15 Best AI Story Generators 2024

Looking to elevate your storytelling in games or writing apps? You’re in the right place. Artificial intelligence has come a long way, and one of its most exciting applications is automated story generation.

Forget the clunky algorithms of yesteryear; today’s AI story generators are sophisticated enough to give human writers a run for their money.

Whether you’re a game developer looking to craft compelling narratives or a writer seeking innovative tools, we’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll dive into the top AI story generators that are shaking up the industry. So let’s get started.

Best AI Story Generators & Writer Apps

1. SudoWrite – Best AI Story Writing Partner

Craving a cure for writer’s block? Look no further than Sudowrite. This AI story writer tool supercharges your creative ideas, focusing on what fiction authors need most.

Key Features:

Cut to the chase: Sudowrite packs a punch with its offerings.

  • Write: Kicks writer’s block to the curb.
  • Describe: Think of it as a sentence-level thesaurus, spicing up your sensory details.
  • Brainstorm: The ultimate machine for generating fresh & unique ideas.
  • Character Development: No more flat characters; make them real and relatable.
  • Labs: Your testing ground for new features like “Expand,” “What If,” and more.
  • Story Tools: Get your hands on tools specifically for plot twists, characters, and even poetry.

What You Get:

Sudowrite isn’t just bells and whistles. It delivers:

  • Story arcs, characters, and entire narratives from simple text cues.
  • A user-friendly interface with robust natural language processing.
  • Flexibility in multiple languages, widening its global reach.

How It Stacks Up:

Sudowrite stands apart, targeting fiction writers. While other AI tools serve a broader demographic, like bloggers or marketers, Sudowrite excels at crafting longer narratives.

Pricing Breakdown:

Get in at different levels:

  • Hobby and Student: $10/month for 10,000 words.
  • Professional: $20/month for 90,000 words.
  • Max: A whopping $100/month for 300,000 words.

First-timers? Take it for a spin with a free trial.

2. AI Dungeon – Best AI Story Generator Game

Ready to level up your text-based adventures? AI Dungeon is your go-to AI-powered text adventure game that generates random storylines. This AI engine flips the script on interactive gaming.

Key Features:

No fluff, here’s what makes AI Dungeon tick:

  • Genre Galore: Fantasy, cyberpunk, zombies—you name it.
  • Command Central: Four fundamental interactions— “Do,” “Say,” “Story,” and “See”—guide your gameplay.
  • Adaptive Storytelling: The AI tweaks the plot in real-time, based on your moves.
  • Visual Avatars: Create characters with a few lines of text that come to life.

What You Get:

AI Dungeon delivers more than just flashy tech:

  • Get lost in compelling narrative that adapt to your every action.
  • Build your custom game worlds, characters, and even rules.
  • Command the storyline with your text input—dialogues, actions, the works.

How It Stacks Up:

When pitted against other AI writing tools and story generators like NovelAI, Write Holo, and ShortlyAI, AI Dungeon stays true to its gaming roots. It’s less about mastering the pen and more about nailing the game.

Pricing Breakdown:

Dig into membership tiers tailored to your needs:

  • Adventurer: $9.99/month for limited Dragon and unlimited Wyvern access.
  • Hero: $14.99/month gets you more, including 20 AI Art image credits.
  • Legend: Go all out at $29.99/month for the full Dragon experience and a boatload of image credits.

Flexible payment plans? They’ve got those too, from 3 to 12-month options.

3. NovelAI – AI-Powered Writing Made Simple

Ready to tap into AI for top-tier storytelling? Meet NovelAI: a tool built for authors and creative minds. It is a robust AI story generator designed with a simple interface to ensure just about anyone can use it easily.

With this tool, you can create stories based on predetermined styles. You can even fashion your writing according to other famous authors.

There is also the option of creating content based on your own style of writing. Another interesting thing about this tool is that it allows you to customize different aspects of your content.

For instance, you are free to choose the color of the text, font size, and type. You can also edit content to make it look more realistic.

