25 Best Angular Website Examples in 2024

Angular is a popular and widely used client-side framework and development platform that’s built on TypeScript. The platform includes a collection of well-integrated libraries, a suite of developer tools, and a component-based framework you can use to build scalable web apps.

Initially introduced by Google in 2012, Angular grew in popularity and received a lot of traction. Since then, Angular has been changing from one version to another, each with cooler features and enhancements.

The framework is supported on the web, desktop native, and mobile platforms as it is powerful, has a nice ecosystem, is very modern, and cool. Plus, you get better design patterns to build your project, better JavaScript, enough tools to craft your app right away, decoupled components, and it’s mobile and desktop ready.

Angular is also actively maintained thanks to its large ecosystem and community so you won’t miss adequate materials and useful third-party tools on the framework.

If you’re looking for the best Angular website examples to get you inspired, here are 25 of our top picks.

Best Angular Website Examples

1. Gmail

Gmail is Google’s email service that was created in 2004 before the launch of the Angular framework. Five years later, Google improved the effectiveness of Gmail by incorporating the Angular framework into the email service to offer a better and uninterrupted user experience.

As a single-page app, Gmail, which has over 1.5 billion users, now sports a simple interface and offers a seamless experience for its users, making it an easy to use and more efficient platform.

The user-oriented app renders data on its front-end, thereby enabling access to cached data in the offline regime.

Plus, its Live Hangouts chat is simple, offers impressive performance especially with instant opening of emails, and you can still open some recent emails even if you’re offline.

All these improved features are a result of the Angular framework, thanks to its out-of-the-box module.

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2. Upwork

Upwork is a renowned freelancer marketplace in various fields such as web design, writing, and graphic design among others. The site helps professionals post and/or find work, communicate with clients, and make payments or get paid.

The website is also created using the Angular framework, which offers brilliant design, functionality, and data protection owing to the huge number of employers and freelancers who use it.

Its safety and efficiency make Upwork popular among freelancers, and the Angular framework ensures the site offers an intuitive design and seamless navigation.

Also included are payment gateways for fund transfers, third-party integrations, and high webpage performance.

3. PayPal

PayPal is a leading online money transfer service that’s simple, fast, and convenient with high website performance thanks to the Angular platform. Like Upwork, PayPal also has a huge amount of traffic as people transact to make payments or money transfers internationally.

The Angular framework enables PayPal’s millions of active users to enjoy a seamless and simple user experience. The site also provides impressive performance, can handle high loads, and enormous integration opportunities.

Plus, the checkout process is made seamless so you don’t need to leave the store to complete your purchase, and you can authorize payments in just a few clicks.

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4. Forbes

Forbes is another leading website that uses the Angular framework.

The digital media outlet has millions of users across the globe, making Angular the best choice for great performance and for the site to work efficiently.

The framework provides a reusable codebase allowing the site to perform well on any browser, operating system or device, and an uninterrupted yet rich experience as readers browse and scroll through content.

In addition, Angular also provides simple, extensive maintenance and support possibilities for the Forbes website as it grows and improves.

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5. YouTube TV

YouTube TV provides affordable access to a whole slew of live programs.

The Google TV alternative is accessible on most TV brands and compatible with LG and Samsung among other smart TVs thanks to the Angular framework.

You can enjoy limitless storage capacity, meaning you can record or save information for up to nine months.

The Angular framework ensures that you can access YouTube TV without using multiple decoders, save large amounts of data, and sync with existing TV brands.

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6. Microsoft Office

Microsoft is a large tech multinational renowned for its Office packages, which were released a little over two decades ago.

The Office website is also created using the Angular framework, which you can see in its standalone web apps, including the free-to-use Microsoft 365 web app online.

The free online app comes with most, if not all, Office features that you’ll find in a single-page view, which allows you to create documents and collaborate on teams.

7. Udacity

Udacity is an eLearning platform that helps users enhance their knowledge.

As a leading provider of online courses in a wide range of subjects like data science, AI, and more, Udacity uses the Angular framework to deliver a better user learning experience globally.

The framework enables Udacity to accommodate multiple learners simultaneously, tutors to test students’ ability online, and provide security and seamless delivery.

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8. Standard Bank

Standard Bank offers a mobile banking app for easy and fast finance operations.

The app is compatible with desktop and mobile devices to ensure convenience for its customers.

Having been developed using the Angular framework, the app is able to cater to a wide range of usage for fast and secure experiences for its users. You can check bank balances, pay bills, and do more right from your phone or device.

Angular offers security and speed of all operations in just a few clicks so users can do their banking in seconds on any device.

