22 Best Google Play Store Alternatives 2024

As an Android user, you must be familiar with Google Play Store. It’s the go-to platform for apps, games, movies, TV shows, books, and more.

The beauty of Google Play Store is that most of its apps are free and you get suggestions on which apps you can download. Also, it has applications in a broad array of categories, from photography and productivity to social media and entertainment.

Furthermore, Google Play Store is safe, thanks to Google Play Project – a security service that scans all apps before and after installation to ensure they are malware-free.

However, Google Play Store only works with Android and Chromebook devices; so, you can’t download apps if you have an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows device. Also, you must log in with a Google account to download apps, and most searches tend to return irrelevant results.

Further, Google Play Store blocks some apps from showing in certain locations and doesn’t support APK file downloads.

Luckily, you can avoid these limitations by downloading your favorite apps from other stores. In fact, I have covered some of the best Google Play Store alternatives in this guide.

Read on to find out more.

Best Google Play Store Alternatives

1. APKMIrror

APKMirror lets you download and install apps in the APK file format. The apps are safe and free. Some Play Store applications aren’t available in specific countries. You can visit APKMirror and find the APK format of such apps and install them on your device.

Have you ever updated an app from the Play Store only to miss its older version that’s (sadly) no longer available on the store? Well, after updating the app, Google removes its old version from the store. Luckily, APKMirror has the APK file collection of such old versions.

I also like APKMIrror because it lets me share my favorite apps with friends like any other file. Additionally, APKMirror’s experts manually scan each APK file before availing it on the platform to ensure all files are malware-free.

2. Galaxy Store

Galaxy Store is an app market designed exclusively for Galaxy devices. Samsung Electronics launched the Galaxy Store in 2019 to allow Galaxy users to personalize their devices with various themes and apps.

The store uses an AI analysis tool to provide app recommendations to your interface based on previous interests. For example, if you like gaming, you will see mobile gaming apps and if you’re health-conscious, you will see apps related to fitness and lifestyle.

Besides, Galaxy Store provides recommendations based on holidays, seasons, and events across the year. Google Play Store doesn’t show recommendations on the basis of these parameters.

Galaxy Store updates pre-installed apps on your Samsung phone, such as Contacts, Notes, Gallery, and more. You need to log in to your Samsung account to download apps from Galaxy Store.

3. Uptodown

Uptodown is a robust Android app store that also contains free apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Ubuntu devices. Google Play Store doesn’t support these devices.

The app store’s popularity has increased in recent years, making it attract more reviews, specific applications, and app descriptions.

Are you concerned about viruses, malware, or apps with fake descriptions? Well, Uptodown has a team of experts that vets all the apps before uploading them on the platform to guarantee user safety. In other words, developers must submit apps for approval before listing.

This app store is available anywhere in the world, meaning your application can reach many users, including from countries where access to the Play Store is limited.

You don’t need to sign up for an account or pay for a subscription to use Uptodown. They also support APK installations from their servers. Their system can detect XAPK files with extra OBB data. Thus, you can back up any applications you download and select which ones to update.

4. SlideME

SlideME is another Google Play Store alternative that offers free and paid apps for Android devices. If your device doesn’t come with Google Play pre-installed, then you can get apps from SlideME.

Developers can also use SlideME to monetize their apps and reach a wider market. Plus, developers can upload their apps to this platform without any service fee.

The homepage is pretty intuitive with a search bar that lets you type in an app title. You can also browse apps by clicking on the popular, updated, or latest button.

SlideME’s homepage displays a neat list of apps with details such as the number of downloads, star ratings, category, and version.

You can also see whether the app is free or paid. The page is easier to navigate than Google Play Store’s default homepage that’s cluttered with overwhelming app listings.

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5. F-Droid

F-Droid is an app store that focuses on open-source and free Android apps, which is the main difference between it and Play Store.

The store has many categories for its apps, making it easy to find any app. Examples of categories are Theming, Reading, Science & Education, Security, Time, Money, Navigation, Multimedia, Games, Graphics, Development, and more.

Interestingly, volunteers run F-Droid, and they rely on donations. Android developers like F-Droid because they can access the codes of various apps and use the data to create their own.

To top it off, F-Droid boasts an attractive user interface and a large collection of apps you can explore.

6. Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore is compatible with all Amazon Fire devices, such as Kindle, Fire Tablet, and Fire Phone. However, it works with all Android devices running on Android 5.0 OS or later, as well. If you have Windows 11, you can also access this store at Microsoft.

You can quickly search through many (hundreds of thousands) applications and games and make direct purchases from a search suggestion. Amazon’s recommendation engine lets you search and discover new games and apps.

What gives the Amazon Appstore an edge over the Play Store is that it lets you earn Amazon Coins. With Amazon Coins, you can enjoy up to 20% in savings on various in-game and in-app purchases.

