16 Low-Cost & Free Book Bolt Alternatives for 2024

Book Bolt is a low-content book publishing program that low-content publishers can use to turn their ideas into a reality. The software helps publishers create journals, logbooks, diaries, and books with fewer contents.

Low-Cost & Free Book Bolt Alternatives – A Quick Summary

Here is a comparison table of 16 low-cost and free Book Bolt alternatives with star ratings, pros, cons, and highlights:

Alternative Stars Why Picked Pros Cons Highlights
Kindle Ranker ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great research tools and resources Email notifications, Kindle Book Spy tool, Find long-tail KDP keywords Can be expensive Powerful book marketing tools, Keep publishers updated
bookow.com ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Automated book formatting Typesetting customization, Print-ready PDFs Limited features Hassle-free formatting, ISBN and barcode generators
Merch Titans ⭐⭐⭐ Optimization for Merch by Amazon Product search, Keyword research, Image research Very niche focused Helps increase Merch sales and profit
Interior Builder ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Specialized interior design Colorful, attractive interiors Only focuses on interiors Seamless interior design creation
Creative Fabrica ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Massive font and image libraries Font Cloud, Shape Cloud, Craft Club Can get expensive Tons of stylish fonts and graphics
Kindlepreneur ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Education and tools for self-publishing Courses, articles, calculators, writing tools Less specialized End-to-end solution for publishing
Publisher Rocket ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Optimizing book sales Keyword search, Competition analysis Very sales focused Increases online book sales
KDP Wizard ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Integration with KDP Airtable API integration, Popup app Steep learning curve Powerful database capabilities
KDSPY ⭐⭐⭐ Market intelligence Competitor tracking, Keyword tracking Very niche tool Identify lucrative niches
Self Publishing Titans Extension ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Easy niche research Keyword Niche Score Only niche scores Identifies profitable niches
Book Bird ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Templates and education Video course, Templates, Calculators Can get overwhelming End-to-end low content creation
KDP Miner ⭐⭐⭐ Keyword analysis Related keywords, Cover comparison Very simple Keyword and cover analysis
Amazon ASIN ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Business intelligence Sales estimates, Keyword research, Analyzers Can get complex Boosts visibility and conversions
Huge Amazon Expander ⭐⭐⭐ Finds more keywords Expands search suggestions Only expands keywords Easy keyword discovery
Tangent ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Creative tools Interior templates, Niche Machine Expensive Boosts creativity and ideas
Canva ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Versatile design tool for various projects, not just book publishing Wide range of templates Missing  Amazon keyword research Has free version.

About Book Bolt and the need for alternatives

Book Bolt offers features like access to the product database, emerging trends and hidden niches, a keyword research tool, a listing optimization tool, and a book cover and interior designer.

Although Book Bolt strives to provide publishers with some basic tools that are needed to create their dream book, it isn’t sufficient to offer enough resources for users.

Other platforms offer similar features and even better low-content publishing services than Book Bolt.

As mentioned above, here we list some worthy alternatives to Book Bolt that publishers can try.

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Best Book Bolt Alternatives

1. Kindle Ranker


Kindle Ranker is one of the Book Bolt alternatives. It is another platform that offers superb book marketing research tools and resources to make your publishing dream a reality.

Some tools available to users on Kindle Ranker include email notifications which keep the publisher abreast with updates on book marketing information.

With these tools, you can know your sales metrics, receive comments and when your book attains the bestseller status, and other vital updates.

Another tool you get to access on Kindle Ranker is the Kindle Book Spy tool.

With this tool, publishers can gain access to information such as the ranking, price promotion, and other marketing information of other authors for any book on the Kindle platform.

Users can find KDP keywords on Book Bolt, but Kindle Ranker takes this feature a bit further to efficiently increase a publisher’s sales and income.

Publishers can find long-tail KDP keywords for book ideas in reference to books or Kindle files and from different sources on Amazon.

Kindle Ranking helps low-content publishers in their publication journey.

It also helps them achieve success in their sales by providing many powerful tools and features on the platform.

Kindle Ranking offers users access to these tools at affordable rates.

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2. bookow.com


This platform has its unique appeal to anyone who wishes to give it a try.

bookow.com gives independent publishers and authors a hassle-free book formatting process.

Authors and publishers can use the tools on bookow.com for the automated book publishing process.

The platform also has several custom options for typesetting.

bookow.com is a web-based software that reads the manuscript and generates a professionally typeset book.

The end product of this process is a print-ready PDF file delivered in a variety of trim sizes and formats that can later be edited or downloaded as PDF or ebook files.

These are services that users can not get on Book Bolt.

