11 Best Apps Like Dream By Wombo 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly one of the hot topics on the internet today. The rise of tools such as Dream by Wombo or the recent ChatGPT demonstrates just how powerful AI is and what it can become.

Dream By Wombo is a powerful AI tool that allows you to explore unlimited fun by creating beautiful artwork.

The app can turn words into beautiful photos or digital artwork in a straightforward process. Simply enter a prompt, pick a style, and watch Dream By Wombo transform words into beautiful art.

AI is constantly evolving. Apart from AI being a viral sensation, it is slowly becoming a tool that all businesses should leverage to revolutionize their operations.

For this reason, Dream By Wombo faces fierce competition from DALL-E 2, GoArt, Artbreeder, CF Spark, Aiby, AI Arta, and Wonder AI Generator.

Out of these alternatives, my best pick is DALL-E 2. Apart from creating original and realistic art and images from text descriptions, DALL-E 2 can combine attributes, concepts, and styles.

We’ll discuss all these tools at length as we go deep down but first, let’s understand why we should explore alternative tools to Dream by Wombo.

Why Look for Dream by Wombo Alternatives?

While Dream by Wombo offers outstanding results in fashion designs, graphic design, wall art, and any other creative field, it has restricted downloads for some of your artwork.

In May of last year, users noticed that the app was not working, a problem attributed to possible bugs. On May 3, 2023, the app was unavailable again.

While its developers worked hard to revive the app, users feel like the once five-star app lags out often, hence the need to look elsewhere.

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Best Apps Like Dream by Wombo

1. DALL-E 2

DALL-E 2 is your go-to AI partner if you want a tool that generates more realistic and accurate images with four times greater resolution.

What began as a research project has grown to be loved more than its predecessor, DALL- E 1, with safety mitigation that keeps improving.

Like Dream By Wombo, DALL-E 2 generates images from text commands or text-based descriptive prompts.

You do not need photo editing or graphic design knowledge to use DALL-E 2. The tool’s speed and image size capabilities make it stand out, allowing you to generate bigger images faster.

Open AI launched DALL-E 2 in January 2021. While 71.7% of users prefer the tool for its excellent caption matching, another 88.8% prefer DALL-E 2 for its photorealism. The tool serves over 3,000 artists in over 118 countries who have integrated it into their workflows.

Creative professionals who use DALL-E 2 include AR designers, illustrators, authors, chefs, tattoo artists, clothing designers, landscape architects, sound engineers, and dancers.

The tool is limited to generating violent, hurtful, and adult images. DALL-E 2 also uses advanced techniques to prevent the photorealistic creation of real human faces, including public figures.

Overall, DALL-E 2 is an excellent AI tool that gives full usage rights, so you can sell the images you create from the platform. Upon creating an account on the forum, DALL-E 2 gives you 50 free credits for image creation.

Once the 50 credits are exhausted, you’ll continue to receive 15 free credits every month, but you can opt to pay for more credits to make the best out of DALL-E 2. The prices depend on the resolution you want for your image. For 1024 by 1024, DALL-E will charge you $0.02 per image.

DALL-E 2 is available for free download with in-purchases on Google PlayStore. It is also available on AppStore as Deep-A: AI Image Generator, powered by DALL-E 2, for free download with in-app purchases.

2. GoArt

GoArt is another excellent alternative to Dream by Wombo that allows you to generate images based on text prompts. With GoArt, you can quickly create beautiful artwork or turn your ideas into outstanding paintings in seconds.

Like Dream by Wombo, GoArt has multiple styles to choose from. You can opt for cyberpunk, surrealism, anime, oil painting, or concept art illustration. GoArt has a web and mobile version and leverages dynamic modified filters to turn your image into pixel art.

GoArt lets you use the Photo Cartoonizer feature to convert your images to cartoon avatars with just a click. The styles available on GoArt include Monet, Van Gogh, and Picasso.

The photo-to-cartoon transformation is only suitable for pets, landscapes, kids, food, and all kinds of images except for portraits.

The AI Cutout feature eliminates backgrounds easily. The best part about GoArt is that it supports exporting HD images with eight megapixels, even on Android, and allows you to print artwork on t-shirts, photo portfolios, or wallpaper.

What puts GoArt ahead of Dream by Wombo is its NFT Creator feature. This feature allows you to create or manage NFT in various modes. You can turn your art into NFT-encrypted art and trade it into an NFT market with a few steps.

The easy-to-use app is available on Google PlayStore and AppStore for free download with in-app purchases.

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3. Wonder-AI Art Generator

As the name suggests, Wonder-AI Art Generator turns your words into incredible digital artwork. The procedure is simple. Enter a text prompt, pick a style, then watch Wonder-AI bring the idea to life in no time.

