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19 Best CallRail Alternatives 2023

CallRail is a platform that helps businesses track and manage their phone leads. Such a service is useful to help identify marketing campaigns that generate the best leads.

With a platform like CallRail, you can manage local phone numbers, toll-free numbers, and port existing numbers. For tracking, the platform supports visitor and keyword tracking, multi-channel call contribution, and dynamic number insertion.

However, CallRail has its pros and cons; the latter may be why you’d want to opt for an alternative. For example, some customers complain that the pricing is high and other unusual charges without refunds.

In this post, I’ll be listing out the 15 best CallRail alternatives; check them out below:

Best CallRail Alternatives

1. CallTrackingMetrics

From the description, it’s obvious what this platform is all about – call tracking metrics. The platform exists to turn good marketers into great marketers.

As a marketer, you can optimize ad spend with CallTrackingMetrics agency tools, analyze conversations to understand buyer experiences, and use lead flow automation to align marketing and sales.

The platform works directly with core marketing tools like Google Analytics and Google Ads. Like CallRail, CallTrackingMetrics lets you choose from a list of toll-free or local phone numbers for your ad campaigns.

A unique feature with CallTrackingMetrics is that you can enable call tracking on any website by simply adding a short line of code. CallTrackingMetrics isn’t limited to just calls, you can also track texts, chats, and forms.

CallTrackingMetrics Pricing

CallTrackingMetrics may not be the best CallRail alternative in terms of pricing, its pricing is still moderate. There are four pricing plans to choose from:

  • Performance Plan: $39 per month ($33 per month with annual payment)
  • Growth Plan: $99 per month ($74 per month with annual payment)
  • Connect Plan: $299 per month ($224 per month with annual payment)
  • Enterprise Plan: custom pricing

2. RingCentral

RingCentral is an all-in-one platform for business communication – including messages, video, and phone. Support for phones makes RingCentral an ideal alternative to CallRail.

This platform features a cloud phone system which it describes as the phone system of the future. It’s an easy-to-use phone system that’s available on mobile, desktop, and desk phones.

While RingCentral isn’t as particular about call tracking as CallRail, its analytics portal delivers just as much value. The analytics portal provides an interface for monitoring calls from all users, devices, and numbers. You also get call quality scores.

RingCentral comes with built-in reports – live reports, performance reports, etc. – for in-depth analysis and business predictions.

If you’re interested in also monitoring video calls & conferences, messages, and chat, then, you’ll have to choose RingCentral over CallRail.

RingCentral Pricing

RingCentral features different pricing depending on the features you want to use and the number of users. The Phone tool falls under the RingCentral MVP plans.

Below are its pricing options:

Essential Plan

  • 1 – 20 users: $29.99 per user month ($19.99 per month with annual payment)

Standard Plan

  • 1 – 99 users: $37.99 per user month ($27.99 per month with annual payment)
  • 100 – 999+ users: $32.99 per user month ($22.99 per month with annual payment)

Premium Plan

  • 1 – 99 users: $44.99 per user month ($34.99 per month with annual payment)
  • 100 – 999+ users: $42.99 per user month ($32.99 per month with annual payment)

Ultimate Plan

  • 1 – 99 users: $59.99 per user month ($49.99 per month with annual payment)
  • 100 – 999+ users: $52.99 per user month ($42.99 per month with annual payment)

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3. Twilio

Twilio is a customer engagement platform. It’s a reliable platform for multiple support channels including messaging, voice, video, and email. You can use Twilio as an individual marketer, small business, or large enterprise.

Overall, there are more features on Twilio than on CallRail. Twilio doesn’t just track or monitor calls, the platform lets you build your own voice application. For example, you can build a call tracking solution with Twilio. In essence, Twilio is more technical than CallRail.

With Twilio’s call tracking, you can easily set up call forwarding and routing and there’s a vast inventory of local phone numbers you can use. The solution makes it possible to pinpoint exactly where calls are coming from.

Also, you can make more money from your inbound phone calls by taking control of them. This will improve customer service which will increase the return rate of new customers.

Another advantage of using Twilio is that you can simply integrate call tracking into your current software platform. Hence, you can track and analyze calls in the same place your data is already stored.

Twilio Pricing

There’s a pricing advantage with Twilio as you only pay for what you need and use. However, their pricing for pay-as-you-go voice calls depends on your preferred country.

