IObit Uninstaller vs CCleaner – Which Is Better?

Cleaning your PC and uninstalling stubborn software is mandatory. Without the required care and optimization, your PC will likely start dragging and even crash due to junk files, caches, unresponsive programs, and logs.

Thankfully, there are many utilities available today that you can use to clean your PC and uninstall stubborn programs effectively and efficiently. However, most people tend to opt for either IObit Uninstaller or CCleaner due to their effectiveness and capabilities.

As a result, this piece will take you through the two types of PC cleaning and optimization utilities and help you choose the better option while focusing on the features and pricing.

What Is IObit Uninstaller?

IObit Uninstaller is a utility suitable for permanently removing program files for Windows PC. The uninstaller is famous for its thorough software uninstallation capabilities. This entails deleting both the application and any junk files.

Furthermore, IObit Uninstaller gives you a choice between Force Uninstall and Easy Uninstall, depending on the type of uninstallation you wish to perform. IObit is also the best software if you seek to remove the leftover files of already uninstalled programs.

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IObit is a complete anti-malware solution. It quickly cleans up your system keeping it free from junk & viruses. For improved performance and added security, get IObit today!

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Besides those functionalities, IObit Uninstaller has other features that you can take advantage of and optimize your PC, increasing its speed and performance.

What Is CCleaner?

CCleaner is a popular utility used for cleaning PC disks by deleting unwanted files. The action helps create space for new information, programs, or any form of data you wish to add to your computer.

Note that CCleaner can be used as a registry cleaner, unwanted files remover, and program uninstaller. You need to specify the function and wait for the utility to perform the task effectively.

The PC cleaner also comes with additional features that can help you perform other roles, as you will find out later. Due to its exemplary features and easy installation procedure, CCleaner has grown to become one of the best PC cleaners today.

IObit Uninstaller vs CCleaner: What Features Do They Possess?

IObit Uninstaller

There are so many features that IObit Uninstaller possesses which you can use to secure your system and increase its speed. For example, IObit has a cache cleaner that allows you to empty your cache memory and optimize your computer browsing speed.

Furthermore, the utility has a function that examines history and logs then notifies you of any harmful content. With IObit Uninstaller, you can also delete any old files that have remained unused for an extended period.

Most people use the utility to do away with files that lack helpful information. Moreover, using the premium IObit Uninstaller, you can quickly free up your computer hard disk for any particular reason.

Any IObit premium user gets to enjoy antivirus features that allow you to scan your PC and remove Trojan, Malware, and Spyware from affected data or any part of the device. That means IObit can keep your information and computer safe from hackers.

While scanning for computer viruses, IObit Uninstaller will send you alerts for every error it comes across. Hence you can easily identify the faults and fix them appropriately.

Another added and essential feature is the two-factor authentication capability which sends you a verification email or text prompting you to enter a one-time password in case someone tries to access your device.


Similar to IObit Uninstaller, CCleaner has multiple features too. For instance, the utility can boost your PC and internet speed by 300% and 200%, respectively. That is done by simply cleaning up your computer space.

For instance, CCleaner helps you block unnecessary elements that are likely to harm your information or computer. Also, CCleaner performs thorough PC cleaning by removing files that have remained unutilized for an extended period.

While scanning your computer, CCleaner has a feature that effortlessly removes any unnecessary information or data that is currently not in use. Furthermore, unlike IObit Uninstaller, CCleaner helps clear your Random Access Memory or RAM by erasing media content.

CCleaner can even detect copied files and delete them, therefore, improving the RAM space automatically. But then, you should note that CCleaner takes longer to delete large files compared to IObit which is slightly quicker whether the files are in MB or GB.

As stated earlier, IObit Uninstaller blocks unnecessary elements which can be used as loopholes for hackers to attack your computer.

In comparison, CCleaner eliminates any unwanted data that may contain worms hence protecting your device and information from hackers meaning the two perform similar functions differently.

Lastly, even though CCleaner does not offer two-factor authentication security like IObit Uninstaller, it has firewall capabilities that keep your device and information safe from external harm.

