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16 Best ImgBurn Alternatives 2022

Interestingly, ImgBurn began as a response to a cease and desist order that Macrovision obtained against Lightning UK.

ImgBurn is a freeware program for Microsoft Windows that enables the user to burn CD, DVD, HD-DVD, and Blu-ray optical discs. ImgBurn supports a wide range of image file formats, including .img, .iso, .bin/.cue, .nrg, and .dmg.

ImgBurn is primarily designed to burn images that have been created by disc authoring software such as Nero Burning ROM, Roxio Creator, and Alcohol 120%. These images usually have a .iso or .bin/.cue file extension. ImgBurn can also write most standard CD and DVD-Video discs.

Image queueing allows you to add several images to be written to the disc in succession. ImgBurn also supports writing bootable discs and can create ISO images from files on the hard drive.

However, freeware solutions are always more limited than premium products. You’d probably do better with ImgBurn alternatives to avoid the cons. For example, users can’t use it for RAW disc ripping, and the file verification process is quite slow.

Additionally, while the software may be free, it can’t copy discs without needing an image file. Also, it doesn’t support multiple session disks. What’s more, you won’t enjoy using it to write the subchannel data of a CD.

ImgBurn also burns to only one drive per session.

ImgBurn is ideal if you’re looking for a reliable freeware program to burn images and other data to discs. However, if you want more features and customization options, you may want to consider an ImgBurn alternative.

The following are 15 of the best ImgBurn alternatives on the internet.

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Best ImgBurn Alternatives

1. WinCDEmu

WinCDEmu is a free CD/DVD emulator for Microsoft Windows. It allows you to mount ISO, BIN, CUE, NRG, IMG, MDS/MDF, CCD, UIF, and BWI image files. WinCDEmu is very easy to use. Just double-click an image file to mount it on Windows Explorer.

ImgBurn and WinCDEmu are both free tools for mounting images on Windows. They’re both very easy to use, with a simple interface and support for various image formats.

However, WinCDEmu is open source, so it’s constantly being updated and improved. On the other hand, ImgBurn is developed by a single party and doesn’t seem to be updated as often.

WinCDEmu supports about 38 languages and installs a Windows driver for virtual drives to behave just like physical ones. It doesn’t require installation and supports all Windows versions from XP to 10.

Most image mounting tools are either pay-for programs or have some watermark when you use the free versions. WinCDEmu is completely free to download and use with no watermarks or restrictions.

Moreover, the ease of use is unprecedented and is as simple as double-clicking an image file to open and mount it.

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2. CDBurnerXP

You can use this free app to burn CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, and HD DVDs. It also supports ISO creation and burning that converts bin/nrg to ISO. You can use it to create original ISO files and burn them on any disc type.

It is a great tool for creating backups of your data. You can be sure that your discs are written correctly thanks to data verification after burning. You can also create bootable discs and UDF discs.

CDBurnerXP and ImgBurn are similar, but CDBurnerXP has some features that make it better for certain tasks. For example, if you’re creating a disc with a lot of data, CDBurnerXP’s ISO creation feature is faster.

CDBurnerXP is also compatible with the latest and advanced versions of Windows, while ImgBurner supports earlier versions.

Differentiating features making CDBurnerXP a superior alternative:

  • Ability to import and edit ISO 9660 sessions
  • Quick and full erase functionality for discs
  • Data copy function (however, does not bypass possible copy-protection)
  • Ability to retrieve recorder and disc information
  • Supports the creation of bootable discs
  • Compatible with the latest versions of Windows

3. Express Burn Free CD and DVD Burner

The best thing about this app is that it’s also available on Mac.

Express Burn is a freeware program that allows you to create and record CDs and DVDs with your computer. The program is very simple to use and it’s also available in a paid version with more features.

You can use this app to create data CDs, audio CDs, video CDs, and ISO images. Express Burn includes a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to add files to the CD or DVD.

Users can normalize the volume and set the preferred pause length.

Also, audio CDs can be created from MP3, WAV, WMA, and OGG files, and data CDs can be created from any file type.

