20 Best NovelAI Alternatives (Free & Paid)

Searching for NovelAI alternatives for AI-assisted authorship & storytelling that deliver? You’ve landed on the definitive guide.

We’ve handpicked the best alternatives to NovelAI that stand up to the test—be it for storytelling, writing, automation, or creative writing.

No filler, just straight-up options that bring results. Let’s get started.

Why Would You Need NovelAI Alternatives?

While NovelAI can help you write a few lines of a story or even come up with a couple of stories, it may be quite expensive over the long term.

It also has limited features and functions, meaning you can only use it to create a specific type of content.

AI tools similar to NovelAI are available in relatively cheaper or have free versions. They also include features and functions that are missing from NovelAI.

We have compiled a list of some of the best NovelAI alternatives for you to try out today.

Read on.

20 Best NovelAI Alternatives (Free & Paid)

1. AI Dungeon – Best NovelAI Alternative

AI Dungeon is a great alternative to NovelAI.

AI Dungeon nails interactive fiction and gaming. Think of it as a digital playground for co-writing stories and sharing adventures.

NovelAI, however, is your go-to for quality prose. This AI tool adapts to your writing style like a chameleon to its environment.

So, if you’re in the market for high-octane interactive stories, head straight to AI Dungeon. But if you’ve got an eye for polished prose, NovelAI’s your jam.

Want the full scoop on how AI Dungeon measures up to NovelAI? Dive into our side-by-side NovelAI and AI Dungeon comparison.

2. SudoWrite – Robust AI-powered writing Assistant For Writers

SudoWrite - NovelAI alternative

SudoWrite is a robust NovelAI alternative.

This AI-powered writing assistant is built with writers in mind.

It comes packed with a clean interface and features that assist in brainstorming, character development, and rewriting story sections.

Plus, it goes beyond basic suggestions by offering constructive feedback and fresh ideas for your narratives. No fluff—just a tool that helps you write better.

Both SudoWrite and NovelAI offer targeted features for novelists. SudoWrite nails it in brainstorming and constructive feedback, while NovelAI shines in genre variety and style assistance.

As for pricing? Both start at $10 a month, but SudoWrite goes up to $100 for its premium plan.

When it comes to user experience, SudoWrite offers simplicity and straightforward guidance. NovelAI gives you more control with fine-tuned customizations.

Bottom line: Your choice hinges on what you need. If you’re after AI-enabled brainstorming and hands-on help, go with SudoWrite.

If you’re looking for a customized, genre-specific experience, NovelAI’s your bet.

3. Wordtune

Wordtune vs NovelAI

Another one of the popular alternatives to NovelAI is Wordtune. It stands out because it is available as a mobile app and a web-based solution so you can use it in any modern browser.

It allows you to carry out a number of tasks including the creation of new stories and rephrasing of old ones. First, you must choose the type of content you want to create and then input a few keywords into the system.

This AI-powered tool will pick up the keywords and use them to create something totally new. If you already have an article or story, you can still enter the contents into the system and let it carry out a complete rewrite.

Note that rewrites do not produce new stories. Instead, they only present the same story in a different way.

With this AI writing software, you can either choose a formal or informal tone depending on the type of content you are creating. Additionally, you can either increase the length of your text to meet a specific word count or shorten it to cut down on the number of words.

Whether you increase or shorten the length of your content, the AI algorithm ensures that all the important details are retained so the message will not be compromised.

Wordtune differs from NovelAI because it has a basic free plan allowing you to enjoy up to 10 rewrites in a day.

In case you want to do a lot more than 10 rewrites, you’ll need to subscribe to one of its premium plans. The tool does not include any advertisements.

Explore the best alternatives to Wordtune here.

4. Jasper

Jasper vs NovelAI

Jasper is another AI-powered writing tool you can use to get inspiration or improve your creative writing process. It is slightly dissimilar to NovelAI because it even comes up with SEO content.

Another benefit of using Jasper is that it comes up with human-like writing which ultimately means that it is hard for people and machines to know if the copy was created by AI or a human being.

Jasper makes it possible for you to create multiple unique copies based on the same concept. For instance, all you have to do is enter a few relevant keywords and then let it create 5 or 10 different copies simultaneously.

Another way to use this online tool is to simply activate its AI to generate content based on an idea. This can help you end writer’s block or inspire you to base your content on whatever is generated automatically.