Another powerful tool available on bookow.com is the KDP Cover Template Generator.

This tool is used to create cover templates for books and in various formats such as IDML, SLA, ODG, and PDF.

The ISBN-13 Bookland Barcode Generator is another valuable tool offered on bookow.com.

Self-publishers can use this tool to create a high-resolution barcode image in PDF format.

One other publishing tool you won’t find on Book Bolt, and that is available on bookow.com is the ISBN-13 Hyphenator.

This tool is used for placing hyphens in the proper place in your ISBN.

The KDP Cover Size Calculator is one of the tools on the bookow.com platform which helps in calculating the width and height of the KDP print cover.

Check out the pricing here.

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3. Merch Titans


Merch Titans is an alternative to Book Bolt that provides all the tools needed to improve Merch by Amazon.

It also helps increase sales, and profit, and streamline the publisher’s product research process more efficiently.

Some of the productive tools available on Merch Titans include the Product search tool that allows users to use a keyword search to get product data and other vital information from Amazon.

Keyword research is another tool that can be used to search any desired keywords relating to your publication on Amazon. This feature is also present on the Book Bolt platform.

Another impressive tool you will find on Merch Titan is the Titan vault.

This tool allows users to easily search through the list of the top-selling products and find profitable markets and niches on the Merch by Amazon.

Users also have access to the KDP research tool on this platform to find the top best-selling books on Amazon.

Other tools provided on the Merch Titan platform are trademark checker that grants users access to the US trademark database.

You won’t find this feature on the Book Bolt platform.

Another feature that Merch Titans offers its users is the image research tool publishers can use to search images such as vector graphics.

This tool gives publishers access to a vast collection of high-quality images and vectors.

Merch Titan’s services are quite cheap and affordable depending on the publisher’s budget. The starter plan can be accessed for as little as $9.99.

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4. Interior Builder

screenshot-www.interior-builder.com-2022.05.27-00_05_41 Interior Builder is a unique tool that can be regarded as an alternative to Book Bolt.

However, Interior Builder offers a specific set of services to publishers.

It offers a superb solution strictly meant for creating book interiors effortlessly. One can also regard it as a go-to platform for publishers who wish to design colorful and attractive interiors for their books.

Not only does the platform allow interior designs to be created seamlessly by publishers, but they are also able to publish print-on-demand paperbacks on Amazon Kindle with the direct publishing tool.

Unlike Book Bolt which combines several aspects of book production from research to creation and publishing and sales, Interior Builder provides tools for designing books, customization, downloading, and management.

Pricing for Interior Builder services begins at $0 for a 3-day trial and goes up to $89.99 annually.

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5. Creative Fabrica


Creative Fabrica specializes in providing design assets like varieties of stylish fonts for publishers to choose from and use in their book publication.

The platform also serves as a source for high-quality graphics for book publication.

Many tools are available on Creative Fabrica that make it more than just a Book Bolt alternative, but rather an appealing platform for publishers who value stylish content creation.

Some of these tools are font cloud, a free online font managing tool that allows publishers to access their desired fonts at any time and any place.

Another tool is the Shape Cloud, which allows the creation of stunning shapes for use.

Another tool on Creative Fabrica that you won’t find on the Book Bolt platform is the Web Font Generator which gives you access to over 92,067 fonts.

This tool makes it possible to convert from ttf and otf file formats to a usable web font.

Creative Fabrica also features an interactive arena called Craft Club, where publishers can join and send requests for any design they desire.

This Craft Club is a paid membership club that costs $14.52 only to join, while other Creative Fabrica resources can be accessed for as low as $12 for 3 months. See the pricing page for details.

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6. Kindlepreneur


Kindlepreneur is another Book Bolt alternative. The platform not only offers tools for book publishing but also serves as a destination for users who wish to learn how to self-publish and sell books online.

Aspiring self-publishers can gain access to many free courses on this platform.

They also have access to several educational resources such as free articles and video guides. But users won’t find these services on Book Bolt.

Some of the courses you can learn on Kindlepreneur are book writing, cover design, book marketing, book editing, book formatting, and book publishing.

One feature that sets Kindlepreneur apart is that the platform builds useful tools for self-publishers to help them successfully create, publish, and sell their books online.

Among the tools created by Kindlepreneur is the Amazon sales rank calculator which lets users convert best seller rank on Amazon into a rough estimate of how many daily sales a book gets.

Another tool is the book description generator which generates the HTML code needed for a book description on sites like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other sites.

Kindlepreneur also offers a QR code generator, the Free Amazon Ads Course, free Mailerlite, Publisher Rocket, and Atticus, which is a tool for writing and editing ebooks and print books.