You can create Video CDs from MPEG, AVI, DivX, and XviD files, with a selection of 20 customizable menus.

The program can also be used to create bootable CDs and DVDs. Express Burn includes a built-in disc burner that can be used to burn CDs and DVDs.

This app is considerably faster than ImgBurn and other similar software. It’s also a better alternative to ImgBurn because it is easier to use despite its advanced features.

Its premium upgrade gives even more features.

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4. Ashampoo Burning Studio 23

DVD burning just got easier than ever. You can use Ashampoo Burning Studio 23 to quickly and easily create custom:

  • Data
  • Audio or mixed-mode CDs
  • DVDs
  • Blu-ray discs

Burning Studio 23 also comes with a powerful disc backup feature that can compress your data onto multiple discs. You can even password protect and encrypt your backups for extra security.

These utilities aren’t for users of ImgBurn or other lightweight disc-burning software.

It’s fully compatible with advanced Windows OS, from Windows 2000 to Windows 11. Intermediate buffering and automatic sorting for audiobook chapters further make Ashampoo Burning Studio 23 a better alternative to ImgBurn.

Some of its other competitive edges include M-Disk support, super blank disk detection, and auto disk spanning for large data amounts. Additionally, users prefer this freeware over ImgBurn because it supports:

  • Erase all types of rewritable disks
  • Add or remove file folders on existing disks
  • Scratch protection
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • BDXL
  • Multi-Disk player
  • Burning with password protection
  • Optimized slide shows
  • Rip Music from CDs
  • Create audio CDs from MP3s
  • Convert video files to DVD

5. PowerISO (64-bit)

Power ISO allows you to complete five powerful actions:

  • Create BD, CD, or DVD files
  • Extract BD, CD, or DVD files
  • Edit BD, CD, or DVD files
  • Burn audio, data, and video files on BD, CD, or DVD
  • Mount files on BD, CD, or DVD
  • Encrypt BD, CD, or DVD files

It only requires 60MB storage space, 10MB hard disk space, and processing power of 166MHz or above. This 64-bit software also supports 32-bit operating systems. It’s compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7.

In contrast, ImgBurn isn’t compatible with Windows 11.

ISO files are a great way to store data. They’re easy to create with this software, and their sizes are easily adjustable. Power ISO makes it simple to work with ISO files. You can use it to extract, edit, mount, and burn ISO files.

ImgBurn can’t rip audio CDs, whereas PowerISO can. Additionally, PowerISO supports drag & drop and context menu, which isn’t as accessible on ImgBurn.

PowerISO is a more versatile tool than ImgBurn. It can do everything that ImgBurn can do, plus a lot more.

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6. DAEMON Tools

DAEMON Tools is a versatile and robust optical media emulation and disk imaging software for Windows. You can use DAEMON Tools to easily create and mount images of your favorite CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs on virtual drives.

You can also use DAEMON Tools to create bootable USB drives for system recovery or backup purposes.

Optical media emulation entails creating virtual drives that behave just like physical optical drives. These virtual drives can read the contents of optical discs and images just like physical optical drives.

On the other hand, disk imaging entails creating exact copies (images) of existing optical discs and storing them in disk image files. These disk image files can then help create virtual drives.

ISO, CUE, MDF, and NRG are some of the most popular disk image formats that DAEMON Tools can handle.

DAEMON Tools has a clean and user-friendly interface that is easy to use, even for first-time users. The software is also very lightweight and does not consume lots of system resources.

This software is available on Windows and Mac. There’s also a freemium version and a 14-day free trial for the subscription packages. Thus, DAEMON Tools makes a much better alternative to ImgBurn.

7. AnyBurn

This lightweight disk imager can create bootable USB drives from ISO files as well as burn them to disc. It’s a great tool for making bootable rescue media.

AnyBurn is your go-to app for burning all types of discs, including:

  • CD
  • DVD
  • Blu-ray

AnyBurn empowers you to rip audio CDs to formats like wav, mp3, WMA, m4a, ape, FLAC, and more.