Currently, you can access Amazon Coins if you are from the United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Japan, Spain, and Italy.

Developers can register for an account for free before uploading their apps.

7. Aurora Store

Aurora Store is another open-source Play Store alternative with thousands of stunning applications and games available for free. Its clean and unique user interface is why I prefer it to the Play Store. It also features a dark theme with various accent choices.

This store respects your privacy and doesn’t collect any personal data. Aurora Store believes in the Transparency framework, which is why their apps don’t have ads or telemetry services.

Aurora Store supports anonymous login, device spoofing, dark/light mode, Filter F-Droid apps, and so on. These features add to the store’s powerful user experience.

You can use it to search for apps, update existing apps, download new apps, get information about in-app trackers, and more.

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8. Aptoide

Aptoide is among the popular and independent Android app stores that claim to have over 300 million users, seven billion downloads, and a million apps.

The store has superior malware detection systems to ensure you download safe apps to your device. Aptoide was founded back in 2011 in Portugal and can run on tablets, phones, Android TVs, and more.

Aptoide has no geo-restrictions, which is one of the reasons I prefer it to the Play Store. Plus, AppCoins is one of Aptoide’s in-app payment options, allowing you to enjoy better deals and bonuses in your in-app purchases.

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9. Xiaomi GetApps

Xiaomi GetApps is Xiaomi’s official app store where you can get apps for an Android device. While this store works on any device with the Android OS, you need to install the Xiaomi mobile services application for the store to work properly.

After logging into the user account, take a look at the different categories, including photography, communication, finance, video games, etc.

For each category, you will see a wide variety of applications ranked based on popularity. Each app includes a page with features details, the number of downloads, screenshots, and a download link. You can see how big the entire file is to ensure it suits your smartphone’s space.

Additionally, it shows a list of the latest app uploads, a feature I haven’t seen on Google Play Store.

10. Apple App Store

Apple App Store lets you download apps for Apple devices, such as iPhones, Macs, and iPads. If you use any of these devices, then you have to download all your apps from this store.

Apple App Store has over 1.8 million apps with over 500 experts worldwide to review apps and ensure they meet guidelines. As a result, apps that violate privacy guidelines are rejected.

Apple values privacy and has made it difficult for apps to collect information from other apps. Therefore, no third parties can access your data when using the apps on this store.

Besides, each app undergoes automatic screening to ensure it’s malware-free. Interestingly, whenever you download an app on one device, it automatically appears on your other devices. The reason is your devices are connected via the same Apple ID.

Also, when you upgrade to another device, the app shows up on the new device. This feature isn’t available on Google Play Store.

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11. GetJar

GetJar is a popular app store that claims to get over three million downloads per day. And that number shouldn’t come as a shock, given that GetJar is available on numerous devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, and more. On the contrary, Google Play Store is limited to Android and Chromebook devices.

GetJar has many app categories worth checking out. They include Entertainment, Sports, Photos, Music, Shopping, Religion, Food, Personalization, Education, Productivity, and more.

When you click on a specific category, you will see the apps under that category along with three buttons at the top: New, Top, and Best of Google Play.

It’s free to upload apps on GetJar, which is why most developers use the platform. You can find the most popular apps, such as Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook, WeChat, etc, on this store.

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12. Oppo App Market

Oppo App Market is Oppo Mobiles’ official app store that comes already installed on Oppo smartphones. This free app store has many app categories, including Music and Video, Photography, Social Apps, Health, Office, and more.

You can even earn points for downloading applications from the Oppo App Market. Google Play Store doesn’t have such a reward system.

This app store comes with a ‘Clean Up’ feature that helps clean up your phone’s junk files to create room for new downloads. The other features I enjoy with this store are its clean search bar, upcoming apps and games, a QR scanner, help and support, and more.

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13. 9Apps

9Apps is an Android app store widely used as a Google Play Store alternative. It has a vast library of apps and free games – almost the same capacity as Google Play Store’s.

You’ll discover popular games and apps by searching through the store. All items are categorized into sections and listings of trending apps. This store gives you an immersive, safe, and fast app discovery experience.

It features millions of apps, wallpapers, games, ringtones, etc. Most of the products here support Android OS devices.

It is a secure app store that lets you download apps faster from an intuitive user interface. It also has a mini-game section where you can play games directly in the store without needing to download any. Google Play Store has no such feature.

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14. Huawei AppGallery

The Huawei AppGallery is an app store for all Android devices. Before, it was dedicated to Honor and Huawei devices, but not anymore.

This app store has over 1.3 million apps to download. It’s very secure with parental control and other robust security measures.

Huawei AppGallery has arranged lists and charts with apps to help you find your favorite apps or games. This site offers local exclusives for you, including promotions, gift centers, local events, etc., something that Google Play doesn’t do.

