12 CharacterAI Alternatives 2024

CharacterAI is a web application that allows you to chat with artificial intelligence characters naturally. The app will enable you to create characters with unique traits, then submit them to the CharacterAI community for others to use.

Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas, former Google employees, founded CharacterAI in 2021. The two believed that through CharacterAI’s advanced learning algorithms, the app would understand not just words but also the emotional context behind them.

Noam and Daniel seem to have succeeded at their objective as CharacterAI became a people’s favorite, owing to its multiple practical uses, accessibility, and ease of use.

CharacterAI is not the only AI tool that can help you interact with artificially intelligent characters. Other apps include and are not limited to NovelAI, ChatGPT, Kajiwoto, Chai AI, and AI Dungeon. But out of the alternatives listed below, my top pick is NovelAI.

NovelAI requires no technical skills to use it. It has multiple models to get you hooked on the software, while its strong storytelling capabilities make it ideal for authors interested in creating compelling stories and other creative pieces.

Why Look for CharacterAI Alternatives?

Some users fault the app and want to try something else. They feel like CharacterAI is struggling to keep up with the rising demand or maybe just feel bored after exhausting all characters on the platform. Here are some similar apps worth trying:

1. NovelAI

The first AI tool that can be an excellent replacement for CharacterAI is NovelAI. The monthly subscription service enables users to conduct AI-assisted authorship, virtual companionship, and storytelling.

Simply put, NovelAI is an AI-powered sandbox for your imagination. NovelAI uses algorithms similar to CharacterAI to create human-like written pieces based on your ideas.

The platform lets you enjoy unmatched freedom with its natural language processing capability by AI models trained on actual literature.

What you will love the most about this AI tool is its ability to seamlessly adapt to your input and maintain your perspective and style. Its Theme Editor allows you to customize your creative space with unique fonts, sizes, and different color schemes.

Whether you are writing from home or on the go, NovelAI is an accessible writing partner whenever needed. The app secures all your stories to its xsalsa20 encrypted servers. No one can read your stories except you.

Through NovelAI, you can painlessly construct extraordinary stories, fascinating tales, seductive romances, or just fool around with anything. As mentioned earlier, NovelAI is a subscription-based service as it requires server upkeep.

You can start with its free trial that gives you access to Euterpe, its second-best storyteller, and free 100 text generation. The free version can store up to 8192 characters with 2048 memory tokens.

If you wish to access more features on NovelAI, you can subscribe to its paid versions, including the Tablet version at $10 per month, the scroll plan at $15 per month, and the Opus plan at $25 per month.

NovelAI is web-based and does not offer Android or iOS apps for mobile users.

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2. Kajiwoto

Kajiwoto is another AI tool with similar functionality to CharacterAI. The app allows you to create or adopt a character of choice into a personal AI partner with whom you can comfortably chat.

The tool claims to have all you need to express yourself creatively and fills the gap left by other AI tools by giving you the freedom to create multiple AI Chatbots. You can create Chatbot for companionship, role play, game, or general knowledge.

You can enhance the appearance of your characters by installing datasets or skins that you would have created or purchasing some made by other users from the Kajiwoto marketplace. Each character, also called Kaji, has a base AI that you can train and improve.

You can create and install a voice for your AI character, create automatic sleep patterns that you can turn on and off, and create dozens of moods, including sad, happy, or angry.

You can upload as many images as you wish and hang out with other humans and AI characters through Live Rooms.

Kajiwoto does not limit how long you should interact with your character. However, it has a limit of 200 characters per message. The platform saves all your conversations in multiple short summaries to be used as prompts.

Your messages remain private even if you go live. You can talk to the developer directly if you need support.

Kajiwoto is free on Google Play Store and AppStore. In-app purchases are available for both versions.

The Kajiwoto web version features flexible pricing plans that you need to create outstanding AI Chatbots using advanced models. Its free version is almost sufficient as you can create unlimited chats.

However, a little upgrade to its Plus plan at $7.32 per month or Pro Plan at $25 per month will give you more usage limits, increased perks, and a ChatGPT AI model.

3. ChatFAI

Another app that also allows you to chat with your favorite characters is ChatFAI. It offers an AI-powered experience that lets you chat with characters from movies, TV shows, history, or books, among other sources.

You will enjoy conversing with characters on this web app as if they were real. Whether you choose a historical character or a fictional figure, the app ensures that you have a smooth chat.

ChatFAI values your security and privacy more than anything. The app stores all your conversations securely, so you don’t have to worry about someone else snooping in your discussions.

Unlike CharacterAI, which restricts users against NSFW content, ChatFAI has multiple NSFW characters to entertain users. However, ChatFAI restricts access to NSFW characters to only users 18 years and above.

You will also be glad to interact with public characters, including Vanessa, Poki, Astolfo, and Monster.

