19 Best Brochure Website Examples 2024

When it comes to promoting your business, the internet is a powerful tool. Not only that, but it’s also easy to use it to increase your company’s reach and make customers aware of your products and services.

Your website brochure provides a short space of time for you to engage a web visitor or potential customer while selling your products and services.

The easiest way to do all these things is to create and use a well-designed brochure website.

In this post, we’ll explain what a brochure website is, why it’s good for your business, and list some of the best brochure website examples for 2021.

What Is A Brochure Website

A brochure website is an eye-catching and cost-effective solution you can use to promote your business or company’s services.

Brochure websites act like printed brochures for the digital world. They can be picked up time and time again, easily moved around just as you would with a page, pinch, zoom, and shut them to call the business or company.

A well-designed brochure website can be a potentially brilliant tool you can use to promote your business online by showcasing your offerings using captivating images and effective words.

You can even feature it on your company’s social media pages and engage even more clients across a wide range of platforms.

Unlike eCommerce sites that sell products or services, brochure websites don’t. Instead, the brochure website displays the goods and services so that customers can contact you to place an order or book your services.

A brochure website is visually engaging and makes the most out of search engine optimization (SEO) to get you noticed in search engine results.

You can access a brochure website on mobile devices or desktops via any web browser, which ensures that your company maximizes its audience reach.

The best part is that a brochure site doesn’t need to be huge like ordinary websites. It tends to be small and simple enough for you to promote your business or services.

Brochure websites can also be product-related, but their focus isn’t on the product itself but on the service or operation in general.

The main aim of a brochure website is to attract new customers and sales that you wouldn’t otherwise have received, but there are those specifically set up to disseminate information and news to existing customers.

Why A Brochure Website Is Good For Business

Brochure websites may not be as popular today as they were when they first came on the scene, but they’re perfect for smaller businesses with limited budgets. They’re also ideal for businesses that don’t need to make regular changes to the elements on their sites.

It’s quicker and easier to build and maintain a brochure website, which ultimately means it will cost less on your part.

Plus, they have a pretty long shelf life especially if you build yours from the scratch, and you need not keep updating it. This makes a brochure website better compared to an eCommerce site that requires regular updates with product features, stock, offers, and more.

If your business fits within the above criteria, you’re probably wondering how your brochure website will benefit your business. Here are some strong points that make the case for a brochure website:

  • It gives you an online presence and shows you exist
  • You can reach a larger audience and let them know about your products and services
  • It helps you make a good first impression especially to those who search for you online before deciding whether or not to go with your business
  • You can leave it up on the internet without making any further changes to it, though you can still update it to keep your search engine rankings high
  • Brochure sites can bring an excellent return on investment (ROI) even though you’re not directly selling to customers

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What Brochure Websites Look Like

A brochure website can be designed using any style or aesthetic. There’s a good chance that it may be better looking compared to using a complex design because most of the fees go towards design compared to development.

There’s nothing different or special about a brochure website, so you’ll realize it’s just a basic site but with some functionality. However, as simple as it may seem, a brochure website can convey your business proposition and there’s no real limit to the number of pages you can add to it.

While a brochure website lacks checkout pages, login pages, user account pages, or other eCommerce elements, it has some of the usual pages including Home, About, Contact, Blog, and Privacy Policy. You also get the products/services page, testimonials, FAQs, and the Terms and Conditions page.

Best Brochure Website Examples

To give you a better understanding of how brochure sites look and work, check out these 19 best brochure website examples.

1. Premier Student Halls

Premier Student Halls is a dedicated provider of student accommodations that offers the best properties in the Harborne area of Birmingham. The company offers large and extremely comfortable en-suite bedrooms, some with TVs, mini-fridges, and WiFi for all.

Naturally, they went for a brochure design that provides its details so prominently, you can easily know more about the company, how to book a viewing of one of their Birmingham student halls, or even contact the company.

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2. Warefence

Warefence is another brand that uses the brochure website design. The company has been in existence since 1981 and are expert commercial fencing contractors that supply and install access control and security fencing solutions for various commercial and industrial clients.

The company provides everything from high-security systems for MOD establishments and Utilities through to perimeter security and sports fencing for educational institutions.

Warefence settled on a brochure website design that displays their product and brand as the primary visual focus while showing certifications, accreditations, and association memberships. The key factor here is that Warefence wants to demonstrate how trustworthy and professional a supplier they are.

Fencing varies greatly in pricing, so depending on what the customer wants, Warefence aims to get their users or customers in touch so they can share back a tailored quotation. This is why their brochure site focuses more on the product or service offered and less on the price.