Here is the sample voice pricing for USA residents:

Local Calls

  • To Make Calls: starts at $0.1520 per minute

Browser/App Calling

  • To Make Calls: starts at $0.0040 per minute
  • To Receive Calls: starts at $0.0040 per minute

SIP Interface

  • To Make Calls: starts at $0.0040 per minute
  • To Receive Calls: starts at $0.0040 per minute

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4. Grasshopper

With Grasshopper, you can link a virtual phone system and business line with your personal phone. The platform comes with all the communication features businesses need and it’s one of the simplest CallRail alternatives to use.

Grasshopper’s communication platform promotes professionalism. Staff can identify if a call is for business before answering, so they are better prepared to respond accordingly.

The platform supports automated greetings which you can use to welcome and route callers to certain departments or staff.

With the built-in voice studio with varying professional voice talents, you’ll be able to create the perfect greeting. For call tracking, you can port your current number or use toll-free numbers, vanity numbers, and local numbers.

You’ll find the platform easy to use as you don’t have to purchase any extra equipment. Simply install the desktop or mobile app on your device and you’re good to go.

However, note that Grasshopper is only available in the USA and Canada. Unless you reside in any of these countries, the platform is not for you.

Grasshopper Pricing

Grasshopper is a more affordable call tracking solution to CallRail. There are three pricing plans to choose from, which include:

  • Solo Plan: $29 per month ($26 per month with annual payment)
  • Partner Plan: $49 per month ($44 per month with annual payment)
  • Small Business Plan: $89 per month ($80 per month with annual payment)

Note: Grasshopper offers a seven-day free trial, just half of what you get with CallRail.

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5. Mojo Dialer

Mojo Dialer is another entry on this list. It comes with intuitive features to help marketers connect with more prospects, source contact information, stay organized, and stay in touch.

As one of the best CallRail alternatives, Mojo Dialer focuses more on improving call quality and service than on call tracking. It features a multiple-line and single-line dialer. The multi-line dialer can handle up to 300 calls per hour, while the single-line dialer can handle up to 85 calls per hour.

Mojo’s distinctive copper technology ensures crystal-clear call quality from start to finish. Marketers and business teams can use simple dialing options to automate dial plans. For example, you can easily pick up where you left off last time.

In order to avoid cross-time zone calls, Mojo Dialer features an intuitive Zone Guard. There’s also the Call Hammer feature to thoroughly review each lead before moving on to the next by dialing all available phone numbers.

For call tracking, you get all the metrics you need from Mojo Dialer’s extensive report options. At one glance, you get an overview of key dialing performance indicators.

Mojo Dialer Pricing

Mojo Dialer features different pricing plans for individual marketers and sales teams. The plans include:

Individual Plans

  • Single Line Dialer: $99 per license
  • Triple Line Dialer: $149 per license

Team Plans

  • Lead Manager: $10 per user
  • Single Line Dialer: $89 per license
  • Triple Line Dialer: $139 per license

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6. Google Voice

Google Voice is perhaps the most popular smart voice available. It’s optimized for both individuals and businesses, but if you want an alternative to CallRail, you should opt for the business solution.

Voice is a part of Google Workspace so if you already use the platform, you’ll find the appearance to be familiar and easy to use. Its user interface will fit right into your workflow.

You simply need an existing phone number to set up and then you can choose among various voice lines. Your Voice line can be accessed from a variety of locations, including your office, home, and even compatible desk phones.

The platform is fully customizable to meet your daily routine. With the help of Google’s AI, Voice automatically filters spam calls and transcribes voicemails. As you’d expect, it works seamlessly with other Google products; notably Google Meet and Calendar.

To access call tracking reports and metrics, simply visit the Reporting page from your Google Admin console in Workspace and search for log event data.

Note that Google Voice is only available for US residents for personal Google accounts. To use Google Voice outside the US, you must have a Google business account.

Google Voice Pricing

You can go for Google Voice if you need an affordable CallRail alternative. Check out their pricing plans below:

  • Starter Plan: $10 per user per month
  • Standard Plan: $20 per user per month
  • Premier Plan: $30 per user per month

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7. Toky

Another entry on our list is Toky. It is described as a business phone system and integrated VoIP service.

With Toky’s call monitoring functionality, you can listen to live calls and with the whispers option, staff can communicate during calls without customers hearing.

Toky Reporting provides real-time data and analytics. You’ll have all the insights and relevant metrics you need to make better business decisions.

You can do more with Toky. The platform lets you create a virtual number – in any country of your choice out of over 60 – for business calls and SMS. Toky is one of the best CallRail alternatives in terms of integrations.