With AnyBurn, you can backup your precious data like photos and videos to optical disc drives for long-term preservation.

AnyBurn is highly compatible with all kinds of CD/DVD/Blu-ray image files, such as:

  • ISO
  • NRG
  • IMG

You can use AnyBurn to create ISO image files from existing files and folders on your computer. It is also possible to directly extract files and folders from disc image files, which isn’t possible with ImgBurn.

AnyBurn supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1/10. Plus, it automatically splits a large ISO image file into multiple pieces for burning to multiple discs.

8. Brasero

Brasero is a popular application for CD and DVD burning on Unix or Unix-like operating systems, which resemble Unix but aren’t developed by the original Unix designers or by AT&T.

Brasero can be used to create data discs, audio CDs, or copy discs. It can also burn images (including ISO images) and erase rewritable discs.

It’s available for free under the GNU General Public License.

This open-source project is sponsored by Novell and was created to be the default CD/DVD burning application for the GNOME desktop environment. The open-source GNU catalyzes more customization and user-friendliness, leading to its widespread adoption.

Brasero supports multiple backends, including:

  • DVB
  • FreeBSD
  • libburn
  • Mac OS X
  • Solaris 10 and 11
  • Windows 7, 8, and 8.1

Multisession support is built-in, as well as CD-TEXT reading and writing.

Brasero is available for many different Linux distributions, including:

  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • Mint
  • OpenSUSE

Brasero is much easier to use compared to ImgBurn, with drag and drop support for files and folders, automatic file-type identification, and support for popular audio formats.

Brasero can also handle ISO images as input, so you don’t even need to extract the files first. Simply drag and drop your ISO image into Brasero, and it will be recognized automatically.

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9. BurnAware Free

BurnAware Free is a free and powerful CD, DVD, M-Disk, and Blu-ray burning software. You can use it to create data, bootable, and audio discs. You can also create ISO images from existing files and folders with BurnAware Free.

M-Disc is a new type of optical disc that can store your data for up to 1000 years. It is perfect for archiving your data.

Disk images can be created with BurnAware Free. You can also write ISO images to discs and create bootable discs.

Bootable discs can be used to boot your computer from a disc. You can also use them to recover your computer if it does not start up properly.

Audio CDs can be created with BurnAware Free. You can also rip audio tracks from CDs and convert them to MP3, WAV, or other formats. Ripping is the most significant consideration, one that ImgBurn doesn’t support.

The main window of BurnAware Free shows all the available options. You can choose to create a data disc, audio disc, bootable disc, or ISO image.

Creating a data disc is very simple. Just drag and drop the files that you want to burn to the disc. Then click on the “Burn” button.

10. UltraISO Premium

UltraISO Premium is the ultimate tool for working with CD and DVD images. It allows you to extract, convert, edit, and burn any CD and DVD format, including ISO, NRG, CCD, BIN, IMG, and SUB.

Ripping and extracting images is a breeze, and you can even create ISO files from scratch. Editing images is just as easy, and you can change the format, size, and burning speed with a few clicks.

UltraISO Premium also supports 10GB maximum size for CD and DVD images, making it the most versatile tool on the market. Other freemium software doesn’t come close to the features and flexibility offered by UltraISO Premium.

For example, UltraISO offers multi-drive support, unlike ImgBurn.

The free version of UltraISO is also more feature-rich than most other free versions. The premium package offers more features and it costs $29.95.

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11. InfraRecorder

This Microsoft Windows program for writing CDs and DVDs is free and open-source software (FOSS). It was first released in 2005 and is still actively maintained by its developers.

InfraRecorder can help you write data CDs and DVDs, create audio CDs from WAV, MP3, OGG, and WMA files, create video DVDs from MPEG files, and much more. Its interface is straightforward to use.

You need an app that can scan the SCSI/IDE bus for devices and continue writing the content to those devices. Unlike ImgBurn, InfraRecorder supports multi-session importation, so you can continue writing to a disc that already has data on it.

Its other edge over ImgBurn is its support for fixating discs to prevent further changes from being made to them.