Key Features:

  • Generate AI-assisted text and writing suggestions.
  • Customize your editor: tweak fonts, colors, and layout.
  • Secure your content: encrypted servers for peace of mind. It utilizes XSalsa20 to encrypt your content. This encryption means that only you can access your content.
  • Bring characters to life with visual image generation.
  • Adjust settings for tone, style, and keywords to your liking.

Why Choose NovelAI?

  • Craft original and creative tales efficiently.
  • Navigate with ease through a user-centric interface.
  • Mold your output for brand consistency or diverse style exploration.
  • Collaborate in real-time, whether solo or with a team.

How It Stacks Up:

Sure, there’s AI Dungeon, Write Holo, and ShortlyAI. But NovelAI shines with its focus on authentic storytelling, plus its customization and collaboration edge.

Pricing Breakdown:

  • Tablet: $10/month. Unlimited text, 1024 tokens memory, 1000 Anlas.
  • Scroll: $15/month. Unlimited text, 2048 tokens memory, 1000 Anlas.
  • Opus: $25/month. Unlimited text, 2048 tokens memory, 10,000 Anlas.

Test drive? Absolutely. Dive in with a free trial offering 100 text generations. You can head over to the main website and use the tool for free before deciding if you want to subscribe to one of its premium plans.

4. Write Holo – A Writer’s Secret Weapon for Creative Excellence

Looking for a robust AI writing tool that doesn’t break the bank? HoloAI is engineered for creative writers and comes with a slew of features designed to elevate your writing game. Here’s what sets it apart.

Key Features:

  • AI-assisted text and real-time writing guidance.
  • Tailor your datasets for specific genres, fandoms, or authors.
  • Train your custom AI with data you provide.
  • Add an audio touch with text-to-speech capabilities in multiple AI voices.
  • Secure your work with end-to-end encryption.

Why Go with HoloAI?

  • Generate distinct, creative stories swiftly and with ease.
  • Enjoy a hassle-free, intuitive user interface.
  • Personalize your output for consistent voice or varying styles.
  • Plans start at just $4.99/month. Yes, really.

The Competition: Sure, you’ve got options like NovelAI, AI Dungeon, and ShortlyAI. But HoloAI outclasses them with its creative-centric features, bespoke datasets, and unbeatable pricing.

Pricing Tiers:

  • Standard: $4.99/month. Get 500k characters/month, a generation length slider, and access to public custom AIs.
  • Pro: $7.99/month. Enjoy unlimited character generation and 400 custom AI training steps/month.
  • Ultimate: $11.99/month. All Pro features plus enhanced prompt tuning.

Thinking of giving it a spin? HoloAI offers a free trial, so you can take it for a test drive before you commit.

5. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI for writing stories

ShortlyAI is the next writing tool you can check out. This particular tool has a simple user interface, which is why it is a good pick for even the most novice of people.

It allows you to write stories for your novel, blog, articles, or social media. A unique feature of this tool is that it lets you specify the number of words or pages you wish to create.

You can even go ahead and specify the number of characters you want to include.

With this AI story writer, you can shorten or expand your sentences and substitute words to create content that is easy to read and understand.

The tool is a good option for individuals who would like to create long-form articles or blogs.

ShortlyAI uses an advanced algorithm that is known as GPT-3. This algorithm allows the tool to quickly learn from various sources online and then create a unique story based on the parameters you specify.

To unlock the features of this tool, you’ll have to either subscribe to a monthly or annual plan. Once you are subscribed, you are free to use the tool as many times as you want.

6. KoboldAI – The No-Frills AI Writing Tool That Prioritizes Your Privacy

When it comes to generating all kinds of text—novels, adventure games, or AI character dialogues—KoboldAI is your go-to.

With support for AI models like GPT-2, GPT-3, and GPT-Neo, this tool makes human-like text based on what you feed it.

Key Features:

  • Text and writing advice straight from the AI’s “brain”.
  • Memory pad: Keeps context in check, so your AI knows what it’s talking about.
  • Smart context: Scours your entire text buffer to pull in relevant data.
  • Browser-friendly interface that supports both local and cloud-based AI models.
  • Tone and style? Fully customizable.

Why KoboldAI?