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15. APKSFree

Freebies are everyone’s favorite, especially in this era of paid apps. Finding a platform that offers free apps like APKSFree is not easy.

APKSFree is a new platform offering stealthy apps for everyone. You can download as many apps as you need at no cost at all. This third-party app store has updated apps and is very secure.

It displays all popular apps and games by date. Google Play Store has all the popular apps and games but they are not displayed by date.

Its apps are updated to give you a hassle-free experience. You can also download older versions of apps. While it features mostly apps and games, you’ll also find news and reviews.

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16. ACMarket

ACMarket is among the most excellent Android app stores that categorize its apps, games, music, recordings, books, and movies. It has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to navigate and find the product you’re looking for.

It contains millions of products to download. It is also a hub for all applications and their APK mods. New apps are updated regularly to ensure you have the correct version.

When you land on its user interface, there’s a primary menu to guide you in selecting the application you want. Applications are categorized into classes to simplify your search.

ACMarket prioritizes your privacy and security.

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17. 4Shared

The next Google Play Store alternative on this list is 4Shared, a repository for all things Android apps, pictures, music, videos, Windows software, eBooks, PDF files, and other files.

The 4Shared repository lets you search and download files uploaded by users. These files are shared from the cloud. The site doesn’t promote pirated software and is legal and secure.

The site is Android-app friendly; all you need is to choose APK as an extension before searching. Google Play Store does not support APK file downloads.

4Shared has an Ad-Free Pro version that lets you enjoy a hassle-free app downloading experience.

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18. Mobile9

If you want an Android-friendly market with plenty of free Android APK apps, then Mobile9 is your best bet. This site allows you to download APK files, wallpapers, movies, ringtones, music, and Android apps – all for free.

It also lets you download YouTube videos, manga, eBooks, audiobooks, etc. if you’re looking for live wallpapers and mobile themes, just visit Mobile9 and choose what you need.

This app repository is secured with 360° protection. You’ll find versions for web, mobile, and apps. If you want, you can become part of its community and earn money by sharing your content with millions of people.

It has a user-friendly design layout to enhance your experience as you download and install your apps. It also supports iOS devices, whereas Google Play doesn’t.

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19. Bemobi Mobile Store

Bemobi Mobile Store is practically a Netflix for Android apps. It offers unlimited access to apps and other files. The store is owned by Opera, a popular browser maker.

Unlike the Play Store, this digital app distribution platform allows you to download apps on different devices, including Java, Symbian, Blackberry, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and more. It is a platform for users and developers.

You’ll find thousands of games and apps to download on the Bemobi Mobile Store. All the apps are organized into categories and subcategories to help you find your app without a hassle.

Bemobi has a lot of games, and you can find all the games you won’t find on Google Play Store.

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20. Vivo App Store

The Vivo App Store is curated for Vivo devices. It offers excellent apps and games to make your phone browsing experience immersive.

The apps and games are categorized by ranking, top charts, and more to help you find your ideal game and app.

Vivo App Store has other tools like uninstall, space cleanup, download management, app update, and more. You can also use it to share feedback with developers.

The best part is that you can download your favorite games and apps without creating a user ID. Google Play Store needs your ID to give you access to apps and other files.

21. Softonic

Softonic is another software and app discovery platform founded by Softonic International. Based in Spain, this app store registers millions of downloads daily.

Its repository has plenty of apps, music, files, games, and more. Compared to Google Play Store, this platform offers high levels of privacy and location control. It also has a focus mode, dark mode, parental control, and gesture navigation.

Softonic is 100% secure, making it safe to download apps from the site. It also has articles, news, and app and game guides to refer to when looking for the best app or game for your needs.

The platform has both free and paid apps and games.

22. TapTap

If you’re looking for intriguing games to play on your mobile device, you should check out TapTap. This Google Play Store alternative is designed exclusively for game enthusiasts.

Exclusives are what TapTap is known for. You’ll often find unique game titles available here. This store is fast-growing and competitive.

Spicy game titles like Valorant Mobile are available for pre-registration on the platform. There’s much more to scout out for on this site. Some of the games are sorted according to your personal preferences.

Compared to Google Play Store, this platform has immersive and high-level discoverability, making it easy to locate your favorite game. And since its focus is solely on games, you’ll find no difficulty spotting what you want.

TapTap has a lite version and a full version APK file you’ll find easy to navigate.

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Hopefully, you’ve found one or more Google Play Store alternatives for your device from the above list. In my opinion, Uptodown bags the trophy.

Here’s why: it’s available worldwide unlike Google Play, which doesn’t display some apps in various locations.

Uptodown also works on Android, iOS, Mac, Ubuntu, etc., making it compatible with nearly all devices. Furthermore, it’s safe for your device and supports APK file installs.

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