45 Best Linkedin Summary Template Examples

Your LinkedIn summary can be the difference between your profile getting noticed by recruiters or gaining lots of connections and not being able to land a new job or get people to accept your connection requests.

Think of your summary as an opportunity to tell your story and show what makes you special, what you have to offer, and make people want to get in touch with you.

In this post, we are going to share various examples of LinkedIn summary templates that you can use to figure out how to craft your own summary.

Best Linkedin Summary Template Examples

1. Share your backstory

How did you come to be where you are now, doing the work you do? People love a good story. Using your summary to provide insights into your personal and professional journey or demonstrate your values can make your LinkedIn profile resonate with viewers even more.

2. Highlight your experience

Start by describing your work ethic and level of career experience, then go on to weave your skills and areas of expertise into your summary using relevant keywords. This way your profile will show up more easily in search results.

3. Show your zeal for your job*

Why do you love your job? What makes you excited to show up at your desk every morning and kick ass? What makes you love your current organization?

How is your company’s product/service, work culture, and other dynamics different from that of the competition? Finally, share a few personal details to round up your summary.

4. Describe your current role

Imagine that the reader doesn’t know what your title entails and explains your job as simply as you can. Showcase your skills, experience, and expertise by talking about who your work helps, what their problems are, and how you provide solutions for them.

5. Make it about your personality

If you want to come off as an interesting person that’s worth connecting with, using this template for your summary is a great way to go. It allows you to shine a light on your soft skills, traits, and personal achievements that set you apart from other people.

6. Build intrigue

Have you had an unconventional or interesting career path? What remarkable things have you done?

This is your opportunity to captivate anyone who views your profile by listing the positions you have worked in and the personal milestones you have reached. You close things off by sharing what you are currently doing with your time.

7. Let passion and purpose take the lead*

This template is perfect for recent graduates or people without a lot of professional experience. Start by sharing insights about your chosen career and what it means to you, then share what you hope to achieve as well as any relevant or applicable experience you might have.

8. Focus on the things you love

This template is short, sweet, and ideal for established professionals who have already built thriving careers with lots of accomplishments to their name. All you have to do is write about your passions and how they translate to your professional or personal life.

9. Address your audience’s pain points

In this LinkedIn summary template, the owner focuses on readers who may require her services. She demonstrates her understanding of the issues they struggle with and explains how she can help them solve these problems. She also gives them a sense of what they can expect to gain from using her services.

10. Talk about the bigger picture

This LinkedIn summary example goes beyond merely describing what the owner does for a living. It breaks down and explains the core aspects of their work, what they want to help clients accomplish, and the value that this work brings to the real world.

11. Radiate confidence

You don’t want to come across as timid in your LinkedIn summary. No one is going to be fascinated by your profile or willing to consider you for a position if you can’t make them believe in your skills and expertise.

You need to hold your head high, believe in your own sauce, and write your summary to reflect that sense of pride in your work.

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12. Talk about more than just your hard skills

Yes, knowing how to use different technologies and processes or execute technical tasks is awesome and necessary.

However, prospective employers and connections want to see more than that and this template helps you give them a comprehensive view of who you are as a person and professional.

13. Work with what you have

If you are still in school, looking for an internship position, or without substantial work experience, you can still create an attention-grabbing summary for LinkedIn.

You just need to focus on your values, personality, and the skills you have gained from school. and experiences from volunteer work, studying abroad, or personal projects.

14. Talk about your passion

Use your summary to talk about what drives you or gave you the inspiration to pursue this particular career. Tell people why you do what you do and why you think it’s important. Help them see your work through your eyes.

15. Mix work and play

This LinkedIn summary template is perfect for creative professionals and those who constantly have to interact with lots of people in their line of work.

It allows you to reveal work-related information like your present role, level of experience, and career achievements, as well as fun personal details like your hobbies, pastimes, or interests.

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16. Share industry insights

A good way to show people that you are very knowledgeable about the industry you work in is by providing useful and valuable information on a relevant subject. Once you have captured the reader’s attention with your insights, you can go on to describe your current job and qualifications.

17. Make your desires known*

If you are job seeking, framing your summary in line with this template can go a long way in getting you the results you want. From your opening sentence, it should be clear who you are and what you are looking for.

Don’t forget to throw in your academic qualifications, work experience, and specializations.

18. Explain the impact of your work

In this LinkedIn summary template example, the owner draws you in with a fascinating fact related to the industry she works in.

Then she goes on to explain how the company she works for provides solutions for this issue and how her work contributes to this ambition. She rounds it up listing her areas of expertise.

19. Be animated and uplifting

Reading this summary, you can feel the author’s bubbly energy radiating off the screen and it makes you want to learn more about them. Every paragraph gives you new information about what the author is passionate about and what they can offer you.

20. Keep it concise

If you work in an industry that’s pretty technical or formal, it’s best not to waste time trying to woo potential connections with flowery prose.

Just go straight to the point. Talk about your skills, qualifications, specializations, current position, years of experience, and other significant roles you have held.

21. Build it around a theme

Pick a skill you possess that’s important in your profession, provide examples of how you have demonstrated it through various aspects and phases of your life, and explain how this skill makes you great at your job. In this example, the owner builds her summary around her excellent communication skills.

22. Show what you bring to the table

As this example shows, you can write a concise summary that gives a full picture of who you are, what you do, and why it matters. Help people see the contributions you make at the organization you work at and what can offer them if they choose to work with you.

