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15 Best SharePoint Intranet Site Examples 2023

SharePoint, Microsoft’s web-based collaborative platform, is an increasingly popular tool for developing intranet sites that provide a single place for employees to access company information, share knowledge, and work together on projects.

There are numerous SharePoint intranet site examples from across industries who have leveraged SharePoint’s capabilities to create intranets that are intuitive, visually appealing, and customized to their unique needs. Some of the best SharePoint intranet website examples include Brisbane Catholic Education Intranet, Acuvate Human Resources Intranet, Klarinet Solutions Intranet and VELUX Group Intranet.

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In this guide, I’m going to explore what SharePoint is, how it works, and share different wonderful examples of modern SharePoint intranet sites and what they can do.

About SharePoint

SharePoint is a collaboration and communication tool designed by Microsoft that lets you create websites. It can serve as a secure database for sharing, storing, accessing, or organizing information on any device with the help of a web browser.

This software has been around since 2001 and has taken many shapes and undergone multiple updates since then. Today, SharePoint is the most widely-used base technology for intranets in the world.

SharePoint intranet is a private or internal network in an organization that enables employees to collaborate, communicate, manage documents, and perform a host of other corporate activities precisely and securely.

Your company’s intranet helps spark employee engagement, multi-level collaborations and community, and boost productivity and belief in the organization’s culture and policies.

It can’t just be another workplace platform. It needs to reflect the company’s personality, purpose, and values. It has to make communication more effective, improve processes, organize assets, and support your employees’ work.

Most intranet solutions just don’t cut it, which is why a majority of companies tend to choose SharePoint intranet when developing corporate portals.

No matter what type of business you’re engaged in or what your goals for a workplace platform are, SharePoint intranet can be designed to suit your particular needs.

So why is SharePoint intranet so beloved and what do you stand to gain from using it?

Wide range of features

SharePoint has a lot to offer in terms of functionality such as asset libraries, task management, communication pages, security and information management, file storage, document management, and more.

Operational support

It can provide all the information employees need daily at their fingertips so they don’t have to go searching for it. This will save time, keep them informed, and enable them complete tasks better and faster.

Integration with other platforms and tools

It can easily be integrated with the Office 365 suite, other Microsoft tools, and existing business systems like CRM, Sales, and ERP platforms.

Customization, flexibility, and scalability

SharePoint can be customized to fit your company’s workflow. It can easily be tweaked as your company grows, restructures, and its priorities change.

Improved work and project collaboration

Different people or teams working on the same project can effectively collaborate and communicate in real-time, and stay up-to-date on important matters.

Efficient document sharing and management

SharePoint’s robust document library makes it super easy for team members to distribute, store, manage, search, and locate knowledge assets.

Content targeting and personalization support

You can target content at specific employees based on their location, department, function, or seniority. This means that each employee will be getting information that is relevant and useful to them rather than being overwhelmed by topics that don’t concern or interest them.

It can be hard to come up with a design for your SharePoint intranet site from scratch. You might not know what kind of features to include, what the layout should look like, or how many functionalities to cram into it.

Therefore, whether you’re planning to build your own SharePoint site or simply looking for inspiration, we have created a list of best SharePoint intranet site examples.

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15 Best SharePoint Intranet Site Examples

It’s time to take a look at some outstanding, informative, and eye-catching SharePoint intranet examples that you can use for inspiration when building out or improving your own digital workplace platform to ensure it delivers value for your business.

1. Brisbane Catholic Education Intranet

This reimagination of Brisbane’s Catholic Education intranet, christened Spire, won the organization an award at the Step Two 2020 Intranet and Digital Workplace Showcase

It’s a shining example of how you can create compelling SharePoint intranet site designs that are in line with your company’s mission and needs.

With Spire, the organization can ensure its employees across different locations and schools feel like they belong to a community, while boosting education efforts.

The site has a personalized dashboard for each employee that contains their professional information—job position, where they work, phone number, employee number, etc.