You also can’t rip data from disks with ImgBurn, which is possible with InfraRecorder.

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12. Xfburn

Xfburn is a simple and easy-to-use CD/DVD burning tool based on Libburnia for all your needs.

Libburnia is a project for command-line recording tools, providing libraries and binaries for CD/DVD/BD writing, file and disc copying, and creation of ISO images.

In contrast to other projects like ImgBurn or CDrecord, Libburnia does not depend on kernel interfaces but uses operating system independent OSBB (Operating System Boosters for Burn).

Xfburn best suits Xfce users, but any user can download it. It can run on Gnome, KDE, and any other desktop environment. It also has a clean and straightforward interface with only the essential options.

Xfburn deploys a horizontal layout, meaning all the features are accessible from the main window. In the first column, you can select the action you want to perform: data disc, audio CD, copy disc, or burn an ISO image.

You can erase and mount data on rewritable discs and create and burn ISO images and Audio CDs from WAV, FLAC, MP3, and Ogg Vorbis files.

When you’ve selected the action and inserted a disc in the drive, Xfburn will automatically detect the media type and size. How convenient is that?

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13. WinImage

Shareware development company WinImage offers a program for reading and writing data to floppy disks. The WinImage application is available as a free trial and can be purchased for $30.

Floppy disks are ubiquitous in the computer world. Many times, you’ll need to read or write data to a floppy disk. It’s a simple task that can be accomplished with the WinImage application on your Windows PC.

WinImage can:

  • Read and write image files to any type of removable media
  • Convert images between FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS file systems
  • Create bootable USB drives
  • Create disk images from CDs and DVDs

WinImage and ImgBurn are different software programs that accomplish the same task. WinImage has an edge over ImgBurn because it can write to multiple formats of floppy disks, including 1.44Mb, 1.2Mb, 720Kb, and 360Kb. ImgBurn doesn’t offer that many options.

The paid version of WinImage towers over ImgBurn in terms of features and options.

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14. CloneDVD

CloneDVD offers insane image quality and compression with its unique algorithm. It’s the perfect tool for backing up your DVDs. The transcoding engine is also one of the most advanced in the business, giving you the highest quality output possible.

This proprietary DVD cloning software has been designed with advanced functionality in mind. It’s the perfect tool for backing up your DVDs, whether it’s for personal use or commercial purposes.

Quality bars show you how close the output is to the original, and you can even choose to have CloneDVD automatically adjust the bitrate to get the best possible quality.

CloneDVD tramps ImgBurn over speed and image quality.

15. Roxio Toast

This burning software program is available for Mac and PC. It offers users the ability to burn CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays, as well as create ISO images and copy discs. You can also convert video files to different formats and capture video from various sources with Roxio Toast.

Roxio Toast has the tools you need to complete your projects quickly and easily, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user. You can convert your favorite multimedia for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and devices like Sony PSP and PlayStation.

Video editing is simple with Roxio Toast. You can trim video, add titles and effects, and burn to disc or share online. Advanced users can take advantage of more than 40 video filters and effects.

16. AcetoneISO

This feature-rich and high-quality CD/DVD-burning software is completely free. AcetoneISO is an all-in-one solution to create, mount, and burn ISO images. It can convert almost any image file format to ISO and burn it to a DVD or USB drive. It also lets you mount ISO images and extract files from them.

It can also extract files from ISO images, burn ISO images to discs, or mount ISO images on virtual drives.

Open-source software is open to collaborative and continuous improvement. The user interface of AcetoneISO is also straightforward to use.

You can also convert DVD to AVI format, boosting speed significantly.

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Final Thoughts

The options are plenty, and you can go for any disc authoring and burning software according to your budget and preferences.

Freeware cd burners like ImgBurn and CDBurnerXP are good for basic tasks. But, if you want more features, you have to go for the paid options like Brasero, Roxio Toast or CloneDVD.

Any of the programs reviewed above should fulfill your needs for reliable disc-burning software. However, my favorites are WinCDEmu, CDBurnerXP, and Ashampoo Burning Studio 23.