9. The Guardian

The Guardian is a leading British publication with millions of visitors flocking to its site every month.

With such huge traffic, it’s important to offer high readability and manage page content effectively, which is why they opted for the Angular grid framework.

Consequently, The Guardian is able to manage content effectively, store, process, and display limitless amounts of data per day, and ensure endless newsfeed scrolling for its audiences.

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10. Weather

Thanks to the Angular framework, the Weather website sports a straightforward design that delivers information on weather forecasts, news, interesting facts, and other entertaining content.

The website accounts for over 100 million monthly visitors and is considered among the top five most visited for weather information.

Powered by Angular, the Weather.com site offers real-time broadcasting, maps integration, and numerous widgets for desktop and mobile use.

Plus, you get HD videos from aerials, and its separate directories make it possible for independent teams to work on different elements of the site.

11. Wikiwand

Wikiwand was founded by Lior Grossman, who created the site on the Angular platform. The site offers a new solution compared to the old, cluttered Wikipedia interface, which hasn’t been updated in a while.

With Wikiwand, you get to enjoy better readability thanks to the Angular framework and the ability to divide web pages into easy-to-read and simpler sections.

Plus, navigation on web and mobile platforms is more advanced, which has led to higher usage and traffic on this new Wiki version.

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12. JetBlue

JetBlue is an American low-cost airline whose website receives a massive amount of traffic.

With the nature of its services, the airline requires a high-performance website as it has to service thousands of passengers on a daily basis while keeping a seamless user experience for them online.

Using the Angular framework, the powerful airline strives to offer a better experience by ensuring an easy-to-use yet seamless experience online as they search flights.

Angular also makes it easier for them to book flights for clients that are tailored to their requests.

The site also offers third-party integration, which comes in handy when users want to rent cars, book accommodations, and more.

13. Nike

Nike is a huge sporting brand whose online store is also powered by the Angular framework to ensure that their customers’ requests or orders are received and flow without any interruptions.

The company, which makes sports kits and gear for a wide range of sporting activities uses the Angular framework to provide seamless placing of orders from any location.

The site also provides efficient online payment processing and integration with third-party apps for better parcel deliveries to the desired destinations.

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14. HBO

HBO is a standalone content streaming site from where you can access a wide variety of entertainment programming from blockbuster movies to novel series and sports too.

The site has a large following with thousands of visitors accessing it every day and logging in to access entertaining content for their viewing pleasure.

In order to satisfy its users’ needs, HBO built its site on the Angular framework for smoother running of the site and its programs.

This way, HBO’s mobile version is easily accessible to its users from the comfort of their mobile devices. They can also stream sports, documentaries, movies, and comedy specials wherever they are and anytime they want.

15. Rainforest Connection

While Rainforest Connection may not be as popular as other websites we’ve already mentioned here, it still applies the Angular framework to provide better experiences to its users.

The site uses old mobile devices in an effort to protect rainforests across the globe. These mobile phones are used to build sensors, which record any sounds within the rainforests, like the noise of chainsaws or others.

In this way, Rainforest Connection is useful in preventing illegal practices within forests and other environmental issues such as deforestation.

They also partner with the local police to ensure such practices are kept at bay and any perpetrators of the same are brought to book.

The company also cooperates with research institutes to know more about the flora and fauna in the rainforests.

Angular framework’s core technology enables the site’s frontend to work effectively, making it easier for researchers to analyze audio streams and explore animals’ behavior patterns.

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16. DoubleClick by Google

DoubleClick is an integrated ad technology platform by Google that helps advertisers in the creation, management, and growth of high-impact online marketing campaigns.

The platform brings together world-class digital services that ensure its users can run holistic programs across various channels.

Among the solutions available with DoubleClick by Google include the Digital Marketing Manager, Bid Manager, Search, Rich Media, Studio, and Google Analytics.

With all these different solutions available in one platform, Google used the Angular framework to ensure that users get the best experience across its products.

Multiple businesses that run millions of ads on a daily basis rely on DoubleClick by Google to ensure their campaigns run well and successfully. This is made possible thanks to the Angular framework.

17. Netflix

Netflix is another media streaming service like HBO, which also uses the Angular framework.

The site, which facilitates customers to watch online series and movies on desktop or mobile devices, has an expansive database of content from all over the world, which users get to view in ultra-high definition or 4K.

The developer team at Netflix used the Angular framework in a bid to change the way their users interacted with their site, and to improve the user experience on any device or platform.

To this end, Netflix adapted the Angular framework as the frontend tool while technologies like Flask and Python satisfied the backend needs.