23. Focus on your achievements

Put the humble pie aside and brag about your work. Show people the remarkable things you have accomplished so far, what your skills are, the kind of work they can anticipate from you, and why they should hire you or enlist your services.

24. Break it into sections

This template gives you a great structure for writing your summary. It uses headings and bullet points to break up the text for easier reading.

The first section tells readers what you do, followed by the value you can offer them. Next comes what sets you apart, and finally, a call-to-action encouraging people to reach out.

25. Highlight your achievements

Have you made great strides at work? Helped a company you worked for hit a milestone or accomplish a huge feat? Do you have awards, prizes, certifications, or notable speaking engagements?

This summary template is a chance for you to talk about all of that and show prospective clients or employers that you are great at what you do.

26. Take the laid back approach

In this LinkedIn summary example, the owner uses friendly, conversational language and tone to describe himself. He talks about his love for traveling and networking while demonstrating that he’s proud of his heritage and giving off a likeable no-nonsense vibe.

27. Demonstrate your love for your work

Show potential employers, clients, or job-seeking candidates that you and your company are great to work with by painting the organization in a positive light. Talk about your passion for the work you do and the core responsibilities of your position.

28. Be honest and personal

If you want your summary to draw people in, make them connect with you, and even reach out with work-related offers, using a personal tidbit to explain why you do what you do is a great strategy. You can also explain what makes you unique and include a few personal and professional achievements.

29. Establish credibility

To recreate this template for your summary, start with an impactful statement that points out what drives you, what you excel at, or what makes you a success.

Then provide achievements, skills, professional background, and specific examples to demonstrate your ability and prove that you are writing cheques you can cash.

30. Keep it straightforward and factual

Dive right in and explain what you do. You can include the core services you provide, your years of experience, and examples of the kind of work you have done or created.

You can even name some of the companies or clients you have worked with for extra credibility.

31. Make your past experiences work for you

This template works best for when you are looking to switch careers completely or gravitate towards a different industry with your current skill set. It will help you showcase the skills, values, qualities, experience, and knowledge that you (will) bring to the table.

32. Leverage humor and brevity

A short summary can be very impactful when done right. In this template, the owner grabs attention by weaving humour into her sentences to explain the value of the work she does. This makes you eager to check out the rest of her profile to see what other interesting things she does or has done.

33. Demonstrate how you can help an employer

This LinkedIn summary example earns high points for how it structures the flow of information and helps the author express the benefits they can bring to any organization. A glance at the summary tells you everything there is to know about the person, their skills, and experience.

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34. Use data to buttress your skills*

Don’t just tell people that you help grow businesses. Show them exactly how much growth you have achieved for the companies you have worked with. Providing relevant data not only backs up your claims, it also makes you seem more trustworthy in the eyes of the reader.

35. Start with a strong hook

In this LinkedIn summary example template, the owner opens with an interesting question highlighting the challenges entrepreneurs face. They go on to demonstrate how they can help and end the summary with a call to action asking people to contact them.

36. Show your value

Take a cue from this template and explain to people how important your work is, how much you enjoy doing it, and what makes you great at it.

Don’t be afraid to get personal and draw parallels from that to your professional life and strengths. Doing this can make your profile more relatable.

37. Explain your process

What makes you good at your job? What unique approaches do you take to solve problems you encounter? How do you tackle your work from the first task to completion? This template gives recruiters a feel of your work process and helps you come across as someone with experience and detailed practice.

38. Channel Ernest Hemingway

If you are a creative person who loves giving words to thoughts or ideas, this LinkedIn summary format is your time to shine.

Begin with a captivating hook or insight, then introduce yourself and the focus of your job, and tell readers what action you want them to take next at the end.

39. Answer key questions about yourself

When people stumble across your profile, the first thing they want to figure out is what you do. Then they want to know who you work with or who your services are intended for, why your strategy works, what makes you unique, and what you specialize in.

40. Highlight your character traits

The best summaries reveal not only who you are as a professional, but as a person too. So think about your best qualities or what you are known for amongst family, friends, and colleagues and work that into your description.

41. Display vulnerability

You know how sharing an intimate or private detail about your life can generate empathy and bring you closer to the other person? That also applies to LinkedIn summaries and the people who read them.

Think of something you experienced in your personal or professional life that helped shape you into who you are and write about it

42. Captivate viewers with numbers

Numbers will always jump out when you are reading written text, so weaving numbers into your summary, especially in the intro, can help you win and hold your audience’s attention.

In this template, the owner uses the reports from a personality test to introduce numbers and share insights into who they are.

43. Work in relevant keywords

Adding keywords to your summary can increase your profile’s visibility and increase your chances of showing up at the top of the results page when people search for those keywords.

This example template is formatted in a way that makes it easy for you to list your core skills and input keywords.

44. Put your experience first and foremost

Recruiters may not have the energy to go through your work history, check the dates of employment, and figure out the amount of time you have spent in a given line of work. So it helps to showcase your level and wealth of experience in your summary.

45. Create a map of your work history and contributions

In this LinkedIn summary, the author walks us through their career journey and highlights the value they brought in and the major achievements they scored at different organizations they worked for.

If your goal is to impress viewers and make them believe you are amazing at what you do, this template is worth emulating.


Drafting a strong LinkedIn summary can be quite the challenge, but your profile will greatly benefit from it.

Draw inspiration from the LinkedIn summary templates and examples above to create and improve your summary.

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