Toky Pricing

Toky features three plans for businesses and an exclusive plan for WhatsApp. Its starting prices are lower than that of CallRail, check them out below:

  • Entrepreneur Plan: $25 per month ($20 per month with annual payment)
  • Business Plan: $35 per month ($25 per month with annual payment)
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing
  • WhatsApp Plan: $65 per month ($50 per month with annual payment)

8. Aircall

Aircall is an intuitive call center software. The platform was launched to help businesses create better experiences for their customers. Over 10,000 businesses make use of Aircall.

The Aircall phone system supports toll-free numbers, international numbers, call conferencing, voicemail, call routing, IVR, and also SMS.

Aircall is a platform that you will find easy to use. You can set up a call center in minutes, set up smart routing rules, and build IVR menus. The live activity feed provides real-time visibility into your call center performance.

If you prioritize collaboration, Aircall is a CallRail alternative you should check out. Available collaboration features include shared contacts, warm transfer, shared call inbox, call commenting, and assignment.

With its Analytics feature, you can monitor all important key metrics including call volume, missed call rate, and wait time. With just a click, you can integrate Aircall with a host of third-party platforms.

Aircall Pricing

You can contact the Aircall sales team for a free personalized quote.

  • Essentials Plan: $30 per user per month
  • Professional Plan: $50 per user per month
  • Custom Plan: Contact for a quote

Note that all Aircall pricing plans are billed annually.

9. LiveCall

If your reason for switching from CallRail is pricing, then LiveCall is an ideal alternative to use. It’s a freemium callback and call tracking tool – but does a lot more than that.

With LiveCall’s call tracking, you can know channels driving successful calls – not different from CallRail. In addition, however, LiveCall supports different tracking methods including PPC, social, keyword, and referral tracking.

LiveCall lets you track online and offline calls. Furthermore, call tracking supports full manual scoring and AI-powered scoring.

The callback feature provides more sales calls and you can implement this feature in more than six ways. This includes Widget, Forms, Lead Ads, Chatbot, mails, SMS, and others. With this, customers and potential customers can request callbacks at any time.

LiveCall Pricing

As mentioned earlier, LiveCall is an ideal CallRail alternative for more affordable pricing. The platform uses a PPC – Pay Per Call – payment model. Hence, you only pay for effective connections.

The cost for each successful call starts at $0.30. You can contact the sales team to settle on a pricing plan that best fits your business needs.

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10. VocalCola

Like CallRail, VocalCola focuses on call tracking for marketing and business teams. However, as you’ll find out later on, the platform has more affordable starting plans.

VocalCola makes call tracking easy with its features. It supports truly dynamic call tracking, spam call blocking, schedule-based call routing, and robust analytics. Like most other CallRail alternatives, VocalCola integrates with Google Analytics.

With this platform, you can track all inbound phone calls irrespective of the marketing channel. Notably, it supports toll-free and local numbers on PPC, Google Maps, Facebook, Billboards, TV, and Direct Mail, amongst other possible marketing channels.

VocalCola Pricing

VocalCola offers a free trial after which you have to choose from any of the below plans:

  • Mumble Plan: $17 per month
  • Whisper Plan: $37 per month
  • Chat Plan: $87 per month
  • Cheer Plan: $167 per month
  • Roar / Premium Plan: $859 per month

Although VocalCola has some high pricing plans, the starting plan costs just $17 and the next is $37. In comparison, CallRail’s call tracking plan starts at $45.

Note that you can contact the sales team to discuss a custom plan as well.

11. Invoca

Here we have an AI-powered conversation intelligence platform. AI-powered call tracking and analytics are just two of the many features you get from using Invoca.

With the insights you get from the AI-powered call tracker, you can optimize marketing performance, enhance digital interaction, and better-personalized customer experience.

Call routing is another of Invoca’s interesting features. Automated call routing can help improve your call center performance which would lead to more professional agents and satisfied customers.

Invoca routes and tracks customers’ journeys across different digital channels, call centers, and local branches. You can personalize conversations for customers using real-time pops.

These pops reveal the customer’s intent based on pre-call search keywords and calling webpage among others. Furthermore, the customizable IVR features let you create pre-recorded messages to customers.

