Bonjoro vs BombBomb – Which Is Better?

Video prospecting has become a popular technique that helps businesses pitch effectively to prospects.

It is easy to send brief and customized videos as links via email, social media channels, or text messages.

You can use video prospecting to target specific prospects, address particular customer pain points, and make the prospect feel special.

In fact, video marketing has helped 78% of marketers increase their sales. This means that leveraging videos is the most effective way to pitch to prospects.

But to accomplish this, you need excellent prospecting tools that will enable you to convert efficiently.

Bonjoro and BombBomb are two top-notch video prospecting tools with the power to connect you with prospects and build lasting, loyal relationships.

Now let’s delve deeper into what these tools can do to turn your sales around.

What is Bonjoro?

Bonjoro is a tool that brings along a variety of templates to use in your video prospecting. You know how daunting it is to create subject lines and messages, right? But Bonjoro comes with solutions that make the tasks easier for you.

Bonjoro works wonders for growing companies and SMEs. It helps them drive customer engagement by creating personal videos and sharing them with their customers. It helps you track your video interactions in real-time.

The tool has some great features you’d love to explore. For instance, you can pull data from your CRM to properly understand a particular customer and the context before crafting your prospecting video.

Bonjoro’s iOS and Android apps are pretty intuitive and neat. No cutter, no distractions. And you can integrate it into your sales and marketing tools and workflows for more efficiency and productivity.

Add compelling calls to action to your videos and watch as your business attracts more landing page views, demo bookings, and conversions.

The tool is designed to fit into your sales funnels through integrations like Hubspot, Mailchimp, InfusionSoft, Drip, Active Campaign, ConvertKit, Intercom, and much more.

Whether you create prospecting videos for onboarding new customers, strengthening relationships with existing customers, or converting inbound leads or outbound prospects, Bonjoro will be there, seeing you through every step until you achieve your objectives.

When a prospect takes action, Bonjoro will add a new task to your account in response to the prospect’s action, allowing you to complete the task by sending them your video message.

Bonjoro lets you work seamlessly on any platform you choose, with excellent outcomes.

What is BombBomb?

BombBomb is designed to accelerate your sales through video prospecting. It helps you send personalized video messages to people and drive more leads. You can design your videos with a call to action to prompt and guide people to take the necessary action.

It gives you the flexibility to send your prospecting videos via Gmail, browsers, or mobile devices. Distribute them through video texting, video emails, and social media sharing.

And you get to know the actions taken by your prospects, including what time they watched them, for how long, and how they engaged with the video.

BombBomb features screen recording and tracking analytics to help you communicate with your customers and prospects. This way, you’ll also get insights into their behavior and response.

As a native tool for iOs and Android devices, you have the flexibility to send and track your prospecting videos on the go.

BombBomb is also a complete sales platform equipped with lead capture forms, automation, and mass emails. You can generate your leads, sales, and boost your sales directly from the platform.

This platform enhances productivity by integrating mainstream tools like Salesforce, Gmail, and Outlook.

Key Features


Bonjoro works differently from other video prospecting platforms. Here are some of its game-changing features you should know about.

  • It comes ready with message templates. You can link the subject lines, landing pages, call to action buttons, and email copy to save you the time for recording and sending your prospecting videos.
  • Bonjoro lets you record your videos from any device. It has excellent iOS and Android apps, including desktop recording, which lets you record your screen in an instant. It recently launched its slick new Chrome HD screen recorder to record and distribute your videos via SMS, email, and social sharing using a simple link.
  • Video uploads: Upload videos from any device to Bonjoro and use them to curate your video prospecting message.
  • Chrome Extension: Its availability as a Chrome extension allows you access from any website.
  • Built-in Analyst: It offers direct sales and marketing analytics. These are in-built, which means you have better insight into the way your emails affect your sales.
  • Roll-ups: The rollups feature allows you to send prospective videos to a group of clients. You just select a batch from the contacts and send the video.
  • Team Inboxes: it’s easy to set up team inboxes with Bonjoro. This will improve coordination with teams, saving time and streamlining your workflows.
  • It lets you connect with your existing CRM tools to improve your workflows. You can set up triggers to add the right contacts into your system.
  • Bonjoro lets you include a call to action within your videos. You can also tailor thumbnails, including GIFS.
  • Language support: Translate landing pages and emails in 20+ languages.
  • Animated Previews: Bonjoro lets you send your messages as HTML emails or plain text. You can use animated previews of your video to maximize your outcomes.
  • Easy to integrate with email platforms like Gmail and Outlook. You can also integrate with sales and marketing tools through CRM.


