15 Best AI Voice Generators 2024

Voiceovers are essential for many organizations because they allow them to communicate to their target audiences. Not surprisingly, they are used in various ways, including podcasts, games, online courses, animation, etc.

Good voiceovers, on the other hand, are costly to produce. You’ll need to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars on recording equipment to do it well. Not to mention, you will need to dedicate valuable hours to the entire process.

Despite such a significant financial expenditure, the quality of your self-produced voiceovers may be subpar. Not to worry, though, AI offers a better solution.

Artificial intelligence in voice-based technology has resulted in a quick shift. It has made it possible to produce synthetic speech at a far lower cost. Such computer-generated voices sound almost exactly like human voices.

However, not all AI voice generators are worthwhile to use. Even now, some companies continue to make low-quality synthetic voices that sound artificial and monotonous.

In this post, I have gathered the greatest artificial intelligence voice generating platforms to provide you with the best results.

Best AI Voice Generators

1. Murf

Murf is an extremely adaptable text-to-speech voice generator that allows you to create studio-quality voiceovers for a wide range of professional applications. The platform has a large voice library with over 115 distinct voices in 15 different languages, available for download.

Its artificial intelligence is capable of recreating your speech in the appropriate tone, picking up on every punctuation mark and exclamation mark you provide it. Users may adjust pitch, punctuation, and emphasis to make the AI voices deliver your message the way you want them to.

It also has integrated grammar assistance, which allows you to create proofread scripts that will only serve to enrich your voice-over job even further.

You can also upload your video, audio, and image files to be played back in seamless synchronization with your generated voice using the tool. With its corporate plan, the tool also has a powerful collaboration function that is well worth exploring.

Murf makes it insanely simple to edit recorded voiceovers. It takes your recorded speech and turns it into an editable text format that you can edit in any text editor. You may remove any unneeded bits from your voice-over in the same way that you would delete words from a text document, and your voice-over will be trimmed accordingly.

It is the most straightforward method of creating video material with voiceovers. It takes only a few minutes to create a movie or a picture from scratch and then add precisely timed voiceovers. You may also include free music.

A free version is accessible, while the Basic plan costs $13/month, the Pro plan costs $26/month, and the Enterprise plan costs $166/month.

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2. Replica

Replica includes a large collection of AI voices that experienced voice actors from the industry have recorded. Its AI Voice Actor Library now has over 40 voices, with more being added every week.

The platform has a fantastic text-to-speech generator for game, film, and animation developers because of its extensive collection of voice styles and contributions from professional voice actors.

A large selection of demo voices is available on this site, which you may use for free before subscribing to the platform’s premium service.

Replica will turn your provided text into a natural-sounding voice on demand, retaining all of the essential range and emotions, depending on the voice type you choose.

Once you’ve uploaded your script, you may adjust the pitch, loudness, and tone of the voice to make it seem angry, sad, pleased, astonished, and other emotions.

The voice created can be downloaded as an MP3. Besides, it provides you with half an hour of free voice credit, which gives you plenty of time to play with all of the platform’s many voice types.

By utilizing their dynamic voice creation API, you can bring your concept to life. Its API is designed for large-scale deployment and may be integrated straight into your project.

Take advantage of 30 minutes of free trial time, four hours of voice credit for $24, and 100 hours of credit for $300. A customized enterprise package is also offered.

3. Streams Speak

Streams Speak is an excellent web-based voice generator well-known for its text-to-speech producing capabilities that produce natural-sounding text. It provides an easy user interface to assist novice users in quickly generating a voice from the speech they enter into the text box.

Streams Speak successfully produces realistic-sounding voice sounds due to its development’s effective application of machine learning technologies.

This software is free to use. Non-registered users, on the other hand, can only produce files from text that does not exceed 300 characters in length. You will need to sign up for the site’s service to generate files with text containing up to 1000 characters.

In addition to supporting text, the platform supports SSML, also known as Speech Synthesis Markup Language, which allows the generated speech to have a more human tone. Three alternative English-speaking styles are available for users to pick from.

The user can create texts using on-the-spot recordings that have a duration of up to one minute while transcribing is taking place. If you log in, you will be able to record audio files that are longer than two minutes.

In terms of subscription, Streams Speak has a free plan limited to 10,000 characters per month for speed generation, 30 minutes of voice transcription, and there’s no advanced email support.

However, their premium plan costs $19 per month with 100,000 characters per month for speech generation, 180 minutes worth of voice transcription, and advanced email support.

4. Synthesys

Synthesys can convert any text you provide into stunning natural-sounding speech that may be utilized for various business and personal reasons.

It can produce AI utterances in various tones, accents, and languages for several applications ranging from voiceovers to warm welcomes.

The amount of time you can spend with Synthesys is limitless. A limitless amount of messages may be generated at any time. You may select from a broad collection of professional voices, including 35 females and 30 males.