Invoca Pricing

Invoca features different pricing plans for Brands & Agencies and Pay-Per-Call Marketers. However, the pricing info is private; you must contact the sales team to know the cost. Nevertheless, these are the pricing plans:

For Brands & Agencies

  • Pro Plan
  • Enterprise Plan
  • Elite Plan

For Pay-Per-Call Marketers

  • Performance Professional Plan
  • Performance Enterprise Plan

12. Ringostat

Ringostat and CallRail share a lot of basic features. The platform offers call tracking, end-to-end analytics, callback, a smartphone, and a messenger platform. These services are optimized for marketing, sales, and digital agencies.

Industry-wise, Ringostat offers services to real estate, automotive, healthcare, eCommerce, and call center. This is worthwhile but not as much as CallRail which serves agencies, real estate, healthcare, legal services, home services, automotive, and financial services.

Ringostat officially partners with Google Analytics for its call tracking feature. You can track both static and dynamic calls with segmentation.

CallRail and Ringostat are alike in terms of integrations. Ringostat integrates with analytics tools, CRM, advertising accounts, CMS/Site Builders, Messengers, API, and webhooks among others.

Ringostat Pricing

Like CallRail, you can try all Ringostat tools free for 14 days before payment. Also, the pricing is individual for each tool. The pricing plans include:

  • Virtual PBX 2.0: $33 per 30 calendar days
  • Call tracking: $49 per 30 calendar days
  • Callback: $33 per 30 calendar days
  • End-to-end analytics: $33 per 30 calendar days
  • Ringostat Smart Phone: $33 per 30 calendar days

Note that you get major discounts when paying for multiple tools. For example, purchasing all five tools above should cost $181 per 30 calendar days, but you pay just $83.

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13. DialPad Talk

DialPad Talk provides a digital workspace for team and customer communications. You can manage and monitor not just calls (talk) but also text messages and video meetings.

The platform’s AI-powered contact center makes it one of the best CallRail alternatives for easy management.

The major platforms DialPad Talk integrates with are Google Workspace, Salesforce, and Zendesk. With 100 percent uptime, you’re guaranteed to never miss any call. Also, you get complete insights into call metrics with smart analytics.

DialPad is one platform you can use on any device, from anywhere. All you need to do is to install the app. For the call tracking, you either select a new number or use your current one.

This communication platform lets you assign custom routing rules and the built-in text messaging and video makes it an all-in-one solution.

DialPad Talk Pricing

With DialPad Talk, you have three pricing plans to choose from for business communications:

  • Standard Plan: $15 per user per month
  • Pro Plan: $25 per user per month
  • Enterprise Plan: custom pricing

Other DialPad solutions – Sales Dialer, Meetings, and Contact Center – have their individual pricing plans.

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14. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is very popular as a customer service software. More than 50,000 businesses make use of Zoho from countries across the world. In terms of features, Zoho is a giant compared to CallRail.

However, Zoho Creator’s online call management software places Zoho on this list. This isn’t a native Zoho feature but a creator app – like an integration. The app provides call stats at a glance, access to call quality, and you can add and maintain every call record.

Call tracking possibilities with Zoho are endless as the omnichannel platform integrates with so many third-party tools. You can easily find other call tracking and monitoring apps in the Zoho Creator apps deck.

Zoho Desk Pricing

Zoho is renowned for its free plan. However, there’s not much you can do regarding call tracking with the free plan. You’ll have to choose from any of the below paid plans:

  • Standard Plan: $18 per month ($12 per month with yearly payment)
  • Professional Plan: $30 per month ($20 per month with yearly payment)
  • Enterprise Plan: $45 per month ($35 per month with yearly payment)

Zoho offers a free trial as well and unlike CallRail, the free trial lasts for 15 days, not 14.

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15. 800Response

Like CallRail, call tracking is one of 800Response’s primary features. Others are lead generation and customer analytics. The platform exists to help businesses improve customer experience and drive revenue.

800Response’s call tracking and lead analytics tools work hand in hand. As a business with such at your disposal, you can easily uncover the best advertising campaigns. Call tracking is done in real-time so you never miss any information.

Aside from the analytics and detailed reports, you can access and listen to call recordings. If there’s any missed call, there’s the real-time Missed Call Monitor alters to inform you. Also, you can export call data to use on other CRM platforms.

CallRail lets you purchase local and toll-free numbers for call tracking – it’s no different with 800Response. With 800Response, you can customize phone numbers to be very easy to memorize.

800Response Pricing

800Response isn’t a free platform but all pricing plans are private. To use the platform, you have to book a 15-minute live demo after which you talk to the sales team to decide on a quote.