  • Whip up unique stories, fast.
  • Its interface? Easy and user-friendly.
  • Get output that matches your voice or tests new styles.
  • Operate it locally for full privacy and no reliance on external services.

How It Stacks Up:

You’ve probably heard of NovelAI, AI Dungeon, and ShortlyAI.

But KoboldAI outpaces them by focusing on creative writing and offering a privacy-first, local operation feature.


KoboldAI is free, but it needs a compatible AI model to work. For instance, you can pair it with InferKit, which charges based on prompts and characters generated—$20/month gets you 3,000 prompts on their Basic plan. Check InferKit for the most up-to-date pricing.

7. DreampressYour Go-To Personalised AI Story Generator Tool for Custom Fiction, Fast

Craving a personalized fiction story in genres like romance or fantasy? Dreampress has you covered. This AI-powered platform not only allows you to generate stories based on your own input but also offers a rich library of pre-made stories to kickstart your creativity.

Key Features:

  • AI-driven text and writing tips.
  • Custom story crafting aligned with your preferences.
  • Start from scratch or pick from a feature-packed story library.
  • Dive into a variety of genres—romance, fantasy, you name it.

User Benefits:

  • Craft unique stories at lightning speed.
  • User-friendly? Absolutely.
  • Tailor stories to your specific interests.
  • Get started for free, with up to eight stories daily.

Stacking Up Against Competitors: Unlike general-purpose writing tools like NovelAI and AI Dungeon, Dreampress zeros in on personalized fiction. So if custom storytelling is your jam, this is your platform.

Pricing Details: Two options here:

  • Free Plan: Cap of eight stories daily.
  • Unlimited Plan: For $14.39/month, generate as many stories as you want, get 1000 images monthly, and cancel whenever.

For the latest pricing, head over to the Dreampress website.

8. DeepStory


DeepStory is an outstanding AI story generator & script writer you can work with. This particular tool is designed to combine human creativity and artificial intelligence in a quest to produce unique stories.

The tool has several themes you can choose from to come up with a story. For instance, you can choose a name of a movie from a list and the tool will generate a story around that particular movie.

You are also free to select more than one movie and the tool will incorporate different aspects of the various movies. Additionally, you can specify genres and time limits you wish to adhere to.

To unlock the full features of this particular tool, you’ll have to head over to the website and sign up. Once you sign up, you can create unlimited scripts.

It is worth pointing out that DeepStory is better suited for creating scripts rather than articles and blogs.

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9. Jasper

Jasper is another AI story generator you can use to create content. This tool was previously known as Conversion AI and Jarvis.

By simply entering a few words into the tool, it can detect the message you are trying to pass and use its artificial intelligence to come up with more content.

Jasper can be used to create different types of content including marketing copies, emails, articles, blogs, and social media posts. It can even include keywords in the content to ensure better search engine ranking.

Another outstanding feature about Jasper is that it is able to create content in over 25 different languages.

This tool has over 50 copywriting templates you can choose from and that makes it one of the best when it comes to diversifying your style of writing.

It also incorporates a plagiarism checker to ensure that you never use someone else’s work without attributing due credit. While Jasper has a trial version that is free of charge, you may have to pay a specific amount to unlock all its features.

10. Rytr

Rytr is another awesome tool you can use to create your stories. It comes with over 30 use cases and templates you can choose from.

Once you are logged into the user page, all you have to do is enter some texts for context and then let the tool generate the rest of the sentences you need to complete your story.

Rytr is quite unique because it allows you to write in over 30 different languages. That means you can create content in one language and then use the tool to translate it to over 30 different other languages.

The tool also comes with 20 alternate voice variations. This allows you to create content that can have an emotional bearing behind it.

It is also this tonal variation that makes it come across as one of the better options, especially for anyone that wants their AI-generated story to sound human-like.

This particular program utilizes advanced copywriting formulas such as AIDA & PAS, which is why users can rest assured that the final product will conform to high standards of quality.

Rytr also has features that allow you to reword sentences, substitute words, and even shorten phrases and paragraphs to achieve a desirable outcome.

Rytr comes with a browser extension so you can conveniently access it from anywhere. This tool is available in a free version that has limited features and two paid versions that give you access to more advanced features.