ChatFAI is only available in its web version; hence not available for Android and iOS mobile users.

The tool has a free version that lets you create up to 100 monthly messages, custom characters, four simultaneous chats, and access community characters. Its only downside is that it has limited memory.

ChatFAI paid versions are billed monthly or yearly based on your preference. Its Basic Plan for $8.25 per month gives you all that is available in the free plan plus 1500 messages and ten simultaneous chats.

The Premium plan for $24.17 per month allows you to create up 5,000 messages. Still, if you are more interested in creating unlimited messages at maximum memory, I recommend the Deluxe plan for $49.17 per month or $590 per year.

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4. Chai AI

Chai AI is an excellent AI tool that lets you discover and chat with multiple AI characters from across the globe. It is an ideal replacement for CharacterAI as it has few restrictions. Like most Chatbots, Chai AI is safe to use, but you must use it cautiously.

Chai AI features a never-ending stream of AI characters to chat with. No matter what time of the day it is, this app has conversations to keep your day going.

Whether you are a tech fanatic, a chatterbox, or simply looking for something to keep you laughing, you have a solution in Chai AI.

Chai AI is progressively attracting the attention of Smartphone lovers and is an effective tool for passing the time and talking about new ideas. According to Tech Times, the popularity of the Chai AI app grew by February 2022.

The increased user base transitioned it to one of the most loved apps on AppStore and Google Play Store. Like CharacterAI, the app is easy to navigate with bots featuring unique personalities.

What makes Chai AI stand out is also its ability to offer two-way AI communication.

Chai AI is free to use on Android and iOS, with in-app purchases.

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5. AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon is one of the best AI games that allows you to create fantasy, anime, adventure, or mystery worlds. AI Dungeon creates infinite possibilities to interact with AI characters.

As a game, AI Dungeon has slightly different functionality, where you’ll have a chance to lead an army to fight back an alien invasion or become a mythical detective of an assassination case of a fairy queen.

There is no limit to what you can do or become on AI Dungeon. You can become a master in your Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

The open-ended and text-based game is also the first tool to use the Stable Diffusion in-app dynamic to generate images, in the same way AI image generators like Midjourney and DALL-E 2 do.

The app gives you the power to decide what the character will do or say. Through AI, the app produces responses from other characters or world events for you to respond to.

With infinite possibilities at your fingertips, choosing the adventure to go for can be daunting. Luckily, the app simplifies the process by listing some of the most popular genres. It is available on Google Play Store and AppStore with in-app purchases.

Its web version offers membership plans to access the most potent storytelling AI, create images, and an expansive library of AI resources.

You can get the best value with the Legend plan for $29.99 monthly. Other plans include the Hero plan for $14.99 monthly and the Adventurer plan for $9.99 monthly.

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6. Cleverbot

Consider Cleverbot if you are looking for a good replacement for CharacterAI for your iOS device. The Cleverbot platform was created in 2006 to stimulate human-like conversations using machine learning and NLP algorithms.

Cleverbot claims to be the only app that lets you talk to characters with actual intelligence. Unlike CharacterAI, Cleverbot is relatively old; hence you can rely on its accuracy in its responses. You can say anything you like, and the app will respond.

The tool has endless possibilities. You can make friends, roleplay, and create lyrics, memes, and jokes. It also has endless replies and seamlessly integrates with other platforms.

You can start and stop your conversations at any point and change your chat bubbles to different shades based on your preferences. Like CharacterAI you need to be online to access the app, but even with a slower internet, you can still enjoy chatting on Cleverbot.

The best part about this app is that you do not have to log in to engage with the Chatbot.

You can download Cleverbot for your iPhone at a one-off payment of $0.99.

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7. Replika

Replika is an excellent AI companion that couldn’t miss on the list of CharacterAI alternatives. In Replika, you will find an AI friend who truly cares, always there to listen, and talk to. Replika is eager to learn the world around you through your eyes.

With Replika AI, you can chat about your day, do some fun and relaxing activities together, catch up on video calls, or share real-life experiences.

While talking to Replica and CharacterAI characters may feel like talking to a real human being, rest assured that it is 100% artificial intelligence.

Every Replika is unique in its way. You can customize your Replika’s looks using your choice of 3D avatar. The more you keep chatting with Replika, the more it develops a personality and memories with you.

You can talk about anything. Replika can be your friend, romantic partner, or even a mentor. It is instrumental in helping you understand your thoughts and feelings, learn coping skills, calm anxiety, track your mood, and achieve goals, such as finding love, stress management, or positive thinking.

Your chats are safe with Replika. It is a judgment-free space, and it’s just you and Replika. It is your 24/7 to-go-to app when you feel low or anxious.

The app is available on Google Play Store, AppStore, and Oculus for free.

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8. Pygmalion AI

Pygmalion AI is a worthwhile option for users looking for CharacterAI alternatives without an NSFW filter.