Access to the full features of Kindlepreneur is set at only $97.

7. Publisher Rocket


Publisher Rocket is a world-class self-publisher platform offering superb tools that help book publishers to get profitable sales of their books online. It is also a worthy alternative to the Book Bolt platform.

Among the features offered on Publisher Rocket is the Keywords search tool which allows users to choose up to seven keywords and get an instant list of common words trending the most.

Publisher Rocket also offers the Competition tool that enables users to see the list of high-ranking books on Amazon’s first page.

The category feature on Publisher Rocket helps organize the list of Amazon books into various categories.

Publishers can also create a vast collection of keywords that will be helpful during the book advertisements via a tool called Amazon Ads. You can access the full features of Publisher Rocket for only $97.

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8. KDP Wizard


The KDP Wizard is another Bolt Bolt alternative worth considering for anyone seeking a Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

Just as the name implies, KDP Wizard takes low-content publishing very seriously and provides superb features to its users.

The platform integrates Kindle Direct Publishing data with a powerful database application known as Airtable.

KDP Wizard acts as a link between the publisher’s Amazon KDP data, and the Airtable API application, making data well-organized and secure.

Some of the features that users can enjoy on the platform include the popup app that publishers can use instantly to gain access to all data and files relating to their book on their web browser.

The copy and paste buttons make duplicating data easy on all product creation pages.

Publishers also have the rich text editor tool that makes it possible to seamlessly edit their contents without using any HTML tags if they don’t want to.

On KDP Wizard, it is easy to submit your product to Airtable on the platform to get direct access to customer review information on your product.

KDP Wizard offers all its services at affordable rates shown on its pricing page.

It also features a Chrome extension and a powerful tool called the MerchWizard that instantly synchronizes the publisher’s Merch by Amazon Account to many other platforms.

The MerchWizard is a cheap app that makes it easier for the publisher to collaborate with other publishers and users on product pages from other platforms.



Another Book Bolt alternative worth considering is the KDSPY. It is a powerful tool for authors and self-publishers.

It helps in researching their competitors, keywords, market intelligence, book tracking, revenue estimates, and other functions.

KDSPY is a spy tool that lets publishers access trends and other vital information in the book publishing industry and helps them find the appropriate category to get ranked in.

Authors using these tools can identify keywords and track bestsellers’ information for sales ranking. A one-time payment of $59 will grant you full access to all KDSPY resources and tools.

10. Self Publishing Titans’ KDP Niche Research Extension

kdp niche research extension

KDP Niche Research Extension is a Book Bolt alternative every self-publisher should have.

It is an easy-to-use KDP niche research Chrome extension developed by Self Publishing Titans.

This powerful extension gives publishers data about any niche or keywords. All it takes is to input a keyword into the Amazon search bar, click on the “enter” button, and the KDP Niche Research Extension reviews all the listings and gives a Keyword Niche Score.

To get publishers accurate information and data about top competitors, KDP Niche Research Extension uses data derived only from the first page of Amazon.

During the research process by the KDP Niche Research Extension, the keyword niche score displayed is based on average BSRs, the number of reviews, average price, and the number of competing products on Amazon.

Any niche score higher than 62% implies that such a niche is lucrative because the higher the score, the more profitable the niche is.

Publishers who intend to create low content books should search for different keywords and see how high they perform.

KDP Niche Research Extension is available for free.

11. Book Bird


Book Bird is another must-have Book Bolt alternative tool and is one of the best self-publishing tools with Amazon KDP. The platform boasts a vast collection of resources and productive tools.

Self-publishers have access to varieties of ready-to-use book templates across many niches and topics.

This makes it easy for low-content publishers to create and publish their dream books effectively.

One of the resources available on the Book Bird platform is the low-content book video course. It is the go-to source for learning the various steps to create low-content books from scratch successfully.

The niche research tool is another tool that Book Bird has in common with Book Bolt.

This tool gives publishers free access to the Amazon KDP data source where they can discover many niches and topics.

Another viable tool offered by Book Bird to publishers is the Amazon KDP Sales Calculator. The Amazon KDP Sales Calculator estimates daily and monthly sales based on Amazon’s Best Seller Rank, allowing publishers to know how profitable a particular niche or book is.

Book Bird also offers low content publishers the Amazon KDP Royalty Calculator. It is a tool that helps determine the profit margin for book sales made via Amazon KDP.

The Amazon KDP book category finder is another tool available on Book Bird that helps publishers to find Amazon KDP book categories that fit the publisher’s book.

Another similar tool available on Book Bolt which can be found on Book Bird’s platform is the Amazon KDP Keyword Organizer.