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11. ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy also makes it to the list of the best AI story generators in 2022. The software is a cloud-based solution meaning you don’t have to worry about downloading and installing anything on your device.

With this tool, you are able to generate different types of content. That can include articles, marketing copy, emails, social media content, and even novels and scripts.

Before you start using this tool, you’ll have to sign up. Once logged in, you are free to choose from over 700 framework templates. These are basically pre-structured formats or outlines for different types of content.

You can also have access to frameworks that have been created by other users on ClosersCopy. This particular tool also includes an SEO planner and SEO audit feature.

The two features can help you create content around specific keywords or key phrases. It is worth pointing out that SEO generally helps your content rank higher on search engines.

ClosersCopy is another tool that lets you create content in over 128 different languages. Because it is a cloud-based program, you can work on the same project with up to five other people remotely.

To use ClosersCopy, you’ll have to subscribe to one of its three premium plans.

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12. Article Forge

Article Forge

Article Forge is another AI story generator you can use for your needs. This tool utilizes advanced artificial intelligence coupled with deep learning to come up with unique and interesting content.

As the name suggests, this tool is geared toward writing top-notch articles. If you are therefore thinking of creating articles for your website or social media page, this might just be the right pick.

When using this tool, you’ll need to sign up and then access the article writing system. There, you’ll need to enter specific keywords you would like to create content around.

Finally, specify word count and any other perimeters you’d like the system to take into consideration. Once that is done, you’ll need to hit the enter button and let the system work for about a minute.

The system will then display your article in a matter of minutes. A unique feature of this tool is that it can generate articles in bulk.

That means you can have multiple articles created simultaneously. The tool also posts your blogs automatically to the website you specify.

This particular tool emphasizes the use of deep learning technology which is why you can rest assured that your article will be unique. It has a free five-day trial offer but after the expiration of the offer, you’ll need to subscribe to one of its premium plans.

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13. Copy.ai

Copy.ai as a story writer

Copy.ai is the next tool you can use to create content automatically. This particular tool utilizes advanced artificial intelligence language, which is why it is able to produce error-free content consistently.

If you are looking to create content quickly, all you have to do is sign up and head directly to the content-generating page. There are several content templates you can choose from.

These include emails, web copy, social media posts, digital copy, and blog copy. You can then enter a few words to give the system an idea of the type of copy you want to create.

Once you are through with that process, the system will generate various stories and let you choose the one that you find most appealing.

You can then use the tool’s editor to reword sentences, shorten long paragraphs, and even substitute words you do not like. Afterward, you can copy and paste the completed piece into your website or social media page.

Copy.ai allows you to create content in over 25 languages. The tool has a free version with limited features and a premium version with more advanced features.

14. AI Writer

AI Writer

AI Writer is another efficient tool you might want to consider when thinking of generating content automatically. This particular tool slightly differs from other AI story generators on this list because it also helps you create drafts.

Once you have article drafts, you can choose to flesh them out or leave them out for future use. The tool also provides a list of citations so that you can verify that the information you have is factual and accurate.

With this tool, all you have to do is specify a headline and it will then generate drafts or content based on that headline. Unlike other tools that create content around a handful of topics, this tool allows you to create content on just about any topic you can think of.

AI Writer uses algorithms to scour the internet for keywords and key phrases and uses that information to create search engine-friendly content. With this tool, you can therefore create content that will rank highly on various search engines.

AI Writer takes about two minutes to generate content. To enjoy the features of this AI story generator, you will have to subscribe to one of its three premium versions.

15. DeepAI


DeepAI is another excellent tool you can use to generate your content. The tool is designed around the transformer language model.

It incorporates OpenAI’s GPT-2. In other words, this is a unique tool because it works around short statements that you input.

For instance, if you want to build a sentence of about 20 words, you’ll need to input about three to five words and then let the tool create an additional 15 to 17 words.

This can be a good option for someone who wants to write a story from scratch. It can also be an excellent choice if you have a partially written story and need help completing it.

It is worth pointing out that DeepAI requires some knowledge for you to upgrade its APIs. Additionally, you’ll have to pay to upgrade from its free version to a more advanced version.