Because it is a cloud-based program, you may access it from any location and via any mobile or computer device.

You may quickly produce your films using their groundbreaking AI video technology, which uses lip-synching to generate videos. It allows you to develop a one-of-a-kind spokesperson or virtual spokesperson to produce visual content that boosts your messaging and brand recognition.

It gives you the option to choose the reading speed and pause length. Additionally, you may listen to all of the demo voices in advance.

Audio Synthesys is available for $29 per month, and Human Studio Synthesys is $39 per month. The third option is the Audio and Human Studio Synthesis at $59 per month.

5. Play.ht

Play.ht is a web-based voice generator that allows high-quality text-to-speech conversions. Because of its straightforward user interface, the platform is exceptionally simple to use.

It comes with a text box on its homepage to get the job done where you can write your text and then pick the appropriate language, gender, voice style, and conversion speed to complete the task.

The platform provides 570 distinct AI voices, supports more than 60 languages, and can be used for business and personal reasons.

The free version is limited in the number of voice types. You may also download your creations in MP3 and WAV formats.

This API allows users to integrate real-time voice synthesis into their applications through text. To make the voices sound more real and engaging, use expressive emotive speaking styles to convey their emotions.

Users may listen and preview a single paragraph or a whole text before the text is converted to voice using the Play.ht preview mode, which is available.

It uses intuitive artificial intelligence and voice synthesis technologies from companies like Google, IBM, and Microsoft to produce realistic voices. There are a variety of languages and speech styles to select from.

There is a free version available. Personal plans cost $14.25 per month, Professional plans go for $29.25 per month, Growth plans cost $74.25 per month, and Business plans cost $149.25 per month.

6. NaturalReader

NaturalReader is a robust artificial intelligence text-to-speech voice generator with a clear purpose. It turns whatever textual information you provide into AI voices that seem natural.

The platform also includes OCR technology, which simplifies extracting text from photos and scanned PDFs, among other things.

To enhance the user experience, the AI voice generator also includes a handy Chrome extension that you can download.

NaturalReader is an artificial intelligence speech generator that strongly emphasizes convenience. Using it, you may convert any text into an MP3 file of great quality and crispness, which you can then listen to at your leisure.

The program is completely free to use and may be used for many tasks like broadcasting, interactive voice response (IVR), and providing narration for YouTube videos.

7. Speechelo

Speechelo is capable of converting any text into a voiceover that sounds natural. Its text-to-speech system can integrate inflections into the voice. There are both male and female voices in it.

Speechelo allows you to customize the tone in which the text is read. It is available in English as well as in 23 more languages. In addition, It is compatible with all video-creation software programs.

Speechelo includes more than 30 voices that sound like real people. In addition to the standard tone, it also provides a cheerful tone and a serious tone for the reader to choose from.

It includes elements such as the addition of breathing noises and lengthier pauses between each syllable. The content is checked for errors, and punctuation marks are added as needed by the online text editor adding punctuation marks as needed.

Speechelo is available for a one-time payment of $47. Check the pricing details on their homepage for occasional discounts.

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8. Clipchamp

Many people are familiar with Clipchamp as a reliable video editing service provider. However, few are aware of its other feature, which uses artificial intelligence to transform the text into speech in seconds.

According to the developers, more than 170 lifelike voices are available to users on the site. The voices in this collection include female, male, and voices of varying ages.

It presently supports over 70 languages, implying that it can process text in practically every widely spoken language worldwide.

Customizing voice-overs is also a straightforward process since you have options to manage the pace and fine-tune the voice to communicate the appropriate emotions and pronunciations, among other things.

It has a text box that you can move about with a drag-and-drop feature, making the already basic voice creation process considerably simpler on this platform.

This AI voice generator has a lot to offer: The Basic Plan is free, the Creator Plan is $9/month, the Business Plan is $19/month, and the Business Platinum Plan is $39/month.

9. Resemble AI

Resemble AI is active on a variety of fronts. Not only can it assist you in generating voice from text, but it can also generate text for adverts with a single click of the mouse.

It is a sophisticated artificial intelligence text-to-speech generator with various business-related applications.

It can generate a customized voice that can be used as a voice assistant for Google, or Alexa. A call center may utilize the program to clone the voices of their agents and customize them in the process.

You may use the API to produce voices. Users can record up to 50 samples directly on the online platform, choose from many voice actors, or submit raw audio without a script. Resemble AI provides you with four choices for creating synthetic voices.

It creates clones of voices using provided audio data, beginning with just five minutes of data. Use that voice to develop and create dynamic content on the go while using your smartphone.

The most basic package (Entry) is $30 per month. For a customized strategy, get in touch with Resemble AI representatives.

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10. Sonantic

Sonantic is an intuitive artificial intelligence voice generator that has gained widespread popularity in the entertainment industry for its ability to generate lifelike and expressive AI voices.