IObit Uninstaller vs CCleaner: User Interface and Platforms

IObit Uninstaller

The utility comes with a straightforward interface that is easy to manage. On the initial window, the IObit installer has the PC optimization function.

That means with a single click; you can speed up your computer. However, if you wish to perform other functions such as PC protection or access the toolbox, you need to open additional windows.

IObit - Save up to 90% OFF on the Best PC & Mac Utilities

IObit is a complete anti-malware solution. It quickly cleans up your system keeping it free from junk & viruses. For improved performance and added security, get IObit today!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

You should also note that IObit Uninstaller is suitable for use on different platforms. For instance, you can use it on Windows computers, Mac computers, Android devices, and iOS devices.

It is compatible with any capable operating system and not just Windows. That makes it dependable and adaptable.


Similar to IObit Uninstaller, CCleaner has one of the best user interfaces. Generally, it is considered much simpler compared to that of IObit Uninstaller.

The initial window will give you access to tools, registries, and other suitable functionalities. However, if you wish to access advanced options, you must navigate through the other windows.

Note that CCleaner provides access to special features such as advanced plugins and startup managers. Every tab and element is also nicely placed for easy accessibility and effortless utility management.

Hence, you are guaranteed to enjoy the CCleaner interface compared to IObit Uninstaller. When it comes to compatibility, CCleaner is compatible with different Windows operating systems.

For instance, you can use it on Windows 8 and Windows 10. Furthermore, you can use it on your Android phone.

Even though you can use CCleaner on your Mac computer, you should know that the utility is incompatible with any iOS device. As a result, you cannot use it on your iPhone and iPad devices.

That makes the IObit Uninstaller more compatible and dependable compared to CCleaner in terms of adaptability.

IObit Uninstaller vs CCleaner: Utility Performance And Speed

IObit Uninstaller

When it comes to performance, IObit Uninstaller is much better in some areas compared to CCleaner. For instance, it performs quick scanning of files, and thanks to the latest bit of uninstaller AI technology, you get to enjoy turbo boost and deep optimization.

Additionally, IObit Uninstaller will not slow down your computer in any way since it is lightweight. Furthermore, it comes with tools that will help you boost your PC performance quickly.


The utility might not be as powerful as IObit Uninstaller, but it is excitingly fast. The program is easy to install and use, which means you will not waste too much time setting up the utility.

Once you upgrade to the advanced version, you are guaranteed automatic system updates and real-time optimization. Therefore, you don’t have to refresh the utility every time you want to boost your PC and internet speed.

Even though the scanning time CCleaner is slightly similar to IObit Uninstaller, it is not as fast as the utility. But still, generally, when it comes to PC optimization speed, CCleaner beats IObit Uninstaller.

Note that the fantastic speed is assured whether you are using the free or the premium CCleaner version.

IObit Uninstaller vs CCleaner: In-App Advertisements

IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller allows third-party sites to advertise on their software interface to get more from its products. The ads are much more prevalent on the IObit free version.

Furthermore, you should expect Ads on the IObit premium version. The only merit is that the ads show up at a particular location.

Some users dislike third-party advertisements even if they are displayed in an area that is not too distracting. The problem is that if you are such a person, you should know that IObit Uninstaller does not have an option to turn off ads.

Hence, whether you are using the IObit Uninstaller free version or premium version, you should be sure to come across different third-party ads. That makes IObit Uninstaller less appealing to serious users.


Similar to IObit Uninstaller, CCleaner contains in-app advertisements. Hence, more often than not, you will come across different ads related or unrelated to what the product does.

Another vital aspect to note is that CCleaner ads are available on both CCleaner free and premium versions. However, unlike IObit Uninstaller, an incredible element is added to the premium version to help with in-app ads.

With that said, you should know that once you upgrade to the premium version, you are given an option to turn off in-app ads. The function gives you the ability to do away with any advertisement and leaves you with a distraction-free interface.

That makes CCleaner more effective than IObit Uninstaller when it comes to ads and their management. Hence, if you dislike advertisements, the CCleaner premium version should be your best option.