Like Dream by Wombo, Wonder-AI is a web and mobile app. The app can paint poems, song lyrics, movie characters, star signs, monuments, and unique and creative words, such as “Flaming Ocean” or “Haunted Cornfield” among others.

Once you create your unique and original artwork, you can share it with friends and family on social media or simply tap into the #AIPainting trend to go viral.

You can choose from popular styles, including ornate baroque paintings or futuristic synth wave landscapes, or explore new ones.

Wonder-AI is a perfect art and design companion for designers, artists, or anyone interested in creating stunning artwork. The platform is intuitive, with an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to save your creations on your device or use it as a lock screen wallpaper.

Wonder-AI Art Generator displays the price for creating 200 ($20) portraits on its home page. It is also available for free download on Google PlayStore and AppStore, but you can purchase other in-app features.

4. AI Arta

If you are looking for a Dream by Wombo replacement to help you visualize your wildest ideas, look no further than AI Arta. The tool lets you forget the hassle of creating a design from scratch, as all you need to do is input a text and let AI Arta do the magic.

The tool is trained using millions of images from the internet and leverages AI’s power to transform your dreams into visual art in minutes. AI Arta is easy to use.

The app allows you to explore an array of effects and styles, including AI manga filters, anime styles, and mind-blowing photorealism. In addition to text prompts, AI Arta allows you to add a photo from your gallery.

The AI avatar maker is there to step up your selfie game. Once you upload your photo, AI Arta will create great AI avatars worth sharing with friends on social media. What you’ll love the most about this app is its gallery of outstanding AI art created by art gurus worldwide.

You can get more inspiration by browsing through the gallery to compare your thoughts before you embark on creating outstanding artwork with the power of AI.

AI Arta is available on AppStore and Google PlayStore for free download. To get more features, consider in-app purchases.

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5. Starryai

Starryai is another app like Dream by Wombo that lets you create art by describing what you wish to see with the power of AI. With Starryai, you can make up to five watermark-free works of art daily and print or post them on social media.

The tool has multiple styles, models, starting images, and aspect ratios to make your creation unique.

What makes Starryai an excellent replacement for Dream by Wombo is that the tool is regularly updated, so you can be sure of a more advanced experience the next time you log in.

Starryai has a web and mobile version for Android and iOS. It uses two AI modules, Orion and Altair, to create outstanding art pieces. It also lets you couple your images with a few text prompts and style to produce beautiful results.

The best part is that you can still create stunning artwork even with limited artistic experience as long as you give the tool the correct prompts. What you’ll love the most about Starryai is the option to upscale your creation up to 16 pixels without losing quality.

Its evolving option allows you to refine your artwork to more unique levels. Starryai has a prompt builder that functions like a library, where users can select styles for respective prompts and then save them for use whenever they need a similar concept.

Starryai is ahead of Dream by Wombo as it allows you to create up to five complimentary NFT artworks per day without watermarks. It also gives you full ownership of your creations, so you can print them out or use them on your next NFT project.

Starryai is available on Google PlayStore and AppStore for free download. You can pay to access more features through in-app purchases. Be on the lookout as the app contains ads.

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6. NightCafe

Another online tool that can be an excellent replacement to Dream by Wombo is NightCafe. Unlike the Dream by Wombo app, NightCafe is an online studio you can only access through search engines on nearly every device.

Unlike other online studios, NightCafe is user-friendly and does an excellent job of helping you create stunning artwork from your imagination. With the power of AI, you can create artwork in seconds with simple text prompts.

NightCafe uses top-notch AI technology that quickly picks and actualizes your ideas with high accuracy. It is one of the best AI art generators, with the ability to generate various NFT artworks in seconds.

The tool has a vibrant art community that you can join to share and learn more about art. You can also put your art skills to the test with daily NightCafe AI challenges. NightCafe is free, but you must pay for artwork printouts or extended use.

However, every creator gets free limited credits each day. You can also earn credits by participating in NightCafe’s diffusion community activities. As a beginner, you can purchase 100 credits for $4.79 per month, and as AI Hobbyist, 200 credits will cost you $7.99 per month.

The most popular NightCafe package is for AI enthusiasts at $15.99 monthly for 500 credits. But if you want to explore more options, I recommend the AI Artist package at $39.99 monthly for 1,400 credits.

All these packages have no ads, so you can expect a distraction-free experience.

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7. Hotpot.ai

If you are looking for an AI art generator to help you create outstanding graphics, pictures, or writing, look no further than Hotpot.ai.

Like Dream by Wombo, the effective use of Hotpot.ai can help you unleash your creativity and express yourself in ways you couldn’t imagine through the power of AI.

Getting started is easy. Simply enter a few words and watch Hotpot.ai transform simple words into stunning artwork.

While Hotpot.ai features a library of various styles, it allows you to use your style through the customization menu. The tool is a perfect fit for entrepreneurs and creators, looking to augment their creativity and productivity.

