two websites useful.

So, how are these two platforms different or similar? How do they work? What are some of their popular features?

This guide compares LeetCode and Codewars to help decide which one suits you.

Let’s dive into the LeetCode vs Codewars debate.

What Is LeetCode?

LeetCode is a platform that allows you to improve your coding skills, broaden your coding knowledge, and get equipped for technical interviews. This platform helps developers pass their technical interviews at various tech companies.

LeetCode has over 2,450 questions that you can practice. It is one of the biggest tech communities frequented by hundreds of thousands of users.

In addition to sharpening your coding knowledge through the practice questions, you can also participate in contests and win awards.

LeetCode does not just prepare candidates to ace technical interviews; it also helps organizations spot top talent.

How Does LeetCode Work?

To access the platform, you must first sign up and choose from the different materials available. You will be able to access learning material and courses to help you prepare for your interview and problems that you can solve.

You can choose from many programming concepts on LeetCode. Also, it supports 14 popular languages, such as MySQL, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and C++. Besides, LeetCode has community discussion boards where you can talk to other users and gain more problem-solving insights.

The platform has a powerful tool known as Playground, where developers can go to debug, test, and write their projects online.

LeetCode offers useful services to companies to help them identify top talent. How? The platform lets companies sponsor contests and provide assessments and training. Fill out this form to see the available business opportunities on the platform.

What Is Codewars?

Codewars is a coding practice website for software developers. The platform has programming puzzles known as kata. Each kata provides different coding skills to the users.

The platform offers different challenges for different levels. So whether you are a novice or a master, you will get exercises that will strengthen your coding language.

How Does Codewars Work?

To use Codewars, you will first be required to create an account before learning, solving tasks, and improving your skills.

Next, you will select a language that you are either familiar with or one that you want to learn. Your selection will be the basis for your first challenge. Your first challenge will be your entry-level tasks.

After passing the first level test, you will create an account and select your training routine. After setting up the account, you can find your next challenge by going to the dashboard.

Codewars also partners with global educational and technological institutions to evaluate, certify, and educate software developers at scale.

Companies can also post a job and reach more than three million developers who visit Codewars to learn coding skills with their peers.

Ranking Systems


LeetCode has a simple approach to ranking; it tracks how many problems you have solved on the platform and uses it to rank you. It uses point systems and badge systems to rank performance on LeetCode.

Based on your rating, you can check your ranking position globally or based on your country.

Point System

The platform uses the concept of points to rank you. You will earn points by participating in several ways. You will get points when you:

  • Complete daily check-ins or 30-day streak check-in
  • Contribute to missions such as test cases, reporting issues, reporting contrast violations, and answering questions on the community platform
  • Take part in the contest missions, being among the top 200 in the contest, sharing compensation, and being the first to submit to a contest
  • Connect your LeetCode profile to LinkedIn, Google, GitHub, or Facebook

You can convert LeetCode points into digital currencies to purchase items, including LeetCode merch and subscriptions. Use your points to buy LeetCode t-shirts, a LeetCode kit containing a t-shirt, coaster, keychain, a laptop sleeve, a LeetCode Big O Notebook, or a 30-day premium subscription.

Badge System

The badging system is a way of rating performance on LeetCode. Users get badges that show how well they completed the challenges. The Elo Rating Algorithm is used to calculate points for badges.

Every user has one badge at a time, and your badge will be updated when your content rating goes up or removed when your rating drops.

You can wear your badge when interacting on the community platform to show others your progress and performance.

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The ranking system in Codewars includes ranks, honor, and privilege.


Codewars uses ranks to indicate Kata’s difficulty and users’ proficiency. There are two class ranks on the platform: Kyu (8 Kyu to 1 Kyu) and Dan (1 Dan to 8 Dan). The terms Kyu and Dan were borrowed from the Japanese martial arts system.

Kyu indicates degrees away from Dan, considered the master level. That is why Kyu ranks downward with a lower number indicating proficiency, and once you reach the master level (Dan level), the number goes higher.

When you visit your profile on Codewars, you will see your overall rank and individual ranks for each language you have completed. Each time you complete a kata, your overall rank increases


Honor represents the level of respect you have earned from the community based on your contributions and skills.

You get honor rewards by

  • Completing a kata
  • Reaching a higher rank
  • Writing-related activities include creating a translation, publishing a beta kata, or having your kata approved
  • Participating in community-related activities such as voting and rating

Your profile will display your honor points and break them down based on activity.

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As your honor grows, your privilege also increases. The privileges include

  • Being able to author activities, including creating new translations and kata
  • Taking part in the beta processes, which includes voting
  • Taking part in content curation, including approving translations and kata, editing them, or fixing any issues with kata
  • The ability to moderate activities in the community platform includes marking comments as spoilers and issues as resolved


LeetCode has a much simpler rating process than Codewars. The ranking system also focuses on the learning process, and you can convert your points to purchase subscriptions or LeetCode merchandise. So here, LeetCode wins.

