14 Sharepoint Team Site Ideas

SharePoint, which is part of Microsoft 365, is a hosted service for businesses that want to create team sites.

Using SharePoint, you can create a team site that allows members to stay up to date on projects, progress reports, important updates, and more.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your SharePoint team site, look no further. We have compiled examples of the best SharePoint team sites that you can use to get design ideas for your own SharePoint team site.

The short version: The best examples demonstrate how you can use SharePoint to provide onboarding resources to new hirees, safety policies, and an employee directory.

Read on for other examples.

14 Sharepoint Team Site Ideas

1. The Hub Onboarding Site

Image credit: Origami Connect

This SharePoint team site is meant to help new employees onboard onto the team and get acquainted with processes, colleagues, and how things work in general.

The employee is greeted by name and provided with a menu with which they can navigate to informative pages, where they can access critical resources such as:

  • Policies about taking time off
  • The IT helpdesk if they run into technical issues
  • The time sheet for tracking their work
  • A company directory

Scrolling down, they get to see profiles of their new coworkers and basic information, including a short bio, about each one. That saves them a lot of time in terms of getting to know who is who.

There is also a helpful directory of documents the employee will need, including compliance and legal documents, training documents, and others. They are all linked to in the Onboarding Forms section.

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Image credit: Origami Connect

Further down, there is a very important section, and that is the onboarding roadmap. There, employees can see the steps they will take as they go through the onboarding process, as well as a breakdown for the first day, week, month, and quarter at their new job.

There is also a timeline/calendar of upcoming events, which helps ensure that the new employee doesn’t miss essential orientation or team building events.

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2. Contoso Electronics Team Site

Image credit: Microsoft Tech Community

This is another great example of an intranet team site created using SharePoint.

At the top and center of the homepage, there is a section for news updates, such as an article about retail promotions the company is running for the upcoming holiday season.

On the right side of the page, there are some quick links to important resources. They include the company’s five-year vision outline, quarterly updates, and account managers.

There is a list of critical company documents further down, right next to a list of sub-pages, such as the page discussing legal concerns related to the firm.

All the crucial company resources can also be accessed from the main menu on the left side of the team site.

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3. Contoso Department Site

Image credit: Valto

This is a good example of a department site you can set up using SharePoint. At the top is an article about the CMO, an introduction to a new team member who just joined, and an update about the latest projects of the firm.

A bit further down are all the welcome guides a new employee might need access to when joining the firm. They include resources about the company culture, vision, and personnel.

There are also folders containing information and resources regarding the onboarding process, marketing assets, presentations, and a press list.

Employees can also RSVP to upcoming events from this site.

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4. Human Resources SharePoint Site

Image credit: Origami Connect

This SharePoint example is designed to help employees learn about HR-related issues. On the homepage, they can access all issues related to payments and payrolls.

That includes information about employee benefits, tax forms, and pay stub adjustments. Employees can also submit expenses that they incurred as part of the job.

The new hire roadmap lays out a roadmap that new employees can expect to follow after onboarding. It outlines the pathway for the first year of employment.

There are also answers to commonly asked questions such as how to order equipment from the company for remote work.

Further down, there is a section with shout-outs and welcome messages for new employees. That helps people feel welcome and a part of the team right off the bat.

The employee handbook is also linked to from the page, allowing employees to always stay up to date about the latest rules and regulations of the firm.

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5. HR Team Site

Image credit: SharePoint Maven

Here is another great example of an HR team site. Right at the top, you can view articles pertaining to recent team news updates, as well as quick links with information about federal holidays and United States labor laws, so employees know their rights.

There is a schedule showing all upcoming team meetings, ensuring you don’t miss any.

On the right side of the page, employees can access important HR documents, including the company agenda and budget, invoices, and client proposals.

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6. Safety Department Site

Image credit: Origami Connect

A SharePoint site can also be created for specific purposes, such as a site where employees can learn about safety on the job.

In this example, employees are greeted by statistics showing the number of safety reports, the percentage of those reports which were closed, and upcoming safety training events.

Further down, employees can access safety training resources. That includes articles and updates, but you may also choose to upload videos, infographics, and other important resources.

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7. Hillcrest Health Team Site

Image credit: Sope

This SharePoint site is the perfect example of how SharePoint can be used to provide employees access to all the resources they may need.

At the top, employees can access resources related to:

  • Employee benefits
  • HR policies and procedures
  • HR team contacts in the case of HR complaints

There is a news section, where employees can learn about updates in the medical community, which might affect them as healthcare employees.

There is also a section showing upcoming events, but what I really liked were the items in the right-hand menu.

There, employees can access their connected apps and read articles on their reading list. The articles contain information about the company’s cybersecurity policy, dress code, company credit card policy, and more.