The tool works almost 10 times faster than most which means it can help you cut down on time. It supports over 25 different languages making it easy for people of different nationalities to benefit.

You can sign up for its free trial and then later subscribe to a premium plan. This is one of the best options for anyone that wants a tool to generate commercial content.

Some of the people that use it are entrepreneurs, marketers, and agencies.

5. TextSynth

TextSynth vs NovelAI

This is another impressive AI-powered tool you can turn to if you want to write faster. It is slightly different from NovelAI because its basic offering is completely free of charge, although you are going to have to deal with daily limitations.

In case you want to use the tool on a regular basis, you’ll need to subscribe to one of its premium plans. The good news is that even the premium plans are much cheaper than what you find on NovelAI.

This tool works seamlessly with multiple languages so people of different nationalities can benefit. With the tool, users are free to input a few keywords into the system and have it generate content to suit their needs.

Some of the things you can create using this tool include essays, articles, blogs, and even emails. The tool can be ideal for converting text into relevant images.

You can also use it to find answers to topical or general knowledge questions. If you wish to communicate with a foreigner, you can also activate the translator so that anything you write is automatically converted to the foreigner’s language.

TextSynth has a simple interface that ensures everything loads fast. It does not include any annoying adverts that may cause distractions.

6. Dreamily AI

Dreamily AI vs NovelAI

Dreamily AI is another software you need to check out especially if you wish to get some inspiration for your writing. Like most tools on this list, it requires you to enter the main idea of your story before you let its built-in AI handle the rest.

It features a simple interface with an entry box right in the center so you won’t have to spend a lot of time navigating through different sections. Once you enter your thoughts in the box, you’ll need to choose the genre of the story you want to create.

Some of the options available include fantasy, pure love, romance, creative, and general. Dreamily AI is available both as a web-based tool and a mobile application so you can enjoy convenience at all times.

The application features a Reason mode where you can blacklist certain words to ensure that your story meets specific criteria.

There are also many customization features that ensure you get a personalized experience.

7. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI vs NovelAI

Next on this list of the best NovelAI alternatives is ShortlyAI. This is another tool with a simple interface and straightforward instructions so you can get started as soon as you log in.

With this tool, you’ll need to type a few words into the system to give the AI an idea of the type of content you wish to create. You also need to specify the length of the content you are after.

The tool can then generate a unique article or story on your behalf. There is also the option of refining content using unique commands.

That means you can either shorten or increase the length of your sentences and paragraphs depending on what you deem fit. You can also rewrite sentences and paragraphs to create unique content.

ShortlyAI features a Guides & Tutorials section where you can go to learn how to use different aspects of the app to produce top-quality content every time.

The application is a good way for you to create your own stories and share them with the world. It does not include any annoying adverts which is another reason why people love using it.

8. HyperWrite

HyperWrite vs NovelAI

HyperWrite is AI-powered writing tool designed to help people in different fields create unique content. Whether you are trying to create marketing copy, business communication, or academic papers, this can be an ideal solution.

It is a web-based writing tool so you can open and use it on any of your favorite browsers. It also comes with a Chrome extension allowing you to work on any website without the need to click back and forth.

One of the most significant differences between HyperWrite and NovelAI is that the former has a free forever plan while the latter only has a free trial with an expiry date. With this tool, you have the freedom to specify the type of content you want it to generate.

That can include web content, articles, essays, marketing copy, and short stories, among others. There is also the option of creating unique communication content for your emails and text messages.

Another impressive thing about this alternative is that it includes a research assistant in the form of an AI bot. Ask it anything and it will quickly dig up relevant answers. HyperWrite also includes AI tools to help you increase productivity.

Some examples of such tools include Facebook Ad Creator, Keyword Generator, and Magic Editor.

9. InferKit

InferKit vs NovelAI

InferKit is another excellent alternative to NovelAI you can turn to. It is a web-based AI-powered tool but also has an API version ideal for software developers.

InferKit has a simple interface. It has a minimalist layout with clearly marked sections so you can find your way around pretty easily.

It utilizes AI to provide different kinds of solutions to its users. For instance, you can use it to create content for your website.

All you have to do is enter some relevant keywords and allow it to generate something that will suit your needs. The tool can also write songs and help you complete essays that may otherwise seem too difficult to complete.