Coding Environment


The coding environment in LeetCode has a built-in code editor that you can use to write and submit your code. Also, on this platform, you get test suites that help gauge whether your current solution will work in all provided test cases.

LeetCode’s coding environment focuses on efficiency, which is very important in coding interviews. You are required to develop an optimal solution on the platform, and LeetCode tells you how efficient your answer is.

You can see your runtime and memory of the code on your submission. Also, LeetCode comes with a debugger that lets you run code through.

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Just like in LeetCode, the coding environment in Codewars has a platform on the web that you can use to write and submit your codes. Additionally, the coding environment comes with test suites.

Codewars comes with more test suites and community members get to write these.


Here LeetCode takes the lead, and this is because it comes with a debugger to let you run the code, which will help you understand the code fully. Also, the fact that it tells you the memory and runtime of the code gives it a considerable advantage.



LeetCode offers training resources on its platform. The platform has featured resources to help you gain more knowledge on a topic. The platform has a beginner’s guide that will educate you on how to use the platform, where to start, and how to solve your first problem.

You can purchase some training resources, others are free, and you can assess others after buying the premium version.

Resources on the platform will help you prepare for an interview. Some resources on LeetCode will help you prepare for interviews with specific companies. However, you can only access resources designed for particular companies after purchasing the premium version of LeetCode.

You will also get resources that answer top interview questions on the free version if you do not have access to the premium version. Furthermore, if you are a beginner, look for resources that introduce you to the data structure, binary trees, recursion, machine learning, and other basic concepts.

You can also get resources that will help you advance your skills if you are already a pro at coding. All the resources available on the platform will help you prepare and pass an interview for your dream job.

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Codewars offers training instructions based on your selected language. So before you can begin training, you will choose a language and then select the training kata.

There is training kata for beginners and others for individuals familiar with basic concepts like functional programming. To hone your skills, you can retrain. After you complete the training, Codewars lets you practice and earn honors and badges.

In addition to a one-on-one educational approach, Codewars will take you through project-based learning and career coaching. Codewars also offers a human approach to learning where you get a mentor to train you. However, you will be required to pay for the Springboard program.

The courses offered on Codewars are part-time, and others are self-paced with a one-on-one mentor. So, you select the program that best suits you. The courses, however, are not for beginners but for individuals with foundational knowledge.


LeetCode takes the lead here. The courses offered on LeetCode are more structured and you will get free and paid courses if you want to learn more or even pass an interview. Also, you will get resources for both beginners and experts.

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Language Availability


LeetCode currently supports 22 languages. You can select from those you know best, so you can learn and master them quicker. Examples of popular languages on this platform include Java, C++, and Python.


Codewars supports 30 stable languages ranging from scripting to object-oriented, functional, and procedural. They include popular languages such as C++, Python, SQL, and JavaScript.

Also included in the stable languages are some functional languages, including Closure, Haskell, and F#.

In addition to the 30 stable languages, Codewars has 29 Beta languages, including Agda, PowerShell, Raku, and Pascal.


Codewars has more languages than LeetCode, so here, Codewars is the winner.



LeetCode has one of the biggest community platforms that connect coders from all over the world. The members are generous and contribute to the learning experience of users by offering brilliant solutions and sharing experiences.

The community platform is divided into sections, making it easier for you to identify what solution you will need for your problem. There are sections for interview questions, interview experiences, compensation, and career. You will also get community discussions on study guides and general discussions.

Additionally, you get reward points for participating in community discussions. There are rules for community interactions, and those who repeatedly violate the rules will have their accounts deactivated.

LeetCode also has a Facebook Community with over 62,000 members, making it easier to interact on the social media platform.

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Codewars has a community of over three million developers with different experience levels and skills. The platform adds over 75,000 members to its community monthly.

The community makes it easy for users to gain invaluable experience and resources from other members.

Codewars’ community platform has Kata Discourse to discuss a particular kata. Items of discussion are categorized into questions, suggestions, and issues to make it easier for users to identify appropriate labels.

Aso, the community platform has a Codewars Discord hangout that is categorized to help users identify where they can easily find solutions to their problems. There are four channels, and they include #beginners, #help-solve, #help-author, and #random.


Here there is a tie. Both platforms have established and active communities to support their users.

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LeetCode offers support to users on their platform. The support page has categories to find what you are looking for easily. The available items on the support page include:

  • Your Account
  • Billing
  • Technical Questions
  • Premium Support
  • Contest
  • Tutorials

You will be directed to a page with more information by clicking on each issue.