Hotpot.ai allows you to use your creation for commercial purposes, though you have to purchase credits starting from $10 per month (1,000 credits).

However, using your art commercially does not include copyright or intellectual property protection. So anyone can produce similar artwork with other AI tools.

Hotpot.ai also simplifies creating splash screens for Android, iOS, Unity Phone Gap, and Windows, among other phone apps.

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8. Photosonic

If you want a web-based AI tool to help create realistic and artistic images from text prompts, I recommend you try Photosonic. Photosonic has already made over 10 million images using AI, and it will be a valuable companion for painting your dreams with pixels.

Photosonic is free to use, and you can also earn free credits if you share the app with friends and family. The tool allows you to freely reproduce, perform, display, distribute, or create derivative artworks without royalty or attribution requirements.

Photosonic is part of WriteSonic, an AI content creation platform. Similar to Dream by Wombo, Photosonic is more into generating AI images and art from text prompts.

Photosonic uses an AI model based on latent diffusion, which gradually transforms random noise images into coherent images that match your text input. But the best part is that the tool allows you to control your artwork’s quality, diversity, and style.

You can use Photosonic to generate inspiration for a creative project, visualize ideas, explore multiple scenarios and concepts, or have fun with AI. With this tool, you can create artwork for animals, objects, landscapes, characters, or anything else you can imagine.

Subscription at WriteSonic starts at $12.67 per month with a no-sign-up free trial of five credits.

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9. Artbreeder

Artbreeder welcomes you to the world of AI like never before. It allows you to create simple collages from shapes or images with simple text prompts.

Its splicer feature lets you create unique artwork by mixing images and editing their scenes. Artbreeder gives a more exciting experience than Dream by Wombo, as you can quickly develop portraits and paintings and take your art experience in a new direction.

Artbreeder is an excellent bridge between creativity and collaboration. You can remix any image you wish and make it your own. It has a community of art lovers who follow and share your artwork.

Whether you are working on concept art or music video, Artbreeder has a way of making your creative processes shine.

Unlike Dream by Wombo, which has a mobile app version, Artbreeder is web-based and can be accessed through any browser on nearly all devices.

It is free for all, with unlimited Splicer and collage images. However, I recommend getting a membership if you wish to enjoy faster renders, zero wait times, and tons of exciting features.

Artbreeder has three paid membership plans. The first one, the Starter membership, goes for $8.99 per month for 100 credits, while the second one is the Advanced tier which gives the best value at $18.99 for 275 credits.

If you still need more credits, go for the Champion membership for $38.99 monthly for 700 credits.

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10. Bertha.ai

Bertha.ai is an app like Dream by Wombo that allows you to create stunning artwork with the power of AI.

However, Bertha.ai is slightly different in functionality as it’s a full-fledged content creation platform that also incorporates crafting website content, creating images and illustrations, converting product descriptions, and writing blog posts.

You get more with Bertha.ai than Dream by Wombo. As an image and illustrations generator, Bertha.ai leverages the power of AI to create mesmerizing images that you can use on websites in seconds.

Bertha can be used to create powerful marketing copies to engage your customers and drive conversions. It does a better job of creating quality content than Dream by Wombo featuring any possible style.

Bertha.ai is a web-based tool with options to download as a Chrome extension or for use on the Chrome browser only. It also works well with WordPress. You can harness the full power of the Bertha tool for $20 per month, one price for all.

The $20 per month plan serves an unlimited number of users, allowing you to create up to 20 images per month, access priority support from the team, and get a seven-day money-back guarantee if the app does not perform to your expectations.

Alternatively, you can opt for the pay as you go package that gives you more credits for generating art. For $15, you can create up to 100 images, and it is a one-time payment, where you only stop using it when it runs out.

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11. Artphoria.ai

Last on the list of the best apps like Dream by Wombo is Artphoria. The tool will help you create unique AI-generated images with just a click. It allows you to express your ideas and creativity with limitless possibilities.

Much like Dream by Wombo, the tool suits designers, artists, and creators. Artphoria blends computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to generate images in seconds automatically.

You can create hundreds of different types of art, including abstracts, figurative paintings, portraits, and landscapes. You can create stunning artwork to promote or share your products with your target audience on social media.

It is a simple yet powerful tool to create artworks that can inspire your photographic journey. Its pricing plans are simple and transparent. Its Starter Plan costs $49 monthly, the Professional Plan is $179, and the Scale Plan goes for $399 per month.

Final Words

Art is in dire need of an audience. However, audience preferences and tastes vary, and only a few creatives can create artworks that reflect the audience’s unique tastes.

If you’ve already discovered the needs of your audience, I hope you leverage the above AI tools to meet them.

If you are looking for an AI tool to help create realistic images beyond what is in the original canvas, choose DALL-E 2.

The tool works brilliantly to streamline your content creation process by generating high-quality images from text descriptions. Give it a try.

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