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14 Best Setapp Alternatives 2022

Your macOS or iOS device would be less helpful without applications. Some apps come pre-installed, while you’ll have to download and install others from the Apple App Store.

The Apple App Store has many free and paid apps. Some apps that you can download free have in-app purchases – monthly or annual subscriptions – that you must pay before using them.

However, you can save money on app purchases and subscriptions with a service like Setapp. Setapp lets you pay one affordable fee to access over 230 paid macOS and iOS apps.

The service offers different types of apps, including lifestyle, maintenance, developer tools, creativity, and productivity apps, to name a few.

However, the Apple App store has over 3.4 million apps and the number is increasing. Therefore, you may not find the premium apps you want on Setapp.

Fortunately, there are other alternatives to Setapp that you can consider. I have listed some of the best below.

Check them out.

Best Setapp Alternatives

1. Apple App Store

Interestingly, the number one alternative to Setapp is the Apple App Store. The store has all the premium apps you need that are not on Setapp.

You don’t always have to pay for individual apps on the Apple App Store. Some app developers offer app bundles, which allow you to purchase multiple apps at once and for a reduced price.

These app bundles are available for premium apps and free apps with in-app subscriptions. However, you can only purchase a bundle of free apps with in-app subscriptions or a bundle of premium apps. You can’t get premium and free apps in one bundle.

When you purchase a premium app bundle, you pay a single fee to download all apps in the bundle.

Likewise, when you download a free app with an in-app subscription bundle, you pay a single subscription fee for one app. The single subscription lets you access all the other apps in the bundle.

It’s not different from what you get on Setapp, although the price of app bundles may be higher. Apple app developers can create app bundles with up to 10 apps. Some apps can be in more than one bundle, and multiple developers can collaborate to offer app bundles.

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2. MacBundles

As the description states, this is a website where you can access Mac application bundles. In simpler terms, you pay less for more apps, just like with Setapp.

However, unlike Setapp, MacBundles doesn’t feature monthly subscriptions to access multiple apps. You simply pay a one-time fee to access paid apps.

Furthermore, you can’t get iOS apps on MacBundles. The website is exclusive to macOS apps.

In particular, MacBundles is more of an aggregator website with over five years in the industry. It scans the internet to source the best Mac app bundles.

You should expect a new Mac app bundle every month from MacBundles. The most notable are the Pay What You Want and Build Your Own app bundles.

With the Pay What You Want bundle, you choose how much you want to pay. On the other hand, the Build Your Own bundle lets you choose what apps you want in your bundle, depending on the offer price.

You can subscribe to the MacBundles newsletter to get informed whenever the next hot Mac app bundle is available. Some bundles are only available for limited periods, so the earlier you leverage them, the better.

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3. AppBundles

If you need a Setapp alternative that lets you download premium iPhone apps, you should opt for AppBundles. The service offers no macOS apps.

AppBundles is much more affordable than Setapp. It costs $2.25 per month compared to Setapp’s $9.99 starting price. However, note that these pricing plans can change at any time.

In addition, AppBundles is more affordable because it features fewer apps. While Setapp has more than 230 apps, AppBundles features just five apps.

The five apps are WeekCal, Stocks+, Weather Hi-Def Radar, CalConvert, and SwiftScan. These are all premium iOS productivity apps.

With the WeekCal app, you can organize your day-to-day activities per week. The Weather Hi-Def Radar app provides an instant weather radar that lets you check weather forecasts and get alerts.

You can use the Stocks+ app to monitor your investment portfolio on the go, and the CalConvert app works for checking currency exchange rates.

The fifth app, SwiftScan, is for scanning and creating PDF documents. Notably, you don’t get any of these apps on Setapp.

You can use AppBundles free for seven days before paying. Furthermore, the apps are not available for iPhone alone but also for Android.

4. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a popular website for discovering new apps and software programs.

Nevertheless, it’s one of the best Setapp alternatives as it brings you thousands of apps from different platforms and developers – much more than Setapp.

When developers release new apps, they can feature them on Product Hunt to gain visibility. New apps are usually available for free to get feedback from early users. Subsequently, the developers can make the apps premium.

With this, you can discover the newest iOS and macOS apps and use them for free before they get to platforms like Setapp. Notably, you’ll find apps in different categories and with various functionalities.

In particular, Product Hunt is an ideal alternative if you don’t use the current macOS version. You can search for apps for almost any macOS version there is. You’ll find new product posts on Product Hunt every day, so there’s always something new to try.