CCleaner vs IObit Uninstaller: Help Center

IObit Uninstaller

If you face any problems with the program, the IObit Uninstaller has a dedicated help center. Thanks to their support services, you are guaranteed to get help within 48 hours.

Some of the available contact methods you can use to get assistance include a contact form. Additionally, the IObit Uninstaller website has thousands of frequently asked questions with helpful answers that you can use to your advantage.

IObit - Save up to 90% OFF on the Best PC & Mac Utilities

IObit is a complete anti-malware solution. It quickly cleans up your system keeping it free from junk & viruses. For improved performance and added security, get IObit today!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Therefore, you just need to navigate the support menu and pick a category your problem falls in. For instance, it can be renewing your license, reinstalling the product, or a refund request.

Each category will have specific FAQs. On the other hand, if you are using the IObit Uninstaller premium version, the agents will prioritize technical support and other vital solutions.

Lastly, IObit Uninstaller has a comprehensive forum with thousands of discussions that you can opt-in to and get help with your problem.


Similar to IObit Uninstaller, CCleaner does not provide its clients any emails or phone support. Furthermore, they lack any live chat feature on the official website.

However, if you have a problem, CCleaner has many materials that you can use to find a solution. First, the main website offers clients access to numerous FAQs with helpful questions.

Additionally, CCleaner has a ticket-based support system which happens to be the primary way of connecting to CCleaner support agents. As a plus, clients get access to video tutorials which they can use to solve various problems.

The tutorials are elaborate, making them easy to follow and apply. Therefore, even though the official website lacks any contact methods, the available solutions are helpful.

IObit Uninstaller vs CCleaner: Utility Efficiency

IObit Uninstaller

The software company introduced a new function called AI scanner that makes it easy to perform different functionalities efficiently. Using the AI, IObit Uninstaller can automatically scan files and data.

After a comprehensive scan, the utility will highlight any risks your PC faces, so it is up to you to decide which step to take.

The function makes it easy for IObit Uninstaller users to keep tabs on computer health. Thanks to the feature IObit Uninstaller is very efficient.


Even though CCleaner does not have the AI function, it has a tool that allows you to schedule tasks. Once you set up the function, CCleaner will scan the PC and make any necessary adjustments.

Once done, CCleaner will turn off the PC. That makes CCleaner more efficient compared to IObit Uninstaller. Additionally, you are sure that as long as you schedule your CCleaner, the utility will optimize your PC and keep it up to date.

Pros and Cons

IObit Uninstaller Pros

  • Simplified interface that is easy to use
  • Has helpful tools
  • Comes with upgraded features
  • Has the best backup and restoration functions
  • Fantastic technical support
  • Provides a detailed support service
  • Incredible in improving overall PC performance
  • Offers AI-powered scanning feature
  • Available for iOS devices
  • Allows batch uninstalls
  • Provides several data delete options
IObit - Save up to 90% OFF on the Best PC & Mac Utilities

IObit is a complete anti-malware solution. It quickly cleans up your system keeping it free from junk & viruses. For improved performance and added security, get IObit today!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

IObit Uninstaller Cons

  • It lacks an option to turn off in-app ads
  • Clients must pay for technical support
  • Demands installation of unnecessary resources

CCleaner Pros

  • Comes with scheduled scans option
  • Does away with files and any of their traces
  • Monitors problems in real-time
  • Easy installation
  • Allows deletion of pre-installed Windows apps
  • It is inexpensive
  • Provides a ticket system for support
  • Simpler interface

CCleaner Cons

  • It might interfere with other software
  • Some settings might be risky for inexperienced users
  • Not available for iOS devices


IObit Uninstaller

The utility is broadly categorized into two versions when it comes to pricing. The free version offers basic features, and the advanced version, which you must pay a subscription to enjoy additional features.

IObit Uninstaller Free Version

Anyone who wants to enjoy IObit Uninstaller services for free can do so, thanks to the IObit Uninstaller free version. The free version comes with unique features that make it quite compelling.