It also displays accreditations they’ve acquired and the career courses they’ve taken so far. There’s also a section showing the number of leave days an employee has accrued.

Other functionalities built into the intranet site include news and events, policies and procedures, learning and teaching, and employee center tabs, as well as a services and support page.

Employees can easily navigate to these pages to find relevant information. There’s also a handy search bar at the top of the screen to help people locate desired info swiftly.

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2. Acuvate Human Resources Intranet

Although the interface of this SharePoint intranet example isn’t a knockout in the looks department, it still gets most things right. It serves as a one-stop hub for everything human resources.

Employees can browse through corporate holidays or the company’s financial status to see how much each division is bringing in. They can view the growth and direction of the company’s products and services, as well as information related to various employee benefits.

They can use the search feature to easily browse the site and find the insights they’re looking for. At the top of the page, there are sections covering the organization’s missions and employee orientation for onboarding new hires.

With the edit button, you can share new content about HR policy changes or general company news. Employees can also apply for paid time off, locate HR documents, discover career development opportunities, raise HR requests, and more right on the site.

By automating these tasks and providing a self-service option, this SharePoint intranet will make HR processes more efficient.

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3. Klarinet Solutions Intranet

This SharePoint intranet site from Klarinet Solutions puts the focus on the individual first and foremost. It serves as a personal journal, planner, news source, and tool center, which is great especially if you have a large organization.

It’s easy for people to start feeling like cogs in the wheel and losing a sense of how their contributions matter in the overall scheme of the company. This intranet site tries to sidestep this potential issue by creating personalized home pages that give employees their own space while enabling them to engage with the rest of the organization.

The design is tailored to suit the specific individual’s preferences, work process, and provide them with relevant information. You can see what meetings, tasks, and events you have lined up for the day.

Other additional tools offered by this intranet include an employee area, news tab, blog, social media updates, recent activity, and a search function. Users can also find department or location-specific information by clicking on the respective tabs.

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4. VELUX Group Intranet

VELUX Group is a Danish manufacturing company that specializes in roof windows, modular skylights, and flat roof skylights. It also produces and sells a host of other accessories like roller shutters, blinds, and smart home systems.

The company currently operates in more than 40 countries with 11,500 employees so having a fantastic intranet isn’t just an option—it’s a necessity. VELUX digital workplace is another excellent SharePoint intranet site example that’s worth talking about.

It has all the usual trappings of an intranet site like a search feature, edit button, process flows, and company-specific tools. However, its other functions are designed around the company’s culture, processes, and goals.

There’s a product page that employees can visit to learn about VELUX’s different offerings, and pages dedicated to sales, logistics, installation, ordering, and after-sales.

Also, there’s a VMS Academy where staff members can get to know how the company operates and find useful information that could help them perform their respective tasks to the best of their ability.

The location and people tabs are there to provide specific information about VELUX’s employees and company branches.

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5. Transportation SharePoint Intranet Site

This awesome SharePoint intranet design was created for the transportation company, American Fast Freight Inc. As you can see, nothing is out of place on this site.

The layout is clear, clean, and without clutter. Everything is explained in simple, straightforward terms and the interface is designed to be easy to navigate by anyone. You don’t have to guess what pages to visit to find the information you’re looking for because everything is clearly labeled.

This SharePoint site uses buttons and images to describe pages, reducing the need for text. One glance at the icons tells you what you can expect to see behind a page.

Each aspect of the business has a section dedicated to it, which you can easily click on to access relevant information relating to policies and procedures. On the right side of the page, there’s a space for adding new policy updates.

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6. Wells Fargo Microservices Intranet

The world-renowned provider of banking and financial services recently redesigned its intranet using SharePoint. It adopted a site architecture that focuses on a specific line of business or microservice.

As you can see, this particular site is tailored for the marketing branch of the business. It has drop-down menus at the top of the page that employees can use to explore all things career, company, services and support, pay and benefits, management, and marketing-related.