You may quickly change the tone of your produced speech to reflect various human emotions such as rage, grief, and happiness with a few simple clicks. By simply selecting between three different degrees of intensity, you may alter the strength of your emotions to suit your needs.

The platform can convert text into speech in a short amount of time. With Sonantic, production directors may get high-quality voice-over work for their productions in as little as a few short minutes.

Additionally, users may manage the pitch and tempo of their voice-over work because the platform allows complete control over various voice performance characteristics of users.

Their price is tailored to each client.

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11. LOVO

Because of its simple-to-use platform, LOVO allows both casual users and developers to produce speech from the text and create voice-overs that sound like humans recorded them.

There are around 180 voice types available on the platform, available in over 33 languages. Users can convert up to 15,000 characters at a time with this program. The platform is continually updated with new voices every day.

In less than 15 minutes, the program can generate bespoke voices for you. Text to voice conversion on this platform is simple.

You may also use the API to build natural-sounding voices and fine-tune them to convey human emotions.

You’ll find useful video tutorials to help learn how to use this AI voice generator. If you are still hesitant after seeing the videos, or if you would prefer a written version of the tutorials, there is an e-book available that has all of the information on LOVO Studio.

In terms of pricing, a free version is available as well as a Personal Plan for $17.99, and a Freelancer Plan for $49.99.

12. Woord

To produce speech using Woord, you may choose between two handy techniques. You can either type in the text you wish to convert or paste the URL of a whole article to begin the conversion procedure.

Woord is an artificial intelligence voice generator that allows you to build a diverse range of voices from virtually any quantity of text you provide. Its synthetic voices are of the finest quality replicating human-like natural-sounding speech.

The Woord voice generator, like any decent voice-producing software, comes with a large gallery of custom voices to select from.

You may choose the style, the gender, the language, and even the accent from a library that it provides. The site features over 60 voices speaking in more than ten languages.

In addition, the voice creation is really fast. You may listen to a sample of the created voice by using the ‘Play’ button, or you can download the file in MP3 format directly from the website.

It has a Chrome browser extension that makes the software far more comfortable to use. Additionally, the inclusion of OCR distinguishes the tool from many of its competitors.

It comes with a free plan whereas the Basic plan is $24.99 per month, and the Pro Plan is $99.99 per month

13. Voicera

Using Voicera, you can turn your lengthy articles or blog posts into audio narratives that sound natural that are easy to understand.

As a blogger, you have the opportunity to convert an unlimited number of blogs and articles into their audio versions so that your viewers may listen to your information instead of merely reading it.

The platform intelligently recognizes the information and creates a natural-sounding voice for you using a single click.

The site now supports more than ten languages, adding new languages regularly.

Voicera also provides several accents from which users may pick to customize their written articles’ voices.

You can integrate the light tool on your website because it will not cause the site to load more slowly.

It is also completely free to use.

14. Notevibes

Notevibes is a basic online text-to-voice converter that provides MP3 files for 201 realistic-sounding voices. Furthermore, the site is available in over 25 different languages.

Notevibes also allows you to share the audio files that are created. Users can create realistic male and female voices on the fly.

Users may personalize their speech by adjusting the pitch and tempo of their voices. Besides, you can make your speech quicker or slower, and regulate the loudness of your voice.

You may record voicemail greetings in various languages using varying tones and intonations.

Notevibes’ Commercial Plan enables you to utilize your voice in advertisements, promotional videos, online courses, and other applications.

As soon as you have done so, you will maintain ownership of the commercial rights to this content for the foreseeable future.

Its price structure is as follows: Personal Pack costs $9 per month, Commercial Pack costs $90 per month, and the Corporate Pack costs $4,000 per year.

15. WellSaid

WellSaid makes it simple to generate quick AI text-to-speech voiceovers using artificial intelligence. You may submit a script in plain text and then choose the voice you want to hear it read.

Using the software, you may even develop your artificial voices, which the business refers to as “WellSaid Avatars.”

Thanks to the platform, you can put all of their projects together in one location and operate in a more streamlined manner. It is appropriate for teams of varying sizes, allowing projects to go on without interruption. WellSaid products include a studio, an API, avatars, and enterprise solutions.

Soon after inputting the script and selecting the voice, the API tool allows you to generate an MP3 stream. The API sandbox allows you to test numerous prototypes simultaneously and scale up to millions of characters every month.

You may also include the WellSaid API into your organization’s internal tools and other services.

That is one of the most effective artificial intelligence voice generators for teams and media firms.

Their prices range from $49/month to $199/month, depending on the plan. In addition, team members can receive customized quotations.


These are my top picks for the best AI voice generators for use in personal or professional settings.

These tools have features for generating human-sounding voiceovers for your sales videos, training videos, instructive videos, and other types of films.

If you want to make voiceovers without having to spend a lot of money on professional voiceover artists, you should seriously consider utilizing one of the artificial intelligence voice generators discussed above.

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