InferKit allows users to enter up to 3,000 characters. That’s enough to form ideas and create something that just about anyone can understand.

Once the tool has generated content using your original input, it discards the original input so there is no record that you used it in coming up with your own content. Another impressive thing about this tool is that it can handle batch requests.

Instead of having to input one prompt at a time, you can enter several inputs and allow it to come up with many different stories at the same time.

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10. Writesonic

WriteSonic vs NovelAI

Writesonic makes it to this list of the best NovelAI alternatives thanks to its multiple features and functions. With this tool, you can create unique articles and blogs to post on your website.

It does that in such a way that you do not have to worry about search engines detecting its AI footprints. It includes a paraphrasing function that can rewrite entire paragraphs and ensure that you get a totally new piece of article from the original.

There is also the text expander that adds words to meet specific requirements. Another helpful function of the tool is that it can easily go over your article and come up with a summary in fewer words.

In case you want to add visual appeal to your content, you can use its AI art creator to come up with relevant images. There is also the option to add personality avatars especially if you are posting content on gaming or social media sites.

Another thing that makes it different from NovelAI is that it understands and responds to voice commands like Siri and Google Assistant. Whether you are a student, teacher, or professional, you can always turn to this tool for some inspiration and quick writing solutions.

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11. Copy.ai

Copy.ai vs NovelAI

Copy.ai is the next application you should consider when thinking of creating unique stories or web content. It offers over 90 tools and templates to help you create unique content in different categories.

Like Jasper, this application includes tools for SEO so it can be quite helpful for anyone that wants to increase visibility online. Before you start creating any content on the app, you’ll need to sign up for an account.

You can then navigate to the main page and specify the type of content you wish to create. Some of the choices you’ll have to pick from include email, short articles, blog posts, social media, and long-form posts.

You’ll then have to give the AI some context regarding what you want to create. This can be in the form of keywords or short paragraphs with some descriptions.

Unlike NovelAI, Copy.ai presents you with multiple text results for you to choose from. You then get the opportunity to read through the options and pick the one that is most relevant to what you are trying to create.

Afterward, you can head over to the Copy.ai editor and refine your content by removing what you do not like or adding details it may have missed. This tool supports over 29 languages which is always an added advantage.

12. Character AI

Character.AI is an AI-powered chatbot app that generates human-like text responses and allows users to create and interact with various characters.

This tool uses advanced AI technology and is your quick fix for generating authentic dialogue and character development through interactive chats.

Character.AI delivers what writers and learners need: realistic dialogues and character development.

With its AI capabilities, it not only assists in creative writing but also doubles as a language tutor. It’s the multi-tool you didn’t know you needed.

Want to talk to your story’s protagonist?

This tool lets you do just that.

NovelAI, on the other hand, is your powerhouse for crafting entire novels, complete with customization options to bring your storytelling to life.

If interactive dialogue is your priority, lean toward Character.AI.

But if you’re gunning for top-notch novels and stories, NovelAI is your go-to. Choose wisely based on what you need to accomplish.

13. DeepStory

DeepStory is an AI-powered storytelling tool that merges AI and human creativity to whip up stories for anything from novels to blog posts.

Got a story half-written?

DeepStory can help you cross the finish line. NovelAI, however, is a specialized tool for crafting novels, packed with features to fine-tune your storytelling.

If you’re after a multi-purpose story generator, DeepStory’s your pick. But if custom-crafted novels are your end game, NovelAI takes the cake. Bottom line: Know your needs to make the right choice.

14. HoloAI

HoloAI is an AI-powered writing tool that equips creative writers with tools they actually need: genre-specific customization, budget-friendly plans, and unique prompt tuning.

Plus, it adds a layer of data security with end-to-end encryption. Whether you’re crafting novels, fanfiction, or poetry, HoloAI has you covered.

Both HoloAI and NovelAI run on the GPT-J-6B engine, but HoloAI is easier on your wallet. If you’re budget-conscious but still want basic text generation, it’s a no-brainer.

On the flip side, NovelAI brings you advanced customization that serious writers crave for fine-tuned storytelling.

While HoloAI throws its hat in the ring with competitors like AI Dungeon, it doesn’t quite match NovelAI’s prowess in crafting complex, quality prose.

The takeaway? For simple, cost-effective text generation, HoloAI does the job.