BombBomb also has a robust feature set including:

  • Drag and drop email editor: You can create video emails based on your brand’s needs.
  • Email template library: With pre-made templates, you can customize your video messages with logos and other brand essentials.
  • Direct video messaging through email, social media, and SMS.
  • Real time tracking alerts for your videos to monitor customer behavior.
  • Unlimited video hosting: BombBomb allows you to record and send multiple videos with unlimited hosting to ensure the effective distribution of your content for excellent outcomes.
  • Patent-pending technology: this allows you to send your prospecting videos instantly.
  • With BombBomb, you can include call-to-action buttons in your videos.
  • Automatic thumbnail generation: Once you record your video, it will automatically generate animated thumbnails for you.
  • Team Analytics: This will help you measure the effectiveness of your prospecting video messages. Through the video statistics dashboard, your teams will be able to analyze the numbers and stats, including video views, percentage of viewers and their actions, and more.
  • Bulk sharing: BombBomb lets you select an entire user database and send them videos via email.
  • Integrations: Integrations help you synchronize contacts with your CRM. With Chrome extensions and the Gmail app, you can easily integrate videos with your inbound and outbound email communications.
  • Video follow-up automation: BombBomb lets you automate your video follow-ups using emails and forms.


Bonjoro has a rich feature set, especially when it comes to integrations.

Ease of Use


The most significant feature of Bonjoro is its simplicity and ease of use. It helps create quick videos using your computer’s webcam or mobile app.

Working with high productions can save you time as you will create and send them directly from your computer.

Bonjoro’s interface is pretty intuitive. It contains a list of tasks to be accomplished, including sending videos and analyzing your prospect’s feedback, if any. You also have access to analytics.

Bonjoro also empowers you to set up advanced features.


Screen recording using BombBomb is easy. And you can send unlimited videos with this one.

As a Chrome extension that doubles up as a webcam and screen recorder, BombBomb enables you to create a prospecting video directly from your computer or mobile device and send it via email.

BombBomb offers the versatility to create quality prospecting videos and make them go viral through social sharing. You can record videos through smartphones, screen recorders, webcams, and third-party cameras and upload them to the platform for sharing.


BombBomb is easier to use, especially when its Chrome extension is webcam and screen recorder enabled.

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Bonjoro’s paid plans offer customizations, including using a GIF preview in your emails and replacing the Bonjoro domains and branding with your own. Include your company logo, landing page, team information, subject lines, and footers for a more cohesive brand experience.

You can also customize your emails by adding text that encourages receivers to watch your videos or include crucial details they need in order to take action. Your calls to action can say or link to anything you want.

Bonjoro customizations happen at the back end as well. You can tailor templates to include the messages you often use, then include the video.


BombBomb also offers plenty of customization options. Its patent-pending technology lets you craft and send videos instantly with real-time tracking.

You also get to modify your prospecting videos to your brand needs. With BombBomb, you can create as many videos as you want and send them in bulk.

The pre-designed templates make video customization effortless, saving you plenty of time.

Once you record your videos, BombBomb automatically generates a thumbnail to make it easy to scroll through.


Customization is easy with Bonjoro. It offers plenty of customizations to make your videos more appealing.

Tracking and Analytics


Bonjoro understands that you cannot run a campaign and fail to keep track of its performance. It offers high levels of tracking.

Its analytics tracks and displays clicks, rates, replies, and lets you know if the videos have been watched.

However, its tracking and reporting are limited to only those emails sent from Bonjoro’s server. It can’t report campaigns you implemented from a third-party app.