The tool optimizes the publisher’s Amazon book listing search terms and makes sure keywords are organized properly.

Publishers can download the resources and access the tools on this platform for free.

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12. KDP Miner


KDP Miner is a Chrome extension that fits well as a Book Bolt free alternative. This lightweight tool helps low content publishers to simplify and automate Amazon keyword analysis.

What the publisher has to do is type in a search term, and KDP Miner will generate a list of profitable keywords related to the original search term.

This little but amazing tool can also let publishers analyze each keyword suggestion and verify its reviews, BSR, and other parameters.

Another feature that KDP Miner offers its users is that it helps the publishers compare their book covers against those of their competitors.

This, in turn, makes it much easier to decide whether their book covers compare favorably against their competitors within the same niche. The extension is free.

13. Amazon ASIN


Another Book Bolt alternative to consider is Amazon ASIN. It is a free lookup tool that provides low content publishers with all the necessary business information to improve sales.

Amazon ASIN lookup report helps book publishers to know daily sales and revenue estimates, listing quality, trending keywords, keyword ranking, PPC costs, and much other important information that can boost a product.

The Amazon Keyword Research Tool on Amazon ASIN helps boost your visibility on Amazon and to improve your chances of conversions with long-tail Amazon keywords.

Amazon Listing Quality Analyzer is a tool that helps publishers to optimize product listing and drive more sales.

The Amazon ASIN tool compares your product against that of your top competitors. It then tracks and makes edits in the quality and keeps you notified so that you are ahead of your competition.

The Amazon FBA Calculator is another tool that helps low content publishers strategize their business plans and make informed decisions.

It filters through thousands of Amazon products and focuses and builds on those with reasonable margins to create a sustainable business.

Low-content publishers that opt for Amazon ASIN have access to another impressive tool known as the Amazon Product Description HTML Writer.

The Amazon Product Description HTML Writer is used to optimize the description of Amazon products using different styling options and symbols and adding the relevant keywords to drive traffic and conversions.

Every tool on Amazon ASIN is free!

14. Huge Amazon Search Suggestion Expander


The Huge Amazon Search Suggestion Expander is a Chrome extension that boasts some similar features as the Bolt Book, making it a good alternative for low content publishers.

It is lightweight and easy to install on your Chrome browser, and is offered for free.

It is a tool developed by Self Publishing Titans requiring that an author inputs a keyword related to a desired niche in the Amazon search bar. It then expands the original amazon search suggestions by adding more keywords before and after the main keyword.

A long list of keywords and potential niche ideas will be generated, and you can export these keywords as an Excel file for later use by clicking on the “Download All Suggestion” button at the top right corner of the page.

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15. Tangent


Tangent is similar to Book Bolt, only that it has more sophisticated tools that make it a great alternative to Book Bolt. It is suitable for low-content books authors who desire publications with fantastic interior design options.

Tangent, however, does not offer great keyword research options like Book Bolt. However, the platform excels in providing a large gallery of impressive and easy-to-use templates for your project.

These templates can be downloaded as editable source files that can be opened in PDF format, InDesign files, or Illustrator files, which the publisher can further customize to taste.

Another tool available on the platform is the Niche Machine, offering low content publishers access to over 15,000 evergreen niches that are grouped into categories and arranged by search volume

Next is the Sky Palette, a remarkable tool for product development in image recognition, keywords, and color analysis.

TangentWords is a superb keyword finder for trending keywords from different search engines and marketplaces

Tangent also offers users a powerful tool called the Formulizer. The Formulizer is an elegantly simple tool designed to unblock authors’ and publishers’ creativity and help to generate frameworks for the products they are working on.

You can subscribe for Tangent monthly access for as low as $24.99.

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16. Canva

Canva is a free alternative to Book Bolt for designing book covers and interiors.It offers strong design tools and a user-friendly platform with diverse templates, fonts, and elements.

While it lacks Amazon keyword research features like Book Bolt, its design capabilities are more versatile, catering to a range of projects beyond book publishing.

However, Canva doesn’t provide specific templates for low-content books. Users can upload their own templates to meet specific size requirements. The platform offers a free version with numerous design resources, alongside a Pro version at $12.99 per month for extra premium features.

Conclusion: Which Of These Is The Best Book Bolt Alternative?

The best Book Bolt alternative from the list is Kindlepreneur. It is our choice pick because it combines the features of Book Bolt and many other features and tools from other platforms.

Kindlepreneur outshines every other alternative on the list because it does not only offer world-class low-content publishing tools but also offers a large collection of other valuable resources that self-publishers would need to create a thriving business.

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