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3. Saturn Interiors

Saturn Interiors is a kitchen and bedroom company with over three decades of combined experience in the interior design industry across the UK.

The company helps guide its customers through each stage of the creation of their dream bedroom or kitchen, from a free consultation and design to translation of their ideas into a proposed design.

Just as they don’t compromise the pursuit of your dream bedroom or kitchen, they also didn’t compromise on their brochure website design. The focus of this site is largely to showcase their kitchen installations through a visual approach that helps build customer trust as they can see the kind of results they’ll get by going with Saturn Interiors.

The visual design helps build a desire for the end product, and having a well-kept gallery helps encourage user interest and engagement. The ultimate aim is to push potential clients towards their contact page.

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4. Sarah Hodge

Sarah Hodge is a leading hairdressing group and one of the most prominent beauty and hairdressing chains with several branches and a team of leading hairdressers with multiple industry-leading awards.

The company has always kept its brand updated and needed a website design to match. Their brochure website design has a cutting-edge style with the latest technology, and it displays their services, locations, pricing, and contact page.

A Book Now option is included that allows Sarah Hodge salon customers to book appointments at any of their outlets spread across different locations.

5. Kinaxia Logistics

Kinaxia Logistics is a company with over three decades of experience in the logistics industry and has achieved a reputation that many companies envy.

The brand focuses on offering high-level service for its customers and in collaboration with David Hathaway Transport Ltd, a reliable and professional haulage company, provides excellent service for its customers.

The company needed a bespoke website design for its transportation business, and the result is this brochure-style website design that features a full-screen landing page. The landing page maximizes the visual effect of the business, plus its responsive design works smoothly across mobile devices.

The website is not only modern and appealing but it is one of the best among other traditional transport style web designs.

6. Ashbury Blinds

Ashbury Blinds is a family-run business that supplies and installs interior and exterior window furnishings. Having been set up in 1989, the company offers excellent customer service and fantastic products, with a free no-obligation quotation from its surveying team.

Once customers order their products on their site, the order is ready to fit, and its in-house fitters give a prearranged time and day to meet the customers’ needs.

The brochure website design was the perfect style for Ashbury Blinds to display their work, and get their customers or potential buyers to contact them, schedule quotations or fittings, and learn more about the company.

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7. Weston Lodge Shooting Ground

Weston Lodge Shooting Ground is built on a working 200-acre farm in a woodland environment by the countryside. The grounds are designed to deliver great experiences for its customers with many activities including go-karting, clay pigeon, quad biking, and more.

The brochure website design was the perfect style for the company as it helps them showcase their services and offerings, with a few social media integrations and a content management system.

This way, they can display a gallery of the fun activities for potential customers to see, pricing, and contact pages for people to book as individuals or teams.

8. Andika

Andika is a bookkeeping services company that offers its clients, who range from businesses – small and large – to industries with tailored, efficient, friendly, and professional services.

The company’s clients are based nationally and internationally, to whom they provide information and advice on their bookkeeping issues. They continually keep pace with technology and legislation, which you can clearly see from the design of their brochure website.

The site displays all the company’s services, plus buttons for customers to book a free consultation or get quotations from Andika. Also included is a map to the company’s offices so that customers can quickly find their way to Andika.

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9. S.Morris

S.Morris is another family-run company that specializes in manufacturing construction materials and supply aggregates, concrete blocks, ready mixed concrete, and asphalt. The company has been supplying these high-quality materials for eight decades now and is renowned for its commitment to high-quality service and standards.

The company went with a brochure website design with a modern touch to improve its overall look and feel while enhancing the user experience. The mobile-friendly site caters to the significant portion of web traffic that uses mobile devices, in addition to a simple way for ordering and delivering ready-mixed concrete.

The website was built using the WebGuru content management system that allows S.Morris to manipulate their content, change and edit pages, upload new banners, and create well-designed pages that will influence web traffic and aid interaction with the call-to-action (CTA) functionality.

10. Churchill Investments

Churchill Investments is a group of independent financial advisers who specialize in investments by offering specialist expertise. Since 1996, the company has been trading and offering its clients financial advice and genuinely personal ongoing service to its customers.

Their in-depth experience is one of their main strengths thanks to its strong team of advisers and administration team that support their clients when it comes to the execution of advice.

This brochure website captures the services that Churchill Investments offers while seeking to get prospects and other users to contact them for more information about their queries.