But if you need a tool with more bells and whistles, NovelAI is your go-to. Choose based on your specific needs.

15. Rytr

Rytr vs NovelAI

Rytr is another alternative to NovelAI. It is built around advanced AI and has powerful features. This program is based on a neural network that draws from over 500,000 unique stories in different genres.

Once you sign up for an account on the site, you can start writing stories almost immediately. The first thing to do is specify the genre, length, and style of the story you wish to create.

It is different from NovelAI because it can generate multiple versions of the same story and then let you pick the one that is most appealing.

Another impressive thing about it is that it includes a plagiarism checker.

That means once it generates a story, it will run a quick check to ensure that no part of the story is plagiarized. While you can use the app within your favorite browser, it also comes with a Chrome extension so you can use it without having to navigate from one website to another.

16. Canva Magic Write

Canva Magic Write vs NovelAI

This is another AI-powered program that utilizes an algorithm to generate content of different kinds. With this tool, you can write long-form novels, create social media posts and even write content for your commercial website.

One of the most impressive things about the tool is that it has a clutter-free interface allowing you to focus on the writing. Once you make a few entries into the system, the AI uses them to come up with fleshed-out content.

You can then edit the content to remove any redundancies or errors. You have the freedom to set the tone of the content you want to produce and that means you don’t have to worry about creating pieces that may deviate from your overall voice.

Canva Magic Write also incorporates collaboration features to help different team members to work on the same project.

17. StoryLab.ai

Storylab vs NovelAI

The next application to keep in mind when looking for a good alternative to NovelAI is StoryLab.ai. It also utilizes a neural network to come up with unique ways of writing different types of content.

The program has a relatively simple and intuitive interface which is why new users do not get overwhelmed. Once you navigate to the writing section, you’ll need to specify the genre of the story you want to create.

You’ll also get the chance to specify the length and style of writing you want to use. You’ll then have to come up with a short write-up of the story or web content you want to generate.

Like other AI tools on this list, StoryLab.ai picks up whatever you have entered into the system and uses it to build content to suit your needs. Another impressive thing about this tool is that it can help you generate title ideas, intros, social media posts, captions, and email subject lines.

18. Sassbook AI Story Writer

Sassbook AI Story Writer vs NovelAI

Sassbook AI Story Writer is another AI tool that can help you generate engaging stories within a short time. The app allows you to write stories around different genres including romance, horror, adventure, science fiction, thriller, and realism.

This AI-powered alternative offers a wide variety of features and functions to make your stories as personalized as possible. For instance, you can set the story to be conservative, balanced, or inventive.

You also get to choose the number of words to be included in your story. The program works seamlessly with most modern browsers.

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19. ToolBaz.com AI Story Generator – Free AI Story Generator Tool

ToolBaz vs NovelAI

Finally, we have ToolBaz.com’s AI Story Generator. It is available to use for free.

However, the developer earns some revenue by running adverts on the homepage so you should expect to encounter a few. It has a pretty simple interface with prompts that make it easy for you to start using it.

All you have to do is use about 7 to 10 words to describe the type of story you want to create. The AI-powered system will pick it from there and come up with a fleshed-out compelling story on your behalf.

You can then edit out parts that do not impress and add anything you want to just to give it a personal touch. TooolBaz.com’s Story Generator can be the ideal pick for someone who wants to create multiple stories without spending any cash.

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20. Writecream

Writecreate is another find AI powered writing tool. Here’s the lowdown: Writecream is your go-to for generating snappy marketing content and sales emails, no fuss involved.

Using machine learning, it churns out everything from blog posts to ad copies and landing pages like a pro.

NovelAI, on the other hand, is the ace up your sleeve for crafting compelling novels and stories.

If marketing’s your game, Writecream’s your name.

But if storytelling calls your name, NovelAI is your ticket to high-quality prose. Make your pick based on what you actually need.

Best NovelAI Alternatives (Free & Paid) For Creative Writing – Wrapping Up

NovelAI can be a helpful tool when trying to come up with stories or content pieces. However, it can also be quite expensive and may lack certain features that you need to create your own content.

Alternatives such as Wordtune and Jasper offer even more features and functions, can handle different types of content, and are available at a relatively affordable rate.

You can also opt for completely free tools such as Toolbaz.com AI Story Generator.

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