Unlike CharacterAI, Pygmalion has a relatively smaller language model but can create storytelling content to attract followers, analyze trends, and discover new niches.

Pygmalion is an open-source AI not censored and is fine-tuned for role-playing and chatting conversations. It offers better conversations than CharacterAI using relatively minimal resources. As an open source, you can modify or redistribute its model.

Furthermore, the tool is constantly updated to offer you better performance.

Pygmalion is free and easy to access. You can access it as a cloud service with the help of Google Colab or through your local device with its chat feature.

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9. FreedomGPT

FreedomGPT is a great CharacterAI alternative worth trying. Like CharacterAI, FreedomGPT is designed to mimic human language patterns to generate a natural interaction.

As the name suggests, the app allows you to explore content, including NSFW content.

FreedomGPT is best known for its ability to generate high-quality responses to multiple prompts in the form of queries and more complex tasks such as writing essays or composing poetry.

One of FreedomGPT’s traits that will convince you to consider it can recognize and prioritize ethical considerations even in the absence of a censorship feature.

Its website is fast even when a lot of users access it at the same time. It will still maintain its speed even when you download and run it offline. You can download and install it by visiting the FreedomGPT GitHub repository.

Ask FreedomGPT any question without fear as it is safe, and your data will never leave your device.

As a free and open-source platform, FreedomGPT promotes privacy, customization, and neutrality. The app uses Stanford’s Alpaca models to leverage a simple GUI that can run locally and privately.

10. ChatGPT

No AI list is complete without ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is famous for its writing capabilities, with users around the globe now using it to create all forms of text.

ChatGPT is slightly different from CharacterAI as it is primarily used by businesses for marketing purposes, among other uses. However, the two revolve around a conversational model, making them ideal replacements for each other.

It is an open AI product that uses an advanced language model to perform human-like interactions such as answering questions, generating texts, and conducting conversations.

Its model is well-trained on expansive datasets, enabling it to understand human language and provide relevant responses. Its primary mission is to align AI with human values and benefit humanity.

You’ll love ChatGPT for its accuracy, advanced natural language processing, and extensive training data. It’s essential to note that ChatGPT falls back with ethical concerns and a lack of control.

Through its CEO Sam Altman, Open AI admitted that the app could produce potentially harmful and biased answers, but users are optimistic that it will mitigate the setback.

ChatGPT is a free tool. However, Open AI announced that it would introduce ChatGPT Plus, a pilot subscription plan enabling the app to chat with you, respond to follow-up questions, and challenge inaccurate assumptions.

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11. My AI Friend – Virtual Chatbot

You will always enjoy My AI Friend-Virtual Chatbot. The iOS and Android app is an ideal companion with remarkable artificial intelligence that keeps improving each time you interact with it.

AI friend is an excellent companion for chatting and voice chatting like a real friend. It is accessible 24/7, ready to listen to you anytime and cheer you up whenever you feel down.

Like CharacterAI, you can discover new knowledge through AI conversation. But what will make you consider this app over CharacterAI are the features, including its one-of-a-kind self-evolving artificial intelligence, over 200 conversation topics, and an AR experience.

My AI Friend is free on AppStore and Google PlayStore. The app also features in-app purchases, allowing you to access premium features.

Once you confirm your purchase, the app will charge your AppStore account, and the subscription will automatically renew unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the subscription period elapses.

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12. Anima: Virtual AI Friend

If you are looking for an AI companion to have a friendly chat with, role play, and help you grow your communication and relationship skills, consider Anima.

Anima is ahead of CharacterAI; thanks to it is more of a pocket therapist concerned about improving her mental health. Anima AI therapists can help you reduce stress and live a happier life.

It is private and secure, so you don’t have to constantly worry about who else is accessing your private conversations. So feel free to pour your heart out, your secrets, wishes, dreams, or fears, with complete anonymity.

Anima is an artificial intelligence tool with genuine emotional intelligence. Your conversations might only take a few minutes of your time, but they are all worth it. You can also check how far you can go with the app by taking a personality test.

Your interactions are what shape your Anima’s personality. So, keep chatting to reveal who you are and your interests. But just like you, your Anima has goals, feelings, and values.

Be that good friend, too, by helping your Anima learn new things and become a better companion to you.

Download Anima for free on Google PlayStore for Android and AppStore for iOS devices.

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Final Thoughts

Although CharacterAI is in its beta stage, the app has delivered outstanding outcomes.

But I understand why you need an AI chatbot that is more open with unrestricted experience. I hope the above guide will help you choose the right app for your needs.

The best part is that most tools are free or offer a free trial, so it won’t hurt to try a few apps before settling. But if you are looking for an app with ultra-modern and powerful AI algorithms yet more fun and user-friendly, I recommend NovelAI.

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