16. Phonexa

Here’s a solution for more advanced businesses and marketing teams. It’s described as a suite of tracking solutions to aid businesses to make strategic marketing decisions. These solutions include LMS Sync, Call Logic, E-delivery, Cloud PBX, Lynx, and a few others.

Call tracking comes under the Call Logic solution. You get a line-by-line description of every call detail and lead. Everything is readily visible from the Call Logic dashboard. To create a better experience for customers, Phonexa supports IVR and automatic call distribution.

Phonexa Pricing

Phonexa isn’t an ideal alternative to CallRail if you’re looking for more affordable pricing. The advantage you get is a more advanced solution. To use Phonexa, you pay a monthly subscription and smaller additional charges for usage.

Here are its pricing plans:

Lite Suite Plan: $100 per month

  • Lead Tracking & Distribution: $0.002 per ping
  • Call Tracking & Distribution: $0.035 per minute
  • Email & SMS Marketing: $0.20 per one thousand emails
  • Cloud Phone System: $0.01 – $0.10 per minute

Premium Suite Plan: $500 per month + $1,000 set up fee

  • Lead Tracking & Distribution: $0.001 per ping
  • Call Tracking & Distribution: $0.030 per minute
  • Email & SMS Marketing: $0.15 per one thousand emails
  • Cloud Phone System: $0.01 – $0.10 per minute

Enterprise Suite Plan: custom pricing

17. CallSource

CallSource features an advanced technology platform to help businesses achieve success. Products available on the platform include call management, performance management, reputation management, digital management, and vanity phone numbers.

When comparing the platform to CallRail, however, call management is of interest. CallSource boasts of having the most reliable call tracking software in the industry. While that’s debatable, CallSource is reliable with 99.9 percent uptime and tier 1 class phone carriers.

With CallSource’s call tracking you can access features like call recordings, call details, robust reporting, missed call notifications, and more. Notably, the platform supports dynamic call tracking that helps you understand customers via keyword and campaign level.

CallSource tracking numbers are unique for each client and like CallRail, there are both toll-free and local numbers. The tool automatically collects caller information such as phone number, name, address, and zip code from each call.

In addition, there are the call logs that allow you to effortlessly follow up on missed calls.

CallSource Pricing

Like a few other CallRail alternatives on this list, CallSource doesn’t provide any public pricing info. You schedule a demo and discuss pricing with the sales team.

18. ResponseTap

Now a part of Infinity, ResponseTap’s call tracking software gives premium functionality at relatively standard costs. It’s not a lesser priced software than CallRail, but the features are worthwhile – particularly the call tracking feature.

ResponseTap assigns a unique number to each website session to link phone calls to consumer journeys and campaigns. With this, you can see which advertisements and keywords drove phone sales.

An intuitive ResponseTap feature is the Smart Match. Smart Match connects call revenue to marketing activities in seconds. It’s easy to find out which marketing source is producing your highest-value phone purchases. You just have to upload your data as a CSV file.

Call tracking metrics are sent in real-time, allowing you to make swift decisions. You can count on the up-time as the platform uses various telcos to offer phone numbers so that if one goes down, the others will continue to work.

ResponseTap doesn’t slack when it comes to third-party integrations either.

ResponseTap Pricing

ResponseTap cost depends on the features you’re interested in. Hence, you’ll have to talk to the sales team and get a quote. However, note that pricing starts at around $260 (£199) per month plus call costs.

19. Convirza

The last CallRail alternative here is Convirza. This is an end-to-end platform for call tracking, call routing, call recording, and call reporting.

Like other platforms, the insights help you identify initiatives that generate leads so you can focus your marketing budget on the most productive campaigns.

Convirza call routing allows callers to take their own path to who they want to talk to via pre-recorded menu options – IVR. It supports geo routing and you can schedule call routing based on day and time.

Convirza Pricing

Convirza offers one of the best free plans out of all alternatives on this list. The $0 per month plan allows you to pay for only usage. Check out the full pricing plans below:

Free Plan: $0 per month

  • $4.00 Tracking Numbers
  • $.08 Local Minutes
  • $.014 Text Messages

Professional Plan: $69 per month

  • $2.00 Tracking Numbers
  • $.05 Local Minutes
  • $.012 Text Messages

Agency Plan: $179

  • $1.00 Tracking Numbers
  • $.04 Local Minutes
  • $.010 Text Messages

Custom Plan

  • Call for a quote

Bottom Line

There you go – the best CallRail alternatives.

No matter your reason for opting out of CallRail, I’m sure you’ll find an ideal replacement from any of the options above.