The simple results dashboard works efficiently, and you can filter your results by dates, team members, and interactions. You can send your customer replies and interactions into your CRM so you can track the whole customer journey and measure the results against your specific goals. Then you can trigger the other drip campaigns and messaging workflows.

With video tracking, you will immediately know when a prospect opens and interacts with your videos, including those who opened, viewed, watched, replied to, and acknowledged them.


When you send your video using BombBomb, you’ll receive granular information on email open rates, the time taken by the viewer to watch the videos, which video types received high engagement, and more.

With this information, you’ll be able to obtain insights into audience behavior and tailor your content to their needs.

Its advanced analytics will automatically send you reports and notifications about your campaigns.


BombBomb offers more advanced analytics and tracking.



Bonjoro integrates with a host of tools, including popular CRMs like Hubspot, Active Campaign, Drip, Convertkit, Leadpages, MailChimp, and other sales and marketing tools. It also offers integrations to services like Salesforce indirectly through Zapier.

Bonjoro has a ‘funnels’ interface that lets you create your own integrations with many other services through which you can automate some processes. For instance, you can set up triggers that notify you when someone subscribes to your MailChimp newsletter.

The platform will create a task for you to create and send a welcome video to the new subscriber.


BombBomb allows you to leverage several integrations including Apple, Twitter, Salesforce, Facebook, Outlook, Gmail, and LinkedIn to automate processes and stay productive.

These integrations are excellent for your teams. They will help to improve workflows, removing any friction from your processes. The integrations will also enable you to use your videos with your daily apps.

BombBomb has more than 50 integrations, and developers have the freedom to integrate their digital platforms through the API feature on BombBomb.

Its automation integrations include AM Open House, Realtor Property Resource, Agent Legend, and Outreach. Its lead generation integrations are Livewire, AgentLocator Chime, Contactually, and Rethink.

For customer service, BombBomb uses Zendesk, and for browsers, it utilizes Edge and Google Chrome.


Bonjoro offers multiple integrations you can leverage on.

Pricing Plans


Bonjoro lets you try any of its pricing plans for 14 days at no cost. In the free plan, you can send up to 50 videos for free. It allows you most of its valuable features, except that you’ll keep the Bonjoro branding.

Templates, group videos, data exports, custom domains and subdomains, and team workspaces are not available either.

Its Starter Plan costs $15/month and comes with everything in the free plan and more valuable features.

The Pro Plan is available at $33/month and gives you unlimited videos and more templates and features.

Bonjoro also offers a Growth plan at $79/month, allowing you to add your team members and send group videos with personalized branding.

There’s also a company plan that allows you unlimited team members, custom domain (SSL), and unlimited templates at $499 per month.


BombBomb, just like Bonjoro, provides a 14-day free trial. It has three paid pricing plans, including an Essentials Plan, a Plus Plan, and an Enterprise Plan.

The Essentials plan is set up as a SAAS (software as a service), individual-focused plan. It is a Gmail add-on with a few features. It allows live video recording, real-time tracking, screen recording, a Gmail plugin, and integrations. It is priced at $29 a month.

The BombBomb Plus plan is priced at $49 per month and includes all the features in the Essentials plan. It also includes advanced integrations, templates, team management, mass video sending of up to 3,500 contacts, and top-notch customer service, among other features.

The Enterprise Plan is available on quote. It allows five users, premium team onboarding, education, training, and a host of advanced features.


Bonjoro’s pricing is relatively low and worth the features it provides.



Bonjoro offers excellent customer service and support. It has plenty of documentation on its help center with plenty of articles on how to get started, how to use the tool on a daily basis, various integrations, and much more. It also has a video academy section with video tutorials on how to send emails and much more.

Bonjoro also allows you to contact support via email. Their email tracker allows for quick response to customer emails.


BombBomb’s customer support is pretty splendid. It has an email tracker, which is one of the ways it communicates with clients.

The other channels you can use to reach support are via phone, email, online chat, and their support center. BombBomb responds to emails within 24 hours.