In addition, the apps are not limited to iOS and macOS. You’ll find apps for Android, Windows, and Linux. Web apps are also available.

5. MacHeist

Launched in 2006, the MacHeist store is one of the oldest Setapp alternatives on this list. The website launched as a mac OS reseller platform but has since evolved into a one-stop location for all Mac user needs.

You won’t pay subscriptions to access multiple premium or in-app purchases on MacHeist, like on Setapp. Instead, the website features some of the best Mac and iPhone app deals, bundles, and discounts.

You can purchase mac software programs on the MacHeist store at much lower prices than on the Apple App Store. The platform partners with app developers to offer these heavy discounts.

Since it’s an online store, you’ll need to register an account to purchase apps and software programs on MacHeist. You can sign up with your email or simply log in using your Facebook account.

App developers usually drop these deals, bundles, and discounts for a limited period. MacHeist will ensure you don’t miss any as you can sort the offers by expiry date.

You can also sign up for the newsletter and get up to 10 percent off on most deals. Furthermore, the website also publishes giveaways and freebies.

6. Mutaz

Most of the premium iOS/Mac apps available on Setapp have dependable free alternatives. However, it may be difficult to find these alternatives on the Apple App Store due to the numerous apps it features.

In such a situation, you can use a website like Mutaz. It’s a recommended Setapp alternative if you need free alternatives to premium Mac apps.

The website also has Android and Windows apps. In particular, it features more Android and Windows apps than Mac apps. There’s no exclusive section for iOS apps, although some of the available macOS apps also have iOS versions.

On Mutaz, you’ll find Mac apps from more categories than on Setapp. Some top categories include office and business, messaging and chat, developer tools, antivirus and spyware, and desktop enhancement software programs.

Notably, you’ll find lots of newly released Mac programs on Mutaz. You can browse apps by category or simply use the search bar to find a specific app.

You can download the apps directly from the website or search for them on the Apple App Store. However, you should download them from the website to get the apps for free.

7. Microsoft Bundle

Microsoft offers many apps and services, including the Office Suite, Power Bi, Visio, and Teams, to name a few. You can’t get these apps on Setapp.

Aside from the Microsoft Store, you can only access these apps on the Apple App Store for iOS and Mac.

Microsoft offers some bundle deals so you can purchase more apps at cheaper rates. Most of these deals are available for home and business users.

For instance, the Microsoft 365 Personal plan costs $69.99 per year for one person. Meanwhile, you can purchase the Microsoft 365 Family plan, which supports up to six people, for $99.99.

Consequently, you save more than $300 if you opt for the family bundle rather than the personal plan.

8. Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is the Setapp alternative to use if you need games for your Mac or iPhone. You can purchase a bundle of up to 15 games at an affordable price.

These game bundles feature popular games like Star Wars, Marvel Pinball, and Aliens vs. Predators. You’ll find bundles worth up to $300 to $600, and you can buy them for as low as $10 to $30.

Most are Pay What You Want bundles, which means you can pay the standard price or more to support the developers. You can also pay less than the standard price, although it’ll reduce the number of games in the bundle.

Unlike Setapp, the software bundles on Humble Bundle are only available for limited periods – usually weeks or a month.

Aside from games, Humble Bundle also offers books and software bundles. You’ll find software bundles with programs like Microsoft Azure, Tool SFX, Modular Motion, and more.

Humble Bundle was initially launched to support charity, and its stance is unchanged. Most of the money you pay – especially when you pay more than the standard price – goes to charities like OneTreePlanted, Worldreader, Girls Who Code, and Make A Wish.

9. Bundlehunt

Bundlehunt brings you the best software deals on the internet. You can find more affordable offers than Setapp. The only difference is that Bundlehunt offers no iOS bundles but only macOS and Windows.

On the Bundlehunt store, you can search for any software program you want. Alternatively, you can use the dropdown filters to sort the list.

You can sort the least for deals under $5, $10, or $20, and you get at least 15 offers for each price. If left on “All,” you can sort the price from low to high or vice versa. In addition, you can also sort the list to find deals ending soon or the best sellers.

Most software programs featured on Bundlehunt are creativity and productivity apps. These include word processing, video and audio, designs and graphics, and photo editing tools.

From time to time, you’ll find Build Your Own App deals. An example is the Epic macOS Fall Bundle, which lets you choose up to 52 macOS apps for just $30. However, such exclusive offers are seasonal.

10. Adobe Bundle

Adobe offers the most popular creativity and design apps in the world. These include apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD. However, you don’t get any of these apps on Setapp.