Users can search for people in the company by name or profile information or browse through internal and external sites for information.

The news and press section keeps employees up-to-date on all important Wells Fargo news and press mentions. Another interesting feature is the widget that displays time-relevant events, tasks, and communications that an employee needs to attend to.

This microservices approach is a great way to reduce load times for your site, increase accessibility, enable easier platform management, and build a convenient online workplace experience for your organization.

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7. Real Estate Company Intranet

Designed by ScienceSoft for an international real estate firm specializing in building and selling premium retail spaces, business offices, and luxury residential spaces, this definitely qualifies as one of the best SharePoint intranet site examples.

The site houses company news, calendar, code of practice, directory, links to important corporate resources, events and reminders, and more.

Dashboards are showcasing each employee’s tasks and schedule, alongside project management areas to support their activities. This way, staff members can effectively manage their respective projects, tasks, and activities, and also collaborate better with their colleagues.

This intranet site uses a tile structure and each tile takes users to various company departments, resources, tools, and systems. It’s also responsive and user-friendly so it can easily be accessed on any device be it mobile, desktop, or tablet.

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8. Duke Energy SharePoint Intranet

Duke Energy chose to align its SharePoint intranet with the company culture with the goal of creating a positive employee experience across the organization.

The intranet uses an extensive web parts library with custom layouts to give employees access to more than 100 sites and subsites, while maintaining a simple, stylish, and uncluttered appearance.

Rather than crowding the homepage with corporate news, Duke Energy prominently highlights employee milestones, human interest stories, and peer recognition.

The intranet site has special tabs for HR, tools and resources, news, internal communities, training, travel, personal information, paycheck, and job opportunities. At the bottom of the page, users will find details like the weather report and the company’s stock market share price.

9. Cox Communications Enterprise Intranet

This award-winning SharePoint intranet site for the telecommunications and cable television company, Cox Communications, is everything a digital workplace platform should aspire to be and more.

It puts the focus on employee experience and ensures that workers feel recognized and involved while being part of a large organization.

The intranet is packed with interesting features like mobile optimization, collaboration, and an analytics dashboard that helps content owners measure user engagement.

It also has a personalization feature, search tools, and specialized tabs for news, resources, communities, and company-wide information.

The HR dashboard is integrated with PeopleSoft, making it easier and faster for employees to perform HR-related tasks like raising requests for paid time off.

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10. Ramboll Group SharePoint Intranet

Seeing as this global engineering and consulting firm employs over 16,000 workers, Ramboll’s focus with their site was to create a digital workspace that embraces a united company culture.

The intranet features a personalized intranet network with an onboarding portal, search function, project portal, sales funnel, task-based navigation style, and more.

On the homepage, you’ll find menus covering Ramboll’s corporate strategy, fundamentals, positioning, and what it means to be a part of the organization.

The company’s HR, finance, and other core systems have been integrated into the intranet to make processes highly efficient and support daily work.

Regardless of which branch of the company they’re working in, every employee has a single reference point for Ramboll’s beliefs, goals, story, and other relevant facts about the organization they work for.

Users can view learning materials, engage in discussion at departmental levels, or interact and collaborate with their colleagues one-on-one.

Despite being a complex global workplace platform, Ramboll’s intranet is very intuitive and easy on the eyes.

11. BHP intranet

Another SharePoint intranet site example that you can emulate is this award-winning workplace platform for the global resources company, BHP.

The company has over 80,000 employees and contractors dispersed across various countries on its staff sheet. As a result, BHP needed to have a global intranet, so it built a new one to that effect using SharePoint Online.

The intranet’s interface is minimalist, attractive, and very well-designed. It features several interesting customized functions like the world clock that lets users know what time it is in different locations.

Also, it includes customized search, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams integration, aggregates notifications, SAP integration, document center, personalization, a people finder tool, and more.