For instance, you get to enjoy the AI PC cleanup function, PC performance boost, protect your data, and increase your internet speeds with the free version.

Furthermore, the free version monitors your computer in real-time, allows anti-tracking, and also helps to ensure the firewall system of your computer runs correctly to keep your PC safe at all times.

To get these free services, all you need to do is download the file from IObit main website and proceed with product installation. After that, you can continue performing different activities at no extra cost.

IObit - Save up to 90% OFF on the Best PC & Mac Utilities

IObit is a complete anti-malware solution. It quickly cleans up your system keeping it free from junk & viruses. For improved performance and added security, get IObit today!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

IObit Uninstaller Pro Version

If you want to increase the number of actions you can take with the IObit uninstaller, you can opt for the pro version. Note that it offers both advanced and additional features that you don’t get on the IObit uninstaller free version.

But first, you should know that the IObit uninstaller pro version comes in two distinct packages. You can opt for the 1 PC plan, which is only useful for a single PC.

Hence, you cannot use the product key on another computer once you apply it to your PC.

Additionally, IObit Uninstaller PC has a 3 PC plan, which you can share with three PCs. The single PC plan requires you to pay $16.77 per year, whereas the 3 PC plan version has a pricing of $19.99 per year.

With the pro version, you get to enjoy features such as browsing at full speed, deep cleaning, secure privacy, and, most importantly, guarantees privacy. That is by deleting any traces of your online activities, thus preventing any malicious attack against your device.

In summary, other than improving the basic features provided by the free version, you get to enjoy multiple other functionalities that will help you optimize and clean your PC further. But first, you must buy the subscription.


Similar to IObit Uninstaller, CCleaner is available in two versions. The utility can be used for free, where you get to enjoy basic functionalities, or you can opt for the dedicated version and enjoy many more features.

CCleaner Free Version

The CCleaner free version is readily available for installation. All you need to do is visit the CCleaner official website and download the utility.

However, you should know that the free version offers few functions. For instance, you get to enjoy standard cleaning and standard privacy protection.

The functions are pretty less compared to those of IObit Uninstaller. However, you still get to enjoy other features such as a simple interface and internet boost.

CCleaner Professional

If you want to enjoy everything CCleaner utility offers, consider subscribing to CCleaner professional. Unlike IObit Uninstaller, CCleaner professional is only available in one version.

To get the professional CCleaner utility, you need to pay $29.99. With the professional package, you are confident of extensive PC cleaning and optimization services. Additionally, you get to enjoy a new feature called driver update.

Other functionalities include elimination of internet trackers, complete cleaning of your computer, and priority customer support which comes in handy if you are facing any problems with the utility.

The good news is that the operator will give you a free trial of the professional bundle for 14 days to determine whether the software is suitable. You can enjoy every other function except the file recovery function and the hard drive optimization feature during that period.

After 14 days, if you are satisfied with the CCleaner professional service’s free trial, you can go ahead and purchase the package.

Similarities and Differences

The two utilities have multiple similarities and differences that can quickly help you decide which product to consider. For instance, IObit Uninstaller and CCleaner come with PC optimization features and PC cleaning functionalities.

Furthermore, you can efficiently perform other tasks such as deleting unused files and ensuring your computer performance is excellent using either of the utilities.

The only difference between the two utilities is the specific features provided by IObit Uninstaller and CCleaner. For instance, an app such as IObit Uninstaller comes with an AI function that helps you perform numerous functions hands-free.

On the other hand, CCleaner does not require you or prompt you to install unwanted applications or software during setup. Also, as stated earlier, CCleaner comes with a knob that allows you to turn off in-app advertisements.

That shows how the two programs are similar but with entirely different features.

Which Is Better, IObit Uninstaller or CCleaner?

Ultimately, IObit Uninstaller is the best utility for optimizing and cleaning up your PC compared to CCleaner.

That’s because IObit Uninstaller gives you a chance to enjoy deep PC cleaning, secure privacy, and 300% faster browsing, among other dedicated features, at a lower price.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to choose between the 1 PC and 3 PC plans.

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