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11. Polham Controls

Polham Controls is a company committed to excellence in its services and products.

The company has many years of expertise and experience in the manufacture and design of electrical control systems for a wide range of sectors including naval, ministry of defense, nuclear, commercial marine, and commercial industries.

Through this brochure website design, Polham Controls is able to communicate to its clients and prospects about its excellence and quality standards as well as a commitment to delivering great products and services.

This is achieved through its gallery and services page, plus a contact page for people to reach out to them with their orders, queries, or even ask for quotes.

12. G & A Maintenance

G&A Maintenance is a company that was established almost three decades ago and has undertaken many different types of client work over the years.

The company is a family-run business that offers friendly, down-to-earth services that have helped their clients realize their gardening and landscaping dreams.

Over the years, the business has evolved from small domestic gardening work to undertaking diverse and large landscaping and groundworks, which you can see from their site.

The brochure website design helps them display their colorful and excellently finished works while offering visitors the best in friendly and polite customer service, and competitive prices.

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13. Fineland Turf

Fineland Turf is another established company with more than 25 years of experience in growing and supplying turf. The company grows the finest range of lawn turf, and customers can cut the turf to order from its farm.

The company’s founder, Gary Greenwood invested time and effort into ensuring their turf blends are the best they can be for each client’s application.

To display their excellent work and services, they went with a brochure website design that is aimed at attracting turf growers in the York area to increase their sales in that region.

14. Scarborough Driving School

Colin Simmons, a member of the Scarborough Branch and Driving Instructors Association, is a qualified and Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) who offers professional, relaxed, quality, and fun-filled driving sessions to his students.

Simmons went with a brochure website design to ensure that his tuition business has an online presence and that customers will be happy with what they see and contact him to sign up.

The site takes a strong regional twist with content that’s based on the region he lives in, Scarborough, among others like Bridlington and Whitby.

His target was to have a one-page site with all the information but he had a minimal budget, so this brochure design was the best bet for his needs. Not only does it have a striking look that portrays his message but also delivers important information about the driving test process and his services.

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15. Theatre Prop Maker

Theatre Prop Maker is a business started and run by Beckie May, who is a trained scenic artist and prop maker with 17 years of TV and theatre experience. Her specialist skills include wooden structures, soft props, puppets, plasters, resins, and silicone among others.

She also offers technical drawings and scale models, backcloths, floor cloths, furniture, and sets alike using wood graining, faux finishes, marbling among other usual skills, designs, and patterns.

For this brochure website, May went with a beautiful design and strong user interface, plus a full content management system that allows her to easily and quickly add information and content.

16. KC Commercial Cleaning

KC Commercial Cleaning is a professional cleaning company that helps its customers meet their cleaning needs for commercial, automotive, domestic property, carpet cleaning, and other cleaning services. They also do external cleaning, garage, forecourt, and workshop cleaning for the industrial sector.

With more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of commercial cleaning, KC Commercial ensures its clients and prospects get to know more about its services.

Through this beautiful brochure website design, the company shares information about its knowledgeable and experienced team, services, contact information, and other details clients need to make purchase decisions.

The site is heavily search optimized in terms of content and has a beautiful query-driven introduction section that’s visually appealing.

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17. Glass Artist

Glass Artist is a business run by Jenny Gregory, an artist with more than two decades of experience in the glass art industry. She has taught many people about working with glass, run her own gallery, and now works freelance.

She makes beads in a torch using glass from Murano, and turns them into one-off unique jewelry pieces for sale.

Her simple but effective brochure website design displays her work through stylish model image displays for the different categories of glass art that she produces.

18. Festival Law

Festival Law is a company of niche solicitors that specialize in medical negligence and personal injury compensation claims. The company has a proud history as a team having combined expertise since 1993.

This brochure website design was created for the legal industry and focused on the user experience to provide simplicity, logical flow, and is conversation orientated.

19. Dynamic Maps by Cadline Ltd.

Cadline Ltd is a company that offers services and technology that improve business performance, support customers in analysis, design, collaboration, data management, business process platforms, and more. They’re represented in all major industries including GIS and manufacturing so that their clients have effective partners with the necessary on-the-job expertise.

Dynamic Maps is the company’s next-gen GIS powered by the cloud and is developed to take advantage of new cloud-based technologies.

This brochure website design ensures that they communicate their expertise while displaying their work in developing and supporting GIS apps and web mapping.

Wrapping Up

Brochure sites are a great way for you to display and promote your company’s products or services.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own brochure site design, any of our best picks will help you get started.

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