If you’re switching from Setapp because you need Adobe apps, your best option is to purchase Adobe Creative Cloud bundles. These bundles let you get multiple Adobe apps for a reduced price.

The Creative Cloud All Apps is the best bundle plan to use. It incorporates all Adobe programs, including Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Animate, and Lightroom.

The plan also includes Adobe apps like Acrobat, Reader, Scan, InCopy, and Fill & Sign. Hence, you don’t get only creativity and design apps, but you also get productivity apps.

The Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps bundle costs $82.49 per month. You can pay $54.99 monthly if you opt for the annual plan.

In comparison, most Adobe apps cost around $20.99 per month. Hence, without the Creative Cloud All Apps bundle, you’ll pay up to $200 monthly to use these apps.

11. Sumo

Most drawing apps on Mac and iPhone devices are expensive. You can purchase more affordable drawing apps with Sumo – a suitable alternative to Setapp if you need creativity apps.

Sumo comes with eight drawing and creativity apps, and each one handles a different function.

The apps include Sumopaint for drawing, Sumotunes for creating music, Sumo3D for modeling, Sumocode for programming, Sumophoto for editing photos, Sumoaudio for recording and editing audio, Sumovideo for editing video, and Sumopixel for creating pixel graphics.

Like Setapp, you can try the creativity apps on Sumo for seven days before paying for a subscription. However, Sumo has a significant advantage over Setapp as it features a free account.

You can use the app for free online with limited storage and features. You must switch to the Pro plan to download and install them on your device.

The Pro plan costs $9 per month, which is slightly more affordable than Setapp. You can save up to $19 if you pay yearly. Furthermore, Sumo features an exclusive Edu plan for students. The Edu plan is cheaper at $2 per month.

12. Apptorium

Apptorium is a good Setapp alternative if you need productivity apps for your Mac PC. The website features apps made to make your work less stressful.

In total, you get seven productivity apps on Apptorium. These include Sidenotes, Workspaces, TeaCode, ScreenFocus, Expressions, FiveNotes, and NoteApp.

SideNotes is a simple and intuitive note-taking app for mac devices. The same applies to FiveNotes and NoteApp. However, FiveNotes has a unique feature as it lets you take notes directly from your menubar.

Notably, most apps on Apptorium are available on Setapp, and the website features a link if you’d prefer to purchase them on Setapp.

Nevertheless, Apptorium is more affordable. You pay as low as $4.99 for most apps, and you can try them for seven days or 30 days for free before paying.

Notably, you can download apps directly from the website. The apps are compressed in a ZIP file, which you’ll extract and install after downloading.

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13. Fnd

Fnd is an exclusive website for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. It’s a Setapp alternative for finding the best free options for premium apps.

Fnd supports different Apple App Stores in multiple countries, which is one of the best things about the website. From the homepage, simply click the flag icon at the top-left corner to select your country.

Finding apps on Fnd is simple. You only need to select what device you use – iPhone, iPad, or Mac – what type of app you need, and the app category using the dropdown lists.

You can find new, new and free, new and paid, top free, top grossing, and top paid apps. Fnd features up to twenty app categories, more than what you get on Setapp.

Some featured app categories include business, lifestyle, medical, games, finance, utilities, productivity, sports, and social networking. If you don’t use the drop-down lists, you can search for apps using keywords.

14. Keyooz

On Setapp, you primarily get productivity, management, and creativity apps. However, these aren’t the only apps on the Apple Store that are paid for or require in-app purchases.

You should switch from Setapp to Keyooz if you prefer discounts on entertainment apps like Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime Video.

Keyooz lets you purchase genuine annual licenses of some popular iPhone, Mac, Windows, Android, and Web apps.

A Spotify annual subscription, for example, costs up to $99.90, but on Keyooz, you can purchase it for as low as $16. You only need to make the payment and receive the login details.

However, note that these offers are only available for a limited period, and the price can change at any time.

Entertainment apps are not all you get on Keyooz. The website also features discount offers for top security and productivity apps. You’ll find subscription discounts for e-learning, VPN, antivirus, application software, and editing apps.

Keyooz also has discounts for operating systems. As a result, there’s more to get from the website than on Setapp.

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Bottom Line

Setapp is an ingenious service for Mac and iOS users. Hence, there are not many platforms that offer the exact same service.

Nevertheless, with the alternatives listed above, you have other options for finding and downloading multiple apps for iOS, Mac, and other operating systems.