There’s an area for general information about the company like the BHP charter, leadership forum, strategy, and priorities, as well as news and updates. Users also have personal tabs where they can view their work and reports.

The intranet provides links to important company resources and tools like organizational charts, compliance approval workflow, employee assistance, travel portal, and app finder.

This will all lead to increased time savings, reduced risk, improved collaboration/internal communications, and enhanced document management.

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12. Legal & General Intranet

This attractive SharePoint intranet was built by ContentFormula for the international financial services company, Legal & General.

Since the company has a busy workforce with vast information needs, a diverse service portfolio, and a complicated internal structure, the goal was to provide a workplace platform that saves employees time and supports their daily work.

The intranet features a “How Do I” library and extensive evergreen content that employees can reference to find important information related to tasks and company procedures, or anything they need help with.

There’s a dashboard for necessary info and links that users might need to get their work done, as well as registries of workspaces, systems, and enterprise apps that are a single click away.

The intranet has tabs for news and events, various company locations, and what it’s like working at Legal & General. An expansive area of the homepage is used to highlight staff stories and other relevant information that all employees should pay attention to.

13. Construction Company SharePoint Intranet

One brilliant example of SharePoint intranet sites is this HR-focused workplace platform built for a construction company to help streamline processes, increase employee engagement, and facilitate better document storage and management.

The intranet’s homepage displays company news and announcements based on the individual’s location.

It also contains links to vital information on the site. Employees can get easy access to various departments, view corporate policies, recruitment details, insurance plans and forms, payroll data, and employee handbook.

They can even order quickly by browsing through the lunch menu and selecting what they’d like to eat. There are dashboards dedicated to discount clubs, work anniversaries and birthdays, as well as a calendar showcasing upcoming corporate events and holidays.

Users can search for employees by position, name, availability, and hire date using the staff directory. They can also view relevant information about past and research projects they’ve been involved in.

In addition, the intranet is integrated with social media, specifically Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This way employees can share ideas or updates directly to their company socials from within the intranet.

14. Entain Group Intranet

Entain Group is one of the largest gaming and sports betting companies in the world. It has a 24,000-strong workforce, scattered across 20 offices and five continents.

In 2020, the company rebranded from GVC Holdings to Entain Group to reflect its mission of becoming the global leader in gaming entertainment and sports betting. In the spirit of achieving this lofty goal and embracing an exciting and compelling new brand identity, Entain Group built a new intranet.

The new digital workplace is designed to deliver a positive employee experience, facilitate seamless company-wide collaboration and communication, and boost productivity. By prioritizing teams, communities, and company culture, the intranet increases engagement and helps employees feel like they belong in the organization.

Users can enjoy access to a wider digital workplace that extends beyond their division or location. The intranet serves as their personalized gateway to essential operational content, apps, systems, and communications.

The Yammer integration adds a wonderful and important social component to the intranet that encourages workers to connect and interact with one another. For group collaborations and closed projects, the Microsoft Teams integration comes in handy.

15. Loan Provider SharePoint Intranet

The final entry on this list of best SharePoint intranet site examples is this custom digital workplace designed and built by ScienceSoft for an organization that provides loans to small businesses all over the U.S.

One of the main issues this intranet was constructed to address is security and it accomplished this by creating a hierarchy of users with varying access rights. This way sensitive information is shared on a need-to-know basis and the company’s data is better protected.

Links to all the company’s websites are housed on the homepage, alongside other useful links to workplace tools, systems, directories, and information. There’s an area for announcements and news, a calendar showing upcoming events and important dates, and a widget for the company’s stock price.

Users can also find information relating to various departments such as legal, HR, sales, IT, finance, operations, executives, and more by clicking on the respective tabs.


These SharePoint intranet examples show there’s a lot that you can do with your corporate workplace platform.

The most important thing is to keep your business needs and employee preferences or work habits in mind as you construct your own intranet solution.