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8. Safelink Health and Safety Hub

Image credit: Sope

This SharePoint intranet site provides employees of Safelink with health and safety information they will need to know on the job. Right at the top, employees can access critical resources such as:

  • Safety policies
  • Emergency procedures
  • Training materials

There is also a section with uploaded documents. These documents discuss issues like health protocols, guides to workplace safety, and monthly safety trends.

Employees can also access quick links to critical resources such as archived documents and incident reporting. A point of contact is also provided.

On the left side of the site, there is a large menu with all kinds of resources. They include the company’s smoking policy, safe driving policy, remote work policy, and other policies and procedures.

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9. Cityscape Heights Project Management Site

Image credit: Sope

SharePoint can also be used to create project management sites. Project management is a field that involves the management of projects, including software development projects as well as any other sort of project.

This particular project management site relates to the construction field. It helps employees visualize the progression of construction projects.

For example, team members can visualize how the project goes through milestones such as receiving a building permit, completion of demolition, construction, etc.

There is an image gallery, where team members may see things such as a rendered finishing of the construction project. There is a team updates section, where team members can create polls, upload documents, or start discussions.

Like many other SharePoint sites, there is a news section, so team members can stay up to date on company and industry news.

On the right side of the page, details about the project are available for viewing.

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10. Luminary People Directory

Image credit: Sope

SharePoint can also be utilized to create a directory of team members, along with the contact details of each one.

That makes it easy for team members to get help when needed, ask questions, or contact others for collaboration opportunities.

This team site is a great example of that. For each team member, you can see details such as their name, position in the firm, email, and phone number.

You can also see their working hours, so you know when to call them, and their pronouns, so you know how to address them.

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11. Practical 365 Team Site

Image credit: Practical 365

This SharePoint team site was created by Practical 365. Practical 365 is a site that aims to educate others how to use Microsoft tools, including not only SharePoint but other tools like Excel.

On the SharePoint site it created, users can access Practical 365’s blog posts, podcast, and social media profiles.

There is a news section that keeps you updated about new developments related to Microsoft Office and Practical 365. The links section includes links to Practical 365’s tips and tutorials, LinkedIn, and other resources.

There is even an element on the site that provides weather forecast updates. This might be a useful element to add to your team site if it will affect employees (for example, if employees work outdoors).

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12. HP Tech Dashboard

Image credit: Science Soft

You can also create a SharePoint site that contains icons that allow employees to navigate to various employee tools and company resources.

Take a look at this example. At the top, employees can see the weather and current time or navigate to their webmail or the company directory.

Most of the page, though, consists of a directory to resources such as the IT department, a company contact form, the CRM, a project management dashboard, and other important resources.

There are also links to the company’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Vimeo accounts, as well as the file library, which presumably consists of all important files an employee might need to access.

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13. Donald Franklin Corporation Industrial SharePoint Site

Image credit: Origami Connect

SharePoint is also great for creating team sites for industrial companies in fields such as aerospace.

This site is an excellent example. Employees can access reports, the helpdesk, projects, and more. They can also request time off straight from the SharePoint site.

Work resources are provided through the site as well. They include the firm’s goal planning policy, learning courses, branding materials, and more.

There is a list of events and news updates. All in all, everything is provided on one central site.

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14. BrightWork Agile Project Management Site

Image credit: BrightWork

The last example we will be looking at is from BrightWork, which provided a great example of how they used SharePoint to create a team project management site following the Agile methodology.

Agile is a project management and software life cycle methodology that prioritizes customer interaction and flexibility in software development over documentation and strict deadlines. It is often used for projects that don’t necessarily have known outcomes or progression paths.

The Agile methodology allows teams to change the software development plan as needed and “go with the flow.”

In any case, this team site is a great example of how SharePoint can be used as an Agile project management tool instead of more common ones like a pure Gantt chart. However, you can add a Gantt chart to your SharePoint site, like BrightWork did.

There is a section with work that is due, along with the assignee and due date. At the top, issues in the software development are noted, along with the assignees designated to fix those issues.

Key project metrics, including the number of late items and unresolved issues, are displayed at the very top of the page. The current estimated finish date and the last change to the project are also shown.

In the left-hand menu, users can navigate to important resources, such as developer resources, status reports, issue updates, backlogs, and more.

As you can see, SharePoint can be a great option for people joining the team who don’t have a lot of project management experience with other tools.

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SharePoint team sites can be set up for many purposes.

You can use it as a portal for new employees who need resources during the onboarding process, or you can create something like a safety database where they can access important policies and procedures.

Either way, SharePoint is an indispensable and useful tool that can help foster team building and communication in the workplace.

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