Additionally, there is a search bar on the support page; you can type your question and get your answer quickly. The support page also has a “Promoted Article’ section where you get articles that answer queries that users frequently ask.


Codwars uses the Codewars doc page to support and help its users. The page has all the information you will need about the platform, including information on how to get started, training, community, gamification, language, concepts, and even references.

In addition to the Codewars page, users can refer to the community page for support from other users. There is also a search bar on the Codewars doc page.


Here LeetCode takes the lead. In addition to having a support page, it has a Facebook account where you can find support from other users.



LeetCode comes with a basic free version. However, if you wish to access all the premium versions of the platform, you will need to purchase the premium option.

The premium version of LeetCode has features like video solutions, select questions from companies, and premium solutions, and you will get to practice mock assessments that are specific to companies.

You can purchase their premium version for a monthly fee of $35 or a yearly fee of $159.

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Codewars is a free platform that will help you learn through gamification using code challenges known as ‘kata.’ Therefore, this makes it ideal for individuals looking to learn basic and advanced concepts.

However, Codewars comes with a premium version known as ‘Codewars Red’ that provides users with more features.

Codewars Red gives users enhanced stats to share their training streaks, solution upvotes, and detailed stats with other users. Also, you will be able to compare yourself with other users and see how others solved the same kata.

The premium versions let you use Codewars ad-free, have early access to beta features, and get real-time output screening. Plus, you will get a Codewars Red Badge.

You can purchase Codewars Red at $5 per month or $24 every six months.


If you are looking for a cheaper platform, then Codewars is the platform for you.

LeetCode vs Codewars: Similarities and Differences


  • Both online coding platforms help you improve your algorithm and data structure skills.
  • Both offer many coding challenges for you to choose from.
  • The challenges on both platforms are focused on data structures and algorithms (DSA).
  • Both platforms have ranks to help you assess your performance.
  • Both partner with companies to help them identify top talent.


  • LeetCode has a much simpler rating system that focuses on your points and interaction with the system. On the other hand, Codewars has a much more complex rating system that uses the Elo Rating Algorithm.
  • LeetCode is more interview-based than Codewars, and this is because it has described questions that are often asked in interviews, while Codewars lets you solve problems against other users.
  • While LeetCode lets you see how many problems you have solved, Codewars has gamified its system so that you can check your performance against other users.
  • Codewars provides a job post platform for companies, but LeetCode doesn’t.

Codewars vs LeetCode: Pros and Cons



  • LeetCode supports multiple programming languages, and because of that, you will most likely practice in the language of your choice.
  • LeetCode has a large community that is active on the platform. Therefore, you will have the chance to interact with other developers, gain insights into how they solve problems, and even learn from their mistakes.
  • LeetCode is an ideal platform to prepare for interviews, and this is because you will most likely encounter questions that are on the platform during an interview.
  • If you purchase the premium version of LeetCode, you will be able to see interview questions that are tailor-made for companies. Thus, making it easier for you to pass an interview with top companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, or Adobe.
  • LeetCode rewards you with points you can use to purchase merchandise or even a monthly premium subscription.


  • While it is an ideal interview platform, companies looking to hire developers may not be able to assess other skills, such as communication and teamwork skills.
  • LeetCode comes with free coding problems. However, you must purchase the premium version to access all its features.
  • Practicing on LeetCode alone will not guarantee you a job. Your success on the job will depend on many other factors, and LeetCode only functions as a platform to help you prepare what you already know.
  • LeetCode does not teach users logic; most companies do not give direct questions. Instead, they will provide ambiguous questions that will help them logically gauge how you will solve problems.



  • The ranking system in Codewars is highly motivating, encouraging you to work extra hard to attain the rewards and participate in the community forum.
  • The community platform on Codewars is more supportive, and most people are on the platform to learn and not to pass an interview.
  • Codewars has implemented a clan system on its platform, creating a social dynamic because users will feel like they are part of a community.
  • The platform has numerous problems to solve, which will help you improve your skill. Also, after solving a problem, you will unlock other solutions and thus learn how to solve the problem in multiple ways.
  • The reward system is a significant motivating factor.


  • Members develop the challenges on Codewars, so if you are looking for tailor-made interview questions, the platform may not be helpful to you.
  • Because Codewars relies on users to write tests, some are often incorrect and thus making it challenging and even impossible to solve.

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While Codewars is a fantastic community-led platform that will help you hone and perfect your coding skills, LeetCode takes the edge for me. It helps you learn data structures and algorithms in a more streamlined way.

If you hope to land a job in one of the big companies, LeetCode is the perfect platform to help you practice for the interview.

Moreover, you may not need to buy the premium version using real money. Instead, you only need to earn some points and use them to purchase the premium version.

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