With Angular, Netflix is able to constitute different themes and animation to each of its streaming options to deliver a dynamic user interface with a modern feel. Doing this also ensures that Netflix meets its users’ needs and preferences.

18. LEGO

LEGO is an established company that produces plastic development toys since 1949. No matter the age or generation, many people know the Danish toy manufacturer, which made its way into people’s hearts through its unique toys.

With such a giant franchise and global business, LEGO created a site, which propelled in 1996 but has since undergone quite a few changes until it settled on the Angular framework.

Today, with improvements realized through the Angular framework, the LEGO Company enables clients to make their own intuitive publications and enjoy an exciting and memorable user experience that keeps them coming back every day.

19. Wise (formerly TransferWise)

Wise is another leading online money transfer service like PayPal, which offers fast yet affordable services for its users.

The company strives towards providing enough information and transparency right from its landing page down to the checkout pages.

To provide a simplified and seamless experience, Wise uses the Angular framework on the frontend, among other programming languages to ensure that its money transfer services are truly safe and fast.

20. Autodesk

Autodesk makes software that people can use to make things, for instance, sketches or architectural drawings.

Since its launch in 1982, Autodesk has focused mostly on building software for the manufacturing, construction, architecture, engineering, and entertainment industries in the world.

Today, the platform’s three main packages, which include Maya, an ED computer graphics design tool, and AutoCAD, a computer-aided design tool, are customizable based on client needs and budget.

Autodesk uses the Angular framework on its landing page along with other frameworks and JavaScript libraries in order to create an exceptional user experience for its over 25 million monthly visitors.

21. Indiegogo

Indiegogo is a platform used by inventors and entrepreneurs alike for crowdfunding purposes.

The platform gives its users an opportunity to present their great inventions and ideas to the audience and find investors from different people who frequent the site.

What makes the site truly unique is its large community and its process. Thanks to the Angular framework, Indiegogo is able to host more than thousands of innovative ideas and ensure that the millions of backers are able to use it uninterrupted.

Indiegogo also uses other frontend JavaScript libraries and frameworks, even though it’s based on Ruby on Rails, to serve an average of 11 million monthly visitors.

22. UPS

Global shipping and logistics services provider, United Parcel Services (UPS) has been in existence since 1907.

As an established business with such a long history, and presence in more than 220 countries across the world, it’s necessary to have a website that meets its users’ needs without issues.

The company launched its very first website in 1994, and in 1995, its customers were able to track parcels online.

Currently, the UPS website is built with Angular framework in combination with other technologies like yepnopeJS and ParsleyJS.

Today, the site is among the top 200 websites across the world and among the leading in its business and customer services category with over 200 million monthly visitors.

23. Crunchbase

Crunchbase is a leading platform and comprehensive database that allows professionals to connect with people behind different innovative companies and pursue new opportunities.

With more than 50 million professionals including market researchers, investors, entrepreneurs, and salespeople using the site, Crunchbase is a trusted platform that helps inform their business decisions.

The site was launched in 2007 and back then, it was part of TechCrunch, which acted as its database and startup analysis tool. Crunchbase grew in popularity and has become one of the most popular analytical tools and funding platforms for many global startups.

The company uses the Angular framework for its frontend among many other technologies to ensure a great user experience and that its features work as they should.

24. Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games is a renowned platform especially among gamers since 1998.

The website has improved over the years in an effort to provide a great experience for its users who flock to the site for its iconic game titles including Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, and Red Dead.

The site has a massive subdomain network, independent sites that use different tech stacks, over 30 million monthly visitors, and is powered by the Angular framework for frontend and PHP.

25. Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft also uses Angular on its Xbox website besides other services like its own homepage, Azure, Flow, and TimeFind among others.

The official Microsoft Xbox site is not only sleek and attractive, but also very immersive and uses various versions of the Angular framework. This way, users get a wide collection of games, smooth navigation, and a seamless experience for its huge number of visitors.

Users can easily and seamlessly connect their consoles to a TV set or computer, and enjoy a realistic gaming experience with the help of advanced graphics.

The Angular 4 framework ensures the company’s customers can thoroughly explore and buy Xbox products easily. Plus, Angular ensures that they can integrate the site with multiple systems while scaling it to keep up with their ever-expanding range of products.

Wrapping Up

Angular technologies offer a large set of advantages for both entrepreneurs and programmers.

Thanks to its versatility and ability to combine user interface and business logic elements, the Angular framework has been considered as the default frontend tool by developers and professionals.

For these 25 top sites that use the Angular framework, it remains one of the most popular software development technologies thanks to its features that help scale, optimize, and speed up platforms online. The Angular framework also enables such sites to run apps on Android and iOS platforms.

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