16. Sassbook AI Writer

Sassbook AI Writer

Another tool you can use to generate unique text is Sassbook AI Writer. It has one of the simplest user interfaces making it ideal for just about anyone.

With this tool, all you have to do is enter a few words into the system and let it generate content around those words. Sassbook AI Writer is a cloud-based tool and that means you don’t have to worry about downloading and installing anything.

This tool can create content around multiple topics. It is also a good pick for anyone that is trying to come up with a good headline for their content.

You’ll be pleased to know that you can use this particular tool to summarize your content. Like most tools on this list, Sassbook AI Writer has a free version and premium versions that you can subscribe to.

17. InferKit

InferKit AI Story Writer

InferKit is another excellent tool you can opt for when trying to generate text automatically. It was developed by Adam Daniel King.

This particular tool is available as a web interface so you can use it without having to download any software. There is also an API version you can download and use if that is what you want.

InferKit utilizes OpenAI’s GPT-2 and Natural Language Processing modules. The AI builds stories or content based on content from various websites on the internet.

To use this tool, you need to enter a few words into the system and then allow it to generate content around those words. It can create sentences, paragraphs, or full stories depending on the parameters that you specify.

There is a trial version with limited features and a premium version that gives you access to all of the tool’s features.

It is worth pointing out that this particular tool produces human-like content even though it completely depends on artificial intelligence.

18. Charisma


Charisma is another AI story generator available for you to use. Unlike other tools on this list, Charisma is built to generate content around characters.

That is why it is ideal for creating scripts for video game characters or movies. You can also use this particular tool to generate educational content with live chatting scripts.

Another unique feature of this tool is that it incorporates emotions and personalities, which makes your characters appear more human rather than robotic.

The tool can detect written texts or pick up on voice speech. It is worth pointing out that you do not need to have any coding experience to use Charisma. In fact, it is among the simplest AI story generators you can use.

While you can use this app for free, you’ll need to get a license that allows you to extract content from the platform.

19. StoryLab.ai

StoryLab AI

StoryLab.ai is another simple tool you can use to generate different types of content. When using this tool, all you have to do is specify the type of content you want to create, enter a few keywords, and let it handle the rest.

Because it can create any type of content, you can even use it to make marketing copy for your website.

This tool has built-in search engine optimization features that help you tweak content to rank highly on search engines. Note that it is suitable for creating short-form content and may, therefore, not be ideal for things like novels.

StoryLab.ai has a free trial offer that lets you create about 15 different articles in a month.

However, if you want to unlock its advanced features and create more than 15 articles in a month, you’ll need to subscribe to one of its premium versions.

20. Plot Generator – Free AI Story Generator

Plot Generator

Plot Generator is an online tool that lets you come up with plot lines for characters in your story. This is a cloud-based tool and, therefore, you won’t have to worry about downloading or installing anything.

Immediately you go to the main web page, you’ll find different fields for your characters. These include the protagonist, sidekick, and villain. You can even add mythical characters and specific scenes.

If you are too tired to fill out the different sections noted, you can opt for the random selection feature. This feature creates content from the system automatically without requiring any direct input from users.

As the name suggests, Plot Generator is an ideal pick if you want to create a short movie or story. It is not suitable for creating marketing or web content.


Which is The Best AI Story Generator? – Final Word

Let’s cut to the chase: Choosing the “best” AI story generator isn’t one-size-fits-all. It hinges on what you need, want, and aim to achieve in your writing. That said, three major players dominate the field: Sudowrite, NovelAI, and AI Dungeon.

  1. Sudowrite zeroes in on fiction writers. Think character creation, descriptive language, and even poetry. If you’re into crafting lengthy narratives, this is your jam.
  2. NovelAI is your go-to for all things story generation. Robust tutorials, customization options, and a clean interface make it a strong contender.
  3. AI Dungeon flips the script by turning the story into a game. You get to interact, change outcomes, and even rope in friends for multiplayer adventures.

Bottom line: Each tool has its pros and cons. Your “best” pick boils down to what you’re looking to get out of it. So take them for a spin and see which one meshes with your style.

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