BombBomb’s online chat is automated and it can only answer general product-related questions.

Its Help Center will help you get started using the platform or find a solution to common issues or questions. They have a search bar where you enter a keyword related to your query. You can also contact its service team by submitting a request, be it a complaint, question, concern, or comment.


BombBomb has excellent customer support compared to Bonjoro.

Bonjoro vs BombBomb Pros & Cons

Bonjoro Pros

These are the things we like about Bonjoro.

  • Templates: Bonjoro’s templates come in a variety of options. All you need is to take your pick and start customizing. It really makes video creation a breeze, saving you plenty of time.
  • Screen Recording: Screen recording is a built-in feature that makes work easier for you.
  • Call to Action: Entice customers to take action by adding CTA prompts to your videos. No miscommunications, only customer attention.
  • CRM Integration: Integrate your sales and marketing tools here for a seamless workflow.
  • Versatility: With a Chrome extension and a mobile app for iOS and Android, you can use this platform from any device or operating system.
  • Teamwork: Coordinate all your tasks in Bonjoro with team inboxes and if need be, automatically assign team members to record messages in different stages of the sales funnel. Also, you can enable or restrict access to Bonjoro features.
  • It’s best suited for small to midsize companies, including business coaches, eCommerce, online educators, and more.


  • Bonjoro’s dashboard is pretty basic and lacking in some features.
  • It doesn’t have video editing options.
  • Shallow Analytics feature. Its built-in analytics only shows the fundamental data. It would have worked better with in-depth analytics.
  • Hefty pricing on higher plans: Upgrading to a higher plan on Bonjoro comes with a heavy price tag. You pay twice the standard plan to access its premium packages.

BombBomb Pros

Here are the things that will make you choose BombBomb:

  • The platform has an unmatched tracking system. It sends you a notification when a customer opens your video email and a separate email notification when the videos are viewed.
  • It comes with professional-looking, pre-designed templates.
  • It lets you create a digital business card to embed your prospecting videos on emails, Facebook, and your website.
  • Excellent training and customer support.
  • Seamless integrations.
  • Easy to use and offers video hosting.
  • Comes with a special package for realtors.


  • It has very limited editing features.
  • It’s a bit costly.
  • It’s pretty challenging to customize your email account to include videos.

Similarities & Differences


  • Both Bonjoro and BombBomb offer custom branding. Your prospecting videos will represent your brand value, logo, and colors.
  • They both offer video tracking and analytics. This allows you to understand your video performance.
  • Bonjoro and BombBomb have an animated GIFs feature that gives prospects a preview of what to expect from your prospecting videos. It’s a great way of enticing prospects to view your videos, and in turn, you increase your conversions.
  • With both platforms, teams can coordinate and collaborate on projects seamlessly.
  • Both tools have excellent integrations with CRM, automation tools, and sales and marketing services.
  • They both allow batch selection and sending of videos to customers.
  • Mobile app leveraging: Bonjoro and BombBomb let users leverage their mobile apps to create prospecting videos. Their mobile apps are user-friendly and will seamlessly help you create and share your videos across platforms.

Now that we’re done with similarities, let’s look at their key differences.


  • BombBomb lacks direct integrations with mainstream CRMs and ESPs.
  • BombBomb prices are a bit on the higher side
  • Bonjoro has more integrations than BombBomb
  • While Bonjoro is business-oriented, BombBomb focuses primarily on the real estate and automotive industries.
  • BombBomb prices are a bit higher – may be too high for small businesses.

Bonjoro vs BombBomb – Which is Better?

Bonjoro is a better platform that focuses on small to medium-sized businesses. By allowing you to use one-to-one videos in your sales funnels, you will definitely gain a competitive edge over the others.

Since it integrates with many email marketing platforms and CRMs, Bonjoro will let you add it to your strategy and track your results.

What makes it stand out is its recent addition of Rollups. Rollups make a simple way to send your videos to multiple customers and prospects at once.

This means your personalized videos are scalable for all sizes of businesses, from those with up to 10 customers to those with 10,000 customers.

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